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USER’S’ GUIDE Two-Way FM Remote M100AS YouncSHIN T >On Tpacs oe vel wl be gnredby he alarm. Off -Impaststothe vehicle, depending onthe severity will tigger thealarm, + Alarm Clock On + Valet mode ison, aly de door Tock function willbe available + Indicates thatthe vehick is curently emote-started i ncated by number and buzzee sourel) ® a | fete mecet neice OB | - Prestociodintcket AUX mode on Door open + Remote Start Availability Indication Trunk open. + This con displays the signal strength while transmit Disphiy of remaining emote control batiery life. Impact to the vehicle isdetected W | + Inia hat omeone susing the RPSto Age yOu een anacican {+ Used wie displaying temperatures and other features. = | + Parking Ashing V | = Voltage asta «Displays current ime, remote art runtime, remaining web node time inside temperature of the Vehicle, baltery BB88 | wot ‘of the vehick, tart reservation time, failure of A rote T >On Tpacs oe vel wl be gnredby he alarm. Off -Impaststothe vehicle, depending onthe severity will tigger thealarm, + Alarm Clock On + Valet mode ison, aly de door Tock function willbe available + Indicates thatthe vehick is curently emote-started i ncated by number and buzzee sourel) ® a | fete mecet neice OB | - Prestociodintcket AUX mode on Door open + Remote Start Availability Indication Trunk open. + This con displays the signal strength while transmit Disphiy of remaining emote control batiery life. Impact to the vehicle isdetected W | + Inia hat omeone susing the RPSto Age yOu een anacican {+ Used wie displaying temperatures and other features. = | + Parking Ashing V | = Voltage asta «Displays current ime, remote art runtime, remaining web node time inside temperature of the Vehicle, baltery BB88 | wot ‘of the vehick, tart reservation time, failure of A rote @Functions of Buttons ations Funetions nS ssee| = Arming) 7 sain (Ua) = Tp Oise Astvates AUX Tow Tsice] Ava AUN out 3] ME Fup] Remote buckle iste on for 10 seconds 7 ce X 7 Cr Cesk inion ‘Pp. Vets temperate osuce | Disp: Vohogs of teil btn 4] IV | o5se6 | tap Velage of emote Batley Invade tshows vale A PTS + Activates Car Finder fonction T= ase AUTO te bk con, COP Ife vehicle rere sate he eno at s ue _| rime wil te extend 2see | cut crs evenly operating. be turbo timer rumine willbe extend See Mite remove sat aby icon son s dee | Viator spt emote sta procs Sage | Tr lee Dice ton ol union ONOAT age] = Pani Mose 0 se) Tissce | Sen Chay ONOTT FEI] =[- de [> Users options ep : TaN = Doses [= Vater Mek OOF = Shock Sensor ONOFT pre Lis ton Door Lack) ONTOHE Pace Arming ONOFF Timer Suri Rese Paring Tier ONOFF = Turbo Mode ONOFF — Ting io Rem Opa Poin * AUX male ONOFF tol untery—|2sce | -AUX ede ON ost — ROX #08 Press ton to 5 see | AUX £2 ON: rest han I or se Aitore > 05 see press shortly (bowween OS and 10 see.) O° prea unl a earfspond longer than 2500) ¢ Fy: Bese two batons tte sare time > Performing the sa togele the va @Button Functions Locking/Arming the vehicle and ala a Ir the system is unlokediisrmed, pressing bution fra half second wil ock the loos gal arm the alan, This function wil sil operate even wile the vohicle is ferote sated. The remote an vehicle Will beep once. rtp Flshes 5 times 1. Arming feed LED of Car Call sensor flashes, and the doors, shock sensor an Cat Call ae monitored 2. Door Trigger ZS ittne alanis armed and «doors opened, the alarm wil be triggered laying the sea and lashing the parking Tihs for 30 seconds. (Even ithe Sten Chirp isturned off) Shock Sensor irtheshock sensor datetsaeary impact tothe vehicle ater 30 seconds ofthe [Imned, the alan sil betiegred, playing the siren and Mashing thepuiing light for 9 seands. The remote will be nie of he impuet std Witccp spills whe dsplaying the mpact co: a person iting tbe wind eld Phe fire will ot