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CD ROM stands for

A. Compact disk read only memory

2. ALU is an

A. Arithmetic Logic Unit

3. ASCII stands for

A. American Standard Code for Information Interchange

4. Central processing unit is a combination of

A. Arithmetic logic and control unit

5. Brain of the computer is

A. Central processing unit

6. Which unit is used for arithmetical and logical operation or comparison

A. Arithmetic and Logic Unit

7. Analog computer works on the supply of

A. Continuous electrical pulses

8. Hard disk is coated with both sides with

A. Magnetic metallic oxide

9.1 Kb equals how many bytes


10. What enhances the capabilities of hardware and machine

A. Software

11. Which is not a computer language

A. Medium level language

12. Which is an example for problem oriented language

A. High level language

13. DVD is a

A. Secondary storage memory

14. Which is a primary storage memory

A. Random Access Memory and Read Only Memory

15. A name or number used to identify storage location devices is

A. Address

16. Disk is an example for which memory

A. Secondary

17. Difference between memory and storage is

A. Memory is temporary and storage is permanent

18. A device which is not connected to CPU is called

A. Offline device

19. A device which is connected to CPU is called

B. Online device

20. Computers are using

A. Microprocessors

21. Imaging, Graphics, Voice requires ------------- Computer memory

A. Large

22. The process of restarting or starting a computer system by loading instructions from secondary
memory into primary memory is called

A. Booting

23. The process of restarting computer system by loading instructions from secondary memory
into primary memory is called

A. Hot boot Or Warm boot

24. The process of starting a computer system by loading instructions from secondary memory
into primary memory is called

A. Cold boot

25. Who invented microprocessor

A. Marcian E Huff

26. Who is regarded as father of computer

A. Charles babbage

27. Who is regarded as first programmer

A. Lady Ada LoveLace

28. Which is a portable computer

A. Laptop, Notebook, Netbook

29. Which is the basic number system used in computer

A. Binary number system

30. Which is the memory that should be refreshed many times per second

A. Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)

31. Memory which is programmed at the time of manufacturing

A. Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM)

32. Which part of the microprocessor controls and supervises all activities of the computer

A. Control Unit (CU)

33. Two main components of CPU is

A. Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and Control unit (CU)

