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& The Worlds of 2000 AD

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WELCOME TO JUDGE DREDD & THE Judge Dredd & The World of 2000 AD uses six-sided
dice. A six-sided die is referred to as a “d6”. Multiple dice use
the format “3d6” where 3 is the number of dice being rolled.
Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD is the core
rulebook for the whole line of worlds and settings from
the iconic comic, 2000 AD. The core rulebook focuses on ATTRIBUTE CHECKS
adventures in Mega-City One, but future setting books will Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD is based around
detail other stories from the pages of 2000 AD. the attribute check. This involves rolling a number of six-sided
Mega-City One is a futuristic metropolis located in a dice (d6) in an attempt to reach a specific target number.
post-apocalyptic world stretching all the way down the To make an attribute check, you add the dice you get
Eastern US, and is home to hundreds of millions of civil- from an attribute to the dice you get from a skill.
ians. Crime is rampant, unemployment is 85%, law and or-
der is enforced sternly by the Judges – police officers with
the power to arrest and sentence a criminal on the spot.
Each character has ten attributes:
This Quickstart presents a basic version of the full
» STRENGTH (STR) used for tasks requiring physical
ruleset in the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD might, such as lifting a heavy log.
core rulebook, and is designed to help you get started » AGILITY (AGI) used for tasks requiring dexterity,
quickly. We assume that you know what a tabletop role- such as riding a Lawmaster.
playing game is and the basic premise behind it. » ENDURANCE (END) used for tasks requiring stami-
na, such as running a marathon.
This Quickstart assumes you will be playing the starter » INTUITION (INT) used for tasks requiring percep-
adventure, State of the Empire, and that you are using tion or insight, such as spotting a trap.
» LOGIC (LOG) used for tasks requiring knowledge
the four pre-generated character sheets included here:
and reasoning, such as rewiring a bomb.
Judges Sera Devi, Clayton Halsey, Jessica Morris, and » WILLPOWER (WIL) used for resisting psychic con-
Terence Novak. trol and other mental tasks.

» CHARISMA (CHA) used for social tasks like bluffing GM might impose -1d6 to Novak’s climbing check, meaning
or persuading somebody. that he only rolled 3d6, rather than 4d6.
» LUCK (LUC) used when chance is the primary de-
terminant of what happens. You can add any skill to any attribute. Some common
» REPUTATION (REP) denotes your social standing, combinations might include:
rank, and influence.
» PSIONICS (PSI) used to use perform psionic feats.
Under each attribute, there are two numbers. The top
number shows the character’s basic attribute score. You can Lifting something heavy STR (carrying)

ignore this number in the Quickstart. The bottom number Climbing a wall AGI (climbing)

shows the number of dice (referred to as “d6”) the character Playing chess LOG (gaming)
gets to roll when making an attribute check. For example, Riding a Lawmaster AGI (riding)
Judge Terrence Novak rolls 3d6 when making a LOGIC check,
Spotting a perp INT (perception)
and he rolls 2d6 when making a STRENGTH check.
Defusing a bomb LOG (explosives)
When a character attempts a task, and their success is in
doubt, the Gamesmaster (GM) asks for an attribute check. Sweet-talking a guard CHA (persuasion)

If Judge Novak were trying to break down a door, the Lying to a Judge CHA (bluffing)
GM might ask for a STRENGTH check. In this case, Novak
would roll 2d6. The GM decides which attribute is applica- Firing a weapon usually uses INTUITION or AGILITY
ble to a given situation. (whichever is higher), while striking with a melee weapon
usually uses AGILITY or STRENGTH.
The GM sets the difficulty of the check. Most tasks re-
quire a roll of 10 or more, while Challenging tasks might re-
quire rolls of 15 or even 20. Extremely difficult tasks might
require 25 or even higher. Here are some examples:
Routine 10 Climbing a wall
SKILLS Challenging 15 Picking a lock
Below the character’s attributes you can see a section of Difficult 20
Jumping a canyon
skills. These work in a similar way to attributes, and each on a Lawmaster

skill grants a number of dice which can be added to an at-

tribute check. For example, if Judge Novak were attempt- COMBAT
ing to climb a wall, the GM would ask for an AGILITY check
(which lets him roll 3d6). He could add the 1d6 he gets Combat is a basic application of the attribute check. You
from his climbing skill to roll a total of 4d6 instead. use STR, AGI, and INT to make attribute checks to attack
your foes. But first, the basics!
Rounds. Combat is divided into rounds. Each round, each
player and each NPC or foe takes a turn consisting of two
actions. Those actions can be any two actions – moving,
shooting your Lawgiver, striking a perp with your daystick,
using a psionic power, and so on. You can do two different
actions (such as move and then shoot) or one action twice
(move twice, or shoot at a perp twice).
Initiative. To determine what order the players and
perps take their actions in, combat starts by rolling an INT
attribute check, which is referred to as “rolling initiative”.
All combatants roll an INT check (they may add their tac-
tics skill if they have it) and the GM then lists them in de-
scending order. This is the order in which combatants take
The GM might impose die penalties (removing one or their turns. When you reach the bottom of the list, simply
more dice from the character’s dice pool) or grant bonuses go back to the start again and repeat until the combat is
(adding one or more dice to their dice pool) based on situ- over. Note that the pre-generated character sheets have
ational complications or advantages. If it was raining, the this roll noted for you: e.g. Novak rolls 4d6.

Battlemap. In the full game, combat can be played on a Psionic attacks which require a PSI check vs the tar-
battlemap, with positioning and cover forming an impor- get’s RANGED or MENTAL DEFENCE (depending on the
tant part of the game. In this Quickstart, we will not be nature of the attack).
using a battlemap; the action takes place in the players’ DEFENCE scores are recorded on the character sheet,
imaginations. It is important that the GM describe the sur-
and indicate the number the attacker needs to roll in order
roundings so that the players have a good idea of what
to successfully attack the target.
actions might be appropriate
when it comes to their turn.

// Moving
The character sheet has a
box which notes the character’s
SPEED. This is denoted in terms
of 5-foot squares on the bat-
tlemap, so Novak’s SPEED of 6
Some things modify your attack roll:
means he can move 6 squares (or 30 feet) with one action.
» If you are at long range (a distance in squares high-
The character sheet also gives some additional, optional er than the range increment noted on your charac-
speeds, such as the character’s CLIMB speed. ter sheet) you lose one die from your dice pool.
» If your target is in cover, you lose two dice from
your dice pool. A target engaged in melee combat
is also considered to be in cover.
» If you are on higher ground (10’ for ranged attacks, 5’
for melee) you gain one extra dice in your dice pool.
» The pre-generated characters all have the ability to
Aim or Feint. This takes one action, and means that
if you attack with your second action, you gain one
extra dice in your dice pool.
// Attacking The full rules have some more advanced modifiers, in-
When you attack you make an attribute check, just like cluding crossfires and other tactical elements, but this
with any other task. The most common types of attack are: Quickstart just uses those listed above.
Ranged attacks which require an AGI or INT check vs You’ll note that the right-hand column, below, has some
the target’s RANGED DEFENCE. notes. These indicate some traits each attack has:
Melee attacks which require a STR or AGI check vs the Standard Ex. is the Lawgiver’s default ammunition. It
target’s MELEE DEFENCE. has no special properties.

