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September 25, 2019

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Students feel targeted by multi-level marketing company News Briefs

Some have reported cyber-bullying and losing $30K as a result of being recruited by “Kuvera Global”
By the News Team
Climate Change Strike
Students are concerned about the Students participating in the
presence of multi-level marketing Global Climate Strike on Sept.
company (MLM) Kuvera Global on 27 at Queen’s Park will need to
campuses, including Ryerson. The coordinate their absence with
company has allegedly targeted stu- their instructors, or they could
dents for recruitment who are not be penalized.
educated on investments and trading. Ryerson’s provost and vice-
According to the r/ryerson sub- president, academic Michael Ben-
reddit, students at Ryerson, York naroch said the university supports
University and the University of the Climate Day of Action events
Toronto are allegedly being recruit- taking place, but that the university
ed to join in exchange for courses on will remain open on the day of the
financial trading and investing. strike. “Classes, labs, assignments,
Kuvera has promoted their servic- and tests [will be] moving forward
es through social media advertising Kuvera Global is a self-described “multi-level marketing” company based in Salt Lake City, Utah as planned,” he said in a statement
and recruitment seminars—meant on Ryerson’s website.
for students to learn about and get mechanical engineering student at
how much money I have made, the the U.S. CFTC in February 2018, “We are encouraging people to
involved with the company—at the York University, said that he has
experience I have gained, and how according to a U.S. CFTC release. participate, but we cannot tell them
Ted Rogers School of Management been personally attacked by the
much it changed my life.’ If I didn’t “We have seen an increase in the ‘just miss your class,’” said Ryerson
(TRSM). One of Kuvera’s distribu- higher-ranked distributors within
do any of that I would get no help number of unregistered entities president Mohamed Lachemi.
tors, Amir Mahammad, said the Kuvera, saying that they “went out
from the [recruiter].” and individuals illegally pedaling Anti-Black Racism Climate
company is not affiliated with Ryer- of their way to find my old pho-
Garner said that the student’s ex- apps, websites, and social media... Review (ABRCR) report
son, however, they did hold a recruit- tos and adding rude commentary...
perience of losing money was “not for trading in Forex,” said James As The Eyeopener previously re-
ment meeting at TRSM on Sept. 12. They berated me for my physical
common” and said that participat- McDonald, U.S. CFTC’s Director ported, Ryerson first began hold-
To join the Kuvera team, students image; called me fat..[and] made de-
ing in this type of market “involves of Division of Enforcement, in the ing consultations for the first ABR-
are required to pay a starting fee of rogatory remarks.” risk of losing money.” According to release. “Many of these entities and CR in March. In an interview on
US$249 with an additional US$219 him, distributors in the company individuals specifically target mil- Sept. 23, Lachemi said that the uni-
every month to maintain their pro- are seeing “very positive results” and lennials, who may be less experi- versity administration is awaiting a
gram subscription to Kuvera. “People who are seriously “constantly remind customers of the enced investors.” report based on the consultations.
In an emailed statement, Chad involved tend to behave like risks of the markets.” According to Mahammad, when a First proposed by the Black Lib-
Garner, president of Kuvera, said cult members” He also added that it seemed that distributor recruits multiple people to eration Collective in their 2016
subscribers pay to have access to a the student had a “very poor experi- join Kuvera, their ranking increases demands to the university, these
“library of financial training and ed- ence with the company” and that it within the company. Once they reach consultations were led by the Of-
ucation covering a variety of topics.”
Garner said that Mansuri’s expe- was not something they take “lightly.” a certain ranking, they begin getting fice of the Vice-President Equity
Students have reported to Therience was “extremely disturbing in- paid a monthly salary, starting at and Community Inclusion.
formation and will not be tolerated.” MLMs vs. pyramid schemes
Eyeopener they lost tens of thou- US$500. Garner said a distributor can According to Lachemi, Black
sands of dollars while they were “There are absolutely policies and Formerly known as Wealth Gen- “make as little as US$250 per month faculty, staff and students were
involved with Kuvera, and that procedures in place to avoid and pun- erators, Kuvera is an American and go up from there.” interviewed by consultant Rinaldo
they were demeaned by those in- ish this type of behaviour,” he said. MLM, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Walcott—an international expert
volved with the company. Mansuri said that the Kuvera dis- The company was bought by ‘Too good to be true’: student on Black cultural studies—either
Garner said that the company tributors are not as professional as Investview, Inc. and changed its Professor Ron Babin of TRSM in focus groups or as individuals.
“does not target students” and doesn’t
they seem. “The people who are se- name from Wealth Generators to expressed his concern regarding stu- Walcott is working on a report for
“use college campuses to recruit.”
riously involved in this tend to be- Kuvera in February 2018, accord- dents buying into an MLM investing Ryerson, who will review it “and
“Our products are offered to peo-
have like cult members,” he said. ing to the United States Commodity in cryptocurrency, saying that it “is see what is next,” said Lachemi.
ple all over the world with no spe-Mansuri started a petition to raise Futures Trading Commission (U.S. very dangerous and I would encour- Get out. Hide. Fight.
cific targeted group of individuals.”
awareness to stop MLMs like Kuvera CFTC)—which aims to protect con- age any Ryerson student to be ex- Starting in October, Ryerson
Mahammad said Kuvera is a from using university and college sumers and the public from fraud, tremely cautious.” will be offering training sessions
“tech-educational company” that campuses as platforms for promotion manipulation and abusive practises. Second-year business management “aimed at teaching [students, fac-
provides training on the Foreignand recruitment. The petition al- student Marcus (u/juiceboxhole), ulty and staff] what to do in case
“I personally lost $30k
Exchange Market (Forex) in Can- ready has more than 100 signatures. who started the Kuvera subreddit, they face an active attacker” on
ada and cryptocurrencies through Since students are often unable to said that the company is “here to sell campus, according to the univer-
keep up with the monthly cost, the when I was a part of Kuvera
video tutorials, live training feeds a product not help [people succeed] in sity’s website.
and different modules.
When asked about how Kuvera
company offers to waive the fee if
the individual recruits a minimum of
Global” the market.”
“If it sounds too good to be true, it
Lachemi says “Get Out. Hide.
Fight.” is a campaign which comes
works, Mahammad said that they three additional members, said Ma- probably is,” said Marcus. with a package of training re-
teach people how to finance and in-
hammad. The student then becomes According to the Association of In the subreddit, he says that Ku- sources, materials and workshops.
vest their money. He said that profes-
a distributor for the company. Certified Fraud Examiners, Greater vera is an MLM which “preys on the “You know that the situation can
sional investors and traders hired by
“We modify our subscription of- Toronto Area (ACFE-GTA) Chap- innocent and uneducated.” happen anywhere, [and] we think
the company “analyze the charts for
fering regularly,” Garner said. “Gen- ter, MLMs or network marketing is “No one should ever risk more the probability of this happening
us, and they do the more complexerally the monthly subscription is a business strategy that encourages its than they can comfortably lose in on our campus is very low—but
stuff and we do the simple stuff...we
$100-200 per month. There’s no “promoters” to recruit people to join any market. We teach that reli- that doesn’t mean we have to ig-
just check their work, see if it’s good,
specific pricing for students.” their sales team. In return, the “pro- giously,” Garner said. “The crypto- nore the possibility,” said Lachemi.
then we just copy and paste numbersOther students also had negative moters” are paid for the products they currency market is risky and partici- Ryerson’s Community Safety
onto a different application.” experiences while working with the sell themselves, as well as the sales pants should only risk what they are and Security’s “Active Attacker”
When Mahammad was asked company. One student, who asked made by their recruited teammates. comfortable losing.” webpage has a nine-minute train-
about students’ comments about to remain anonymous, says he was The ACFE-GTA Chapter said that Jerome Strader, manager of ca- ing video which features a fictional
Kuvera being a “pyramid scheme,”a former trader with Kuvera and he pyramid or fraudulent schemes can reers and operations at TRSM’s scenario of a shooter on-campus.
Mahammad said that’s “illegal” and
lost more money than he earned. be disguised as MLM companies— Business Career Hub, said the pro- “A weapon is assembled. An
said Kuvera is “a multi-level mar- “I’ve personally lost around $30k the difference being that no real gram works to ensure that students instructor teaches a class, the un-
keting” company. when I was a part of [Kuvera],” product is sold in a pyramid scheme connect with legitimate employers thinkable happens. A man wear-
said the student in a direct message and participants strive to make mon- and that “the Business Career Hub ing dark clothing stalks an empty
Risky business on Instagram. “All I learned was to ey just by recruiting people. has not worked with Kuvera and we corridor, aiming an assault rifle,”
Roaheen Mansuri, a third-year market ‘how great the company is, Investview was fined $150,000 by have no plans to engage with them.” says the narrator of the video.

