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Method Statement

Unit 3 GSUT Spare Bundwall and Platform Installation

A. Project Description

Floor Exsisting concrete slab. Top floor Elv. +0.000

Bundwall Concrete precast 1071 x 1200 mm thickness 100 mm – K250

Platform Frame UNP, Type of grating : Plan, Bolt Connection,

Platform Elv. + 1.000 for top floor
Type of the structure Light steel structure : UNP
for platform

Surface preparation & Surface preparation : Power Tools

painting Primer paint : "Jotun" product, Jotamastic 80, Grey
Top coat : “Jotun” product, Hardtop XP, RAL 5002

Provide drain pit from concrete with dimension 1300 x 1300 m,

depth 1300 mm from.

Drain system for Bundwall to drain pit connection by HDPE 150A. Drain pit to oily
bundwall drainage conection by HDPe 50 A, tie-in to exsisting steel pipe

Power source for sum pump by pulling cable from maintenance

building through exsisting cable tray
Exsisting Floor Leveling By premix mortar, adjust the slope of the exsisting floor so that
the rain water will leads to the drain pit

B. Civil construction (Bundwall and Colecting pit /drain pit for drainage system)
1. Install solid barricade throughout the area to be excavated.
2. Remove gravel and accummulated throughout the edge of excavation line (1 meter
from excavationh edge) The width of excavation at the top will be 50 cm and at the
bottom will be 30 cm. The depth of excavation will be 30 cm.
3. Before remove soil below gravel, set up tarpaulins along the edge of the excavation
so that the soil will not mix with gravel.
4. Because the width and the depth same then it shall not be necessary for install
shoring. But if it will be seen there is a possibility the side of digging area collapse,
we wil lnstall multiplex thickness 10 mm as high as and as long as excavation area.
5. Compaction exsisting soil and install plastic sheet.
6. Lean concrete will be K-150 (12.2 MPa) thick 50 mm, after curing check actual lean
concrete elevation.
7. After curing, preparation for install precast bundwall.
8. Put the bundwall near the excavation area. Bundwall installation using a chain block
9. Insatall precast bundwall by chain block, stand on lean concrete and then backfill
10. Compact backfill soil after precast bundwall installed
11. Continue after all precast bundwall installed and compact

Collecting Pit / Drain Pit

1. Preparation (land clearing)
- Install solid barriced around working area
- Starts from remove gravel or anything that may hinder the future development
2. Survey and measurment
3. Excavation to install oil drain pit (excavation dimension 1,5 x 1,5 m with depth -1,8 m
from top slab. Prepare shoring from multiplex and cross braces/strut to hold the
landslide around the excavation area

1,5 m 1,8 m

1,5 m 1,5 m

4. Lean concrete will be K-150 (12.2 MPa) thick 20 mm, after curing check actual lean
concrete elevation.
5. Install rebar and water stop before pouring concrete for floor.
6. Check rebar bending, cleanliness and dimension floor.
7. Pouring concrete K-300 (31.2 MPa) for floor and then curing
8. Install rebar and formwork for pouring concrete wall
9. Pouring concrete K-300 (31.2 MPa) for floor and then curing
C. Steel Platform
It is planned mechanical handling by chain block and fork lift to lifting steel member.
Table of the construction equipments

No. Name Qty Function

1 Full body harness 6 set Safety gear

2 Key (ring pas M12 & M14, rachet) 4 Ea Tightening
3 Chain block 2 Ea 2 Ton
4 Lifting Gear (as picture below) 1 Unit For lifting
5 Temporary support structure

1. Assembly lifting gear for install steel member

2. Engineering check for lifting gear and make sure it safe
3. Position the platform to be installed below lifting gear
4. Hoist the platform to the planned height (± 1 meters from top floor) ands the install
temporary support
5. Mark the location for install chemnical anchor bolt and then slide the platform so
that there is enough area to drill
6. Reposition the platform and then install anchor bolt
7. Dismantle lifting gear

D. Safety protection measures in construction.

1. Obey corresponding safe rules and operation regulations when process special
operation. If necessary, establish the safe measures that meet the special operation.
2. Obey all using conditions of tools, machines and devices; do not use them against
the rules
3. Protective devices should be equipped while using the positioning part, to avoid
spurred injury or fall from height injury.
4. Before the installation of the steel frame, specify the safety technical to all
construction crew, it is required that the crew should know about the installation
sequence of the frame, and engineering technology requirements and the
importance of quality and safety.
5. After the steel frame structure reaches working area, they should be stacked in
order, to achieve civilization construction.
6. According to the related rules of lifting, inclined pulling is strictly forbidden; each
engineering technician should well know the skill and method of determining the
center of gravity of goods, and use the lifting points reasonably for avoiding
damaging the devices.
7. While hoisting, any materials or something heavy should not pass above person.
Unrelated person standing or passing cross the working area are not allowed. If the
lifted materials are not supported reliably, engineering persons are not allowed to
work below the materials