Armour-piercing does half the damage of an SE round, HEALTH
but it ignores SOAK. It is very useful against highly ar- The box on the right of the DEFENCES section tells you
moured targets which might resist an SE round. your HEALTH. Every time you are successfully attacked, your
Hi-explosive (HI-EX) does double damage to robots and HEALTH is reduced. When it reaches zero you fall unconscious.
In the core rules, you are then in danger of dying, but in this
inanimate objects. Also, it is designated as “burst 1” which Quickstart, you merely fall unconscious for five minutes before
means it attacks every target within 1 square (5 feet) of the waking with 1 HEALTH. NPCs and foes die at zero HEALTH.
target. When you attack, select a target square, roll your attack The amount by which your HEALTH is reduced after an
roll, and apply that roll to every target within the burst area. attack is called damage. Your character sheet tells you how
much damage each weapon or attack you have available does.
Incendiary sets targets alight. It has the “combust” trait, For example, Novak’s boot knife does 2d6+3 piercing damage.
which means that if you hit with it, your target is now on
fire and takes 1d6 fire damage at the start of each of its
turns. The fire can be put out by spending one action and
rolling 1d6 - on a roll of 5 or 6, the fire is quenched.
Rubber ricochet is a special round which bounces off sur-
However, your Judge uniform is able to reduce the damage
faces. Targets do not get cover against a rubber ricochet bul- you take. As noted on Novak’s character sheet above, his uni-
let, but the Judge firing the bullet loses 1d6 from his dice pool form gives him 5 SOAK. This means than when he takes dam-
for every surface the bullet must bounce off. Additionally, if age, that damage is reduced by 5. Different types of armour,
the target is in an enclosed space of 10’ diameter or less (an and different monsters and foes, all have their own SOAK val-
ues, but a Judge’s uniform and helmet gives SOAK 5.
elevator, a vehicle, etc.), the shooter gets +2d6 to hit him as
the bullet bounces off all the available surfaces.
Heat-seeker grants +2d6 to hit a target, but the target PSIONICS
must be more than 10 squares (50’) away, and cannot have Judge Sera Devi, as a Psi-Judge, has a special attack
called a Psi-Blast. This enables her to blast a foe’s mind
an alternative target within 10 feet of it. This only works
with a psionic mental attack. Armour does not reduce the
against targets which emit heat, including people.
damage caused by Devi’s Psi-Blast.
Stun charge is a short range “taser”-like attack. If the As you can see on her character sheet, she rolls 4d6
target is reduced to zero HEALTH, it is merely uncon- when making her Psi-Blast attack, and it has a range incre-
scious, rather than dead. ment of 10 squares (50 feet).

Devi has 20 Psionic Points. When she uses her Psi- ters can use. These additional exploits, which you will find
Blast, it costs her 2 Psionics Points (PP) and does 1d6 on the back of the character sheets in the core rulebook,
damage. However, she can increase the damage by
spending more of her Psionic Points. Each additional are just some of the hundreds of exploits available to char-
+1d6 of damage costs her 2 PP. She recovers all of her acters in Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD.
Psionic Points at the start of each day.
Psi-Blast attacks a target’s MENTAL DEFENCE, rather Judge Sera Devi
than RANGED DEFENCE. Robots are immune to attacks
which target MENTAL DEFENCE. Sense Emotion. Devi is able to automatically sense
Devi has some other psionic abilities, but in this strong emotions in those she can see.
Quickstart we are just using the Psi-Blast. However, if you
wish to include another of her abilities, she is able to au- Inspiring. Devi is able to use an action to inspire an ally with-
tomatically sense strong emotions (love, hate, anger, fear, in 30’, giving them a +1d6 bonus to their next attribute check.
etc.) in those she can see.
Voice of the Law. Devi can speak in a commanding voice
which citizens and perps alike respond to. If a citizen or
perp can hear her, she can make an attack using her CHA
The character sheets in the core rulebook have an-
other page which details exploits (special abilities your attribute (3d6, plus she can add her persuasion skill for a to-
character has) and experience points. These are not tal of 4d6) vs. her target’s MENTAL DEFENCE. If that attack
used in this Quickstart.
is successful, the target will perform one action. The action
cannot be harmful to the target or another individual, but
the target might be ordered to freeze, drop their weapons,
If you feel you are comfortable with the core mechanic,
and wish to include some of your Judges’ exploits, here is a move aside, and so on. However, if Devi fails in this attack,
quick selection of simple abilities the pre-generated charac- she cannot ever use this ability on that target again.

Judge Clayton Halsey
On Your Feet! If an ally has taken damage, Halsey can
use two actions to restore 2d6 HEALTH in an adjacent
creature. No creature can benefit from this more than
once per day, however.
Only Knocked Out. One time only, when he would
normally have been knocked unconscious, Halsey is not
knocked out and simply remains at 1 HEALTH. Once he has
used the ability, it is permanently gone.

Judge Jessica Morris

No Collateral Damage. While most perps benefit from
cover if engaged in melee combat, they don’t get that ben-
efit when Morris is shooting. Remember, this only applies
to the cover gained from being engaged in melee combat,
not to other forms of cover.
Cleave. If Morris successfully hits a target with her day-
stick, and there is another target also adjacent to her, she
may make a free bonus attack against the second target.
She rolls one less die (-1d6) when making this bonus attack.

Judge Terrence Novak

Achilles Heel. Novak is able to analyse a target and ig-
nore it’s SOAK (whether caused by armour, or something
else) - but only once. Once he has used this ability on a
creature, he cannot use it again on that creature. He also
has the ability to instead grant that bonus to one ally, who
must use it within one round.
Explosives. Novak can create explosives from common
items and surroundings. This takes him 30 minutes to make,
and the explosive is able to do 3d6 damage to all targets
within 10’ when it explodes. He can store the explosive, but
only for up to two hours, after which it becomes inert.


The Core Mechanic
This Quickstart contains a short adventure for the pre- You have some attribute dice pools and some
generated Judge characters. However, if you have the core skill dice pools.
rulebook, there are also variations on the adventure pre- To attempt a task or shoot a perp, you add an
sented for civilian and perp characters. attribute dice pool to a skill dice pool and beat a
target number. This is called an attribute check.
THE CORE RULEBOOK You can combine any attribute with any skill,
with the GM’s permission.
The core rulebook contains much more detailed rules You might get additional dice from high qual-
for your Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD game, ity equipment or circumstantial bonuses, or you
including rules on how to create your own characters — might lose dice from complications.
Judges, Civilians, or Perps.


4 3 4 6 5 7 7 6 4 5
2 2 2 3 2 3 3 3 2 2
law pistols riding light armour clubs clairsentience
3 2 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

telepathy persuasion intuition dodging survival

3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

6 2 80lb
3 3
6’/4’ 200lb

half SE
2d6 1d6+3
3d6 2d6+3
2d6 2d6+3
Psi-Blast 4d6 varies 10 1d6 dmg +2 per extra 2PP

Cadet 13
16 18 Judge uniform
& helment 5
Basic Psionics 1
none 20
16 11 none Citizen Manipulation 1

Rookie 1

Psi-Judge 3


5 5

4 3 7 7 8 7 5 6 2 0
2 2 3 3 3 3 2 3 1 0
perception climbing conviction law pistols riding
3 2 1 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 1 1

light armour clubs medicine survival running psychology

1 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

genetics dodging

1 1 1 1

6 4 110lb
3 5
6’/4’ 200lb

half SE
2d6 1d6+3
3d6 2d6+3
3d6 2d6+3

Cadet 13
11 14 Judge uniform
& helment 5 Trauma First Aid 1
none 25
10 14 none Hot Dog Run 1

Rookie 1

Med Judge 6

Medical kit


5 5 9

9 5 7 6 4 6 4 6 2 0
3 2 3 3 2 3 2 3 1 0
clubs hardy law pistols light armour riding
3 2 1 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 1 1

tactics fortitude running rifles interrogation

3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

6 4 160lb
5 3
6’/4’ 450lb

half SE
3d6 1d6+3
5d6 3d6+4
3d6 2d6+4

Cadet 13
11 16 Judge uniform
& helment 5 Combat Range 1
none 28
10 16 none
Applied Violence 1

Rookie 1

Street Judge 4


5 5

4 7 4 7 9 6 3 9 0 0
2 3 2 3 3 3 2 3 0 0

3 2

1 1

1 1 3


1 1

1 1
light armour clubs medicine survival running psychology

1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

genetics dodging

1 1 1 1

6 2 80lb
4 4

14’/4’ 200lb

half SE
3d6 1d6+2
4d6 2d6+3
3d6 2d6+3

Cadet 13
Judge uniform
14 16 & helment
Basic Mechanics 1
none 20
14 12 none Advanced Driving School 1