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By Kosalan Kathiramalanathan This stonewall technique can to at least learn something from Emma “Multi” Sandri Prapti “Kitchen Nightmares”
snowball into those same individuals those experiences. Madi “Level” Wong Bamaniya
Not everyone is going to like what dismissing stories as biased against That being said, we have prac- Valerie “Editing” Dittrich Simon “Climate (game)change(r)”
you put out into the world—that’s just them and, in some cases, as spread- tices in place that ensure we are do- Topa
a rule of life, and also, of journalism. ing misinformation. ing our work responsibly. We are Photo Jonathan “Streeter Sleuth” Bradley
The industry has always served to But there are ways you can hold not here to take things at face value, Khaled “But The Saturation” Kashish “I Am Confusion” Hura
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people and institutions accountable. sults. It involves open conversation when people have a complaint. Elana “ALANNA’S Coming” Emer Jimmy ‘Unintentional Artsy Eleva-
That’s why it’s important to en- about whatever problem has come In today’s climate, media is es- Pernia “Brown Squirrel” Jamshed tor Shots’ Kwan
gage with journalists. Too often, up. Sometimes, it’s not as simple as pecially crucial to keeping those Jaime Lynn “Who the Hell is Eggy?”
institutions and individuals tend to a misquote or a factual error­—nu- in power in check. Holding us ac- Online Maria Strand
stonewall conversations when they anced conversations often take place countable is a part of that trade. But Funké “Farfresh’ed” Joseph Asher “The Real MVP” X
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Ryerson Medical Centre raises no-show fees up to $150

