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Foreign Trade Policy Special Issue Contents of this Issue

• Crop Loan Interest Subvention
• Additional Interest on Deposit
• Relief Measures-Natural Calamities
• Guarantee fee to CGTMSE
• Relaxation - Branch Opening


• Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20
• Deemed Exports
• Export Promotion Capital Goods
• Export of Gem & Jewellary
DIARY OF EVENTS - Aug, 2015: 9
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2 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015

B ANKING Interest Subvention for Crop Loans the moratorium of 1 year) if the loss is between 33% and
50%. If the crop loss is 50% or more, the restructured
POLICY RBI in its circular dated 13.08.15, informed that Central
period for repayment may be extended to a maximum of
Government approved the implementation of the Interest Subvention Scheme 5 years (including the moratorium period of one year).
for the year 2015-16 for short term crop loans with the following stipulations:
Exposure Norms limit for the Standalone
i) Interest subvention @ 2% pa will be available to Public Sector Banks and
Primary Dealers (SPDs)
Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks (in respect of loans given by their
RBI decided (06.08.15) to increase exposure ceiling lim-
rural and semi-urban branches) on their own funds used for short-term crop
its in respect of single borrower / counterparty from
loans up to Rs.3 lac per farmer provided the banks make available, short term
25% to 50% of latest audited Net Owned Funds (NOF)
credit at the ground level at 7% pa to the farmers. The subvention will be
and in respect of group borrower from 40% to 65% of
calculated on the loan amount from the date of disbursement/drawal to date
latest audited NOF only for investments in AAA rated
of actual repayment of the loan or up to the due date of the loan fixed by the
corporate bonds.
banks whichever is earlier, subject to a maximum period of one year.
The existing norm of exposure ceilings for single bor-
ii) Additional interest subvention @3% pa will be available to the farmers
rower / counterparty and group borrower of 25% and
repaying the loan promptly from the date of disbursement of the crop loan up
40% respectively will continue to apply in respect of
to the actual date of repayment or up to the due date fixed by the bank for
other investments in the corporate bonds.
repayment of crop loan, whichever is earlier, subject to a maximum period of
one year from the date of disbursement. This implies that the farmers paying Suspension of Guarantee Approvals under
promptly would get short term crop loans @4% pa during the year 2015-16. Credit Guarantee Scheme
It is not available for farmers who repay after one year. CGTMSE decided (28.04.15) that no guarantees (includes
iii) To discourage distress sale and to encourage to store the produce in fresh, renewals and enhancements) will be issued to
warehouses against warehouse receipts, the benefit of subvention is avail- member lending institutions (MLIs) which have marked
able to small and marginal farmers having Kisan Credit Card for a further cumulative NPAs (in terms of amount) of 10% or more
period of up to 6 months post-harvest on the same rate as available to crop vis-à-vis the cumulative amount of guarantees issued by
loan against negotiable warehouse receipt for keeping produce in warehouses. the Trust to it. If this NPA level crosses the 12% mark,
iv) To provide relief to farmers affected by natural calamities, the interest the claims of such MLIs will be settled after giving notice
subvention of 2% will continue to be available to banks for the first year on and after thorough scrutiny of each claim.
the restructured amount. Such restructured loans may attract normal rate of Composite Guarantee Fee at differential rates
interest from the second year onwards as per RBI policy. by CGTMSE
Subvention Claims: Claims are to be submitted to RBI as under: As per extant policy of CGTMSE, the composite guarantee
i) In respect of 2% interest subvention, banks are to submit their claims on a fee is being paid upfront, by MLIs as under:
half-yearly basis as at Sept 30, 2015 and March 31, 2016, of which, the latter a) Women, Micro Enterprises and units in North East
needs to be accompanied by the Statutory Auditor’s certificate certifying the Region (includingSikkim) : Up to Rs.5 lac @ 0.75% p.a.
claims for subvention for the entire year ended March 31, 2016 as true and and above Rs.5 lac @ 0.85% p.a. of sanctioned amount.
correct. Any remaining claim pertaining to the disbursements made during the b) Others : 1% p.a. of sanctioned amount.
year 2015-16 and not included in the claim for March 31, 2016, may be For loans above Rs.5 lac, CGTMSE decided (17.04.15) to
consolidated separately and marked as an ‘Additional Claim’ duly audited by charge differential rates of fee on the basis of NPA levels
the Statutory Auditors certifying the correctness. reported by MLIs, for guarantees approved by the Trust
ii) For 3% additional subvention, banks may submit their one-time consoli- on or after October 01, 2015 as under:
dated claims pertaining to the disbursements made during the entire year NPA level Guarantee Fee
2015-16 latest by April 30, 2017, duly audited by the Statutory Auditors 1 Above 20% SR + 100 bps
certifying the correctness. 2 15% - 20% SR + 50 bps
3 12% - 15% SR + 25 bps
Deposits of Army Group Insurance Directorate, Naval Group
4 12% and below SR
Insurance Fund and Air Force Group Insurance Society
5 Below 6% SR - 25 bps @
In terms of extant guidelines (11.09.87), Public Sector Banks can pay addi-
SR = Standard Rate (Existing ASF/AGF prescribed rate).
tional interest of 1.28% p.a. over and above the normal rate of interest NPA level shall be computed as a % of guarantees issued
permissible in terms of directives on interest rates on deposits issued by RBI, on and up to March 31 every year.
only on the term deposits for 2 years and above of Army Group Insurance @ Provided MLI has been obtaining guarantee cover
Directorate (AGID), Naval Group Insurance Fund (NGIF) and Air-Force Group from the Trust for at least 5 complete years.
Insurance Society (AFGIS), provided such deposits are not in any way linked For non-payment of fee by MLI within given period, the
with payment of insurance premia by the bank. guarantee shall not be available to MLI unless the Trust
RBI decided (06.08.15) to withdraw the prescription of offering additional agrees for continuance of guarantee and the lending
interest of 1.28% pa on these deposits. Accordingly, interest rates on such institution pays penal interest on the fee due and unpaid,
deposits should be at par with other deposits of similar maturity and amount. with effect from the due date, at 4% over Bank Rate,
The revised guidelines will be applicable at the time of accepting fresh depos- per annum, or at such rates specified by the Trust from
its or renewal of the existing deposits. In other words, existing term deposits time to time, for the period of delay.
of AGID, NGIF and AFGIS may be continued till maturity. Modifications in the Interest Rate Cap under
Relief Measures in areas affected by Natural Calamities Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) of CGTMSE
Based on Govt. of India notification dated 08.04.15, RBI decided (21.08.15) As per Circular dated Dec 17, 2013 any credit facility
to allow State Level Bankers’ Committees/District Level Consultative Commit- sanctioned by MLIs under CGS, to eligible Borrowers with
tees/banks to take a view on rescheduling of loans if the crop loss is 33% or interest rate more than 4% over its Base Rate (BR) was
more. Banks may allow a max period of repayment of up to 2 years (including made ineligible for coverage under CGS.

