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Student ID
Pre-service Teacher Hannah Setter 2136563

School Reynella East College

Learning Area
Mentor Teacher(s) HPE
Adam Langley/Jo Draper
Learning Area
Paul Bradley English
School Co-ordinator Adam Langley
Craig Johncock Coordinator
University Liaison Lou Pike Pyman
Please delete those not applicable Please select
Teaching Days 10 introductory days + 30 day block: 40 days 
8 week Country/Term 2 Placement: 40 days 
Extended Placement: Up to 65 days 

CONTEXT Please add brief context statements about the school and class:
School sector; size and composition of campus (R-12, Area, Primary); particular
features or unique characteristics; index of disadvantage.
Reynella East College (REC) was opened in January 2011 after the formal closure of the Child Parent
Centre, Primary and High Schools in December 2010. The Primary School section first opened in 1979
and the High School opened in 1981. A new Preschool facility was built and opened in late 2013. The
college now provides continuity of educational opportunity from Preschool to Year 12 with over 1800
students including 55 preschool children.
We aim to be a centre of educational excellence in the Southern Vales of Adelaide and our mission is
to inspire success. Reynella East College offers 3 special interest academies including;
· a STEM program that encourages critical and creative thinking through practical application of
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in partnership with industry and
universities. The Innovators Program caters for gifted students and those interested in pursuing
a career in STEM related endeavours.
· a Sports Academy in a range of sports including Football, Netball, Soccer, Volleyball,
Basketball and Rugby. This is designed to cater for gifted students and those who are
passionate about pursuing a pathway to elite sport.
· an Arts Academy which is designed to cater for Arts Academy in a range of areas including
Music, Media-Arts (film making) Drama, Visual Arts/Design and Dance. The Arts Academy has
been established to cater for gifted students and those who are passionate about pursuing a
pathway in the Arts.
In 2017, REC became a phase 2 specialist instrumental school and a team of DECD instrumental
teachers are now part of the College staff team. Instrumental tuition is offered at REC by DECD and
private providers from year 5 to year 12. At present, Instruments taught by DECD teachers include:
woodwind, brass, percussion and guitar. Voice lessons are available to high school students and
primary students are able to join the primary choir. We have various bands and ensembles including
choirs from year 5. We are now delivering specialist music from year 6 using the high school specialist
REC accepts international students on Graduate, Study Abroad, Study Tour and Exchange Programs.
Graduate students enrol with the intention of completing their SACE and often commence their
program in an Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC) class. Study Abroad students enrol in
mainstream classes for periods from four weeks to one year, with the intention of improving their
English and experiencing Australian life. At REC we want to provide students with technologies that
enable them to access learning in different ways, for different purposes in and beyond school. The
College is implementing a 1-1 laptop and IPAD program through co-contribution with families.
Reception – Year 7 students participate in Physical Education and Dance/Drama delivered by
specialist trained teachers. Japanese language if offered to Reception to year 5 students and our year
6-12 students are offered a choice of German, French or Japanese.
Class (including children with special needs)

This is an elective Yr 8 HPE group that contains 17 male mixed ability students. It includes 5
students with recorded Health issues, 2 student with Aspergers/Autism one of which requires 1:1
support, 1 ATSI student, 1 student with an intellectual disability.
This group is a Yr 10 core HPE class that contains 22 female mixed ability students. It includes 2
students with recorded Health issues and 2 EALD students.

Two classes of Stage 1 SACE English:

· 18 students (16 female, 2 male), 26 students (11 female, 15 male) A range of abilities in each
class, no identified special needs, 1 student with dyslexia who largely self-manages. A small
number of attendance issues (to do with factors outside of school).


Please place an ‘X’ at the point along each continuum that best represents the development of the pre-service
teacher towards each of the standards at this time.


Standard 1 Know students and how they learn

I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 2 Know the content and how to teach it

Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient


Standard 3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 4 Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 5 Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 6 Engage in professional learning

Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

SUMMARY STATEMENTS (You may choose to comment on both personal and professional characteristics)

School Coordinator/Principal
Hannah has developed throughout her placement in a number of different areas. She has
involved herself the wider curriculum and made a positive contribution to the learning of the
students she has been involved with. Hannah has always behaved professionally and has used
a good balance of humour and approachability to build effective working relationships with both
students and her peers and has based her teaching on her knowledge of the students’
requirements and interests. Hannah has developed in confidence and her ability to self-reflect
on her practice and the learning of students throughout her placement. She is aware of her own
strengths and areas for development and has approached her placement with a willingness to
learn and improve. Hannah has always sought feedback and worked hard to incorporate it into
her teaching while maintaining her individual teaching style

Name: Adam Langley Date: 4/7/19

University Liaison
Hannah approached her final placement with a determined attitude and has developed considerably
during that time. She quickly developed positive relationships and got to know the diverse
learning needs of the students in her classes. She used this to plan and deliver lessons that
catered for these needs. During the placement she continued to develop her ability to engage
students she through the exploration of a range of teaching strategies. Her lessons were thoroughly
prepared and engaged and challenged students. She created an inclusive and positive learning
environment. Her subject knowledge built during this time. She managed behaviour management
effectively in her classes through exploring a variety of strategies and always listened to and acted
on the advice provided. Hannah developed her ability to provide feedback and effective use of
questioning throughout her placement. She developed a range of formative and summative
assessment that supported and assessed student learning. She carried out the complete
assessment process with the students in her classes including the writing of reports.
She developed excellent relationships with students and staff and engaged with parents. She
involved herself in the whole life of the College including extra-curricular activities, excursions and
camps as well as staff professional development. Hannah has completed a successful placement.
Name: Craig Johncock Date: 23/7/19
SUMMARY STATEMENT (May be used as a referee statement)

