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CS 409 – Data Warehouse

Sections: A & D
Assignment #1

Q1: Answer the following question

1. What do you mean by dual granularity? Is data warehouse use dual granularity? Give an
2. Write down the drawbacks of the earlier existing decision support systems.
3. Justify that data warehouse is an environment not a product.
4. Design a simple architecture having data mart and data warehouse. Have you design
data warehouse first or data mart.
5. What is the reason to deploy Data Warehouse separately from operational system?
6. List the type of schema use in data warehouse
7. A simple query can fetch the record then why we use data ware house
8. Write down advantages and disadvantages of top-down and bottom-up approach
9. Differentiate between granularity and data mart which one important.
10. Without using the concepts of DWH is it possible to analyze data? Explain how?
11. For a commercial bank, name five types of strategic objectives
12. Do you agree that a typical retail store collects huge volumes of data through its
operational systems? Name three types of transaction data likely to be collected by a
retail store in large volumes during its daily operations.
13. Examine the opportunities that can be provided by strategic information for a medical
center. Can you list five such opportunities?
14. Why were all the past attempts by IT to provide strategic information failures? List three
concrete reasons and explain.
15. Describe five differences between operational systems and informational systems.
16. Why are operational systems not suitable for providing strategic information? Give
three specific reasons and explain.
17. Name six characteristics of the computing environment needed to provide strategic
18. What types of processing take place in a data warehouse? Describe.
19. A data warehouse is an environment, not a product.
National University
Of Computer & Emerging Sciences Faisalabad -Chiniot Campus

20. You are the data analyst on the project team building a data warehouse for an insurance
company. List the possible data sources from which you will bring the data into your
data warehouse. State your assumptions.
21. For an airlines company, identify three operational applications that would feed into the
data warehouse. What would be the data load and refresh cycles?
22. Prepare a table showing all the potential users and information delivery methods for a
data warehouse supporting a large national grocery chain.


Task 1

Task 1
Make a log file that contain five bank transaction account information. The total
performed transaction from these account are minimum 25. Few of them are
committed while other are fail. Write a program using any language to read and
capture the committed transaction using log file strategy.
For task 1 and 3, make excel file initially transfer few rows to another file after
that apply snap shot differential and timestamp to capture changes that append
only changes in another file.
Task 2
Apply algorithm for CDC to apply snapshot differential method.

Apply Time stamp method to CDC from file designed from previous case

Submission Guide Lines:

1. It is an individual assignment.
2. Submit hard copy and soft copy
3. Any pledge found in assignment causes zero marks.
4. List the source (URL or book) at the end of each question from where you get
5. Use your own words You are not allowed to copy the words from that source
6. Last date for submission is 20 September 2019
7. Late submission will not be acceptable