playa hs time if the Sea Chirp his been turnedoft fenthe cane of ight impact th sien Will chip Fourie, andthe remote Will Alspiy the impaction 4. RPS (Remote Paging Sensor) ‘ifthe RPS semor steered while the lat is armed, the emote wil be paged nd will display the RPS icon. «Siren may go off if you ar the vehicle while dhe hazard 4 Caution! ee naacicarn @Button Functions Unlocking/Disarming the vel ind alarm. [tthe system is fockedarmed, pressing baton fora half second wil unlock the mth alarm. Tas function wil ill opetate even while the vehicle doors at istemote stared. The remte and vehicle wil hip ice : | | ankes Simos 1D | ashes Ae ie 1. Disarming ‘The denr(s willbe unlbckad he RPS LED will top dashing, and te following ‘Soils willbe indiaed seordingtot he numberof chs and parking ihe vce: No tole while the system wa med >>Fourtimes Alarm ws tiggeral by stonglimpact or openal door 2 Auto Rearm 7 a door has not been opened within 30sec of disarming the alam the doors il be rlockd and the alarm wll a, This feature ts meant to protect against Truceieual disarm ofthe system. To prevent the ream process, simply open ‘Theor within 30sec. of disarming the are. The system wll ot arm again tnt piven the command through the remote Note > nthe alarm hasbeen tigre press button I. The wll il be armed THe system wll no respond is because i i il trying to wll stop, bat the oe the fre few seconds after the lam was ‘Shia signal oat othe remote during tht ine > Press baton T again to disarm the alarm, @Button Functions 3. RPS Car Call Display When disarming. the RPS was ce while the system was armed the te displayed. CALL 4. Function of Shock Alarm the Shock Sensor was triggered while sh system was armed, + When cssring umbers of tines twas wrggered will be displayed, @Button Functions AUTO Mode (ONOFF) ( — essing bution fo 2 se, wil tm on Auta mos, With Ato made. the vehicle wil tnlockidsarm who the rere sting closer, a oem whan ie remot si 1. Automatic dor lock/unfock Function starts Operating dita my dif for eli an diferatenvronments This function works om the following onder: “auto mode "= auto mode 2” “auto mode 3° =9-OFF Pres bution Tota for 2 sec 0 switch othe nex mode. “Auto Mode 1 [Show distance | Icon on, Ao Mode ? | Long distance | kon ‘Ato Mode 3 | Low Autoren 3 supe AUTO mod whiniscnss comeatvely arming samsing na Thesnpemion above cancel ty pes bat Tonce Flashes times 2. When the door i locked f= 12 ddoveremimifatamimineedodo 3. When the door is unlocked ‘e111 beep beep beep beep Note b Die toning veces ander tomnthee my hea sal aso whch heguen tis heronacsfaremighaay otek anichaccnagh oud. yar rete witha sath 9m wl pst ams same. To avd stn teylasing your mnie ray me ee > At nk wild your er tty fer ha > ener an tempers deren wile hope dan of Autom @Button Functions AUX Mode Entry ON/OFF) | (H+ (| — ‘As youenter AUX mod, th GHD ion willbe played fan afin channel isnot tiered within 0 sec, Aux tne wl cancelled, An aiiy chanel ean be po ‘Setmed fora pulse, ache or tina ach oulpe. Youcen use the to ope o dose finde tm on Hight active Bowed eats, acter furs, ene follow ima 1.AUX 1 (optional) * Aftrontering AUX mode, AUX I ouput willbe triggered if bution Is presse fie0.5 1 While opeating AUX 1, the em congo! vl lindicate thst AUX 1 i pertig Flashes Sines 2. AUX 2 (optional) Averenesing ALIX mode, AUX ouput willbe triggered funon IE peessod fort5 we «# While operating AUX 2 the emote contol inde that AUX open Be terone Flashes Sues Note > Options that utilize auxiliary outputs generally cost extra for installation Xe ri ® Button Functions conor) @ = Remote Sta The vehicle will start an run fora prest tne if bution Ts presse for 2 se. I The emaining time i Orin, | ans0 see # Vehicle wil beamed Gi uname befor star) by sting the signa rm remote # If the vel aso start, a secon and thin temp wll be # Remote Sart will tn fr the presets (10, 25,2 Sin. Ibo Mis ved ain Fr? se, Rem Stat wl ht of 4 The reme srt nnning wil enti fr Ose aera dor opens. The cr key neal 1 bein Onion within the 20 seams. «After the veiekhis been remot sated, he renainng rintime willbe splay he timer gos | mint, he remote wll wae your with (Dep) that the vehi is ‘Remote sang should be avoid while people a insie the wehide Caution! + You wll eed tum the key tothe ON positon in nie : thie the vehicle Tuming the key past the ON pasion could case damage othe Veber, lension of Remote Start Timer + Daring the running tine, if you press buon I fo es ee sr i em 2. Remote Start Display ta i on i anactean “Star wil scroll arons the srcen nce athe timer Wil be vese to ot fr dilferen hereon show the preset time ‘The remaining sunime wil lashes Sines @putton Functions ‘Trunk Release (i) — Te unk wil be openedunicked, if bation IITs pressed for more than 2 se. I Thala so, il dst and unisk te doors 2s well Flashes times «Ifthe vehicle has ot trunk actuator, may be conve ent racist in Valet mde ou are ping tobe inthe rank doing work for an extended period of tie «Iria Sch tk release ta cable tye ae ot electric, esta installation ach ell berate! to make the remote tank cease fnetona se OvPechicies with tank acta, the Wn i opened more than 20sec. le the vehicle remove state, the emote start wil be cancelled and the elite wil shutoff Note > trunk sensor is installed in manual transmission vehicle, opening teunk wil ence the remose stat reservation > Intallation a trunk open sensor or conneetion ofthe senso wie will enorally eos ext as is an optional feature @putton Functions Query Function ttouton TV is resed foe 0.5 seth rman vehicle wll respond with tpatchirs and parking it les o port the statusof the vehicle Divivon Cortnpation | Remote Cntr Operation ‘med Rema Stat OFF Peep ep Beep Beep Diamed Rennie San OFF | eepP=y hep liccp “Amed Remae SiON | _rPeep ReepPecp _[/ Deep Beep Bp Beep Resp Bo] Dram Reme Sat ON | ReepPepPeepPep | Beep Brey Bop Be |. Whenarmet The tn of dor lek, shockand Cx Ci 2. When dsarel: ‘The on of unlock Maes Doo wil 3. Cars tnloor Temperature Indication * Samal tempers of veto wil be indicat with ors ante wane inlcaed is the tempera of whew asensor is hots tha iemperture sensor does’ texist, PAIL will be nat) « Ttemperaine sensor canbe lose in aspeific locaton per ausomer 5 Teaent by sing the extended cable if eed. (OpHOn) 4. Car's Battery Voltage Check. + ritchie fe conditonsa aca, the batery vitae acarcan be checked with the numbaritalVbton is pressed fr 0,8econd, once 5. Reane Control Battery Check + ethecking thc vege of acar, the ery voltae of rant contol canbe ‘Mec withthe number, aL Vbution is pressed fo OS second,ones. ah opered. The mena will change from “indoor temperature check =" tery voltae check” UF iheremalpder of remote contol batery che inorder. if TV button i presed Note > These functions shouldbe operted within ransmitingandreeciving ange ofthe vei aaracican @putton Functions Panic Mode (W —t Iaiton IV ished forme han 4 see, Pac mode wil be inated. The ders wil seein pading igh ell lsh and the sien wil play for 1 min, and 30 sce PANIC" wil scroll acs the remote srcen for 0s seconds seconds, pani | Se «tn operating velFemenpen, remote contol wl be tes ofin he ase of mt Wap, vi dng set emegeey. sien wil opemtefor | min. 3c; in theese of cr i Mode Canceling & Bote > Youucan use this featur w draw tentiontoyou and your vicki you are ttackat roles threaten Siren ChirpON/OFF (D+ @ By presing boas + Ufor0 sea te same ime the siten hry om the vb aesevhc med To unute the scchis, pres butonsT + far 05sec sain. Exception The sire wl stil play in hese tations: Tac aber is iggy opening the rank ora door The aneawill sl fe se the ler tigger via the shock sensoe Panic modeisacivated @Button Functions Vale Mode on/OFF (+ etvate Valet made by pressing butons 1+ Hor 0.5 sc. atthe same time, (Valet peti Vas be activated withthe ignition key as well sx page 36) Val mode tpt the system to sleep and almost all fonction wil be disabled: Remote reeeeioch code unkxk, remote option pmgrarning andthe query fancticn will siloperate “e When he syste is in Valet mode, he alam isnot esiveseven sent doa’ locked. Any srt oF an il pts hat ave boon insalled wl ke diated well {\ Warning! 