Rookie 1

Tek Judge 5


5 5 11
State of the Empire is a scenario for a group of inexperi- Dredd sends Whitey to Devil’s Island, a prison set on
enced Judges, citizens or perps. The very first Judge Dredd a traffic island. Here the murderer is surrounded by
story sees the lawman destroy the Whitey gang following non-stop traffic, speeding past at hundreds of miles per
the murder of Judge Alvin. State of the Empire deals with hour, serving his life sentence.
the aftermath of that story and the fate of the building.
The scenario consists of the following five sections: // Using Player Character Judges
This encounter is a simple one. For a group of Judges
CRIME BLOTTER: ‘JUDGE’ WHITEY it is probably better to have Whitey’s gang be more for-
This section runs through the original story. It gives enough midable, with extra gang members to present a greater
information to encounter the Whitey gang, taking Dredd’s challenge. Also, the gang can be more scattered, leading
place. There is a brief description of what happens and then to a prolonged firefight with the Judges, with multiple am-
all the details needed to run it in your own campaign. bushes and traps to hinder the party.


This section deals with the scenario for a group of Judge ADVENTURE HOOKS
Player Characters. It gives the Judges their briefing and The Empire State Building is a massive skyscraper, so
objectives. They will be part of a task force sent to deal has potential for different groups to investigate it. The
with the criminals found within the old landmark. Judges could be ordered to help to root out all the other
perps from the block and restore law to the place.
Perps could be contacted by a former member of Whitey’s
This section is the introduction to the scenario for a group gang who knows where their loot was kept. Unfortunately,
of perps. It gives them information they need to enter the other perps may have moved into the gang’s old lair and need
Empire State Building and what they may hope to achieve. to be overcome before the loot can be retrieved.
The party will need to complete the scenario in a limited
amount of time; they have heard on the grapevine that the Citizens might also wish to explore the old building. They
Judges are coming to clear out the fugitives hiding there. could be part of a Citi-Def exercise or an expedition by a
survivalist group. They may have heard rumours of the
LITTLE LOST RAY FEY legendary Treasure of Skull Island hidden somewhere in
An introduction for a party of ordinary citizens who find the building; they might be foolish enough to seek it there,
themselves braving the lower levels of the building. There despite folklore stating that the treasure is cursed…
they will hope to find a young juve who has wandered off
into the building when no adult was looking. EMPIRE STATE TASK FORCE (JUDGES)
THE STATE OF THE EMPIRE You move into the briefing room and take your seats;
This describes the locations within the building. It glancing around at the familiar faces you exchange a few
also provides information on the inhabitants and their words with fellow Judges with whom you have worked cas-
reactions to intruders. es in the past. Judge Stoll, the watch commander, marches
in and takes his position at the podium. At his back the
CRIME BLOTTER: ‘JUDGE’ WHITEY screen suddenly comes on and shows a live feed of the der-
elict Empire State Building, one of the sector’s eyesores.
Within the near-derelict Empire State Building are gangs
of vicious perps, hiding out from the law. One of these, ‘Three days ago Judge Alvin was ambushed and killed by
‘Whitey’, leads his small band in ambushing and killing one of the gangs hiding out in the old Empire State Building,’
Judge Alvin. Whitey returns the body to the Judges with Stoll begins. ‘The perps responsible have been dealt with and
a mocking note attached to it; the Chief Judge consid- Chief Judge Goodman has ordered the building cleared of all
ers flattening the building using an air strike in response. perp gangs. The Empire State will no longer be a safe refuge.
However, Judge Dredd persuades him that this is unneces- With that in mind you are all going to be involved in a major
sary and goes to deal justice on the perps himself. raid on the building. Look at your screens, you will see the
Whitey and his henchmen try to ambush Dredd, but he rosters there and which Judges will be part of your team.’
uses his Lawmaster bike’s automatic setting to fool them. When Stoll comes to your team’s orders you look up with
The gang falls for this ruse, ambushing the bike while special interest. ‘Your group will enter at the ground floor
Dredd gets behind them to create his own ambush. When on Soloman Boulevard. There are several retail premises
the perps resist arrest Judge Dredd takes Whitey prisoner at street level that need to be cleared before you enter the
while killing the other two members of the gang. building proper. You will be dealing with the lower levels.

These were former offices that were ransacked long ago.
There are numerous perps who we believe may be pre- ‘Judge’ Whitey
sent that you will need to look out for.
// Medium Sentient Human (6D6)
The Y-Empire are a juve gang that has its ‘club house’
somewhere near the entrance, so there are bound to be a Vicious Judge-hating psychopath
few of those creeps in residence. We also have seen Ricki
STR 6 (3d6) AGI 6 (3d6) END 3 (2d6)
Rocco enter at the ground level. A low-level associate of or-
ganised crime; it may be he is a link man between the mob INT 10 (4d6) LOG 6 (3d6) WIL 3 (2d6)
and the juves. Rocco has several known associates that have
disappeared from view recently, they may be holed up with CHA 6 (3d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 6 (3d6)
him. Notable among these is Katricia Bung, a suspected for- MELEE RANGED MENTAL VITAL
mer blitz agent. Almost as dangerous is Ronnie Blacktooth, DEFENCE 12 DEFENCE 24 DEFENCE 18 DEFENCE 18
who used to be an armourer for the Colorado syndicate.
Blacktooth fell out with his boss by stealing a truckload of (padded jacket) VULN none IMMUNITIES none
high end weapons and selling them to a rival mobster.
A number of unidentified individuals are also present INITIATIVE 5d6 PERCEPTION 3d6
in your search area. They may only be vagrants but
could be something more formidable.’ SPEED 6 CLIMB 3 JUMP 12’/6’
Stoll then turns his attention to another team. After
finishing with allocating search zones, he then assigns
back-up teams.
CARRY 270lb (max. lift 300lb)
// Any Questions? ACTIONS 2
The Judges will have an opportunity to ask ques-
tions of Stoll at this point. REACH 5’


Knife 3d6 (2d6+3 piercing damage)
AREA HAVE OUTSTANDING WARRANTS? Las Cannon 6d6 (3d6 heat damage; range 14)
Some members of Y-Empire have outstanding warrants
for petty offences. Robbery and tap are the most serious
and there is a good chance that the more serious offend-
ers are lying low in their Empire State headquarters. hardy 1 (1d6), combat 1 (1d6), perception 3 (2d6),
Ricki Rocco has no warrants on him at this time, al- reactions 1 (1d6), gambling 1 (1d6), intimidation 3
though he has had iso-cube time for possession of an (2d6), local knowledge 1 (1d6), thievery 1 (1d6)
unlicensed weapon and receiving stolen goods.
Bung is a suspect in several murders and is probably las cannon, knife, padded jacket
guilty of a number more. Like most blitzers she had an ex-
plosive implant that should have killed her when faced with
capture. It is thought hers malfunctioned and partially went Aim. Whitey gains a +1d6 bonus to a ranged attack
off causing a severe injury several years ago. Unfortunately, roll taken in the same turn that he spends an action
she was not killed but has become deadlier as the brain aiming.
trauma she received has made her more callous than ever. Dive For Cover. On a missed attack, Whitey can
use a reaction to move SPEED 6 and either get prone
Chances are Y-Empire will be keen not to be made Panicked Unload. When Whitey fires two shots at
homeless, so expect them to put up some sort of fight. a target and both hit, he gains a bonus third shot
Rocco may come quietly; it depends on what evidence
you find of any crimes he may have committed. The Henchmen
vagrants should do as they are told, although if any are Use the Mob Henchmen statistics.
drunk or on drugs you may find them belligerent.

