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A TRIP TO THE LIBRARY from She Loves Me Lyrics by SHELDON HARNICK “Music by JERRY BOCK MISS RITTER: (Spoken before the introduction) Let me tell you, you've never seen anything like that library. So many books, .. so much marble... so quiet! Bolero SSS SS ———— pe weet petes = e sud-den-ly all of my con-fi-dence drib-bled a-way with @ pit-i-ful plop. My 15 ened) MAYERLING PRDDUCTIONS LD nd JERRY BOCK ENTERPRISES 199 started to reach for a book and my hand aut-o-mat-i-e'lly eame to @ stop. 3 3 3 3 don’t know how long I stood fto-2en, a victim of panic and mor-ti-fi - ca ~ tion 3 3 3 —__ how wanted 10 wen ktm = ay voter, real Moderato gen - te voice whispered “Pardon me.” ‘And there. wasthis dear, i clearly re- spec - ta-ble thickly be spec - ta-cled man who stood by my qui-et-ly said to me was just won - der-ing are you in need of some 201 = ‘The next thing know T'm sip- ping hot choc - "late and aS tell-ing my trou - bles to Paul, whose t2m - der brown eyes kept send.ing com-pass ~ ion-ate looks. Rope abe We ta has made. anew ae aaa is vs oe Ce See oc yt can see the ma - gicof hhave to ad-mit in the back of my mind, T was pray-ing he would-n't get fresh sim, 3 3 all of the while T was won-der.ing why an il-lit-er-ate etl should at - tract him. fl 2 * all of a sud-den he said that I couldn't go wrong with “The Way of All Flesh." 3 3 3 3 203 i 5 2 3 3 3 m3 ‘course, it's a nov-el,but I did-n’t know or I certainly wouldn't have smacked him, Well, he gave me a el 3 5 Gs F —— that Teould-n't re - sist —— ral Moderato this op = tom-e-trst You know. what this dear, sweet, slight-ly be spec - tac-led gen-tle-man said_ to me - — —— as igs 3 eet — next? He ssid he could solve this problem of mine. I suid “How?" ht - + a SS SSS : io “SPS aed (ee | | es, | at a CU = Wee fT =a Tt. OT ff AT 7 Se See 6 5 —— ee oF geet =| He sid ifTd ike he'd -——witing-ly read_ to me someof his fav - or-ite He tl MH + aS asa! tall things, Tend “When He sald “Now. is nov = el ap eS proach seemed high-ly sus-pi - ciousand pos-si-bly dan - ger-ous too, 205 wait, think, dare you'go up—— _tohis flat, ‘What hap - pensift quite suong— He read. tome might Jong, now now. a-nout tat! S io eeepc) fe tm-ly do-mes = tic and hap-pi-ly hope - ful T fee = ture my Paul there reading a - loud. as T ‘As long. ashe’s there to read_ there’s quite. 2 good = N chance, that PI ney = er need __ a tery 2 “4 Tknow he'll on-ly have eyes forme, my op - tom - e-trist