1. Valet Mode OFF Syren potons ETI for 0.5 soc atthe same tne agin will um Vat msds (OFT, hich tors all fnctonstothe emote 2, Nalet Mode Display ‘The only fnction available wil be 1 Button! fr 0 see. dockndoek) Butt I HE for0 Sse, (Ver FF) 5. Bunont¥ fr 0S sec. (Query Funan) 4 Buon IH double press (EL Lamp ON) 5 Bumonsi + for? se. Remote Sa-Up) «Tray other tions ae aed, the remot wll beep the ines and "SLEEP thiol across escent india thatthe system isin Valet mode ‘stfyouloan your vehiclew someone whois not faniler ‘wah this CompeStar sys, you my want 0 we ‘Vet made to oid any problems they might have by ‘ese activating Vanious fests. {\ Warning! oy Reta Users ud @Button Functions Shock Senor ONOFF @-+@ — + To tum off he shock soso, pres butions 4M for? ase +The shock sensor ume oft the |) Jicon splayed onthe LCD ofthe + This mode is useful ifyou wil te parked ina loudor high afi aren sucha ‘itp. Turing the sock Senor val help prevent se slams Drive Lock (Ignition control door lock) ON/OFF ()-+ @ Drivelock cca“ Q&8 1 will be displayed on remote control by pressing HAV butions fr 0.5 see a he same tine, and the dacs willbe locke in 30 seconds er ignition i tre on 1. DriveLoxk OFF * Daive lock ill be OFF, and dive lock con wil be trned fain by pressing HAV butions r0.5 sea the same time + Diive Lock function isnt ative door opens within 30 sexonds afte igion is tune don «adoorisopenvhen the vehicle i stra with hey, ‘+ Doors wil be unlocked when inition is ume doFE (Seepage 39 forthe proce in seing up orcarceling th soption @Button Functions Passive Arming ON/OFF (@) + Gt Psive Anning, which wil ok/amn he veicle i itis disarmed, ater see, can be lwmed ON by pressing butions I+ atthe same tine, it eprstes wader te fol conditions, 1 After emote start eservition is comple Be epome na manual wansmisson vehicle “Tn the case of tuo fincion ON, arth door supen and clonal Tolling the rem of Key 1. Passive Arming OFF + To tum off Passive Arming, pres buttons IS EL tons a the samedi for 0 Sec. The sien will beep twice andthe parkig igh wil fh }\ Caution! Passive ArmingisON, the doors willbe bxked automaticaly. the emote shuld taken with you ‘hen you lve the vehicle so thi tdbes nt ao ocd inside you wil be saying in the vice foramen etod of ime witwoutthe engine runing. you sould {urn Passive Arming of Sota docs not Become 4 @Button Functions Timer Start Reservation ONOF! d+@ Timer srt servation is atvted ty pressing button I+ TVat the seine Far 0.5 see if imer ns been setup. Once activated the vehi wil str by lla preset time inevery 28 hours (Seepage 3¢-Timer Start Set-Up) Fy tpn Yu a "1 ei lashes 5 times However, for amamal tansnision vice, themote tart reservation isrequzad forth faretion to work 1. Timer Start Reservation Toturn ef Timer Sturt press batons HA+TV ttons a the sam tne for 0.5 se, ‘The sien wll beeptwice ant the pasking lights wil Mash, Note > The timer sa reservation and wibo mode unctons ate nor fom the Faery. (sce page 3) these pions mist be tm on bere se @sutton Functions Parking Timer ONOFF [(@ +0] — |. Parking Timer + The Packing Timer can be usedtomenitr the tine passa while divingor ting parked 2. Parking Timer Set-up * By pessingbuttons I+ IVb more than sec atthe sane tne, he pking timer sub set up and the remote wil beep. 3. Parking Timer Display * Aller stuting the puking timer, the spay wil alta between the present time (Coe se: )and the parking timer for see) The parking time Wills shows on eth «minute “0-B(ane eth f 60s + The macimum display ime ofthe puking timers 99 hours 59min, PRN) Coxsive ir 2 seaming with 2minand30 sce tas pase. 4. Parking Timer Release * Pking imer wil be tuna off wih chip fromthe emt, batons essed be moe than 2sec while he parking ners on, Turbo Function ON/OFF (H) + ( Tub funtion canbe turned on by pesing batons TIE+V forO5 sce, With Turbo mode ave, the vehicle wil say euming ferthe Keys bean moved from the ignition * Inthe case that Key is removed andthe doors teckd, wakeup will inti or tubo function sap tne, however, tar whow to arming function's ON will bosmmeditely lost ‘Inthe case that turbo opetingtime i sep fo | in, wakeup will maintain foc a lef Key removed, but the dor unlockedodkad doesnt work. + To sep the while fom runing a the Turbo Timer, pesto I for mor than 2 se-(In theca of amantal wnsmission vehicle reme sa reeraton willbe maitsine.) te B @sutton Functions + Inthe case the dors unlsked inthe middle of turbocopemting.eng me wll shut ‘off in 20 seconds sosming th owner will be ready todevethe vehi 1. Turbo Function OFF Tat Tir wl be tamed witha chip om the romoe, buttons M+ TVare prssa for 0 Se «+ Tyou passing boton IH LV sil engines runing by Turbo Timer both engine an Turbo Move will be tum ff 2. Check Function of Tart Time + Theremaining ime is displayed, and mebo con wil fash ‘Flashes Sines yeEstension futon I formorethan2 se. while trbotimer soperating Wil extn nn tine, as “Turbo Again” scledacrossthe displ Se eg Flashes Sines Note > Aturo timer is sana fr vehicles with ubo changers. After hard se the turbo hotsing wil be very hot lowing the vehicle ile fora few rites wl yee now ol ough he tbo wit ook, > Tuto Function wos diferctly with LPG option vhicks ‘Warning! Since engine sranning whut key with this Turbo Mode the should make sure th the vil’ = gar nner @Button Functions Car Finder Mode (J Dostie Tap Usethis funtion fits not easy tind your vice ina crow ded pase sah 3 pking lovee A Pei [You a Fe wo Fond | 1. Car Flader Mode Activation “Tap bution IV twice toacvatethis mode. The rene wll sound ateep. In the case ‘of communication failure, “PAIL” willbe dspayedand Ca Finder mate wiloot beatvted 2. Car Finder Display = The distance btvecn cs shal be indctedwithnumbers 25 to 1) andbeep sounds (105) S>'The farthest distance wil be indcsedhy 25 and I beep andthe nearest will be ‘by Tad Sheep, {3 Gar Hinder Mode Cancollaion * CarFinder mode willbe cancels, al “Cae Find En willbe scrolled across the kp if tton is pressed ora signals sensed ram ex (ie alam gga at call) ELLamp (jj Dowie Tp itis tat wo se the aren becase of 1 light condias, ap buon HEL twie, he EL Lang wil te uedon. CE tame i Cturned on Flashes 5 times @Button Functions Button Hold Funetion ( —2 This foncton prevents aiden Dato preseswhikcarying your remote. 1. Baton Hod Setup + Toast the Buton Hold fuseton, prs bution IV 2 see Thermo will teepand diya “Hol? on the sercen =p | SP ‘Flahes Stes old Cancellation the Button Hb! function, pss baton TV fr? se. again wit tbe Buon Hold fncton is active Thetentewill bes wean the nena anc tions wil enum othe remote 3.Button bold Display + Nonmally, Biton bd operation is ntedon the right side of the semen a an mode by ol fnction wil cancelled yout vate Pa pressing luton IV for B aa a @option Functions Waning of vebiele battery drain W the vee is ocked (ame d) with tilight on the parking lis will fash once a sen wll chip? umes 1200 | (eamaamaggne Trunk Open Sensor With tis sensorinsit and the lar arm the alarm wil be waged if the unk ‘opened. The sien willbe ative andthe parking lights wl ah, tion epson install: Ihe deor stent ope, while the the vehicle will ot stat wit ier the manatee hile came docked Preheating Sensor For remote stating diesel whites. the