As for any unidentified individuals, again it depends on // Any Questions?
what they are doing in the building. If they are just squat- Friendly knows very little about the job in hand. He will of-
ting they are likely to leave without a problem. If engaged fer his opinion of Ricki Rocco if asked - ‘A straight up guy.’
in criminal activity they may surrender easily enough or
have an arsenal with them and go down blasting.
ARE THERE ANY FLOOR PLANS? The Feys are great people. There must be lots of good
folk around, but the Feys make a real effort. They try to
No, the old building has had so many changes over the
build a community. They help others. In this city that is
years since it was abandoned we have no idea as to its something. Now their boy has gone missing, and you are
layout. It is likely that interior conditions will vary greatly. all out on the streets looking for him. The Judges say
Decades of abandonment could see interior partitions re- they will help, but they are too busy to properly look for
moved or major barricades built up. one more lost child out of thousands.
Then the old drunk says he saw a kid go into the Empire
State. The description he gave was just like Ray, he knew
Local hoodlum Mikey ‘Cheese’ Head has contacted you what he was wearing - even down to the colour of his knee-
and your associates and a meet is arranged at Mikey’s shug- pads. Old Sal went to spread the news, but who knows when
gy hall – The Cheesebowl. You know Mikey from the time he others might come back to help the search. And the Judges,
was a local block daddy, running the rackets in one of the they could take hours to get here, maybe days. No, a little
more decrepit blocks in the sector; he has since move on juvie could be in trouble and you are the only adults around
and up in the criminal hierarchy and now the word is out on just now who can help, so it is up to you to save the day!
the street that he is looking for a crew to do a job for him.

You are led into Mikey’s private office by one of his body-
// Any Questions?
The Player Characters are from the local area, perhaps
guards, ‘Friendly’ Ryan. Friendly shuts the door behind you living in one of the nearest blocks or in lower rise homes
and stands behind you inside the office. in the area. They will know the Empire State to be derelict,
‘I hear you are all on the lookout for some work. Well, I dangerous and the haunt for local troublemakers.
gotta job that will suit you down to a tee. Word is that the The drunken hobo ‘Slim’ is a well known local character
Judges will be coming down hard on the old Empire State who sometimes lives in the grand old building. If ques-
and I need you to go there to retrieve some of my prop- tioned he might prove a little rambling but sticks to his sto-
erty. Unfortunately, I left it in the care of Ricki Rocco, and ry – the lost juvie went into the Empire State on his own.
while he ensures me everything is solid I have my doubts. If the Player Characters think to ask any of little Ray’s
I want you to find where Rocco is hiding out and get my friends then one of them might admit that they dared
stuff back; you don’t need to know what Rocco has, but it Ray to go into the building. However, it will take time for
is worth ten large for you all to get it back for me. Should them to track down one of his group.
you succeed I might have more work for you.’ If they try to find others to help the party will find they
‘I would prefer it if Rocco hands over everything rather are the most able-bodied citizens nearby. The others are
than have any argument. He knows what I want, and owes all eldsters or are off searching for Ray elsewhere; some
me big, so you should have no issues there; but just in juves said they saw him playing hide and seek in a nearby
case you might want to go tooled up. Rocco is somewhere industrial complex. The dangers there might even be more
on the lower levels of the building, you should be able to than in the Empire State so most have gone there first, in-
get some help finding him from the losers living there. No cluding Ray’s distraught parents.
need to ask them nicely, though.’ Ray has been missing since yesterday evening and it is
‘Bring my stuff back to this place.’ Mikey hands over a now early afternoon…
slip of paper with an address on it. ‘It is a low-rise storage
unit where I have a lock-up. Friendly will meet you there Entering the Building
and help you unload the truck; It’s parked out back and Entrance to the abandoned businesses at street level
is plenty big enough for you and to put all the gear in the is a simple enough affair. Most have missing windows or
back. Now go, I got other things to do. Friendly, give them doors and can easily be accessed. Entry to the lower levels
the keys and show them to their truck.’ is either through a blocked stairwell (which requires time
‘If you have questions, ask Friendly.’ to clear it), the unused lift shafts or the sub-basement

garage. The latter is mostly blocked by a barricade of Most of the former business premises on the first floor
ancient, destroyed vehicles, rubble and assorted items of are empty. They have been stripped down of their former
trash. This can be climbed over by individuals on foot. fittings and contents and, in almost all cases, are lacking
For the upper floors access is more difficult. The stairways either their windows or doors. Any premises that has been
are blocked, although the barricade manned by Y-Empire boarded over has had some removed while the boards that
can be cleared the Judges will have to fight their way up- remain are plastered with advertising flyers. Apart from
wards. If they enter this way the perps in the building are assorted trash that has blown or been dumped into these
forewarned and have the advantage of higher ground. areas they are all empty. The exceptions are as follows:
Alternatively, the Judges may seek to access these floors
by directly using a hover wagon or by abseiling from a // The Cosmic Taco
higher floor. Unfortunately for the Judges they have no The smell of damp and worse things pervades this for-
vehicle available assigned to them; the hover vehicles as- mer fast food restaurant. Scattered about in this place are
signed to the mission are for Judges entering the upper piles of refuse that make up the shelters of the homeless.
floors of the building. It is possible, however, to comman- Here they can live with a roof over their head while staying
deer a civilian vehicle for this purpose. out of sight from the rest of the city. Although the furnish-
Entering Ricki Rocco’s level might cause some problems ings have long gone the large counter and former kitchen
initially due to the holograms hiding the intact nature of are still present. A faded menu sign on the back wall still
the floor. They may find themselves bouncing off a window shows the various delights that were once available here.
where they thought there was no glass. The Cosmic Taco is a long defunct chain of fast food
Entering the upper floors either by abseiling or directly from restaurants that proliferated in rundown areas of the city.
a hover vehicle will catch the perps by surprise; they will not be Then it was discovered that it was part of an organised
expecting attack from this direction. Instead of facing organ- crime money laundering operation; the Judges then shut
ised resistance the Judges will be able to take advantage of down the restaurants. In the case of the Empire State
the confused perps, who will be far less formidable. Building no new business tenants moved in since by then
the old building was in a dreadful condition.
THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING Several vagrants are here, sleeping on old, soiled mat-
tresses. None have seen a child, although one claims a lo-
Long neglected and dwarfed by the massive modern
cal tramp named Smelly Pete said he saw one.
buildings of the Big Meg, the Empire State Building is a
sad shadow of its former self. Many windows are broken or None of the people here will offer any real resistance to in-
boarded over, there are cracks visible in the façade and the truders. They know of the Y-Empire juves and fear them. They
nearby sidewalks are strewn with garbage. The fact that it is are happy to let the Judges (or anyone else) know where the
still standing is testament to the skills of those who built it. Y-Empire juves can be found. They may even mention the gang
have a barricade blocking the stairs that lead to their hangout.
First Floor // Synthi Bucks
In this building (and all others in the city apart from the With peeling paint and a shattered front window that no
embassy and official buildings of Brit Cit) the ground floor one has bothered to board up this former synthi-caf café
is referred to as the first floor. is in terrible condition, even worse than its neighbours.

