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Exdion Solutions Launches Cutting Edge Insurtech Solution Exclusively for

Small Agencies

Exdion Solutions announced launching of ExdionPOD LITE making it easy for small Insurance
brokers to smartly manage policy checking.

Plano, TX, September 23, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Exdion Solutions, Inc., the leading Insurtech company that
helps Insurance Brokers and Agencies build a robust business using smart AI, Machine learning, cloud
and other technologies, today announced ExdionPOD LITE, a cognitive-science based SaaS product.
Through ExdionPOD lite, the small agent will benefit from a fast, simple and efficient way to manage
their policy checking.

“We realized small Insurance brokers have a dire need for a product like ExdionPOD LITE with the right
features at affordable cost,” said L S Ram, CEO of Exdion Solutions. “Today, there are over 26,000
insurance agencies in the U.S and many small agencies would not check the policies due to investment or
resource constraints. Even many larger agencies, who use ExdionPOD now, did not invest in checking
their smaller business policies. Unfortunately, the E&O risk is heavy and agencies realize this only after it
hits them. We are making it easier for smaller agencies to implement affordable & smart solution to
manage policy checking through a flexible SaaS offering.”

“Small agencies are an integral part of the insurance distribution business, and we are making it easy for
them to leverage technology to grow their business and sustain client relationships. ExdionPOD LITE for
small agents or small business policies leverage the same underlying technology components of our
cutting-edge, AI solution ExdionPOD. Smart solutions like ExdionPOD LITE will make them stay
competitive and relevant in future too,” said Dan Narayan, Vice President, Business Development,
Exdion Solutions.

In addition to helping small insurance agencies with robust policy checking process, ExdionPOD LITE is:

· Fast, accurate, and scalable

· Mitigates E&O up to 100
· Customizable and E&O focused checkpoints delivered as a simple checklist
· Continuously evolves with business, longer term returns
· Manage documents across formats
· Real time dashboard providing policy level details
· Easy adoption, no disruption needed
· System agnostic, easy integration with AMS

For more information on ExdionPOD lite for small agencies and to start using the product, please get in
touch with support@exdionpod.com.

About Exdion Solutions

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Exdion Solutions is a consulting and technology led transformation solution company that is helping
Insurance agencies and brokers prepare for digital operations and 24/7 customer engagement. Exdion
delivers transformational excellence through strategic levers that include consulting, technology, robotic
process automation, artificial intelligence and data science products. Exdion Solutions not only helps
Insurance agencies navigate through current business contours but help builds them as “agencies of
future” using sustainable & affordable solutions.

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Exdion Solutions Inc.
Dan Narayan
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