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, ST
PAM BARU RAYA NO.20. Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat

Email : Rieja.purnama@yahoo.co.id

Phone : 081808040212

Age : 26


1. Coordinator BEF-FTI (2012-2013)

I join BEM-FTI on gunadarma university from 2010 and I started working as team support to
help music event on BEM-FTI. From this event I start to learn how peoples working and I
really like it because this is like a real job. I start to learn about organization and how to make
sure an event become success with team work. After I understand about it I started to work as
coordinator on BEM-FTI. I love this position because since I started collage I want to be
responsible person so everybody can count on me to make things work. My job is not really
easy, it required patient, emotional control, good analytical, and fast thinking to solving a lot
of trouble. Even this is not a real company but I learn how to work under pressure and how to
make everything balance. This job makes me learn to planning everything before I start to

2. Purchasing staff (January 2015 – January 2016)

I start join as purchasing staff at PT. novell pharmaceutical laboratories on January 2015. My
specific job is to order packaging for pharmacy product. My responsibility is to open order
request from PPIC and negotiation with supplier and get best price for it. I also have to make
sure every Items that I ordered arrive on schedule. I also responsible to make sure items I
ordered can pass my internal quality control, if my QC reject it I have report to supplier to take
reject item and report to PPIC that item has rejected by QC and make sure to supplier delivery
it again on time, after that I have to get the information cause of reject just in case my QA want
me to explain so I can make deviation and the item that already rejected will be released with
a permit from QA department. I also responsible to search packaging supplier for new
launching product. I learn a lot from this job such as, flow of administration on my company,
I know how supplier works, I know how to get best price and make sure there is no increment
price, and I learn lot of thing about to increase quality of packaging. I also learn how QA, QC,
PPIC, packdev, and production division works.
My achievement:

a. reduce cost on packaging material up to 40%

b. reduce percentage of reject items
c. create procedure to request a new packaging that will easy to follow up.
d. reduce minimum order quantity for efficiency both warehouse and production.
e. increase on time delivery on packaging material.

3. Purchasing staff PT. Mahakam Betafarma (January 2016 – October 2017)

A. Scope of work
Handle purchase of engineering department. Such as mechanical part and electronic
B. Responsibility
a) Maintain purchase request from engineering.
b) Sourcing supplier for every items they need
c) Make comparison from 3 different supplier
d) Create bidding report
e) Negotiate price, term of payment and delivery time with supplier
f) Follow up payment for supplier
C. Achievement
a) Fix problem on procedure of request from user
b) Create evaluation price for repeat order vendor every 3 month.
c) Fix problem on un match delivery item
d) Help engineering to get other option for selecting suitable item for they needs.
D. Path of report
staff > supervisor >Manager

4. Procurement and Sourcing staff PT. Megasari Makmur (October 2017-present)

A. Scope of work
Handle purchase of plastic base packaging material
B. Responsibility
a) Open Purchase request from PPIC and generate to PO
b) Follow up on delivery as per schedule on PO
c) Make time line for upgrade version of material
d) Maintain price from more than 40 suppliers
e) Make report and Analyze delivery problem
f) Make report and analyze about increasing price from vendor
g) Make plan for reducing cost of packaging material
h) Make calculation cost breakdown for packaging material
i) Make plan for switching vendor
C. Achievement
a) Reduce cost for packaging material up to 20%
b) Successfully remove un credible vendor and move their items to new vendor
c) Increase on time delivery rate
d) Complete target vendor to participate on supplier financing program
e) Create alternative option for reducing packaging cost
f) Successfully maintain same price even on global economic crisis

D. Path of report
Staff > manager > head of departement


Bachelor in industrial engineering

Gunadarma University October 2010- October 2014

Obtained Bachelor degree with GPA 3.26


Certified Introducing to ISO 14001

Certified product design using CATIA (basic level)


I am good on negotiation, analyzing, planning, and marketing

Responsibility is always my priority and I am very discipline on time

management. I understand how to work as a team or individual. I have good
leadership skill. I am highly motivated person, so it makes me do every job
without hesitate or easily discourage. I am willingly to find better way to make
my job easier to do. I can analyze system and give an advice to make it better.

I can operate computer very well and operating few program such as ms. Office,

I can manage to build good relationship with other people.


Im really interest on problem solving, sharing about anything with others, puzzle
game, anything which I can make contribution to make something even better. I
really like to get new experience in order to understand better about whole system
in managing bussiness.