At some point vermin must have moved in as there are // Foyer 1
the tell-tale signs of their presence in amongst the junk in This entrance to the building used to hold the elevators that
this place. A horrible stench gets stronger and stronger allowed tourists to visit the observation decks at the top of the
the further in you explore the premises; it is obvious the building. The elevators are sealed, with the doors replace with
source of this smell can be found at the rear. plasticrete walls. These walls, like the rest of the foyer, are cov-
This café was once part of a much larger chain; this ered in graffiti and the tags of the Y-Empire juve gang.
franchise fell foul of the law as it continued to sell synthi- There is a makeshift pile of mattresses and old furniture at
caf long after it was banned by the Judges. Once it was the end of the rows of elevator shafts. There is the unpleas-
shutdown and the owners, staff and customers were all ar- ant smell of a long unwashed body emanating from this and
rested the place fell into ruin with the rest of the building. the soft sounds of snoring can be heard from the mound.
The café is the lair of Stinky Joe, who is no relation to Smelly Pete lives under his lair. He is quiet and respect-
Smelly Pete. Joe is an obnoxious, violent drunk who will ful of others (it does not matter who, he fears punishment
lunge, swinging, at a Judge (or anyone else) if they should having been on the end of a beating from Judges, petty
get too close. Fortunately, he is not much of an opponent criminals and citizens alike over the years). When speaking
even for a group of citizens. he will frequently smack his licks/gums when thinking of a
Use the Vagrant statistics for Stinky Joe. reply or if he needs to pause.
If asked, Pete will confirm he saw the missing child near
// Vid Phones U Like the other foyer, the one that leads up to the place the
This former store is in better condition than the other ‘hurting people’ live. If asked to describe the ‘hurting peo-
abandoned retail outlets in the building. The main reason ple’ he will say they are wild young ones who he will always
for this is that the entrance door has remained intact. Once hide from and avoid if he can.
the Judges enter it will seem that the small shop holds little
of real interest. There are empty racks on the walls and a FOYER 1 ELEVATOR SHAFTS
small counter close to the entrance. A pile of mail sits near
If the Judges force their way through the walls blocking
the letterbox. All the envelopes and fliers are dated from
the elevator shafts it will take them some time. To break
many years ago; the letterbox is now sealed. There are in-
through requires the tools to do so, unless the Judges wish
numerable dead insects gathered on the floor next to the
to expend some high explosive rounds.
window and door. From the literature on the floor and the
small signs in the shop it is clear it once sold vid-phones. At the far end of the elevator shafts a fixed ladder, quite re-
There is an interior door at the rear of the shop. cently added, allows an individual to climb up to a hole in the
This door is closed and leads into a small office with a re- wall on the fourth floor. This is an emergency escape route for
stroom beyond another door behind it. Unlike the shop noth- Ricki Rocco and leads to the basement; this can be used by the
ing has been stripped here, but a long dead corpse sits on a Judges to surprise his gang on their floor. Other than this hole
ruined swivel chair behind the small desk. An opened medical in the shaft there are no more exits farther up the shaft until
kit sits on the desk, as does a spit pistol, its magazine half the observation deck at the top of the building is reached.
empty. There are several bullet wounds in the corpse’s chest.
// Foyer 2
The desiccated corpse has been here for many years; Once the major entrance to the offices and residences
it will take a detailed examination by a forensics team to of the Empire State Building, this grand foyer has seen far
identify the corpse so that a murder enquiry can begin. better times. There are small piles of rubbish scattered
A group of Judges should call in support to deal with the around and the whole area reeks of the stench of decay.
body; they have a more important assignment to finish
The doors to the elevator shafts have been welded shut
first by clearing out the rest of the lower floors of the
although the litter strewn stairs do offer a way up. A door
building. The spit pistol needs cleaning but is otherwise in
at the rear of the foyer, behind the desk of the building’s
decent condition and a party of perps or citizens may wish
receptionist, is barred and locked from this side.
to keep it for their own, later use.
The corpse is that of a former member of an organised The bolted and locked door leads to the sub-basement be-
crime outfit. It is up to the GM to decide how to proceed low. A character with the appropriate skills and equipment
from here. They can either have the party of Judges inves- can attempt to force it open by unlocking it or use brute force.
tigate themselves or can assign a senior Judge from the Sufficient time and effort (plus a crowbar) will eventually suc-
sector house to take over from here. ceed. A high explosive round from a Lawgiver would also work.

The sealed elevator doors lead to elevator shafts; these
were long ago scrapped and there are no cables but it
is possible to climb up or down the shafts. The elevator
doors to all but the basement levels below are all welded
shut. The correct equipment can overcome this obstacle,
either cutting tools or a breaching charge.
The main stairway leads upwards to a reception area
above. However, it is blocked by a barricade constructed
by the Y-Empire juve gang who have their clubhouse on
the second floor.
These no longer provide easy access to elsewhere in the
building. A persistent group could use them to get around
the barricade to the stairs or descend to the lower levels.
There are no longer any elevator cables, looters stripped
these from the building for scrap a long time ago.
Forcing a way through any of the welded doors will alert
those on that level that someone is coming. It is possible to
surprise the occupants if using a breaching charge, if the at-
tackers are quick to follow up the explosion. If there is delay
reinforcements with converge at the breaching point and
attempt to create a crossfire to eliminate any intruders.
The Y-Empire juve gang controls access to their level and the
ones above by use of a barricade they have constructed over
the years. This is quite a resilient structure set at the top of the
stairs and is fixed in place. A section swings back like a gate,
allowing the juves and their allies to come and go.
A trio of guards (Juve Gang Members) watch the stairs
and are there to prevent unwanted intruders. These juves will
be boisterous and defiant if anybody appears, their bravery
enhanced by the barricade. However, if one or more are elimi-
nated then any remaining will flee, hoping to rally the rest of
the gang to throw back intruders with their superior numbers.
The barricade is solid enough to provide protection from
attack, granting the standard 2d6 cover penalty to attacks.
Trying to climb over the barrier needs a Routine [10] AGI
(climbing) check and uses 4 squares of movement. Doing so
exposes the climber to fire from the Y-Empire gang members
defending it, giving them a +1d6 bonus to attack the intruder.

Second Floor
The second floor was a series of medium sized offices from the building the gang will be larger. For a party of citi-
that held individual business premises at some point in
zens who approach the gang peacefully there will be fewer
time. This floor now holds the gang clubhouse for the
juves. These will, if asked, tell the dumb ‘dults to leave their
Y-Empire, a group of renegade juves who have banded to-
gether after being thrown out of their homes. territory, and no, they haven’t seen the lost juvie.
The numbers of the gang within the block depend on the For a group of perps, they can be bribed to get a message
strength of the party and how they approach the juves. For to Ricki Rocco who might then let them through. A hundred
a group of Judges looking to tackle the gang and evict them credits will be sufficient, or a decent gun with ammunition.

// Restrooms
These still function, making the place less vile than it
Y-Empire Statistics
The juves here number between six and a would otherwise be. There are even a couple of working
dozen, being led by Neddy ‘The Ned’ Nederson. showers; although the water is far from clean it does allow
Modify the numbers of gang members to suit the juves to keep some semblance of cleanliness.
the ability of the Judges. // Gang bedrooms
For the regular gang members use Juve
Here the various members of the gang crash. The rooms
Gang Member statistics and for Neddy use the
are generally filthy and in disarray, although in a few the
Juve Gang Leader statistics.
occupant has tried to make the place liveable. In these
better rooms posters hang from walls, the walls may have
been painted and/or the room is clean despite the overall
// Y-Empire
conditions of the area. Some rooms might be occupied if
Y-Empire is a typical juve/punk gang who hide out here,
the party has managed to get this far without being de-
individually they are more resolute than most gangs but
tected. If an alarm has been raised the gang will have con-
suffer from a lack of equipment. They have no real area
gregated elsewhere to fight back against intruders.
they control from where they can extort money; this lack
of regular income makes them undertake risky endeavours // Club Den
and they frequently end up serving time in the juve-cubes. This large, open area is a mess and is where the gang
These losses keep their numbers down and those here hangs out. The room is full of stolen goods, including
are poorly equipped, having few credits with which to buy a couple of tri-d sets and a shuggy table. The toughest
weapons and other useful items. members of the gang will be found here if the alarm is not
All this does not stop Y-Empire being a belligerent raised and they will fight to defend their home.
group of little thugs. They are bullies and if in a group There are boxes of stolen goods (most shoplifted from
will be emboldened. They may try to bully citizens, fight nearby stores) and drug paraphernalia scattered in the room.
perps and mouth off at Judges. There is enough evidence of criminality here to lock up the
The gang has a cordial relationship with Rocco, and he members of the gang for a considerable length of time.
pays them a few credits to ensure no one approaches his
hideout uninvited. None of the gang has seen Ray Fey.