By Denise Paglinawan PHOTO: ELENA EMER
elimination of grants and the ris-
ing cost of living.
Students now face a higher fee for “Students who are unable to make
missing an appointment at the Ry- their appointments due to unreli-
erson Medical Centre. New rates for able transit, bad mental health days
services are not covered by health or any other...circumstances will
insurance, including certain lab tests now have to deal with an additional
and vaccinations, which have taken cost that many will not be able to af-
effect this semester. ford,” he said.
Fees for missed psychiatric ap- Similar to Asmar, Sam Abuhard, a
pointments at the medical centre fourth-year mechanical engineering
have increased from $65 to $100 student, also thinks that the fees are
for follow-ups and $130 to $150 for “a little bit too much” and students
initial assessments. should be charged less.
Meanwhile, fees for missed “men- “If they charge for a smaller
tal health visits” with a family phy- amount of money, that would be
sician remain $65 for intermediate more acceptable,” Abuhard said af-
visits, such as obtaining prescription ter leaving the medical centre.
refills, and $130 for initial mental While the fee may help with the
health assessments. health service’s trims to their budget,
In an emailed statement to The basis and were last updated three to to help ensure that patients show “48 hours is quite a long time,” Judith Friedland, a retired Univer-
Eyeopener, Allan Macdonald, direc- four years ago,” said Macdonald. up for scheduled appointments. Andrews said after her initial ap- sity of Toronto professor and cur-
tor of Student Health and Wellness, He added that the increase was not According to the medical centre’s pointment at the medical centre. “I rent chair of Public Health Ontario’s
said that the fees were increased to caused by the cuts in public health or website, patients’ failure to give suf- don’t know how much money [the ethics review board, said it seems
align with the Ontario Medical As- education funding made by the On- ficient notice of cancellation “take medical centre is] losing. If they’re “short-sighted” to raise the fees
sociation’s (OMA) suggested rates tario provincial government. away the opportunity for other pa- losing $100, then I would say…it’s when “so many students [are] strug-
and other clinics. tients to access services.” In addi- pretty reasonable.” gling with mental health concerns.”
The OMA, however, told The Eye “Just another way to siphon tion, no-shows “result in a loss of Macdonald said his department “Instead of encouraging someone
that they have no specific recom- income to the clinic and physicians.” does “try to be mindful of emergen- who has taken a first step to getting
mended rates for missed appoint-
money” If a patient is unable to go to cies and patient financial situations, help by making an appointment, it
ments. Rates are set by the clinic or an appointment, to avoid paying and have adjusted [the rates] as indi- is almost punishing them for do-
physician and there is no minimum “The rate reflects the appoint- a no-show fee, they must give at cated or appropriate.” ing so,” said Friedland. “It’s not that
or maximum amount they can charge. ment time reserved for a particu- least 24 hours notice for appoint- RyeACCESS coordinator Adam unusual that someone seeking help
Macdonald added that the in- lar client,” said Macdonald. “Ap- ments with family physicians and Asmar said the increase in no-show changes their mind [and] gets wor-
crease was also made to keep in line pointments that are 50 minutes are 48 hours notice for appointments fees is “just another way to siphon ried about reaching out.”
with other fee-for-service clinics. billed at $100. A small proportion with psychiatrists. money out of the cash strapped Friedland said both the universi-
“We compared the fees and settled of appointments would incur a First-year nursing student Liv pockets of hardworking students.” ty and the government, “will need
on an amount that seemed appro- $100 no-show fee.” Andrews said she thinks the in- Asmar notes that the fees are to be confronted with their mis-
priate given our circumstances.” He said the medical centre crease in fees is “pretty reasonable” another cost students have to deal takes in not providing more [men-
“Fees are reviewed on a regular charges both late and no-show fees for the allotted time given to cancel. in a year of OSAP funding cuts, tal health] resources.”

Rye hires new tenured Indigenous faculty members

By Mariam Nouser Sept. 10 via Ryerson Today that for both government and post- film program. at Ryerson. “It would have made
they have hired 79 new, tenured secondary institutions. From that, Despite that, Anderson-Gardner me more comfortable in my school
Eight new full-time tenured In- faculty members, including the the university implemented a plan says she is unsure of the current years,” she said.
digenous faculty members have eight Indigenous members. of action that includes “increasing percentage of Indigenous faculty at “It would have helped if there
been hired by the university for the “While there is still work to be the complement of Indigenous fac- Ryerson, but hopes that “...the per- was at least one Indigenous person
2019-20 school year. done, improving representation in ulty and staff members by devising centage is going up. I think it is a in my program. That would have
The hiring of these members will our classrooms and administration a recruitment and professional de- step towards the TRC and just like been awesome.”
“further [strengthen] the university’s is a crucial step towards the mean- velopment strategy. As well as “in- [having a step towards] keeping Clegg said that Ryerson is fur-
commitment to the Truth and Rec- ingful Indigenization of our curric- creasing resources for the infusion the promises towards that.” thering their commitment to hir-
onciliation [Comission of Canada ulum and campus,” said Benarroch of Indigenous content into courses ing more Indigenous faculty. In the
(TRC)],” said provost and vice-pres- in the statement. and programs.” 2019-20 school year, they plan to
ident, academic Michael Benarroch. As a part of the TRC’s report in President Mohamed Lachemi said “It would have helped if there hire three more Indigenous faculty
The university announced on 2015, there were 94 calls to action in an emailed statement that Ryer- was at least one Indigenous members whose terms will start in
son’s Indigenous community had a person in my program” the summer of 2020.
PHOTO: KHALED BADAWI say in the process via the formation According to Clegg, “[Ryerson]
of an Indigenous committee with the and the RFA have also formed a
Ryerson Faculty Association (RFA). joint committee on Indigenous fac-
“Recruitment was focused on According to Ryerson’s pub- ulty. This committee is tasked with
Indigenous scholars with lived ex- lic relations and communications developing a process to recruit and
periences as well as a strong com- specialist, Lauren Clegg, the new appoint Indigenous faculty mem-
mitment to Indigenous knowledge Indigenous faculty members will bers to tenure-track positions.
and methodologies,” said Lachemi. be in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty The committee is also examin-
“[The scholars] have extensive ex- of Communication and Design and ing ways to recognize, support and
perience in collaborating with In- Faculty of Community Services. encourage Indigenous knowledge
digenous students, organizations Clegg said that due to privacy in our Ryerson community.”
and committees.” reasons, the names of the eight fac- Anderson-Gardner says that, “we
“I definitely think it’s a good ulty members cannot be revealed at kind of have to take what we can get
thing that they’ve hired this amount the moment but will be released in right now. It is a step towards [In-
of faculty,” said Victoria Anderson- the near future. digenizing education]...I kind of try
Gardner, vice-president marketing Anderson-Gardner wished that to take things at face value because
of the Ryerson Students’ Union and there was an Indigenous faculty they could just not hire any Indig-
recent graduate from Ryerson’s member when she was a student enous faculty at all.”




