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408-960-9920 | wenxi2207@gmail.com

EDUCATION COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, School of International and Public Affairs Master of International Affairs, Concentration: Urban and Social Policy Specialization: Technology, Media and Communications

New York August 2017-May 2019

PEKING UNIVERSITY Summer Session, Global Journalism and International Relations Relevant coursework: Journalism, Media and International Relations.


2017 Summer

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies

Los Angeles August 2013-March 2015

Scholarship Recognition Award, Dean’s Honor List. Relevant coursework: International Relations, Public Speaking, Communication,

Acting, Ethnicity and Development.


Exchange Program, Communication, Media, and Film Studies

UCLA International Education Office Scholarship.

Hong Kong August 2014-December 2014

Relevant coursework: Media Writing, Film Studies, Communication.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Transferred from University of California, Irvine Dean’s Honor List, Golden Key International Honor Society.

Irvine August 20 11- August 2013


Master of Ceremony, Social Media Coordinator


Los Angeles September 2016-July 2019

Hosted 2018-2019 Taoli World Dance Final Competition, 2016-2017 Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Final Competition, press conference and award ceremony.

Wrote news articles about Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance and the Overseas Taoli Cup dance competitions.

Edited tweets, articles, and pictures and posted them through social media platform weekly.


Master of Ceremony, Event Coordinator

Los Angeles March 2016-August 2017

Coordinated cultural events and galas. Brainstormed run-through, wrote scripts, publicized events, led rehearsals.

Hosted and been MC for Yang Erche Muna TCL Chinese Theatre Imprint Ceremony, press conference and banquet.

FREELANCE MASTER OF CEREMONY Master of Ceremony, Event Planner

Hosted events including: 2018-2019 Columbia University Chinese New Year Gala. 2017-2018 Taoli World Dance Final Competition 2017 Universe Multicultural Film Festival, “Cross Cultural” Reception Gala, “Screenplay Show Case” Play, Culture Fashion Compe- tition. 2017 China Media Academy Opening Ceremony. 2017 Chinese American Spring Festival Gala. 2016-2017 Overseas Taoli Cup World Dance Competition Final Competition and Award Ceremony. Orange County Chinese New Year’s Celebration Gala. Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce President and Board of Directors Installation Ceremony and New Year Celebration.

September 2012– Present


Guangzhou 2015 Spring- Summer

Reported local news through attending planned events and press conferences.

Facilitated field interviews, and edited raw footage using Premiere Pro.

Conducted research in a variety of topics, evaluated leads to coordinate coverage and compose scripts.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Sichuan Dialect, Shanghai Dialect(listen). Computer: Premiere Pro CC, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Publication: "Traveling in London-Olympics." China Southern Airlines Inflight Magazine • Elite 30 July 2012: 30-31. Print. Dance: Dance Instructor, Dance Soloist, Lead. Chinese Traditional, Chinese Folk.

Trained a group of 20-40 students in dance step and movements and choreographed student performances in local culture festivals and recitals. Directed choreography for Chinese Folk performances during the Spring Festival Celebration.

Performed as a soloist and dance lead during celebrations events and competitions. Speech: Toastmaster International. Leland Speech and Debate Team. Coast National Forensic League State Qualification Expository Speech Contest Finalist. San Jose District English as Second. Language Speech Contest 1st place. Theater: Magic Cube Drama Club, Los Angeles. Lead. Performed the lead role Grace in “Lemon”.