// Elevator Foyer
The doors to the elevator have been welded shut and it
is difficult to force an entry. The Y-Empire are a little too
secure in their base and do not post a guard in the foyer; if
the doors are swiftly breached the juves will be surprised
and any resistance will be much less organised.

// Empty Offices
Most of the offices are deserted, and full to the roof
with assorted junk from decades ago plus whatever the
Y-Empire have decided to dump there. There is nothing
of interest in any of these areas, although it will take
considerable time to search them. It takes about one
man-hour to search an office, with a maximum limit of
three people to search each office.

// Storerooms
Although quite full these offices are quite organised.
They contain a variety of stolen goods, often boosted from
hijacked trucks by the gang or stolen in raids on shops and
warehouses in the sector. The gang also keep their provi-
sions here, including their food and water.

Third Floor // Storage Rooms
Ricki has a large amount of contraband in his hideout. This
The third floor is a series of empty offices. This is a deserted
is mostly stored in the spare rooms on his floor, with the
level where both Y-Empire and Ricki Rocco discard their rub-
items worth a large amount of credits. Should Ricki be cap-
bish. There are a couple of booby traps on this level, placed in
rooms that the current residents of the building know to avoid. tured by the Judges then they will be able to send him to the
iso-cubes for possession of stolen goods, at the very least.
Fourth Floor Some of these items are held for other perps. Ricki might
try to pass on information, letting the Judges know who owns
The fourth floor is the hideout of Ricki Rocco and several what, if he thinks he can get a reduced sentence by doing so.
of his associates. Ricki has had this floor repaired and it
now provides decent living quarters.
// Garage
Ricki, his long-time friend Katricia Bung and four hench- Ricki and his gang have a small hover truck with which
men are on this level. The rooms are fitted out well; Ricki’s they bring stolen items to their hideout. It is stored in this
room is luxurious. There are plenty of illegal goods stored in area – it could provide an opportunity for one of more of
various offices and each perp has their own living quarters.
the gang to escape if things go against them.
The whole level has the benefit of an electric generator pro-
viding power. Holograms on the windows show the offices The truck is well maintained but is otherwise not spe-
to be deserted and derelict when viewed from outside the cial in any way. The entrance to the garage, like the rest
building; this floor appears to be empty of anything of value of the area, is concealed using holograms showing the
and in a worse condition than most of the others. ruined façade of the building.

// Bedrooms // Cinema Room

Each of these rooms is too large for the furniture it con- Ricki and his associates like to watch the latest movies,
tains. Each has a sizable bed, a wardrobe, desk, a couple of but dare not go to the local cinemas in case there is an
comfortable chairs and a set of drawers. A large vidscreen outstanding warrant for any of them. Fortunately, they got
will dominate one side of the room. Every piece of furni- their hands on (stole) the fittings necessary to create a top
ture in this place has come from truck hijackings or raids of the range private cinema room.
on warehouses or shops. Ricki and his associates do not
believe in paying for anything they can steal. // Lounges
If the party enters this level without alerting the gang- With ample room and decent furnishings these areas are
sters then they are likely to find one or more of the group not used as often as might be expected. The gang prefers to
in their bedrooms. Otherwise they will be hanging out in hang out in other communal rooms, only rarely relaxing here.
the communal areas most of the time.
// Office
// The Bar Ricki has a small office, where he can talk to his men pri-
Ripped out of a bar from one of the now deserted busi- vately on a one-to-one basis or contact the outside world
ness premises on the ground floor, the bar is in very
using his encrypted vidphone system. Again, the room is
good shape, Ricki got some contractors he knew to do
well furnished and everything in the room is stolen.
the work. Behind the bar is a mix of (illegally) imported
alcoholic drinks from Oz, Brit-Cit and other megacities. // Robots
There are crates of the stuff under the bar and the vari-
A small number of (stolen, obviously) robots are here. These
ous perps on this floor will help themselves to a drink (or
machines helped Ricki turn this derelict level of the building
several) whenever they feel the need.
into a very comfortable hideaway. Several of the robots are
responsible for maintaining and cleaning the area. There are
// Weight Room
also a couple of sex robots, which keep the gang entertained…
To help fill their time and stay fit Ricki has equipped
a weight room for himself and his associates. Various None of the robots are dangerous, they still have their
members of the group can be found here at different times original programming and cannot commit violent acts
during the day. There is also a sauna they use to help against a person. They will give whatever aid they can to
relax. Again, all the equipment has been stolen. any Judge who requests it.

Ricki Rocco
Ricki has had a long, and moderately successful, career
// Medium sentient humanoid (6d6) of crime behind him. He has spent several years living
in his refurbished headquarters, preparing it soon after
the man with a plan he was last released from the iso-cubes. He is a more
thoughtful criminal than most, carefully weighing the risks
STR 6 (3d6) AGI 6 (3d6) END 3 (2d6) and benefits for any crime he thinks about carrying out.
INT 6 (3d6) LOG 6 (3d6) WIL 6 (3d6) His associates appreciate his caution, allowing them to
have a decent standard of living without attracting the
CHA 6 (3d6) LUC 6 (3d6) REP 6 (3d6) attention of the law. Ricki and most of his gang have size-
MELEE RANGED MENTAL VITAL able stashes of credits squirreled away elsewhere for their
DEFENCE 18 DEFENCE 18 DEFENCE 24 DEFENCE 18 retirement. Unfortunately for them all the rashness of
SOAK 6 VULN none IMMUNITIES none Whitey will shortly bring an end to their comfortable liv-
(kevlar) ing as the Judges plan to crackdown on the Empire State
INITIATIVE 5d6 PERCEPTION 5d6 Building and the perps hiding out there.
Ricki has an escape route through an elevator shaft
SPEED 6 CLIMB 3 JUMP 12’/6’ which leads to the observation deck; if anyone forces
their way through his allies he will flee this way, if pos-
sible. It is up to the GM to decide if he escapes or any
HEALTH 36 Judge Player Characters prevent him from doing so.
CARRY 270lb (max. lift 300lb) The storage rooms include Mickey Head’s stored items.
ACTIONS 2 If a party of perps tries to parlay for these goods Ricki
REACH 5’ will hand them over after calling Mickey on his vidphone.
If they try to use force to get them, some of his men at-
Club 5d6 (3d6+3 blunt damage) tempt to outflank the party – if this fails he may decide to
Spit pistol 5d6 (3d6 ballistic damage; range 9) hand over the items to avoid further losses.
If citizens approach asking about a lost juve, he will be
suspicious, but he is not a total monster. He will state that
hardy 6 (3d6), combat 3 (2d6), perception 3 no juvie has come this way but suggests trying to make
(2d6), tactics 3 (2d6), intimidation 3 (2d6), local their way down to the car parking basement. He would
knowledge 3 (2d6) suggest they go there to look for the child.


club, spit pistol, kevlar vest
Katricia has been looking for a way out of the city for a
Leadership. Ricki can freely donate his LUC (3d6) while and hopes her friend Ricki can help her find it. For
dice to allies; he must declare this before dice are the moment she is happy to provide muscle for Ricki in
rolled. return for a fair cut in the proceeds of any crimes. She is
now considering paying for an escape using the services
Give Orders. Ricki can spend an action to issue
of a perp runner she knows.
orders. All allies within 30’ can take one immediate
Before leaving she first wishes to track down the mob
bonus action. surgeon who botched the fitting of her implant and pay
Stone Cold Stare. Ricki has an intimidating pres- him back for his mistake.
ence and is able to mess with people’s heads. He She knows her fate if the Judges catch her so she will
can make a 5d6 REP mental attack against a target, fight to the bitter end if escape is impossible; a lifetime
inflicting the Afraid condition on a success. in the cubes does not appeal and she hopes this will
give her friend time to get away.