Content warning: This story contains potentially triggering content regarding sexual violence and unplanned pregnancy.

I met Omar at a local mosque in Oakville. It was May

2016, and despite attending the same university and
similar programs, we had never spoken face-to-face. At
having others depend on her.
The now third-year medical physics student had to take
time off her education to save money for her degree. But
laws. Eventually, Lee gave birth to a healthy baby via C-
section. As a young mom, she wanted to do what was best
for her child, and she gave the baby up for adoption.
some point during our second meeting, I was certain she had to consider her husband, as he tried to establish his In 2013, the pregnancy rate of women ages 15 to 19 in
I wanted to tell my father that I met someone I could career. The first year of marriage can be tough for many Toronto was around two per cent, according to Statis-
envision a future with. But instead of being happy, I newly-wed couples, and adding education and a career can tics Canada. The number is close to the Ontario average,
was nervous. cause further complications. which is half a percent higher.
As I am my dad’s first child and only daughter, he can In addition, she described the cultural differences between A research article from Sociological Research Online ti-
be quite overprotective of me. Living in British Colum- her and her husband as a “cultural shock.” As being someone tled “Teenage Mothers, Stigma and Their ‘Presentations
bia, he is a classic Egyptian father—he urged me to study who was not raised in a household that placed the utmost of Self’” says teenage mothering is often associated by so-
engineering and checked in on me several times a day. value on a husband’s career, Sciacchitano was not prepared ciety to welfare dependency, promiscuity and irrespon-
Some might consider him to be overbearing. I chickened for that aspect of her husband’s Italian culture. “I manage it sibility. As a result, young mothers report experiences of
out of telling him about Omar and asked my mom to now by leaving the room or changing the topic if it gets to stigma and discrimination.
speak with him on my behalf. Although my parents are be too much for me,” said Sciacchitano. Now, Lee is in a common-law marriage during her
divorced, they had maintained a decent friendship. In addition to placing so much focus on her husband, first year at Ryerson as a nursing student. Lee, as a
My mom and I were sitting in a mosque parking lot she found herself constantly dodging the question: mother figure to her partner’s three children, says she’s
mid-afternoon on a sunny summer day. She texted my “When are you having kids?” She hears the question not only made it this far because of her partner’s unyielding
dad saying I wanted to introduce him to a boy I had only from her in-laws, but her husband too. support. She says that they haven’t had a major fight in
met. Then there was silence. their first four years of marriage. With her partner do-
He sent a short message back, followed by ing most of the domestic chores, Lee is able
a phone call, during which he started to yell.
He said our relationship was “unacceptable” “You won’t finish your studies if you to focus on school. She is now on track to
graduate in two years and become a regis-
and “un-Islamic.” He also said marriage was tered nurse.
out of the question and I shouldn’t be think-
ing about it since I was still in school. “You
get married” Rebecca Cobb, associate professor and as-
sociate chair for the undergraduate psychol-
won’t finish your studies if you get married,” ogy program at Simon Fraser University,
he told me. While she is confident that her marriage is not in dan- says support for married students is crucial.
It was unlike my dad to follow cultural stigma instead of ger, balancing school and marriage is a daunting task. A 2012 study, which discusses the role of “autonomy
our Islamic principles. Despite my numerous attempts to Sciacchitano says she is only “confident in her ability to support” from parents, friends and partners, concluded
change his mind for three months, he would not budge. balance marriage and school about 20 per cent of the that a student’s wellbeing is highest when their romantic
time, and those times are usually when we’re on some partner is perceived as highly supportive.
sort of school break.” Cobb echoes this. When parents aren’t supportive, the
The 2018 Ontario universities study also found that support of a partner is especially critical, she says.

F or many young people, there is shame attached to

getting married before finishing post-secondary ed-
ucation. Parents and elders often feel that marriage could
married mature students found conflict can arise from
having new roles or expectations, including those
around divisions of labour at home.
The 2018 Ontario universities study found positive
results for married students as well. They reported
higher self-esteem and increased bonding with their
discourage or distract the student from finishing their Ali advises students who are getting married in uni- partner. Their partners were also able to provide
studies, while others think their child is still too young. versity to sit down together and plan out how they’ll more emotional support.
Experts say parents can put pressure on their children to manage their finances, household duties and other re-
choose between their education and relationship when, sponsibilities. He says having a successful marriage while
in reality, they can pursue both. Marriage is not in the in university is “not impossible”—but it does require
cards for many young people, but those who choose to
pursue it face obstacles from family and society alike.
According to a 2018 study based in Nige-
some planning.
E ventually, my dad grew to be very fond of Omar, and
permitted him to ask for my hand in marriage after a
few months of my nagging.
ria from an international humanities jour-
nal, there is a direct correlation between a When parents aren’t supportive, By the fall of 2017, I was just over a year
into my engagement. Nine months later, on
married woman’s success in school and the June 23, 2018, we had our wedding.
support she receives at home. A 2018 study
from the University of Guelph and Mani-
the support of a partner is However, my dad was adamant about us
not getting married before I finished my
toba involving students from eight Ontario
universities looked at the consequences for especially critical undergraduate degree and because of this,
he did not attend our wedding.
married mature students in situations where While I was delighted to be marrying the
one person attended university. Couples in the study re-
ported a decreased desire for intimacy and said they had
less time to spend together.
efore beginning her academic career at Ryerson,
Emma Lee*, now 23, studied in England for 10
months. Two months into her nursing program in Eng-
love of my life, I was also heartbroken that my father
wouldn’t be there. In Islamic tradition, the father is be-
side his daughter to give her hand to the groom, and rep-
Another aspect is on the parents’ end. Sheikh Abdallaland, she was raped. resents her in the marriage.
Idris Ali, senior community and religious advisor at the Months later, Lee went to the doctor for what she As I greeted guests, the thought of, “What if someone
Islamic Society of North America in Canada, says many thought was irritable bowel syndrome. That’s when she notices my dad isn’t here?” was taking over my brain.
of those who seek his advice about marriage are reluc- discovered she was pregnant. As someone with irregular After dhuhr prayer, they announced that our katb
periods due to being underweight, the lack of a period
tant to let their kids get married while they are still in el-kitab, wedding ceremony in English, was going to
wasn’t out of the ordinary for her.
university. Ali says parent reluctance can stem from dif- start. I was pleased that people were overjoyed for us
ferent fears, such as their child becoming distracted from “I was absolutely shell-shocked [that I was pregnant],” nonetheless. The imam didn’t make it obvious that my
their education, having children before graduating or recalls Lee. “I was living alone in another continent, father wasn’t there.
their child’s inability to live on their own. away from my parents.” Lee did not have the heart to tell A few simple passages were said, followed by a beauti-
her parents about what had happened. “I felt alone, use- ful lecture. That’s when the wave of emotions hit me.
less and way too young to have this much responsibility.” Now, part of me still grieves about the fact that my fa-
Lee decided to leave school while keeping her situation ther was not at my wedding and didn’t support my mar-

