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Remote Support

for HPE OneView 4.2

Lucy Owen

February 2019

1. Overview and benefits

2. Products supported
3. OneView Remote Support features
– Set up
– Service events and case creation
– Data collections
– Contract & warranty
– Global Dashboard Reports
4. OneView Remote Support compared to Insight Remote Support
5. Resources for more information

Overview and benefits

Why remote support?
Provided as part of your HPE warranty or contract
HPE Get Connected

HPE remote support securely monitors your devices 24x7

Automatically triggers a support case with HPE in the event of a
hardware failure
HPE will contact you to ship a replacement part or dispatch an
Remote Support enables Proactive Care reports with
recommendations based on your configuration
Optionally integrate with Insight Online to view your connected
devices health, contract & warranty status and support cases

Remote support uses highly secure technology.

For details see the Security White Paper.

Note: For Proactive Care reports on HPE ProLiant Gen8 and newer servers, AMS (Agentless Management System) needs to be installed.
Note: Insight Online has a current device limit of 1,500 devices per Insight RS instance/HPE Passport ID.
HPE OneView, making support better than ever.

– Remote Support is integrated into HPE OneView. HPE OneView

– One Click to activate. Its easier to get connected than ever before.
– Protect your investment with 24x7 monitoring and pre-failure alerts.
– Automated case creation (no 1-800 calls) and spare parts sent to
your door means less time spent on support cases.
– Stay on top of contracts with expiry alerts at 90, 60, 30 days &
reports in Global Dashboard.
– Available for c-Class enclosures, ProLiant Gen8, Gen9, Gen10
servers, c-Class virtual connect modules, Synergy Frame & Compute
modules, Synergy Interconnects, Synergy Storage modules and
Superdome Flex.
Remote Support

HPE OneView Remote Support

Easy to set up Increased productivity Visibility at scale

HPE OneView HPE OneView Global Dashboard

– Simply enable remote support – 24x 7 monitoring - hardware – Unified view across 50 OneView
under Settings failures automatically trigger appliances and Synergy
– Check a box & fill out contact support cases Composers
details – Contract & Warranty information – View service events
– New equipment added to OneView and expiry alerts – keep on top of – Reports on service events
will automatically be connected contract dates – Contract & warranty reports

Products supported

OneView Remote Support 4.2
Products Supported – new in 4.2
HPE Get Connected

Synergy C7000, blades, rack and tower

– HPE c7000 BladeSystem enclosure
– HPE Synergy 12000 Frame
– HPE ProLiant BL Gen8/Gen9/Gen10
– HPE Synergy 480 Compute Module Gen 9
– HPE ProLiant DL Gen8/Gen9/Gen10
– HPE Synergy 480 Compute Module Gen 10
– HPE ProLiant XL Gen8/Gen9/Gen10
– HPE Synergy Composer
– HPE ProLiant ML Gen8/Gen9/Gen10
– HPE Synergy Image Streamer
– HPE Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 Module for c-
– HPE Virtual Connect SE 16Gb Fibre Channel Module for Class BladeSystem
– HPE Virtual Connect 16Gb 24-port Fibre Channel
– HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for Synergy Module for c-Class BladeSystem
– HPE Synergy 12GB SAS Connection Module
– HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module
Superdome Flex
OneView Remote Support features
Set up
Service events and case creation
Data collections
Contract & warranty
Global Dashboard Reports

Three easy steps to enable Remote Support in HPE OneView

Click the Enable Insight Online,
Enter Contact
On Settings Page, select “Enable Remote Add Contacts,
Information and Site
“Remote Support” Support” Channel Partner
Location, hit Register
Radio Button Information

Enable Insight Online for…

‒ A dashboard of all your connected
‒ One Time set up
‒ New equipment added to
‒ Contract & Warranty details
OneView will automatically
be connected ‒ Detailed configuration & case

Note: Insight Online has a current device limit of 1,500 devices per Insight RS instance/HPE Passport ID .

Enabling OneView Remote Support

1 On Settings Page, select “Remote Support” 2 Click the “Enable Remote Support” Radio Button

OneView Remote Support set up

3 Enter System Manager Contact Information 4 Optionally enable Insight Online, add Contact and
and Site Location, hit Register Channel Partner Information

Remote support
is now enabled,
your devices are
connected to
HPE for remote

Service event triggers a support case
Without remote support, you would
see a device alert.
With remote support, you will also
see a service event.