34. Which is the primary storage device in a computer

A. Random Access memory (RAM) and Read only memory (ROM)

35. The output quality of a printer is measured by

A. Dots per square inch

36. In analog computer

A. Input is never converted to digital form

37. Human beings referred to as homo sapiens, Which device is called silico sapiens

A. Computer

38. A computer program that translates on program instruction at a time into machine language is

A. Compiler

39. ALU of the computer responds commands coming from

A. Control section or Control unit

40. Which of the following code used in present day computing was developed by IBM corporation

A. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC )code

41. VDU (Visual Display Unit) is a ------------device

A. Peripheral or output device

42. Another name for printer is

A. Hard copy output device

43. Which is a computer terminal that gives paper print out

A. Hard copy terminal or printer


44. Name the storage which helps to compensate the data handling speed between various
storage devices

A. Buffer memory
45. The term Giga Byte (GB) refers to

A. 1024 Mega Bytes (MB)

46. Which device provides information to CPU

A. Input device

47. Silicon chips used for data processing

A. Microprocessors

48. A computer consists of

A. Central processing unit (CPU), Input/Output unit, Memory

49. ALU of the computer contains high speed storage elements called

A. Registers

50. In which language the source program is written

A. High level

51. A primary memory is -------------- memory

A. Temporary

52. The personal computer Industry was started by

A. International Business Machines (IBM)

53. The number of characters that can be stored in given physical space is

A. Data density

54. The storage capacity of a disk system depends on the bits per inch of track and tracks per inch

A. Surface

55. The number system commonly used as a short cut notation for groups of four binary digits

A. Hexa decimal

56. Which is an interface electronic circuits which interconnects Input Output devices to computer

A. Memory

57. One millisecond is how many seconds

A. Thousand seconds

58. An online storage system capable of storing larger quantities of data

A. Mass storage

58. Which has a storage medium in the form of circular plate

A. Disk

59. An Input /Output device at which data enters or leaves a computer system

A. Terminal

60. The personal that deals with computer and its management are called

A. Human ware

61. Windows is a

A. Operating system

62. What is built directly on hardware

A. Operating system

63. Multi programming system

A. Executes more jobs in the same time period

64. Which is the first program that runs on a computer when computer boots up

A. Operating system

65. Which interface consists program counters, registers, interrupts and terminals

A. Hardware

66. Which shares the characteristics of both hardware and software

A. Operating system.

67. Which creates virtual computers from physical computers

A. Operating system.

68. The technology which helps each program in turn to use the memory

A. Swapping

69. Which operating system is not a true multi tasking Operating system (OS)


70. Which is the latest server Operating system developed by Microsoft

A. Windows 8.

71. Desktop is the part of

A. Windows OS

72. The startup routine that runs when machine boots up

A. Boot up

73. Which is an example for System Software

A. Operating system
74. Programs help to create written documents and allows to make corrections as necessary

A. Word processor

75. Graphics for word processor

A. Clip art

76. Type of software’s used for creating letters on papers and other documents

A. Word processor

77. What does ctrl+I short cut key accomplish in Ms-Word

A. Make selected text italic in format

78. What is the extension of Ms-word document

A. Doc or Docx

79. In H2O figure 2 is appeared lowered. Which effect has been applied

A. Subscript

80. Why are headers and footers used in document

A. To make large document more readable

81. Short cut key used to check the spelling

A. F7

82. Which short cut key is used to make selected text as bold

A. Ctrl + B

83. What is the minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have

A. 1 row 1 column

84. What is the Thesaurus used for

A. Synonyms and Antonyms

85. What is the function of Drop Cap

A. It let to begin a paragraph with large dropped initial capital letter

86. How can sound files is inserted in the word document

A. From insert -> Object menu option

87. A book mark helps to

A. Quickly jump to specific location

88. Why are sections used in word document

A. Allows dividing and formatting the document into sections

89. What process should be used to open or recall a previously saved document
A. Open

90. Software mostly used in Desktop publishing (DTP)

A. Word processing software

91. Which print command is used to print first 5 pages of a document

A. From 1 to 5

92. Which word processing utility is used to find synonym of a word

A. Thesaurus

92. Which software can be more likely to be used to type biography

A. Word processor

93. Which are the applications included in office package

A. Access, Excel. Power Point

94. Program used for creating slides for presentation

A. Ms Power point

95. Which are small programs created in Ms word to automate repetitive tasks by using VBA

A. Macros

96. The bar that is not available in Ms Word

A. Formula bar

97. While working in Ms Word we have to work with

A. Both mouse and keyboard

98. In Ms-Word every command is available in

A. Menu

99. Menu item in dim color (gray) indicate that the menu is

A. Unavailable for current context

100. Which view in Ms Word cannot display graphics

A. Normal view

101. If we required editing header and footer of a document which menu should we access

A. View

102. Which menu should we access to create new foot notes

A. Insert

103. Text in a cell of a table in word needed to be printed vertical, how can you perform this

A. Choose text direction from menu

104. Using -------------option we can perform editing functions sucha as cut, copy, paste and replace

A. Edit

105. Using ---------------- option we can switch over from normal mode to outline mode

A. View

106. Using ----------------- menu we can inser various objects such as page numbers, foot notes,
picture frame

A. Insert

107. Using ----------------- menu we can access to various utilities of word such as spell check,
macros and mail merge

A. Tools menu

109. ------------------- menu allows us to work with two documents simultaneously

A. Window

110. Which option in file pull down menu is used to close a file in ms word

A. Close

111. Which bar is usually located below the title bar that provides categorized option

A. Menu bar

112. Which of these toolbars allows changing of fonts and their sizes

A. Formatting

113. Which key should be pressed to start a new line or new paragraph in Ms word

A. Enter key

114. Which menu in Ms Word can be used to change character size and type face

A. Format

115. By default on which page the header or footer is printed

A. On every page

116. In Ms Word what does ruler help for

A. To set tabs, To set indents, To change page margins

117. Using find command in word we can search

A. Characters, Formats, Symbols

118. Ms Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it reaches the right edge of the
screen and is called

A. Word Wrap

119. All formulas in excel starts with

A. =

120. An operator used to combine text from two cell into one cell

A. & (ampersand)

121. Two common wildcard characters that excel recognize are

A. * and ?

122. The symbol used for division purpose in excel

A. /

123. The symbol used for multiplication purpose in excel

A. *

124. To add values from two cells in excel we use

A. = A1 +A2

125. To make a number in cell C1 10% smaller than the number in C3 we enter

A. =c3*.90

126. In an excel sheet the active cell is indicated by

A. A dark wide border

127. In excel using F11 shortcut key to create a chart on chart sheet creates

A. A two dimensional column chart

128. The cell reference from a range of cells that start in cell B1 and goes over to column G and
down to row 10 is ---------------------------

