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Dream Jobs

Have you chosen a career path yet? How about a major? For many of you, the answers
to both of these questions may be, “No!”
Don’t worry! This assignment will help you explore possible answers to these questions
as you consider your many available options.

Your task –

1. Choose a possible job or career that you may be interested in pursuing after
finishing college. If you are still unsure of your future, as we all are, pick your
favorite from one of the many possible options you have considered. Here is your
chance to find out more about that field!
2. Write a letter to your younger cousin who has decided to pursue the same line of
work because, in their words, “I’m just as smart as you are!” Your goal is to
explain the requirements, pay, and lifestyle of your chosen career to your cousin.
In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you will recommend they follow in
your footsteps, and if you have decided to change your mind about your own path.

What to include in your letter –

1. The career you have chosen.

2. What major and degree is required for employment in this field.
3. Average pay at the start and middle of your career.
4. A second similar career path you could pursue without a college education.
5. Average pay at the start and middle of your secondary career.
6. Comparison of the pay difference between the two careers.
7. Comparison of the job requirements and lifestyle of the two careers – average
hours worked, benefits received, degree of flexible scheduling, etc.
8. Analysis of the value of your degree using a cost/benefit analysis, comparing the
lifetime benefit in number 6 to the approximate cost of your degree.
9. Your conclusion – do your findings match up with what you expected? Or is your
career’s pay less/more than what you were expecting to find?
10. Your recommendation - Are you interested in pursuing this career still? Will you
recommend it to your confident cousin?

Sources –

Your cousin is not really interested in where you find your information, but since you are
a thorough researcher, be sure to include this as an attachment to your letter. There are
many valid resources, especially online, to look up information about your career. Some
good places to start might be: www.salary.com and www.payscale.com

Overall your letter should be about 3-5 pages, double-spaced, and include at least three