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The web had a rocky start in building the web. These new social tools allowed
emotional connections. users to share the
It gets gold stars for connecting people in minutiae of daily life. That may not sound
far-off lands, but the terribly profound,
necessities of academia were the mother but it represents a major change in the
of its inventions— way that we communicate
a dry origin indeed. As business pioneers on the web. Whereas professionalism
discovered new might have buttoned
watering holes, the web quickly became a down our communiqués before social
breeding ground networks, today
of dot-com bubble thinking. I remember
writing copy for my
personal website in the late 1990s using
the royal “we,” trying
to create the perception that I was a big
company when the
guy behind those words was in his friends. Of course, a little moderation is
bedroom in smelly pajamas sometimes in order
trying to figure out HTML. I wasn’t trying (I’m looking at you, Rainn Wilson,
to be me—I http://bkaprt.com/de/1;
was trying to be like the other big players fig 1.1).
out there. The curtain has been drawn back,
But something happened to that trend in exposing our humor,
the middle of the grumpiness, concern, stress, and all the
naughts. All of those people who were laid other emotions that
off or fired after season our days. As we’ll see in Chapter 3,
the dot-com bubble burst either started this honesty is
new companies or retreated creeping into the personalities we craft
to their bedrooms and stayed in pajamas for our businesses,
to make new and our users are beginning to expect the
websites and applications. websites and web
Maybe it was because a boss wasn’t applications they visit to reflect a
standing over their personality that they can
shoulder, or maybe they needed to do relate to.
something to lift their This book is chock-full of examples of a
spirits, but the voice of these new sites design sensibility
was decidedly more that is distinctly human, individual,
personal. reflective of a real
During this period, Flickr launched with personality, and honest—all while
the famously keeping business goals in
familiar and endearing copy that puts mind. You might have some trepidation
smiles on so many faces. about how to implement
Facebook and Twitter surfaced and emotional design techniques without
influenced the voice of boiling your boss’s
blood. We’ll see practical, real-world
examples designed to
inspire and support your case for
employing emotional design
in your next project. I’ll even share a bevy
of data to help you
make an empirical case for emotional