A. B1:G10

129. The advantage of using a spread sheet is

A. Calculations can be done automatically, Changing data automatically updates calculations and
more flexibility

130. The intersection of row and column is called

A. Cell

131. There are three types of data found in spreadsheets

A. Numbers, Formulas and Labels

132. To select a column the easiest method is to

A. Click the column heading

133. If we press ---------------- the cell accepts our typing as contents

A. Enter
134. Which is the special function key which allows the content in cell

A. Return

135. To select several cells or ranges that are not touching each other (random selection of cells or
ranges) we would ----------------while selecting

A. Hold down the ctrl key

136. --------------- is the another name of number type data

A. Constant

137. The ------------- view that puts a blue line around each page that would be printed

A. Page break view

138. The cell labeled F5 refers to

A. column F row 5

139. When we type equation into a cell the first thing that must be entered is

A. An equal to sign

140. Auto sum is used to

A. Create a formula to add range of cell values automatically by guessing the range of cells

141. Which of the following displays the contents of active cell

A. Formula bar

141. Graphics object on a chart are used to

A. Add emphasis to chart data, Add interest to a chart, Help explain the chart data

145. What does SUMIF function do

A. Adds up cell values based on a condition

146. Tab scrolling button allows us to

A. View additional sheet tabs

147. Short cut key to enable macros in excel

A. Alt +F8

148. Macros in excel is used to

A. Helps to record and automate repeated task

149. Short cut to access format cell dialog box

A. Ctrl + 1

150. We can add a hyperlink to a worksheet by

A. Ctrl +K
151. Short cut to move to previous work sheet

A. Ctrl + PgUp

152. Short cut to move to next work sheet

A. Ctrl +PgDn

152. What excel feature can you use if you want to work with one record at a time

A. Data form

153. Excel uses which function when creating a data table

A. Table

154. You can copy cell formats from one cell to another by using

A. Format painter

155. The accounting style shows negative numbers in

A. Parenthesis or brackets

156. In excel ------------------ is a group of cells which form rectangle on the screen

A. Range

157. --------------- Describes explanatory text attached to a cell in excel

A. Comment

158. --------------is a feature that provides a quick way to view the results of an arithmetic operation
(addition , substation , multiplication etc) performed on a range of cells in excel

A. Auto calculate

159. ------------ can only place a chart on a new chart sheet in excel

A. Chart wizard

160. Which is the vertical line that extends across the plot area to make it easier to read and
follow the values

A. Gridline

161. A value used in excel formula that does not change is called

A. Constant

162. The fastest way to add column of numbers in excel is by

A. Clicking the auto sum button on the toolbar, and press enter key

163. We can view a cell comment in excel by

A. Positioning the mouse pointer over the cell

164. How can we insert a blank excel object or page in Word

A. Go to insert menu and click object command

165. How can we copy paste formula result without copy paste actual formula in excel

A. First copy the cell with formula -> select the cell you want to insert formula result -> Click the
arrow of the paste button -> then click values

166. We can select a single range of cells by

A. Dragging over the desired cells

167. Which is the shortcut key to select all the cells in an excel document

A. Ctrl +A

168. The default style for new data keyed in a new excel work book is

A. Normal

169. The LEN function does what

A. Counts the number of characters in a cell

170. Which Excel function converts miles to kilometers, kilogram to pounds and so on

A. Convert

171. In excel drag and drop method is used to

A. Copy cell contents

172. In excel formula to add all the numeric values in a range of cells

A. Sum

173. Shortcut key to Access Go To feature in excel

A. Ctrl + G

174. Short cut key to insert Current date in excel is

A. Ctrl + ;

175. Which device performs modulation and demodulation

A. Modem

176. The process of converting analog signal to digital signal is called

A. digitizing

177. Which of the following modes support two-way traffic but in only one direction at a time

A. Half duplex

178. A time sharing system uses

A. Half duplex lines

179. Which are the broad band communication channels

A. Coaxial cable, Fiber optic cable, Microwave circuits

180. Which is not a transmission medium

A. Modem

181. Which are the examples for transmission medium

A. Telephone lines, Coaxial cables, Microwave systems

182. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers

A. Communication software, Protocol, Communication hardware, Transmission medium

183. Which communication method is used to transmit the data over a serial communication link

A. Full duplex

184. The minimum number of wires needed to sent data over a serial communication link

A. 2

185. Synchronous modem is more costly than the asynchronous modem because

A. They contain clock recovery circuits

186. Which is a set rule in networking

A. Protocol

187. In which networking topology data or information pass through a central computer

A. Star topology

188. The most flexible networking topology

A. Bus topology

189. A central computer surrounded by one or more computers is called

A. Star networks

189. ----------------- is a computer on the network which shares resources (HDD, RAM etc) for others
to use