L auren Sciacchitano was about to start her undergrad- a secret. She did not tell her traditional parents because she
uate degree at Ryerson when she got married in the didn’t want to deal with their reaction. Despite her desire to
summer of 2016. She went from being independent to get an abortion, it was legally too late to do so under British
riage. But despite all we went through, my husband and
I have now been happily married for over a year.
*Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

Grief, identity, racism: My rollercoaster from Nigeria to Ryerson

By Teniola Valerie Jegede
that English you just spoke?” ILLUSTRATION: ELANA EMER
My name is Oluwateniola Valerie The start of my time in Canada
Ijeoma Jegede­—some people call me was not easy. Barely a week after
Teniola. It’s a combination of names my high school graduation in July
from two different tribes in Nigeria. 2015, I boarded a plane and headed
I work at Ryerson’s student to Canada for the first time.
recruitment and campus tours office The process of emigrating your
as a student ambassador, giving education to a foreign country is not
tours of campus and answering a common practice for most people,
questions from prospective students but this is a normal occurrence in
and their parents and guardians. Nigeria. Middle-class and upper-
Students often ask me how my class families who can afford it
personal experience at Ryerson has send their children abroad to gain a
been and whether I found it easy to higher education; this was my case.
settle into the community. In Nigeria, the careers of doctors,
While I tried to become familiar engineers and lawyers are treated
with Canada, people constantly as the most reputable ones. I chose
reminded me that I wasn’t. to pursue public health and safety
When I started at Ryerson, I because of a natural affinity for
introduced myself with my English helping people. Engineering was a
name, “Valerie,” because my no-go—I couldn’t even build a Lego Without my family, I was alone, the way the man spilt the coffee, it I also became a member of
native name, “Oluwateniola,” was toy properly. facing an issue 16-year-old me was was obviously intentional. the Lymphoma and Leukemia
considered too hard to pronounce. But just when I figured out my not prepared for: Racism in its A couple of passersby laughed, Society of Canada at Ryerson
People would call me “Valerie” and career path, my transition that many forms. These include long despite the fact that there’s nothing to honour my dad who suffered
it wouldn’t register that they were was meant to be easy became a weird stares, rude and unnecessary funny about having coffee poured for a long time from sickle cell
talking to me. I knew myself as rollercoaster. A month before my comments and other hostile on you by a racist on a cold winter disease. Eventually, I became vice-
“Teniola”. graduation from my pre-university actions. People disliking me and afternoon after a three-hour long president of outreach, a position I
program at Columbia International treating me badly based on the lecture. Tears streamed down my still currently hold.
Family being a phone College, I learned that my father colour of my skin was something I face as I was walking home. University is where you learn
call away doesn’t mean passed away due to unexpected On other occasions, I’ve been to be yourself in a place that’s not
much when they are in
complications after a surgery that On other occasions, I’ve been shouted at to, “go back to where I always accepting or comfortable.
had been deemed successful. came from” by people on the streets All university students are trying
a different time zone shouted at to, “go back to
After shortly returning home to of downtown Toronto. to adapt, it just happens to be that
be with family, I was back in Canada where I came from” Rather than letting strangers’ some are doing so thousands of
to start at Ryerson in fall 2016. hate make me feel isolated in my miles from home.
At times, I had to diminish my Beginning university immediately couldn’t grasp. new home, I became active in While I mentor students on
Nigerian accent to talk to people after my father’s passing was difficult. In my second year, a middle-aged campus life. settling in, my story is turbulent.
who were from other backgrounds, First year was terribly lonely— man poured a cup of coffee on me I joined the Friends of Médecins It’s difficult to answer how my
because to them my accent was granted I was mourning and far from at the corner of Yonge and Dundas Sans Frontières (Doctors Without experience at Ryerson has been in
hard to understand. During a home. Family being a phone call streets as I was walking home. The Borders) student group. First as a one sentence.
conversation with a friend also from away doesn’t mean much when they coffee wasn’t hot, but it spilled all volunteer then later as a campus But to put it another way, it has
Nigeria, someone asked me, “Was live in a different time zone. over my clothes and books. From relations officer in my third year. been a rollercoaster worth the ride.

