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Contestant #___________________

Judge’s Name__________________
Speech Content

5 Distinguished 4 3 Proficient 2 1 Novice 0

1) Content is  Clear purpose and   Has some success   Attempts to define the
relevant to subject; reference is defining purpose and purpose and subject;
topic and personal made to the Rotary 4 subject; only limited no mention of the 4
Life (10 points Way Test reference to 4 Way Test Way Test
 Pertinent examples,   Some examples, facts,   Weak examples, facts,
facts, and/or statistics and/or statistics support and/or statistics,
the subject which do not
adequately support the
2) The speech adds  Message is original;   Message is well-   Message is run-of-
value to the speaker has made a real presented with new ideas the–mill; little
experience of those contribution to the evident; audience benefits originality evident; of
who hear it thinking of the audience from having heard the minimal value to the
(10 points speech audience
possible)  Message is 
meaningful and  Message has a clear   Speech fails to
convincing point of view, but not effectively convince
presented in an especially the audience
convincing manner
3) The speech has  There is a clear   Average beginning,   Unclear or confusing
a good flow beginning, middle and middle and end to speech flow to speech
(15 points end
 Smooth and effective   Adequate transitions   Transitions are few or
transitions are made lacking
between thoughts or

 Ideas are conveyed in   Audience is attentive   Audience does not

an original, insightful remain engaged
manner that holds the
attention of the audience
4) It is presented  Accurate, interesting   Adequate but ordinary   Poor vocabulary with
with attention to vocabulary vocabulary little originality
vocabulary and
grammar  No grammatical errors   Some grammatical   Significant
conventions errors grammatical errors
(15 points  Interesting and varied   Sentence structure is   Little or no attention
possible) sentence structure repetitive to sentence structure
If the content of the speech does not, in a judge’s estimation, meet the criteria for the contest, a score of 0
should be awarded for content. Judges should, however, use the appropriate rubric to judge delivery.

Speeches that do not adhere to the time allotment will be penalized one point per second over or under
the 5-7 minute range.

TOTAL POINTS FOR DELIVERY (from other side)__________

TOTAL POINTS FOR CONTENT:_____________________ GRAND TOTAL:________________
Contestant # _________________
Speech Delivery Judge’s Name:_________________

5 Distinguished 4 3 Proficient 2 1 Novice 0

1) Physical  Relaxed, positive;   Some nervousness   Delivery distracting;
Delivery (10 points appears confident and apparent; sporadic eye eye contact lacking
possible) calm; maintains eye contact or only to one
contact with audience person

 Gestures enhance   Some nervous gestures,   Gestures lacking or

speech stiff, tense, or too relaxed inappropriate for
2) Vocal delivery  Enunciates clearly   Generally uses   Enunciation or
(15 points with effective volume appropriate enunciation volume a problem;
possible) and volume difficult to hear or

 Inflection conveys   Ordinary inflection   Monotone

emotion and enhances

 Meaningful pauses   Random pauses with   Frequent pauses and

build suspense or gap fillers “um”,“er”,etc.) distracting fillers
enhance interest
3) Pacing (5 points  Delivery is engaging   Delivery is somewhat   Delivery is either too
possible) for audience, moving uneven quick or too slow,
along at an interesting decreasing interest for
pace audience
4) Introduction and  Introduction captures   Introduction is   Introduction is weak
Closing (10 points audience attention and evident but not or lacking
possible) sets the mood outstanding

 Closing is strong,   Closing is weak or

leaving the audience with  Closing is evident,  lacking
a clear message but average
5) Presentation  Information presented   Presentation style   Presentation style
Style (10 points in an engaging, effective, but not does not inspire
possible) compelling style especially strong interest

 Presenter’s personality   Presenter’s personality   No evidence of the

is effectively integrated is somewhat in evidence presenter’s
into the presentation personality

TOTAL POINTS FOR DELIVERY:_____________________