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comm u n ic atio ns 01


cours e a b str act
As the rst of three communicaons courses, Com-
municaons 01 explores the act of drawing as a way
of seeing, thinking and understanding the medium
of landscape. This approach posions the ideas of
landscape as being transformed through the way
we capture informaon and record it. As designers,
drawn representaon is our primary medium of com-
municaon. Therefore when you draw you are seng
the agenda and selecng traits for the landscape to
be ‘made visible’ and excluding superuous informa-
on. This imbues the act of drawing with a parcular
agency and posions it as a mode through which to
invesgate and explore landscape processes of for-
maon and transformaon. Karin Syren

Within this, Communicaons 01 has been structured

around ideas of scale, layers and the line to intro-
duce the core representaonal convenons of the
landscape architectural discipline and to develop a
suite of drawing skills, methods of making and obser-
vaonal techniques. This course is intended to help
students to culvate a range of drawing modes and
pracces, as well as introduce them to a range of key
precedents and praconers.

Communicaons 01 focuses on the act of drawing as

a part of a broader design pracce, imbued with par-
cular ways of seeing, engaging with and understand-
ing the landscape. Therefore the act of selecng what
we draw (curaon) and how we draw it (abstracon)
sets the agenda for the informaon and ideas being
disseminated through each drawing.

John Williams
Kate Chalmers
course leader: Kate Church

tutors: Tarryn Boden

Kate Church
Ardi Makkipantowgunawan
Caitlin Perry
Saskia Schut
selected w or k:
01 f orma tion
This rst assignment asks students to collect a small landscape element and construct a set of orthographic
drawings which invesgates its formaon at mulple scales. The aim of this assignment is that students use
independent research and drawing as a mode through which to carefully observe, understand and document
the element’s geometry and materiality. The submission is a drawing set which combines of analogue and digital

Michael Ryan

Natasa Karac Kate Chalmers

selected w or k:
02 tr ans fo rma tion
This assignment required students to shi scale and apply their drawing skills to document a site in Melbourne’s
CBD. It then asks them to apply their understanding of the process of the landscape element’s formaon to de-
sign an urban topography. Their design was required to apply the logic of their element’s formaon to transform
the site. This required students to consider how their design may be occupied, ulized or inhabited by people…
what does it do? Who is it for? This assignment was formaed as a poster which combined a range of drawings
and informaon to communicate their project and process.

Carl Hong Luke Jenkinson

Kate Chalmers
selected w or k:
03 combinat ion

Kanin Syren

This assignment required students to construct a narrave sequence of the key drawings and work undertaken
throughout the semester using the mode of a book. Ulising the cartographic approach this involved engaging
with processes of selecon, projecon and classicaon to construct an ‘atlas’ of your project. The act of curat-
ing and laying out your work required students to reorder and reconsider scale, visual hierarchy and content/
informaon. The assignment required students to reect, combine and demonstrate their understanding of the
role of drawing and the core drawing convenons in order to communicate their project through mulple scales
and modes. This atlas also incorporated a series of tasks undertaken in their chosen specialisaon module: col-
lage, model or animaon.
Bre Frost Michael Ryan
Carl Hong James Frew
Dohyung Kwon Karin Syren Michael Ryan