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Modern Buds Forms Strategic Alliance with Cannavis

Long Beach Dispensary Modern Buds Expands Strategic Partnership with Cannavis.

Long Beach, CA, September 23, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Modern Buds, a leading cannabis dispensary in Long
Beach, California, announced today that it has agreed to carry the full line of Cannavis THC Syrups.
Produced locally in Long Beach, California, Cannavis is becoming well known for manufacturing
products which are sugar free, gluten free, and have a high bioavailability, making them healthier
alternatives to many other cannabis products.

Cannavis boasts a unique product line of THC & CBD infused syrups in a wide variety of flavor and
cannabinoid options. Typically mixed into a beverage, Cannavis syrup provides a one-of-a-kind user
experience in which consumers can create their own infused THC or CBD cocktails. Unlike many other
marijuana infused products, Cannavis syrup is sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and made using
non-GMO ingredients. In a landscape often dominated by sugary edibles and drinks with high-fructose
corn-syrup, Cannavis stands out as a health conscious alternative for individuals with special conditions
or dietary restrictions.

In keeping with Modern Buds' motto of “Education - Medication - Recreation,” Cannavis brand
ambassadors will be on site at Modern Buds bi-monthly to provide first hand education on creative ways
to enjoy Cannavis, including craft cocktail demonstrations, unmedicated samples, and unique recipes to
take home. The first brand ambassador event will take place this week on Wednesday, September 25 from
6 PM to 8 PM. Reservations to this no-cost event can be made by calling Modern Buds at 562-588-9019.

About Modern Buds

Modern Buds is a Long Beach 21+ CBD/Cannabis Recreational Dispensary specializing in Education -
Medication - Recreation. Located at 3730 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803. The Long Beach
location serves Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County, including the communities of Belmont
Heights, Belmont Shore, North Long Beach, Downtown Long Beach, Zaferia in East Long Beach, Circle
Area Long Beach, Bixby Knolls, Lakewood, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, and all of freeway close Southern
California. Modern Buds' friendly team is eager to provide cannabis education to create a comforting and
fulfilling cannabis buying experience. For more information please visit www.modernbuds.com.

About Cannavis(TM)
Cannavis (www.cannavis.com) is based in Long Beach, California and specializes in award winning
infused THC & CBD syrup tinctures. An industry leader in quality and consistency and manufactures
products which do not require refrigeration and are vegan friendly, sugar free, water soluble, and easy to
dose. Classified as a tincture, Cannavis syrup absorbs sublingually when consumed, providing users with
fast acting effects making it popular among the skateboarding community, a culture that embraces high
impact athleticism. In early 2019, the company announced their official team of professional
skateboarders consisting of some of the industry's brightest stars: Jon Dickson, Jamie Tancowny, and
Bobbie Long. Skateboarding and cannabis have gone hand-in-hand for decades in Southern California,
and Cannavis syrup is happy to continue the tradition.

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Media Contacts
Jonny Sabella, General Manager Modern Buds, 562-588-9019
Rick Martinelli, Operations Director, Cannavis, 760-936-1831

Source: Modern Buds

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Contact Information:
Modern Buds
Jonny Sabella, General Manager
Contact via Email
Rick Martinelli, Operations Director, Cannavis, 760-936-1831

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