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A. Fill in the blanks with the answer provided!

Text 1
Fayyadh : Hi, Zahra. a. How are you today? d. Sorry
Zahra : 1) ..., Fayyadh b. See you later e. Hello
Zahra : 2) ... ? c. You’re welcome f. Good morning
Fayyadh : I’m fine, thanks. How about you?
Zahra : I’m fine too, thank you. By the way, I have to say 3) ... because I forget to bring your english
Fayyadh : It’s okay. You can bring it tomorrow.
Zahra : Thank you very much, Fayyadh.
Fayyadh : 4) ...
Zahra : I think I have to go now. See you tomorrow.
Fayyadh : 5) ...

Text 2 a. Farmer d. Student

Hi, my name is Ahmad Suqron. b. She e. He
I am a (1) ... of MTs Walisongo Tulis. c. Swimming f. Fried chicken
I live in Siberuk Tulis.
I live with my parents.
My father is Mr. Abdullah. He is a (2) .... He works in a ricefield to plant paddy.
My mother is Mrs. Aminah. (3) ... is a housewife.
(4) ... is my hobby. I like doing it in Bandar pool.
While my favorite food is (5) ...
Nice to meet you.
B. Read the text/dialogue below
Text 1 (answer the questions)
Let me introduce myself. My name is Shidqi. I am a student in MTs Walisongo Tulis. I live with my family at 17 Jalan
Canang, Wonosegoro Bandar. There are four people in my family. My father, my mother, my sister and
Myself. Mr. Mustofa is my father. He is an English teacher. Mrs. Trumiasih is my mother. She is a housewife. I
have one beautiful sister named Ayu Najma Khoirun Nisa. She studies at SD Wonosegoro 01.
1. What is the writer’s name?
2. How do you spell S-h-i-d-q-i ?
3. Who is Shidqi’s mother?
4. What is Shidqi’s Father?
5. Where does his sister study?
Text 2(State True (T) or False (F)
Fahri : Good morning, Ma’am.
Mrs. Fatimah : Good morning, Fahri.
Fahri : I’m so sorry I’m late.
Mrs. Fatimah : Why are you late?
Fahri : I overslept, Ma’am.
Mrs. Fatimah : Okay, just don’t be late again next time.
Fahri : Thank you so much, Ma’am.
Mrs. Fatimah : You’re welcome.
1. Fahri is a student. (T/F)
2. Mrs. Fatimah is Fahri’s mother (T/F)
3. They are in the classroom now. (T/F)
4. Fahri always comes to school on time. (T/F)
5. Mrs. Fatimah is a good teacher (T/F)