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An historical building is considered to be a building or structure that has

some kind of historical value...i.e. people in the present are connected to it
via past events in some way.

Historic site or heritage site is an official location where pieces of political,

military, cultural, or social history have been preserved due to their cultural
heritage value. Historic sites are usually protected by law, and many have
been recognized with the official national historic site status. A historic site
may be any building, landscape, site or structure that is of local, regional, or
national significance.

Environmental history is also the story of human exploitation of the natural
world. It is about the impact of agriculture on soil and landscape,
the history of forests, the effects of hunting and grazing; but also about
the environmental impact of mining, transportation, urbanization and

Building Economics is hugely relevant at the moment, whole life-cycle costs,
running costs and other considerations have given rise to many exciting new
products and methods. Serious concerns for the environment
and sustainability requires an active and dynamic monitoring of
current practice.

My opinion some issues in the design and economics of building.

1) Value for money

2) The structure of building costs
3) Materials: markets and prices
4) Human resources for building
5) Machinery availability
6) Economic aspects of design decisions
7) Relating design choices to building and its management

Environment is also effect building economics it depends energy system

should be energy balance of earth. Building design is also be considered to
solar radiation, wind energy, run of river and reservoir of water supply.

Architecture practice
The Impact of Architecture on the Environment. Ecological aspect refers to
our impact on the environment and surroundings. It can be positive and
negative. The key factors in this aspect are energy, and consumption, water,
air and soil pollution, emission of gases, resource renewal, and climate
change, i.e if we built building in middle east we should also provide A.C
system in our design and it affect our cost on the other hand we make
greenhouse use low quality of A.C.

This type of subject is learning that we built good building in low cost,
building design should be adopted environment, and we should construct
low maintenance cost building. Building is environment friendly, make
design the considered the sun path, wind direction, and availability sources.