Classroom Teacher/Mentor
Student Name: Learning Area:
Hannah Setter HPE
Professional Knowledge
Hannah has used teaching strategies based on her knowledge of the student backgrounds and
various levels of readiness. She has structured her teaching programs and used teaching strategies
based on current research and advice from mentors. Hannah has demonstrated knowledge and
understanding of learners’ diverse characteristics and students’ strengths and weaknesses within her
planning and delivery. Hannah has continually developed her ability to differentiate for the full range
of abilities from students with disabilities to students who have been highlighted as gifted and
talented within HPE in a way that encourages engagement. Hannah has continually worked at
improving her subject knowledge and has used her placement to develop the range of teaching
strategies she uses to deliver the variety of activities with in PE. Hannah is well planned and
organises her teaching programs into sequential lessons that allow the students to progress. The
assessment tasks she has used are responsive to what the students have learnt and align with
ACARA. Hannah has been aware of the College’s developing work around literacy and numeracy
development and has incorporated this into her teaching as well as the ethical use of ICT.

Professional Practice
Hannah has used her knowledge of the students to develop positive relationships. To create lessons
guided by levels of interest and readiness. Hannah has been able to use a range of teaching
strategies to move students forward. These have been supported by her ability to use verbal and
non-verbal methods of communication and the use of a wide range of resources. Hannah has
created an inclusive and positive learning environment within her lessons that encourages.
participation and allow students to grow and fail in a safe and supportive way. Hannah has been
presented with a range of behavioural issues during her placement and has managed them
effectively with guidance. Hannah has taken the opportunity to learn more about behaviour and
classroom management and has always listened to and acted on the advice provided. This has
been helped by the structure and routines she has included within her practice. Hannah has
developed her ability to provide timely feedback and effective use of questioning throughout her
placement. She has the ability to draw more detailed answers that require students to problem solve
and predict potential issues and methods of improvement. Hannah has developed her formal and
informal assessment methods and has used this formative assessment to develop learning programs
as well as providing effective summative assessment tasks. Hannah has been part of internal and
external moderation processes and continually makes comparable judgements. This has included
the production of student reports through her accurate and reliable records of student attainment.

Professional Engagement
Hannah has used the Professional Standards for Teachers to highlight her strengths and areas for
development. This has provided the opportunity to do some more targeted work on aspects of her
practice. Hannah has been part of a number of whole school Professional Development sessions on
topics such as SHine (Sexual Health and Relationships), Literacy and Numeracy, Moderation.
Hannah has attended whole school and faculty meetings making valuable contributions to
discussions. Hannah has endeavoured to use these within her practice throughout her placement.
Hannah listens to advice from her peers and the opinions of students in order to improve outcomes
for students. Hannah has worked ethically and professionally throughout her placement and has
adhered to the professional and legal requirements of teaching. Hannah has developed excellent
relationships with students and staff and has engaged with parents. She has actively involved herself
in the whole life of the College including extra-curricular activities, excursions and camps.

Written by: Adam Langley/Jo Draper Date: 25/6/19

SUMMARY STATEMENT (May be used as a referee statement)

Classroom Teacher/Mentor
Student Name: Hannah Setter Learning Area: English

Professional Knowledge
Hannah has demonstrated satisfactory knowledge of the curriculum requirements for Stage 1 English.
She has guided both classes through the Intertextual study from beginning to end, and has taken the
opportunity to do two different types of study (rather than simply repeating the same assignment
with both classes). Individual lessons were planned and presented logically and effectively, and with
increasing flexibility. She makes use of a variety of media in presenting information, making lessons
more engaging and effective. She drafted work giving comprehensive and constructive feedback. She
also marked work against SACE Performance Standards and contributed to school reports.

Professional Practice
Hannah has presented detailed plans for her lessons, and has paced her lessons at the appropriate
level for each class. She uses a variety of teaching strategies, such as visual, class discussions, group
work and individual student work. She sought feedback following lessons to make sure she was happy
with her progress and see if I had any concerns. This became less throughout the term as she became
more confident. Hannah marked work consistently and to a suitable standard and assisted with

Professional Engagement
Hannah has quickly achieved positive working relationships with students across both Year 11 English
classes. Students are comfortable to ask her questions and gain guidance and are respectful of her
when following directions – including the occasions when she reminds them to focus. She has
developed a very professional rapport with staff across the school, attended staff meetings and
training and development days.

Written by: Paul Bradley Date: 02/07/2019

SUMMARY ASSESSMENT (To be agreed by the School Coordinator and the University Liaison)

In our opinion Hannah Setter

has demonstrated the following overall level of performance in this final professional experience:
(Please click on appropriate box below)

☐ Unsatisfactory

☐ Satisfactory

X Competent

☐ Outstanding


The pre-service teacher may wish to submit this report with an application for employment. Please avoid the use of
acronyms as student reports are often viewed by interstate and international employers who are not always familiar
with South Australian nomenclature.

Please keep an electronic copy of this report and submit the report to the University Liaison for

If this is not possible then please email it directly to: mssprofexp@flinders.edu.au