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Hardware Lab Rubric for Assessing In-Lab Performance

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Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectation Developing Unsatisfactory Score

Criteria (10) (6-9) (2-5) (0-2) (10)

Can identify new ways to set up

Can fully set up the Can setup most of the
Setup of experiment and and implement the experiment
experiment with successful experiment with some Can't set up the experiment
implementation without assistance and with
implementation without implementation without without assistance
(hardware/simulation) detailed understanding of each
assistance assistance

Follows the procedure/deign

Follows most of the
Follow the procedure/design process completely and able to Follow the procedure/design Doesn’t follow the
procedures/design process with
process simply or develop alternate process completely procedure/design process
some errors or omissions
Able to achieve all the desired
Able to achieve all the desired Unable to achieve all the desired
Expermiental results results with new ways to improve Unable to get the results
results results in implementation
Extremely conscious about saftey Observes good laboratory Unsafe lab procedures observed Practice unsafe, risky behaviors in
aspects safety procedures infrequently lab
Able to explain design, Able to explain design,
Unable to explain design and
simulation, implementation and simulation, implementation Able to explain some design and
Viva answer relevant fundamental
fundamental concepts correctly and fundamental concepts relevant fundamental concepts
and provide alternative solutions correctly