Ryerson alum’s father remains in Cairo jail, seven months without charge or trial
Albaz was on his way home from a business trip to Egypt in February when he was detained without charge

By Mariam Nouser [International] has been calling Yasser Albaz in Egypt and [are] the same prison in 2013. authorities put the detainees within
on our Canadian government to calling on the Egyptian authorities Tora Prison, notoriously known those facilities...It is because I am
Yasser Albaz, the father of Ryerson intervene and bring my dad, Yasser to release him.” as Scorpion Prison, has been vocal about my opinions,” expressed
School of Journalism alumnus Amal Albaz home,” reads the beginning of described by Ibrahim Abd al- El-Sayed.
Albaz, remains in Cairo’s Tora Amal’s Facebook post from Aug. 28. “Those who go in Ghaffar, a former prison warden, as
Prison seven months after his arrest “We need YOU to join their call “being designed so that those who
don’t come out again There is no charge
at Cairo International Airport, by sending this Amnesty Urgent go in don’t come out again unless
according to Amnesty International. Action request to our Prime unless dead” dead. It was designed for political against Albaz and
Minister and our Foreign Minister,” prisoners,” as reported by Human therefore, no trial to
At least 126 people have the post continues. Amal has been “We consider his detention to be Rights Watch. await
been detained under similar the family spokesperson during the arbitrary based on the information Anti-government protests have
circumstances since December ordeal through social media and that we have received from his family begun in Egypt—a rare occurrence
national press conferences. and lawyer, which indicates that the since President Abdel Fattah El- There is no charge against
2017 Since the end of July, Albaz’s charges against him are unfounded.” Sisi had imposed a six-year ban on Albaz and therefore no trial to
detention has been continously At least 126 people have demonstrations. await. Amnesty International is
Albaz was on his way home from extended by Egyptian authorities 45 been detained under similar Many dual citizens are wary of prompting those who wish to
a business trip to Egypt on Feb. 18, days at a time, which was originally circumstances since December voicing their political opinions. support the release of Albaz to
2019 when he was detained without 15 days. The concerning trend in 2017, according to the same press Ahmed El-Sayed, a Ryerson civil send a letter to Prime Minister
charge and had his passport taken his ongoing detention led him to release by Amnesty International. engineering alumnus who is a dual Justin Trudeau and Foreign
away. According to his daughter miss the wedding of his younger He is not the first Canadian Egyptian-Canadian citizen thinks Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland
Amal, his last words to his family daughter, Maryam, in August. citizen to be detained without he is already on the [Egyptian] to intervene.
were that he loved them. In their Feb. 28 press release, charge. Tarek Loubani, an associate government’s watch list. Without pressure on the Egyptian
Albaz’s detention has garnered Amnesty International stated professor at the University of “I’m concerned about the safety authorities to release political
international attention and has they are “deeply concerned about Western Ontario, was detained of my family and relatives especially prisoners, the length of detention
been reported widely. “Amnesty the detention of Canadian citizen without charge for seven weeks at with the inhumane conditions the remains unknown.


Homecoming was actually dope this year. Who would’ve thought?

Our sports editor Libaan Osman went out to Ryerson’s second annual HOCO at the MAC and was blown away by what he witnessed

Ryerson’s Homecoming (HOCO) helped the Rams men’s hockey team ticipate such a large turnout from
this year turned out to be dope. And dominate the Queen’s Gaels. Cavin students on Friday.
that’s not an exaggeration. Leth, forward, scored the first goal “We could hear them from the
To my surprise, the Mattamy for the Rams. Hayden McCool, Jar- dressing room,” said Dupuis after
Athletic Centre (MAC) was nearly ed Walsh and Mathew Santos fol- the game. “We were really excited
filled to capacity with students rock- lowed with the other three, ending to get out there…it’s hard to explain
ing blue and gold, and also purple? the game with a 4-1 score. just how fun that was. It blew my
Engineering students, who had an The decision by the Ryerson Stu- expectations out of the water.”
exam the day of last year’s HOCO, dents’ Union (RSU) and Ryerson The end of the night was noth-
came in large numbers. No one Athletics to partner up and market ing short of spectacular. Getting to
seemed to be worried about study- it towards students living on cam- witness students chant “Ryerson”
ing that day. pus was genius. While I was there together as they exited the MAC
This year’s HOCO was truly a reporting on the event, I chatted was like the end of a movie that’s
sight we don’t often get to see at with many eager first-year students, too good to be true. But Ryerson
Ryerson. Located in the heart of looking to experience a homecom- having a prosperous HOCO was
downtown Toronto, the school ing for the first time. They com- exactly that.
boasts some of the best basketball, memorated the night by taking self- “That just shows what the energy
volleyball, soccer and hockey pro- ies and drinking until the sun came is going to be for the rest of the year.
grams in the country. And even up. One student at the event went as It’s going to be all about supporting
though the event is traditionally a far as calling it “the best homecom- our athletics teams and school spir-
football game, Ryerson isn’t your ing” he’s ever been to. it,” said Wiggins.
traditional school. “I think it’s amazing to see so Arguably, it was one of the best
After last year’s disaster of a many people come out today, we sporting events I’ve attended in
HOCO—also our first-ever HOCO— filled the MAC for the first time,” my three years at Ryerson. And for
where students travelled 30 minutes said Joshua Wiggins, RSU vice- someone who doesn’t watch hock-
to BMO Field to watch a Toronto A fan cheering during the Ryerson Rams men’s hockey team’s 4-1 win against the president student life and events. ey at all, I now call myself a fan of
Argonauts team that nobody cared Queen’s Gaels at the Mattamy Athletic Cente on Sept. 20
When Rams men’s hockey goal- the game.
about—my expectations were low. ie Taylor Dupuis spoke to The Eye To the people that weren’t in-
Nobody should have suffered hav- dian Football League. thing). Students then marched on last year, he questioned the deci- terested in attending HOCO, you
ing to watch an Argo’s team that This year we started out at Pit- Church Street in unison with a To- sion of last year’s RSU executives missed out. The expectations for
could barely win two games in 2019. man Hall with the tailgate featur- ronto police escort all the way to to have HOCO at BMO Field. next year will be through the roof
I can’t speak for everyone, but you’d ing a bean bag toss, hockey nets the MAC. Dupuis even suggested HOCO be and The Eye will be there to cover
have to pay me to watch the Cana- and free Red Bull (if that’s your Packed at tip-off, the atmosphere held at the MAC, but he didn’t an- it all.