A. Server

190. Terminators are used in which topology

A. Bus topology

191. In ---------- topology, if a computer’s network cable is broken, the whole network goes down

A. Bus

192. Which of these domains is restricted to qualified organizations

A. .org

193. Full form of ISP

A. Internet service provider

194. Which service you will not get from ISP

A. Free window upgrades

195. Specialized servers are used in the internet to

A. Function like email post office, Accept FTP (File transfer Protocol) requests to upload and
download files, Store applications that are rented or leased by large corporations, Store and sent
web pages

196. Which domain is restricted to educational institution

A. .edu

197. Google is a --------------

A. Search engine

198. Olden days web pages contains

A. Strictly hyper text with no multimedia contents

199. Which are the examples for web browser plug-ins

A. Real one, QuickTime and shockwave

200. --------------- is a software that prevents certain web pages being displayed

A. Filtering software

201. Google chrome is a --------------

A. Web browser

202. A folder inside a folder is called ------------------

A. Sub folder

203. A mouse is a ---------------- device

A. Input

204. All deleted files go to ---------------

A. Recycle bin

205. With a CD-ROM we can only ---------

A. Read data

206. A reusable CD is labeled as


207. The process of carrying out commands or instructions is called

A. Executing
208. An error in a program is also known as --------------

A. Bug

209. Default file extension of word document

A. .doc

210. If text in a word document is copied using copy command what will happen

A. The copied text will be placed in the clipboard

211. What tool we used to create a chart in a word document

A. Chart wizard

212. To move at beginning of a line inside a document press -------------

A. Home key

213. We click at B icon in word to make a text

A. Bold

213. In windows operating system where we can keep our personal files and folders

A. My Documents

214. The base or radix of binary is ------------

A. 2

215. Which contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm

A. Programming language

216. The term bit stand for ---------------------

A. binary digit

217. Hardware of the computer system is consists of

A. System unit and all attached peripheral devices to the unit

218. The function of ALU is ----------------------

A. To perform arithmetic and logical operation on data

219. ----------- gives specific information about the type of file

A. File extension

220. Print command is found inside the ---------------- menu

A. File

221. A saved document is also known as --------

A. File

222. A file can be created using ------------ command

A. New

223. ------------ helps a user in locating information over internet

A. Search engine

224. Data backup helps us to ----------------

A. Protecting data by copying it from source location to another location

225. Which is an example for output device

A. Monitor, Printer, Speaker etc

226. The content of ------------ is lost when a system is switched off

A. Memory

227. Which is the permanent or semi permanent memory in a computer


228. A person who write program and perform testing is called

A. Software engineer

229. A set of commands or instructions telling the computer what to do is called ----------------

A. Program

230. In many GUI (Graphical User Interface) the ------------ Changes shape depending on the

A. Mouse cursor

231. A silicon chip containing a number of transistors for interpreting and executing most of the
commands from the computer’s hardware and software is called -------------


232. Which program executes first during a system boot procedure

A. Power On Self Test (POST)

233. In a GUI the user interface provides

A. A mean to interact with all peripheral devices attached with the system

234. A collection of interrelated records is known as

A. Database

235. The only language understood by a digital computer is called

A. Binary language

236. Compiler is the ---------

A. Translator of source program to object program

237. What do you mean by hard copy of a document

A. A printed copy of document

238. The default alignment of text inside a column is -------------

A. Left

239. The ability of a computer to execute multiple programs by using multiple processors
simultaneously is known as ---------------

A. Multiprocessing

240. Which category of operating system is capable to run multiple software processes at the
same time

A. Multi tasking

241. A ------------- is a secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication to gain
access to resource

A. Passsword

242. The daily processing of corrections to customer to customer accounts is a best example for

A. Batch processing

243. --------------- controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means
by which users can interact with the computer