sytem moniton Wat to stat lights wo prceat theengine Note > Options wil generally cox ext ir ntallation and pats @Set-up and Other Functions Shock Sensor Trigger IF the alam is arm al he shock se mori flowing sequence wil oc: gerd by an impact wo the vei th i“ Tn me oe mu 1G | mee ‘Theft Function (Door, trunk, oF hood trigger.) If the alarm is anned andthe door, nk, or bod is opened the lowing sequence willoos yep ‘Rete cured; Vbtont indeston 12:00 | \racwewssimes Car Owner Calling Function Ifthe alam is armed andthe RPS funtion is turned on, when a peson koxks on te RRS sana the remote willbe pg al wil ing ike a welepone and vate pm “Hemme conrad: Vibnn/eeone me. laces times @set-up and Other Functions Code Unlock Funetion Ese the four number (1111-9959) a psswont, hy using a RPS sensor, emering thecomec pa ane wll unlock he doors, without er remote contol or Key (CO" should Be woed fora passvord) “Each knock ina set oes obs dane within 1. tof tha 1 ge wl switche next tof knoe + Green LED shouldbe che ch atthe fs kok | Condions for Entering the Parson the Fist Time cher Waking ong "B) =I) Unlocked Open Key On, but Engine FF Note > Ifyou eterthe wrong password moe funtion wl tbe avaiable for 24 hors {The sot wil il pest ring his hour pesiod) » Ht you giveup in themkldlcof entering the pasword will not count towardihe wrongentey coun of. a5 ses within 30 in this naciean ei The pasword shoul be enend under the, “ca contin for ening & paso sex page 29) @REALED tastes st (© Kock as many times asthe fin password umber and then Check to se if thee LED fase (Knock asmany tines asthe fst pan! nomen) @ Kockon the RFS senor 1Otimes AMer the frst set ‘The second, hid, and fouth passwort numbers should be cutee the same as above (Othe passed has fur mabers) © Atercovcie te final set The parking igs sh, Unloding the doors the RPS,the coe must be enter conc, malching To.nlck the doce sing the code you spied intl. Te remote wil be paged and will show atte does have beg unc Set-up and Other Functions In Range Display + In Range Display Methad the remote and vehi ae within operat eof ech ote, the signal Strength will he displayed beside the enterica th re dnay Flashes 5 tines __w 12:08 Battery Save Function When the hater i amost dead and rea ant Batery Seve Mok wil operate [Yat ee + Battery Save Mode Operation Theremnote wil only revive confimaton signs fr baton pent he oer batons wil il function, but they wl mt receive confirmation signals bckteemthe vehi The transmitting power willbe raluced fora cose age operation only 0 @ set-up and Other Functions Time information backup | Wsaes time information rent tne, startup reservation tine an lam ine) inthe sts whew power has no een sppiedto remote a time of replacing tater), Ithe power supplio ain, ies 0 not have w e-aljt thetme information 2. Remote deta set nthe sts when the ne information backups ree ase Jn ner to set p theme ifonnaton bcksp forthe emote, ser eed exec menu ofthe Femoteonce or re Afterusersexcut the ma (23 xed the time information baclap is om aicaly 23. Custions ata tine of epticement cf bees Tnondr to ie the ime inkration ackep function ror fective. pres toa No.of the remnte before and at tine ofthe replacement the batters (cms nication wit he main not ned that tine) Back up move axe ine af Door Open Indicating Function ‘The packing lights wll sho indicate tat the Joris open, (See page 39 eth sec upprocedure forthe main optim) @set-up and other Functions GASILPG) Option Setup burning off gas residue in the oysten + Auto Transmission Car Whikeengine is mning, st ofthe, the gs residue wa burt Activating Tuo Mode willbe &comeniet way of buming off the gas tsidve ‘since engine wll continu rani ike a una sisson vee ite gas ‘ese s bumt of Sec ow as valveand al Then tn ofthe key fer + Manual Transmission Vehicle Tum of the hey fist then shutoff