Sports streaming services for students on a budget

Unsure how you’ll keep up your long-distance relationship with Kawhi Leonard? We got the plugs to keep up with your bae in LA

By Joseph Casciaro want to watch the Raptors raise all major tennis tournaments, which
their championship banner on most streaming services don’t offer.
Here at The Eyeopener, we know opening night. ESPN+ does have its down-
how hard it is for everyone to keep HULU sides though. It doesn’t include
up with all the sports happening in Quickly becoming one of the best NFL or NBA content, and you’ll
the world while balancing your busy streaming services out there, Hulu also need a VPN to watch it here
university course load. is home to almost every sporting in Canada (damn geo-locking).
This list has you covered with event imaginable. But it’s one of the cheapest mem-
all the best sports streaming ser- With over 60 live and on-de- berships, costing only $4.99 per
vices available for you to watch live mand channels for sports, including month. For all those on a happy
or catch up on as you’re perfecting ESPN, FS1 and ABC, Hulu allows meal salary from McDonald’s, you
your grade point average. Now, users to personalize their own expe- can enjoy sports too.
you’ll have enough time to start rience. Users can input their favou-
your long-distance relationship rite teams, sports and leagues with a YouTube TV
with Kawhi Leonard by streaming click of a button. Relatively new to the stream-
his games in Los Angeles. The other benefit of Hulu is that ing world, YouTube TV released
games can be watched on the go in April 2019. At your disposal are
Reddit from your phone, so all you Toron- all professional, major and interna- ILLUSTRATION: ELANA EMER
Okay don’t worry, we’re starting to Maple Leafs fans can watch your tional sports, from soccer to even
with one for us broke students try- team lose Game 7 to the Boston martial arts. NBA League Pass If you’re not balling from the
ing to keep up with sports. Bruins wherever you like. Members also get access to exclu- The perfect purchase for ev- Forest Hill area in Toronto, hit up
We got all of you with that ille- A membership includes live TV and sive live regional and local sporting ery NBA superfan out there, this a couple of your friends who love
gal hookup over on Reddit, but you on-demand, which costs you $44.99 event broadcasts while cable-free streaming service provides you with basketball as much as you and split
gotta promise to keep this lowkey. per month. Worth it? Your call. live TV is also included with over access to the entire NBA season. the prices.
Reddit is as simple as searching ESPN+ 60 top networks. There are three different member- You could even start a group chat
the game you are looking for. Typi- ESPN+ is another great way to The digital video recorder is also ship options, one that goes for $89.99, and keep each other updated on
cally the first link is your best bet, stream all the major sports you a part of the account that comes where you can stream 82 games for what games they must stop studying
but try out a few and you’re bound could think of. with unlimited storage. A member- one specific team of your choosing. to tune into.
to find one that’s worth bookmark- With options to stream live ship for YouTube TV will cost you Another option includes $26.99 a Each membership can be watched
ing. But careful­­—several links will games from the MLB, the Italian Se- a bit higher than Hulu at $49.99 a month, where you can select three from a television or a mobile de-
pop up, so make sure you quickly rie A and the NHL, you will never month, and you might also have to games to watch per month. And for vice. This means all you New York
exit out to avoid any viruses. miss a thing. sit through a 30-second ad before the rich kids, $139.99 a month that Knicks fans can be anywhere imag-
This is for all the Toronto mans ESPN+ also includes UFC fight the game begins. Don’t say we didn’t features access to every single game inable watching your team lose ev-
who are short on the coins but still nights, top rank boxing cards and warn you. for the entire season. ery single game.


