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Academic Qualifications
Course Name College/School Board/University Year of Marks
Passing Obtained
M.Sc. Financial Gokhale Institute of Politics and Gokhale-Deemed 2019 7.3 CGPA
Economics Economics University
B.A. (Hons) Dyal Singh College University of Delhi 2017 63%
12th Class Jaspal Kaur Public School CBSE 2014 92.5%
10th Class Jaspal Kaur Public School CBSE 2012 8.4 CGPA
Academic Achievements/Awards and Accomplishments
 Awarded “certificate” for “All india 9th rank in International Maths Olympiad”. 2014
 Awarded “certificate” for “Best script writer from the British Council” 2014
 Awarded “certificate” for “Member of The Institute of actuaries of India” 2015
 Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, Economics Department, Research Intern Jun-July’18
o A study report on the trend analysis of electricity prices of IEX
o The IEX accounts for only 3% of the total electricity transactions in India. Using time series techniques,
the data was plotted and broken into further components and observed to find out the factors due to which
the exchange market of electricity is still inaccessible.
Academic Projects
 Predicting the Loan Status Jul-Aug’18
o Evaluating the performance of a model that is used to predict if a loan would be granted to loan applicants
given their details in the application form.
o Splitting the data into two sets so as to check the accuracy of the model, identifying problems like bias
variance and applying techniques like Grid Tuning and cross-validation to improve the model
o Checking the Variable importance in Different models so as to solve the business perspective.
 Predicting Boston Housing Prices May- Jun’18
o Evaluated the performance and predictive power of a model that has been trained and tested on data
collected from homes in suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts.
o Split the data into training and testing subsets, identified potential problems such as errors due to bias or
variance or multicollinearity and applied techniques to improve the model such as cross-validation.
o Trained the model using the,” Linear Model”, “Regression Trees”, models and used it to make
predictions on new input data.
 Examining the factors that affect exchange rate of Indian Rupee for the year 1991-2004 Sep’17
o The change in the trend of exchange rates depending on the change in the trends of factors like Inflation
rate, Current Account Deficit and Interest rates.
Positions of Responsibilities
 Hostel Secretary for the GIPE Hostel 2017-present.
 Organising committee for Ecowaves 2015,2016
 Head of the dramatics event of British Council for interschool Dramatics competition 2014
Extra-Curricular Activities/ Social work
 RIO +22 UN sustainable energy for all program: United Nations decade for sustainable energy in
collaboration with IARC’ centre of UN 2015
 Won the Volleyball Interzone tournament. 2014
Other Skills
 Programming Languages: R | Python
 Software: Stata, MS Office, Bloomberg