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Arts, Media, and Entertainment Careers:

Read the Help Wanted ads below and match each description to a job title.

Needed ta
lented pe
team to h rson for
elp create
to meet s g raphics
pecific co
tors Looking for and prom mmercial
ed opera new talent otional ne Job Title:
e xperienc to new prod eds for a
Se e k in g
, or moti
on create specia Need instructor to teach uct line
n, video l effects, an in cluding
for te le v is io
es and mation, and i- high school students the ba- designs fo
rd imag other visual r packagin A. Web Designer
to re co
nd images usin sic principles of music, and plays, and g , dis-
dcasts a g film, video logos. Ca
s fo r T V broa and compu , prepare band and orchestra must have ndidate B. Camera Operator
scen e resting ters for n an Associa
res. Inte ew gree to qu te De-
p ic tu x computer gam students for performances.
alify. Ema C. Sound Technician
ified. Fa es and musi il résumé.
if y o u are Cert video project c Must hold a Bachelor De-
work ce. s. Must hav D. Photographer
experien an Associate e gree and have a teaching
4. _______
your work Degree. Sen __
your résumé. d credential. Apply on-line. E. High School Music Teacher
1. ______ 3. _________ F. Graphic Designer
2. _________
G. Digital Animator

H. Editor
If you are
skilled at u
digital cam sing
eras, along
w ith
Large multimedia co
a variety o
f lighting e
s som eo ne to
pany need
ment such
as tripods, fi
, an d ma in- Experienced person to per- We want you if you can oper- lters,
design, bu ild and flash
- ate machines and equipment attachmen
tain web sites, using au
form variety of duties, such take profe ts to
scr ipt ing lan - to record, synchronize, mix, ssional pic
thoring or as laying out, indexing, and
and reproduce music, voices, in studio or tu re s
nte nt cre ati on on location
guages, co revising content of written
or sound effects in sporting you hold an , an d
tools, management too materials, in preparation for
arenas, theater productions,
Associate D
e -
l me dia . Mu st gree or equ
and digita final publication. Need Bach- recording studios, or movie
ivalent, call
us. Next S tep
ate an d
have a Ce
ar ex pe ri- elor Degree to qualify. Email and video productions. Must 8. ________ s…
at least on hold an Associate Degree or
_ If this sec
ence. Send an email wi
your résumé. tor intere
sts you…
é. equivalent. Apply on-line.
your résum q Identi
fy severa
l job title
6. _________ q Talk w s to explo
7. _________ ith some
5. _________ one with
a jo b
q Follow that intere
a Profess sts you.
ional Ass
q Visit y o ciation on
our camp Twitter.
us career
Answers: 1. B 2. G 3. E 4. F 5. A 6. H 7. C 8. D