A. Operating system

245. CPU reads information from secondary memory

A. To main memory

246. Conversion of computer generated results into human acceptable form is done by

A. Output interface

247. A CPU consists of

A. ALU, CU and registers

248. 1 Gigabyte is equal to

A. 1024 Mb

249. Main memory stores

A. Data, Program, Results or any kind of information

250. In 1946, Eckert and Mauchly build the first electro-mechanical computer named


251. The third generation of computer use

A. Integrated circuits
252. 1 Megabyte is equal to

A. 1024 KB

253. Machine language is also known as

A. Language of 0’s and 1’s

254. Who is regarded as father of modern computer

A. Charles Babbage

255. A set of instructions is called

A. Program

256. Calculations are made in the computer with the help of


257. A -------------- is the smallest unit of storage

A. Bit

258. A group of four bits is known as -----------

A. Nibble

259. A group of eight bits is known as ----------------

A. Byte

260. 1 KB = ---------------

A. 1024 Byte

261. Which is the smallest unit of storage

A. bit

262. The computer system that is very large in size and also having very high processing speed

A. Super computer

263. The part of the computer that is known as the brain of the computer


264. The program which translates high level language program into low level language program

A. Compiler

265. Processed form of facts and figures is known as

A. Information

266. Raw facts are also known as

A. Data

267. Which is the unit of the computer that translates the data fed into binary form
A. Input

268. Which unit converts computer generated results into human readable form

A. Output interface

269. Interpretation of instructions in a computer is done by

A. Control unit

270. Light pen is a

A. Input device or Pointing device

271. Cpu holds instruction in

A. Instruction register

272. Magnetic tape is a ------------ device

A. Sequential Access

273. Main memory stores

A. Temporary data , instructions or informations

274. Cpu consists of

A. ALU, CU, Registers

275. A plotter is a -------------------

A. Output device to produce drawings and graphics

276. The Cpu acts as ------------ of a computer

A. Brain

277. The ------------ memory is directly addressed by Cpu

A. Main

278. Semi conductor memories are of two types ------------ and -----------

A. RAM and ROM

279. Full form of RAM

A. Random Access Memory

280. Invisible concentric circles on disk

A. Tracks

281. Which unit of the computer produces final formatted output

A. Output

282. The time taken to locate a particular piece of data on a disk is known as -------------------

A. Seek time
283. Which are translator programs

A. Compiler, Interpreter, Assembler

284. Which is a portable memory device used to quickly transfer data

A. Pen drive

285. What is meant by POS

A. Point of sale

286. Which printer depends on the concept of striking the character against the ink pads or
ribbons to make an impression of characters on paper

A. Impact

287. The printer that forms character by printing a serious of dots

A. Dot matrix

288. The printer that uses office copier technology

A. Laser printer

289. An electronic flash memory data storage device

A. Memory card

290. Which program is designed to perform maintenance work on the system

A. Utility

291. Which Operating system (OS) permits a number of users to use the computer system at the
same time

A. Multi user

292. The invisible sections that divide the tracks on a disk surface is known as

A. Sectors

293. What is the full form of CRT

A. Cathode Ray Tube

294. Which is a pointing device with a roller on its base

A. Mouse

295. Data presented in the form of light and dark lines of bars is known as ------------

A. Bar codes

296. Soft copy is often displayed on --------------

A. Monitor
297. Hard copy is often displayed on ---------------

A. Printer

298. Which of the following are examples of impact printer

A. Dot-matrix, Daisywheel, Drum printers

299. Rename command is used to

A. Change the name of the file in the directory

300. The process of turning ON a computer is known as

A. Cold booting

301. A ---------------- is a rectangular frame surrounded by a window frame with a title at the top

A. Window

302. Which is a combination key to activate a menu item


303. ---------------- helps to interact between end user and computer system

A. User Interface Or Operating System

304. The button that present on bottom left side of the task bar

A. Start button

305. To open the contex menu (Right mouse button click menu) which mouse button should be

A. Right button click

306. What is the full form of GUI

A. Graphical user interface

307. Pressing and releasing the mouse left button twice is known as

A. Double click

308. The process of starting an operating system when the use turns on a computer is known as

A. Booting

309. Switching on a computer is termed as ------------

A. Cold booting

310. Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL keys to restart a computer is termed as ------------ booting