Case has been opened at HPE

Case ID provided

Case details are available in

HPE Support Center

OneView/Insight RS remote support service events – hardware
failures and predicted failures
iLO 5 service event types – documented page 221 iLO 5 User Guide iLO 4 service event types - documented page 138 of iLO 4 User Guide

Event ID Description
1 1 Generic Test Service Event
2 100 Fan Failed Service Event
3 101 System Battery Failed Service Event
4 200 Power Supply Failed Service Event
5 300 Physical Disk Drive Service Event
6 301 Smart Array Controller Accelerator Battery Failure Event
7 302 Smart Array Controller Accelerator Board Status Changed Event
8 303 Smart Array Controller Status Changed Event
9 304 SAS Physical Drive Status Changed Event
10 305 ATA Disk Drive Status Changed Event
11 306 Fibre Channel Host Controller Status Changed Event
12 307 NVMe Drive Status Change*
13 308 NVMe Drive Wear Status Change*
14 309 SSD Drive Wear Status Change*
15 400 Memory Module Failed or Predicted to Fail Event
16 401 NVDIMM Failure
17 500 Storage System Fan Status Changed Event
18 501 Storage System Power Supply Status Changed Event
19 600 Uncorrectable Machine Check Exception Event

*local-only alert in OneView

Viewing support case details in HPE Support Center

Case information

Showing parts have shipped,

tracking number
Data collections

Basic data collections occur

once a month

Active Health system data

collections occur once a week

‒ Data collections are used for Proactive

Care services and to improve system
‒ Data collections can not be disabled
without disabling remote support entirely

Contract and warranty
• Contract and warranty
ILO2M242801RM Remote Support information
• See at a glance your
Warranty and Contract support coverage details
• Coverage and SLA details for
Support level Proactive Care every device INCREASE
Support Identifier 107963054737 Productivity
Expiration 2/16/18 4:00.00 pm • Alerts on contract expiry
• Stay on top of support
Coverage days 7 days per week
Coverage hours 24 hours • Weekly alerts
Response hours 4 hour onsite response • 90, 60, 30 and 0 days
• Download list to CSV file
Holiday coverage Included

Remote Support

The warranty or contract on some devices is about to expire

Resolution Download the device list and contact your support representative to
renew contracts.
Download device list
HPE OneView Global Dashboard and remote support
Visibility at scale
HPE OneView Global Dashboard Remote Support in OneView Global Dashboard
– Unified view across 50 OneView appliances and Synergy
– See at a glance where there are issues in your OneView
– View service events
– Get reports on service events
– View and filter for the information you need
– • Case ID • State • Resource Name • Resource
Type • Opened (date the case was opened) •
Cleared (date the case was closed) • Appliance
Name • Event Description
– Contract & Warranty reports (Global Dashboard 1.5)

Global Dashboard Remote Support Service Events report

Shows 5 open support

cases with ID’s

Contracts & Warranties report in OneView Global Dashboard 1.5

– View contracts & warranties

expiring in 30, 60, 90 days
for your remote support
enabled devices
– Filter by support level,
expiration date, appliance
– Drill down to devices of

OVRS compared to Insight RS

OneView Remote Support compared to Insight RS
Key points
HPE OneView
– Integrated into OneView and simple to enable.
– Discovery & credential management is handled by OneView.
– Requires only a Standard (free) OneView License.
– Covers Gen8 & later servers & enclosures, including
Synergy. Covers c-Class interconnects and Synergy
– Contract & warranty info provided by device as well as
weekly alerts on contract expiry.
– Is the only remote support option for Synergy. Embedded
Remote Support

Insight RS
– Much wider product coverage than OneView and OVRS,
e.g. XP, NonStop and “legacy” products such as EVA,
MSA, Integrity etc.
– Has features such as Custom Delivery ID and local-only
notifications not yet available in OVRS.
Resources for more information


– One minute overview video (Marketing focus):
– One minute 52 secs video that includes contract & warranty feature with OneView 3.1
– Step by step instruction video on how to enable OneView Remote Support based on OneView 3.0 (11 mins)
– Step by step instruction video on OVRS based on OneView 4.1 (13 mins)

– Customer overview presentation
– OneView Remote Support Enablement FAQ

Thank you