Happy fall! Arts
Want to peacefully talk shit on campus? Balzac’s got you covered students can now
wear turtlenecks
idiot Dave Davidson all I want
inside the Balzac’s bubbles. Wait, without suffering
this is off the record, right?”
The installation of the bubbles has
drawn comparisons to the contro- By Claire Donoghue
versial Dinner With A View pop-up Struggling art students now
experience offered below the Gar- have one less problem after
diner expressway this past winter. being put out of their sweat-
There, guests could pay $250 to eat a soaked misery as temperatures
meal from a celebrity chef in a heated drop. Arts students can now
glass dome where a homeless camp wear their turtleneck sweaters
was recently destroyed by the city. without overheating.
“These bubbles are a sicken- Much like the job prospects for
ing display of wealth separating their degree, the dress code for
the bourgeoisie from the working arts students is extremely limited.
class,” said Carlos Marquez, a stu- It consists of a turtleneck sweater,
PHOTO:JIMMY KWAN dent who has the Communist Mani- high-waisted Levi’s that must be
festo memorized. authentically from the 80s and
By Zachary Roman in the middle of the day when the you spent over $10, you will be al- Ryerson President Mohamed Converse that used to belong to
highest amount of classes could be lowed to enter, but if you spent less, Lachemi has been frequently spot- their parents—because we don’t
The popular on-campus coffee shop disrupted. “We wanted to follow Ryerson security is automatically ted having coffee inside the bubbles support corporations anymore.
installed transparent, soundproof Ryerson’s lead with how we han- called to escort you off campus. since their installation. Lachemi’s During the summer, arts
bubbles around all of their tables last dled this project,” said Beach. “They As a result of the bubbles, Bal- personal driver has told The Eye that students would venture out
Friday. Balzac’s barista Kawfe Beach always do their construction during zac’s is now the go-to campus he takes him there at least once a into the heat as they searched
said the move came after customer prime class hours, so we did too.” spot for gossiping. “I used to be day to observe his subjects in safety. high and low for an overpriced
complaints of “having to mingle with The shatterproof glass bubbles so worried that my lab partner Whether you love or hate them, the café that serves refreshing yet
the proletariats” and “losing friends are secured to the ground and don’t would hear me shit-talking him big Balzac’s bubbles are here to stay. exclusive iced coffee.
because they heard us shit-talking.” let any sound in or out. To get in- at Oakham Café,” said Steve Ste- If you hate them, too bad, because The sweltering sun did not
The obnoxiously loud bubble side, you have to insert your Balzac’s phenson, a third-year biology stu- everyone inside won’t be able to stop the struggling artists
construction process took place receipt into a scanner at the door. If dent. “Now I can vent about that hear your cries of disapproval. from following the dress code
and sweating through their
turtlenecks. Many of them have
VSCO girls: A thrilling, in-depth investigation stated on their poetry Instagram
posts that they endured the heat
because turtlenecks “represent
Abbey Kelly reports on the elusive reality of VSCO-famous girls who think they’re too cool to be bothered the suffocating conformance of
society.” Now that it’s fall, arts
students can finally don their
It’s taken my team weeks to locate the Hydro Flasks, their wrists gave a turtlenecks and take pictures at
secret society of VSCO girls on Ry- flash of matching friendship brace- invite-only art exhibits.
erson campus­—but we’ve succeeded. lets; a community seemed to have Lorenzo LaBelle, a second-
Our group is comprised of a soci- formed among them. It was peaceful. year English student, admitted
ology major desperately looking for a My once tucked t-shirt sprang the summer heat was unbearable.
thesis project idea, a retired scientist free and grew three sizes, covering “It doesn’t help that I live in an
trying to find his youth, and myself, my shorts. To my shock, they had apartment with seven people
an aspiring app creator. We became become biker shorts without me because we love making art
intrigued by VSCO girls once they even noticing. One VSCO girl even together,” he said. He proceeded
gained clout in the online teen world. lent me her puka shell necklace. to talk for two hours about his
We decided to investigate because, It all happened so fast—all of us existential dread and did not
let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be laughing and “sksksing” together. answer any more questions.
famous online? But then, when we all went to a LaBelle said his turtlenecks are
Early in our explorations, we nearby Starbucks, I made one fatal made with 100 per cent organic
found a group of girls with t-shirts mistake. When the cashier put a cotton from a thrift store whose
long enough to cover their shorts straw into my drink, I didn’t pro- name is missing vowels. We later
and their hair up in scrunchies, but duce my own metal straw. found an H&M label on his turtle-
they were just a group of friends out The others looked on in anger and neck, but LaBelle refused to com-
for a Pita Land run in their pajamas. confusion. I tried to fix the situation ment further.
Another time, a group wearing by yeeting the straw and whisper- According to the dress code,
Birkenstocks and friendship brace- ing “And I oop,” but the magic was arts students are also allowed to
lets, all drinking out of Hydro Flasks, a summer working as a lifeguard in were patterned. Upon closer inspec- gone. They walked out of the coffee wear jean jackets with a mini-
emerged from the darkness behind British Columbia. But then, the cam- tion, it was just as our hypothesis shop taking back the gifts they had mum of 10 buttons and pins. Al-
the rocks of Lake Devo. The team era located in the bridge between suggested: they were scrunchies. I given me. My puka shell necklace though, if they are seen wearing
thought we’d struck gold. Upon get- Kerr Hall and the Podium building threw out a scrunchie of my own as was ripped off, along with my iden- anything but turtlenecks during
ting a closer look, we found out they was set off. We finally found them. a peace offering. “And I oop,” I said, tity and my dignity. I was immedi- slam poetry night, they will be
were just friends that met at camp. A group of four VSCO girls sat spinning around to make eye con- ately shunned. I became an outcast. banned from future shows.
Suddenly, using our keen hearing, at one of the booths by the bridge. tact with each girl. So, while these fleeting, mythical Glaring through her non-
we identified a sound that is well I ran through campus, clutching my The girl with the biggest bun atop creatures can be found on campus, prescription glasses, third-year
known in VSCO culture: sksksk- notebook until my knuckles became her head slowly retrieved the hair they shall continue shying away from film studies student Sarah Kan-
sksk. But alas, it was only a garden white. As I slowed to approach their tie, looked to the others, and nod- society. I have come to learn that ken admitted turtlenecks are the
snake in the Pitman Hall quad. booth, the chatter subsided. ded. I became a VSCO girl. all they want is to exist only on the least of the arts students’ prob-
We installed multiple cameras I held my breath as they stood up, They talked for hours about ab- internet. They don’t care about any- lems. “None of us are getting
around campus. We would huddle the booth’s pleather seats squeak- solutely nothing while the leader of body, unless it’s people who know jobs when we graduate. I might
around the screens, waiting to catch ing through the silence. Soon, I was the pack, Haleigh Claire, started ap- how to take golden hour photos. as well look good doing it,” said
the sound of a puka shell necklace. surrounded by VSCO girls. They plying Glossier makeup on me that To truly become a part of the in- Kanken as she walked away into
The first time we heard this sound, circled me, unimpressed. she procured from her Fjällräven ner circle of their social structure, the pastel sunset, the unmistak-
we only found a skater boy trying to Their wrists had a wavy material Kånken backpack. total integration needs to be done or able sound of Doc Martens boots
rock a “surfer look” after spending on them, some were velvet, some As the girls sipped from their you will be cast out, much like I was. clunking against the pavement.

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