A. Warm

311. The region on your desktop that has a start button on it is termed as ---------------------

A. Task bar
312. Which key is used to create a new document


313. Which key is used to open an existing document


314. Which key is used to save a document


315. Which key is used to cut a portion from a document


316. Which key is used to copy a portion from a document


317. Which key is used to paste the cut or copied portion of a document into same or other


318. Which key is used to print a document


319. The main screen area that we see after we turn on our computer is -----------------

A. Desktop

320. ------------------- is an mouse action on an icon that starts or opens the item it represents

A. Double click

321. Which option helps to print both sides of a paper

A. Double side printing

322. Which screen area we see after we turn on our computer and log on to windows

A. Desktop

323. The ---------------- is a long horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen

A. Task bar

324. The -------------- button opens the start menu

A. Start

325. The ------------- includes a clock and icons that communicate the status of certain programs and
computer settings

A. Notification area

326. ------------------- operation leaves the information in your original document or location intact
A. Copy

327. ----------------- operation removes the information from your original document or location

A. Cut

328. Which bar displays the name of the document and program

A. Title bar

329. Adding a program to task bar of an operating system is referred as

A. Pinning

330. Which key will minimize all windows except the one in which you are working

A. Windows Logo key + Home key

331. Which key will zoom in the windows desktop

A. Windows Logo key + Plus key

332. Which key will zoom out the windows desktop

A. Windows Logo key + Minus key

333. Which Key will maximize the active window

A. Windows Logo key + Up arrow key

334. Which Key will minimize the active window

A. Windows Logo key + Down arrow key

335. The process of moving an item on the screen by selecting the item and then pressing and
holding down the mouse button while moving the mouse is called

A. Dragging

336. ---------------- enables us to view the contents of the window that are currently out of view

A. Scroll bar

337. The button that helps to bring down the active window to the task bar

A. Minimize

338. Which is the special character that is used to select specific pages for printing

A. Comma

339. Which is the special character that is used to select page range for printing

A. Hyphen

340. The tall page layout is known as -------------

A. Portrait

341. The wide page layout is known as ---------------------

A. Landscape

342. How can we capture an active window

A. Prntscr

343. Which networking is suitable for a building

A. Local area network( LAN)

344. Data transfer rate of LAN is ------------------

A. 1 to 100 Mbps

345. Which network topology share a single channel on which all stations can receive and transmit

A. Bus topology

346. Which topology is least affected by addition or removal of a node

A. Star

347. Which company developed quick time movie format

A. Apple

348. Another term for web publishing

A. Uploading

349. In LAN communication between different machine is

A. Fast

350. For talking with internet host computer, the computer uses


351. The frequency range unit used in satellite communications is -------------------


352. A collection of WebPages that contain related information is called -----------------------

A. Website

353. ------------- is software for viewing web pages

A. Web browser

354. Transmission of memos or documents or letter messages over communication network

A. E-mail

355. Device used for modulation and demodulation

A. Modem

356. What is the full form of HTML

A. Hyper text markup language

357. Full form of XML

A. Extensible markup language

358. Full form of LAN

A. Local area network

359. Full form of ISP

A. Internet service provide

360. Full form of FTP

A. File transfer protocol

361. Full form of WAN

A. Wide area network

362. Full form of MAN

A. Metropolitan Area Network

363. HTML files have ---------------- extension

A. .htm

364. Full form of URL

A. Uniform resource locator

365. A ----------------- is a set of pre defined rules and procedures for exchanging information

A. Protocol

366. A computer that makes the information and resources available to other computer is known

A. Server

367. A computer that request a server to make a service or data available is -------------------

A. Client

368. In which topology failure of a station or computer disrupts the network

A. Ring

369. Information security uses ----------- to transform usable information into unusable form for
anyone other than authorized user

A. Cryptography

370. ----------- is used to protect information from unauthorized access or accidental change while
information is transmitted

A. Cryptography

371. ------------ refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network
A. Cyber crime

372. The unsolicited sending of bulk email for commercial purposes is called -------------

A. Spam

373. ------------ is any dishonest misrepresentation of fact intended to let another to do or refrain
from doing something which causes loss

A. Computer fraud

374. -------------------- is defined as an act of terrorism committed through the use of cyber space or
computer resources

A. Cyber terrorism

375. --------------- is a form of cyber terrorism in which a website, email server or computer system
is subjected to repeated denial of service or other attacks by malicious hacker

A. Cyber extortion
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