the gas valve. Engine will contin ning uni the gasresiue tsbutn ol Ifyou open and close the door whileengine i il an fing. the wemote vat rsevtion lo ample + Remote Start At remote starts competed, he ignition wire wll continue tobe pera foe "more mnuts (or minute and 20 second if door pens whi engine nin bythe system to makesue the gx reduc s bum ot > In Turbo Mode, ifKey stad OFF bt the GAS valves not shutote hen the engine wil be tuned off minutes without buming of the revue > In uso Mode, the remot will show the engine runing w bum off the as residue @ set-up and Other Functions Remote Start Reservation Mode for Manual Transmission Vehicles Reservation Mode prevents manal tansmisson vehicle from stating in gar ifthe system hs bas installa propery. ‘When key is ued off. the doors will unkck andthe engine will zai uring to 2 minus, Within the 2 minutes, ia door opens then closes, the engine wil shut ot ‘omplating the remote stant reservation “| qm |" con shall be displayed o contin the reservation {baton Ils pressed for more than 2 se, ore the key tuned off and removedtiom the anton, the parking ight wil shad these wil chip one time The ening ill ay sunning for 2 min, even i th Key is taken out ofthe enon Bekre te > min. timer expires, you must get out ofthe vice san shut the da, One the door loses the ergne wll shut off and Reservation mrad has now bean et. The some stat avalabity ico, “T @= fill hedisplived on he remote een, * Tis propa isforthe vehicks hat have apmblen with he Aust Rexervation preeedire Note > Inthe press of Reservation ene stp, thes Kights in the nme slustermay be ON for} se tr the engine ha Bars tened of (This is anormal prcens) > Inthe preessfReservaion mune setup, when the key is remvel, he ABS, light may be ONOFF his 4 noma epcratin, When ts poets inal in ama isin vei, ‘tmusthesetto Mana Tanmisk Mode Ovtconuy i rmurepontle fr ny alex ming hom lee weg ‘tok Auoratie Tension Mee) fra Stow Temaminin veil Customer mtn tn hs wih bier inulr and ceckandtspethyhrsellhrle ‘Aumann hides mstbe chee he sane ‘mune easing the veil asa wih hey. ha the tannin neither “FN AKAGIEAR @Set-up and Other Functions Reservation Made Cancellation in Manual Transmission Vehicles + Aller Reservation Moe Ins boo sot uit wil be ened doors ope «After daving and r moving Keyhe engine wl iy runing for? minus. but ton Ii pressed fr mow than 2 so. during this time, Reversion Male will te ince. + IFValt Modes ON Reservation Mode wll be cael ‘0a the slopes cr muy move, Yousboald note {\ Warning! “ie reservtion mx. . Examination of Remote Wakeup Failure them isa problem roe stating your veh, you will har thee chips fom ‘heremote to indicated hese is yoblem [you £0 othe vehicle and ty an ewor code willbe displayed tough the parking igh ‘The lights will thee times, pau, and then Tash + number of times cpuvsent athe eno ce number, Bsimple for ence coe 4, the paki i the las ets, Twice | Teion Raison times aor open “ines ‘Trunk open Tiles eseration Mocs nots (Mana wensssion vehicles ony Fo te citherthe rik ora @ Set-up and other Functions Seting the Shock Sensor Sensitivity Controling Shock Smo Sensitivity Talus the shock semor seit, lca the shock senso and aj the dion th sensor The ihe the ‘umber onthe di, the higher he scasivity ofthe sensor, (Phe higher the numbers, the more sensitive) sShock Sens sensivity can vty fom vehi to ‘hice for many reson including Woe snd hw it Ismounted, and the sizeof the vehicle. 