Katricia Bung
Basement – Storage and pipes.
Immediately beneath the first floor is a basement area
// Medium sentient humanoid (6d6) which holds various pieces of decrepit machinery. Many of
these have been partially dismantled for scrap. There are
Former contract killer hiding from the law
plenty of pipes (again much has been stripped by looters) in
STR 6 (3d6) AGI 10 (4d6) END 3 (2d6) the narrow corridors away from the storage areas. Most of
the doors into the various rooms are missing (they can be
INT 6 (3d6) LOG 6 (3d6) WIL 6 (3d6) found piled up in one of the storage rooms).
CHA 6 (3d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 6 (3d6) In one of the storage rooms there is a tunnel, created by
MELEE RANGED MENTAL VITAL Ricki Rocco, using a now defunct disintegrator. This leads
DEFENCE 24 DEFENCE 18 DEFENCE 12 DEFENCE 18 to the abandoned basement of a store across the road.
SOAK 6 From here Ricki will hope to escape into the street, beyond
VULN none IMMUNITIES none any enemies’ reach or Judges’ cordon.
In among the storerooms and pipe strewn corridors lives a
INITIATIVE 6d6 PERCEPTION 5d6 gigantic, mutated toad which has crawled up here from the
Undercity. It survives by eating the huge numbers of rats
SPEED 6 CLIMB 3 JUMP 20’/9’ which infest the place (plus the occasional vagrant).

HEALTH 36 // The Lair

This storage room looks to have partially collapsed
CARRY 270lb (max. lift 300lb) into the level below. An awful stench pervades the area,
ACTIONS 2 something like the combined odour of swamp water and
rotting flesh.
A pile of detritus dominates the part of the room
Knife 6d6 (3d6+3 piercing damage, bleeding) away from the collapsed floor. Some bits have slid down
among the rubble but there are bones, assorted scraps
SKILLS of cloth and other rubbish. The bones appear to be hu-
hardy 6 (3d6), combat 6 (3d6), perception 3 man and suddenly an immense form comes barrelling
(2d6), movement 3 (2d6), reactions 6 (3d6), out of the pile of refuse…
stealth 4 (2d6), computers 1 (1d6), tracking 3
(2d6), thievery 1 (1d6)
Sub-Basement Car parking
GEAR The sub basement is a large open area with piles of junk
kevlar vest, knife and rubble scattered across the place. A few, mostly stripped,
car chassis add to the general feel of desolation.
Feint. Katricia gains a +1d6 bonus to a melee at-
There are several ways to access this level available to a
tack roll taken in the same turn that she spends an group of player characters.
action feinting.
» They can climb down the lift shafts with a
Achilles Heel. Katricia is adept at finding her vic- Challenging [13] AGI check.
tim’s weak spot. She can bypass SOAK once per foe. » Gain access through the collapsed floor of the gi-
ant toad’s lair in the basement level.
Shiv. When Katricia hits a target with her knife, she
» Climbing over the barricade that leads to the
twists it, automatically causing the Bleeding condition.
streets from the car park.
For a party of citizens this last method of entry might be
The Rest of the Gang
completely blocked. This ensures they must explore more of
For Ricki’s underlings use the Mob Henchmen the building to find Ray Fey and not be able to just go down
statistics. None of them are especially competent to the car park, deal with the mutants and find him.
perps; without Ricki or Katricia to lead them they A small group of mutants can be found on this level and
would quickly flee or surrender. they have made this their home. They descend via a wide
crack in the floor into the Undercity from time-to-time to

hunt and explore. They more rarely sneak out onto the city // Upper Floors
bottom over the barricade on the car ramp. There they steal There are, of course, many more floors in the Empire
and scavenge what they can as quickly as possible, before State Building, but these have been blocked off by Rocco
they can be spotted and rounded up by the Judges. and his crew (with help from the juve gang). Should the
These mutants keep an eye out for intruders into their GM wish it he can have the players explore onwards and
level. They have a lookout placed on all the entrances to upwards, encountering more desperados hiding out there…
this level (including the entrance to the Undercity). The
guard will fire their weapon at any intruder before ducking // Beneath the Empire State Building
behind cover and raising the alarm, allowing the others to With the entrance to the Undercity beneath the building
hide. The mutants will then call out to the intruders, asking Judges may wish to investigate further. Other player char-
what they want – if they can avoid bloodshed they will. Of acter groups are unlikely to want to do so.
course, the Player Characters might not be too pleased if Other than ensuring the area is secure any Judges
one of them has been injured by the sentry. should not look to travel too far. There may be some
Ray Fey can also be found in the car park, having been dangerous creatures near the entrance; this can be
found by the group after he crawled through the barricade another giant toad, blind crocodiles or troggies, but any
leading to the streets and had some rubble collapse on his threat should not be too hazardous. After ensuring there
legs. He is hurt, but not too seriously, and is a little scared is no real threat from beneath the area the Judges should
by the ‘strange men’ (the mutants). He is kept in one of the secure the entrance to the Undercity and call in support
makeshift shelters the mutants have put up and will remain to seal it. The civilian construction crew will arrive an
there until fetched, being too fearful to leave on his own. hour later and seal the hole with rockcrete. Sealing such
The hostility of the mutants to any norms they encounter entrances to the Undercity is a priority in order to prevent
can vary depending on the GM’s desires. Options include: any dangerous creatures from entering the city that way.
» Vicious cannibals looking to serve up Ray as their
next feast. // Further Adventures
» Fearful victims of the world only looking to survive. Judge Player Characters may have several loose ends
» A gang of raiders scouting out the area before they to tie up. Ricki Rocco might have escaped and they now
perform a hit and run attack. They will then grab all need to track him down. Ronnie Blacktooth was never
they can and then retreat into the Undercity with
their loot, and from there to the Cursed Earth. found; perhaps there will be a clue to his location in
A parlay could be possible if the party treat them fairly; Ricki’s office. The dead body in the abandoned shop’s of-
they are likely to flee a superior force if they feel outclassed. fice might require the party to track down who he was
and then try and find his killers. Also, they may wish to
help other Judges with the clearance of the Empire State
Building; there are a lot of levels still unexplored.
For perps they may have a new patron in the form of Mikey
‘Cheese’ Head. By recovering his property, they will have
earned a little gratitude from the mob boss and he might ask
Mr. Friendly to give them another task. Of course, becoming
friends with Mikey might mean rival gangsters or the Judges
might start to look more closely at the Player Characters.
If citizens manage to rescue Ray Fey they will become
heroes to his family, friends and neighbours. Old Mrs.
Glokovic might approach them as a party is thrown in
their honour. She asks them to find little Mitzie, her lit-
tle robopoodle, who ran away last week because those
nasty juves scared her so much…

The Mutants

For the mutants use the Mutant statistics.

The Toad in the Hole Sluggish. Unlike most creatures of its size, the
// Enormous non-sentient amphibian (7d6) cold-blooded toad only gets two actions and only
Horrid monstrosity from beneath the city rolls 1d6 for INITIATIVE.
Monstrous Leap. The toad leaps into the air a
STR 21 (6d6) AGI 6 (3d6) END 21 (6d6) height of 35 feet, making an attack against one foe
INT 6 (3d6) LOG 1 (1d6) WIL 10 (4d6) it can reach while doing so.
CHA 6 (3d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 10 (4d6) Quake. The toad slams a tail on the ground,
shaking the area within 4 squares. The creature
MELEE RANGED MENTAL VITAL makes a 5d6 attack against everybody within the
area, knocking targets prone and doing 1d6 damage
VULN to them.
2d6 (heat)
Come Here! The toad shoots out its sticky
PERCEPTION 3d6; tongue to grab a victim within 35’ (7 squares). A
INITIATIVE 1d6 darksight
medium-sized or smaller target struck with the
SPEED 4 SWIM +4 CLIMB 2 JUMP 12’/12’ tongue is pulled adjacent to the toad.

