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Right Vision/Wrong People is a compelling story that sheds light on

the various reasons why your organization may not be producing at
its maximum level, suffering financial loss, experiencing constant
turnovers, and repeated setbacks.

Right Vision/Wrong People exposes the truth about those

embedded in your organization and working behind the scenes that
are disrupting the flow of progress, potential, stability, and fortune
of your organization.

Right Vision /Wrong People teach you the power of Vision and how
it must be placed in the hands of the right people if it is to prosper
and produce longevity. This masterpiece gives you a compass as to
what qualifications to look for when choosing your dream team and
how to empower and equip those you have chosen to carry your
vision upon their shoulders.

Finally, Right Vision/Wrong People explain why America is in

uproar and exploding at the scenes as the people search for truth.
Light has dawned on our nation on the causes of consecutive
failures and yet the truth continues to be averted through political
biases that continue to threaten our constitution. Nevertheless, our
nation continues to cry for justice, equality, integrity, and for bi
partisanship to end such a toxic government. The question we all
must ask is; who is really running our organization?

If you are a Pastor, CEO, leader or entrepreneur with a vision and

desire to take your ministry, business, and organization to a higher
level, this book is a must-have and a must-read!


When you have a burning desire and an extreme passion to pursue

what’s inside of you but lack the means to make it happen, it can
feel like the loneliest and most difficult place in the world to be, but
it doesn’t have to be this way. No one knows this better than
author Bridget Newton, who have carried multiple dreams inside.

Drawing on her own experience, Dr. Newton openly discusses what

it feels like on the inside, how to cope with the complexity of
emotions and what to do with what you are carrying and what you
can achieve if you are willing to take the necessary risks to achieve
your dreams.

In Pursing your Dreams on Zero, Dr. Newton shares her personal

story of small beginnings to great achievements because of her
willingness to pursue her passions and take that quantum leap into
the unknown despite her financial deficiency.

Pursuing your Dreams on Zero, is packed with information about

passion, determination and small beginnings to great achievements,
and testaments of how she has reached back to help those whose
shoes she was once in and now helping them achieve their dreams.

Whether your dream is to quit your 9 to 5, travel around the world,

start a new venture, or earn a six-digit annual income; Pursuing
your Dreams on Zero is the blueprint. In it, Dr. Newton reveals the
essential steps of living the life of your dreams. While equipping us
with the mindset that failure is not an option but an opportunity to
master our visions and live out our passion.


Have you ever been trapped in the valley of decision? Should I go or

should I stay? The unfolding of this heart-wrenching question
becomes the spiritual foundation of this literary masterpiece. The
Fatal Glance places emphasis on “why” Mrs. Lot’s life ended instead
of just emphasizing “how” her life ended in such tragedy.
The Fatal Glance reveals the tragic story of a woman who had it all
but lost it all due to a mistake that cost her everything. Driven by
the lust, inclinations and desires of her past; Mrs. Lot desperately
sought to move away from a place of desecration and soon be
destruction. Physically moving away from the city but mentally
trapped in it, she earnestly fought not to give in to the urge that
was drawing her back to the place she was trying to escape.

Woven throughout the pages are the warnings, dangers, and

consequences of looking back. Dr. Newton admonishes her readers
not to take that fatal glance, because it will be just as detrimental to
your destiny as it was for Mrs. Lot. Whatever you do – DON’T LOOK


Countless individuals are stuck in a place of stagnation and

unfulfillment because of the fear of leaving
the familiar. Enthralled by their environment and comfort zone,
they settle for what is, instead of the possibility of what could be
if only they were willing to transition from where they are to
where they have been called.

In Pursuit of Destiny sheds light on the importance of

breaking free from your comfort zone and moving into your
place of purpose and destiny. Destiny is the place where
purpose meets the demand on your life; it is not just about who
you are, but where you are, and where you are going.

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:10 that Abraham looked for a city
whose builder and maker was God; it was there that he
discovered and experienced his destiny.
If you are willing to leave the familiar, abandon your past, rise
up from your place of comfort, and trust your unknown future
to a known God, you too can experience your wealthy place.
Full of inspiring examples and positive advice, In Pursuit of
Destiny provides both inspiration and motivation needed to help
you make that important decision of stepping out on the
intangible and moving transitioning to your land flowing with
milk and honey.


God given dreams are more than simply images to casually dismiss
as passing moments of inspiration. When the Lord provides
revelation through dreams, it is as just as impactful as audible
instruction. It is therefore imperative that a person understand
when and how God is speaking or has spoken to them though
dreams. Moreover, it is just as important to know what to do when
He speaks this way.

When God wants to show a person his purpose and plan for their
life, He will sometimes reveal it to them in a dream. God often dealt
with men of God and the prophets of old in the form of dreams.
Joseph, Daniel and Ezekiel are just a few of the men whom God
communicated with through dreams.

Also, whenever there is a dream, there will always be an interpreter.

When God gave Nebuchanezzar a dream, he already had Daniel in
place. When he gave the Butler, the Baker, and Pharoah a dream,
he already had Jospeh in place to reveal to them the interpretation.
God is not interested in keeping men in the dark as it relates to
their future and destiny, but wants their understanding to be

Life of a Dreamer empowers individuals to recognize divine dreams,

understand the purpose of dreams, and to cultivate the truths
dreams contain. Skillful and deliberate handling of God-given
dreams, consistently manifests life-changing results, and shows
forth the perfect will of God in a glorious fashion.


Fulfilling the divine will of God for your life is not a luxury, nut a
mandate.With each second that ticks away during our earthly
pilgrimage through time, destiny incessantly beckons unto us to
manifest greatness. But just how many people successfully answer
the call? Better still, how many identify and complete their divine

It is imperative to effectively respond to the call of destiny by

properly and consistently identifying its voice and then taking
meaningful acction to execute God’s perfect will. Doing so, requires
an intimate walk with Jesus Christ not akways embraced by the
masses. Nonetheless, for those who dare to be different and pursue
purpose with radical boldness, the abounding fruit shall produce a
harvest too plentiful to conceive.

Learn to hear the voice of God, redeem the time, and understand
the seasons, by embracing the transforming truths of When Destiny
Calls. Your willingness to answer, and obedience to the call, will
undoubtedly impact the world for generations to come.

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