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(Key Bos) “Thelightsin the inant cist sul tan ofE 8.Steps Lan 2 must be epee foo of tee times wit thre sesonds One this hes Bsn dete alr tam and valetmode wll be ative + Val Mode can oly be umedoff cough the emote (Press butions FTI fr0.5 se. at the sane ime, the ite wl chip andthe king lights wll lash tie) Ke %6 Thy arctic @Menu options SttupofRanate Options (+ Herngthe Main Mena NENU LED The emote can be programed afer pressing bos Hs Mor ten se. fee tn. Baton Contd Method Funetion(Menu) TT Sctepofpresttime | tarcontd | minateeonuor ‘Setup oftimer san hourcontmt | minute cnet Sep of alarm cock i ourconuot_} minute cont Setup kancetbrionot | changebais: ies lar ck function can ehaneetbase ‘caeelation) Schupleanedllation RPS change | Thechinge of usie! Fy 1 emeponing tothe option youat changing wil fh onthe screen, Menu Kod Meth Tact the te programing menu pes batons I Hor mere han? wee aeermate wil ail exk te progming menuif Sse panne ‘baton bing pres —Faneton Seam of Pree time Sapor J Tine Stat Tin Secupat Clock Tine Set-upian cellatonof| Alarm Check Setupicancel Remote Piging Sensor al — Application Nethod [ How @ fie ageg" en tee Aine, ton (wil ete the our ant Mine (D [runon (H vileonrol ean Wow (| he" 6866" ow, TWER” wt $y Ta Aste tat (wc ta wie @ [men vin “Hoar [PT QP.“ TweR “and” 8588 Tan an Jt this time, taton (wit contol the hour, ant vis @ [ae vin an Dien tans |e dil en ra sane,“ Pee - ON/OFF D | Togste th option on andl off with bution (1 Wis etm ct nan tyra op (Die ts cla dpa “on fr an ck sane, “FF fern oe 7 ee ee MStacinoN0rF [i201 tases Click display “on fr alam clack active, “OFF Setpien cl a Srtom | NORE @ | eae en i (om @| & Fe tee Cemtigrade uses @ | 7 ‘change of he enpersture unit wth cite “E /"¢ zs axKleAR @Menu Options Set-up of Main Option (7 +) — g butions 1+ Hor mor i ‘You can acces Option Table 1 by presi ‘Opon)_ Option Nane Option Stings Tet Coed Jen | Rag w] 4-01 | Two Mode off | 200 | 10 a voce | rwen [Oia St 103 | fatme 9/32) igo | asco 300 | sos vo |Srtae | 97 Ml oF Rama Kecuigiit| Ache sos Rosman | game | fPasn niet Reseaton Mead Rute door | PASS Pa iin eter Orns oo ERPS |g eee enter a OFF | on Diesel tae | See | Be 197 \peeaetinc D/tweR | 35 | so 0 Note > The redo are the try dels When yourac hon option mms the oto will bedisayeon the emt ee, 5 ‘tton Functions Once You ate in the Programing Yen Gl rt Ee I v mi v Forse br2S we ‘ a [A (ose Wie05 sc. Ics | byt di noe esi ve re otinsetng|egon ote ma 1. Option Approaching Method Thewrd “Optio wl te scrole on emote serve and herent wil ee if buttons 1+Hare prose for bre tha 2 atthe same ine. The prking lights wl sh and the sie wllchitp once if you have success uly cr the programming mens, 2. Option Move Method “Tomove though the option st. use bn IIT» move up te fst, ad use button WV omve don he Tet. The option sumer and its corepaing con willbe displayad on te eons 3. Option Set. ap Change + Cetbuuoal to chan the settingof the crn! option The curent sting Wile sisplaya on te seen. 4. Applying Options o the Main Controller 1 Nitrsettingal of the options desire, press buon [Vor more than 2.10 apply the changes tthe man cooler. Athi ime communication wih he bn snwoler eve. the prooss is sucessful the word “good willbe splay on de ‘5. Camading the Option Programming Mode * Prosi futons Mbsfore spying te changes tothe main conte wll Cane he emnedeextthe option progam ming mode without saving ay changes. 6, Option Setup Failure * youste natin range ofthe viele wh ya) v0 tans the option hs tte ain control the word “FAIL” wil be displayed on the screen andthe emote will exit the option porary % w Pxample: the remote start runtime o option 1-03 sw bese up as 3 min Pres tutors +I friore than? seconds (The terse wilioee aoa ea Presstuton IV ior 0.5 se (3 times) to, ‘Onton -03) {i oni 3). ashing “1.05 Will dpley fr 1s. aterthe sel ‘ofthe opin. Press ttn 0.5 se. toselst the eting you wishtochange Unthis cae antl 300" is clad Press ttton TV foram than 21 apy the eption ch ‘god shouldbe displays! on remo » Followingthe above metho, see Loptonscan be et wpa the sane time donot need apply the ees afer achoption chang You sn chan ‘he opiom thanapply them ll tothe main emt sace