CARRY 420lb (max. lift 1050lb)
Bite 7d6 (4d6+6 piercing damage)
Tongue 6d6 (1d6 blunt damage; range 7)
combat 3 (2d6), perception 1 (1d6), reactions 1 (1d6)
* Remember that the Toad’s natural SOAK does not work against
heat damage, to which it is vulnerable (2d6).

This section includes a selection of statistics from Chapter
10 of the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD core-
book as referenced in the scenario, State of the Empire, pro- CARRY 20lb (max lift 50lb)
viding you with everything you need to play the adventure. REACH 5’
JUVE GANG MEMBER Knife 2d6 (1d6+1 piercing damage)
Antique pistol 3d6 (2d6 ballistic damage; range
// Medium Sentient Humanoid (3d6) 8; sidearm)
Young criminals who act tougher than they are.
combat 1 (1d6), hardy 1 (1d6), movement 3 (2d6),
STR 1 (1d6) AGI 3 (2d6) END 1 (1d6) perception 1 (1d6), reactions 1 (1d6), thievery 1 (1d6)
INT 3 (2d6) LOG 3 (2d6) WIL 1 (1d6)
CHA 3 (2d6) LUC 0 (0d6) REP 3 (2d6) knife, antique pistol
DEFENCE 10 DEFENCE 12 DEFENCE 10 DEFENCE 10 Backpedal. When someone misses the Juve Gang
Member with a melee attack, he may use a reaction to step
SOAK 2 VULN none IMMUNE none back 5’ and take a shot.
Dive For Cover. If a ranged attack misses a Juve Gang
INITIATIVE 3d6 PERCEPTION 3d6 Member, they may immediately move half their speed as a
free action and either throw themselves prone or get be-
SPEED 3 CLIMB 2 JUMP 6’/1’ hind cover if it is in range.
// Medium Sentient Humanoid (5d6)
Tougher than their followers but still
more a blowhard than a threat.

STR 3 (2d6) AGI 6 (3d6) END 3 (2d6)

INT 6 (3d6) LOG 6 (3d6) WIL 3 (2d6)
CHA 6 (3d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 6 (3d6)
SOAK 3 VULN none IMMUNE none

CARRY 60lb (max lift 150lb)
Las-knife 3d6 (2d6+3 heat damage)
Pistol 5d6 (3d6 ballistic damage; range 12; sidearm)
carousing 1 (1d6), combat 1 (1d6), intimidation
1 (1d6), movement 6 (3d6), perception 3 (2d6),
tactics 1 (1d6), thievery 1 (1d6)
las-knife, antique pistol, padded jacket

Panicked Unload. The Juve Gang Leader fires two shots
at a target, and if both hit he gains a third shot.
CARRY 120lb (max lift 300lb)
Perfect Aim. The Juve Gang Leader gets +2d6 from
aiming instead of +1d6. REACH 5’
Stone Cold Stare. Juve Gang Leaders have an intimidat- ACTIONS 2
ing presence and can mess with peoples’ heads. They can Brawling 4d6 (2d6+3 blunt damage)
make a 4d6 REP mental attack against a target within 30’, Laser pistol 4d6 (2d6 heat damage; range 8;
inflicting the Afraid condition on a success. sidearm)

MOB HENCHMAN Mental Attack 3d6 (2d6+3 damage)

// Medium Sentient Humanoid (5d6) combat 1 (1d6), hardy 6 (3d6), intimidation 1 (1d6),
perception 1 (1d6), reactions 1 (1d6), thievery 3 (2d6)
Minor mob associate of little skill.
STR 6 (3d6) AGI 3 (2d6) END 6 (3d6) laser pistol, kevlar jacket
INT 3 (2d6) LOG 3 (2d6) WIL 6 (3d6)
CHA 3 (2d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 6 (3d6)
It’s Just a Flesh Wound. Henchmen are expected to ig-
DEFENCE 15 DEFENCE 15 DEFENCE 15 DEFENCE 15 nore injury and discomfort when ordered to do something.
Within 30’ of their boss, a henchman gains +3 SOAK.
SOAK 7 VULN none IMMUNE none
Opportunist Stomp. A Henchman can stomp on an adja-
INITIATIVE 3d6 PERCEPTION 3d6 cent prone opponent as a free brawling attack Protector.
Henchmen can take an attack meant for an adjacent ally. If
the attack hits their ally, they take the damage instead.

aMUTANT RAIDER Mutation. Individual Mutant Raiders can have a wide va-
riety of mutations. Roll 1d6 on the following table:
// Medium Sentient Humanoid (5d6)
Wasteland bandits who scavenge and prey d6 Mutation Effect
on the weak. The Mutant Raider have extra eyes; they might
be on the back of his head, in the palms of his
1 Extra eyes hands, or somewhere else. He gains all-around
vision and cannot be flanked.
STR 6 (3d6) AGI 3 (2d6) END 6 (3d6) The Mutant Raider has more than the normal set
of appendages - extra arms, legs, more than one
INT 3 (2d6) LOG 3 (2d6) WIL 6 (3d6) 2
nose, or four ears. Arms give her +1d6 STR, legs give
appendage her +1d6 AGI, and noses or ears give her +1d6 INT.
CHA 3 (2d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 6 (3d6) However, she has a permanent -1d6 CHA.
The Mutant Raider might look human (almost), but
his internal organs are all in a different place. He
gains +2 SOAK and is immune to any exploits which
Organs rely on the attacker targeting his anatomy for extra
damage. However, anybody attempting medical
assistance on him suffers a -2d6 to their check.
SOAK 7 VULN none radiation 4 Poison fangs
Just like a poisonous snake, the Mutant Raider can
bite and deliver a venomous toxin. Her unarmed attack
increases by +1d6 and becomes piercing/poison damage.
INITIATIVE 3d6 PERCEPTION 3d6 The Mutant Raider can heal wounds that would kill
a normal man and regrow body parts even if they
5 Regeneration have been severed. As long as he is above 1 HEALTH,
he automatically heals 1d6 HEALTH per hour.
The Mutant Raider is covered in a layer of spikes which
protrude through it from her bones. Her natural damage
6 Bone spikes becomes piercing, and anybody who attempts to attack
her unarmed takes 1d6 damage each time they strike.
Radiation Resistance. Mutant Raiders are immune to
CARRY 120lb (max lift 300lb)
radiation damage and radiation sickness.
// Medium sentient humanoid (4d6)
Knife 4d6 (2d6+3 piercing damage)
Inhabitants of cardboard cities and
Antique automatic rifle 4d6 (2d6 ballistic derelict buildings.
damage; range 8; auto)
SKILLS STR 4 (2d6) AGI 6 (3d6) END 3 (2d6)
INT 6 (3d6) LOG 6 (3d6) WIL 6 (3d6)
carousing 1 (1d6), combat 1 (1d6), disguise 1 (1d6),
driving 2 (1d6), hardy 6 (3d6), intimidation 1 (1d6), CHA 6 (3d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 6 (3d6)
perception 1 (1d6), stealth 3 (2d6), survival 3 MELEE RANGED MENTAL VITAL
(2d6), tactics 1 (1d6) DEFENCE 10 DEFENCE 15 DEFENCE 20 DEFENCE 10
SOAK 3 VULN none IMMUNE none
knife, antique automatic rifle, thick robes
Ambush! Mutant Raiders are skilled at ambushing oth-
ers in the Cursed Earth. In the ambush turn, they can take SPEED 5 CLIMB 3 JUMP 12’/3’
two full actions rather than just one.

CARRY 60lb (max lift 150lb)
Knife 4d6 (2d6+2 piercing damage)
appraisal 3 (2d6), climbing 3 (2d6), dodging 1
(1d6), knives 3 (2d6), local knowledge 6 (3d6),
perception 3 (2d6), reactions 3 (2d6), running 3 ®
(2d6), stealth 6 (3d6), thievery 6 (3d6)
knife, rat on a stick

Snatch. With an attack, a Vagrant can snatch any small

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