(COMPILATION- SAPANDEEP TOOR & MANJOT TOOR, in Sydney, Australia - on the basis of information available on RBI Website)
Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦ 3
CGTMSE decided (15.07.15) to reduce the cap on Interest Rate from up to 4% above
base rate, to up to 2% for loans up to Rs.50 lac and 3% above Base Rate for loans
above Rs. 50 lakh. The interest rate cap could be enhanced to 3% for the entire loans CORRESPONDENCE
if the amount of credit facility up to Rs.50 lac is enhanced to above Rs.50 lac.
The revised guidelines shall be applicable for the credit facilities sanctioned by MLIs on or COURSE
after Sept 01, 2015, including additional term loans for existing credit facilities covered
under CGS. The revised guidelines shall, however, not be applicable for existing working
capital cases already covered under CGS where enhancement and / or renewal takes
place subsequent to Sept 01, 2015. Based on latest trends of IBPS exam. A large
Reporting under FDI Scheme on the e-Biz platform no. of bankers already succeeded by using
To promote the ease of reporting of transactions under FDI, RBI, under the aegis of the the course material. If unable to attend class
e-Biz project of the Government (hosted at National Informatics Centre- NIC) has en- room program, this is the best option.
abled (21.08.15) online filing of the Foreign Currency Transfer of Shares (FCTRS) re- Course Kit : The course kit include:
turns for reporting transfer of shares, convertible debentures, partly paid shares and (a) subject-wise basic study material,
warrants from a person resident in India to a person resident outside India or vice versa. (b) assignment to improve retention
The design of the reporting platform enables the customer to login into the eBiz portal, (c) objective type practice exercise
download the reporting form (FCTRS), complete and then upload the same onto the (d) recalled questions
portal using their digitally signed certificates. ADs banks are required to download the
(e) mock test papers.
completed forms, verify the contents from the available documents and if necessary, call
for additional information from the customer and then upload the same for RBI to Fee : May differ from bank to bank. May be
process and allot the Unique Identification Number (UIN). checked before remittance). Fee to be paid
in advance.
Govt. Business by Agency Banks – Payment of Agency Commission
How to enrol : To enrol, advise (a) name,
RBI clarified (13.08.15) that the following activities do not come under the purview of (b) address for correspondence (c) Email
agency bank business and are not eligible for payment of agency commission. address, (d) bank name, (e) scale for which
a. Furnishing of bank guarantees/security deposits, etc through private sector banks by appearing, (f) phone / Cell number and (f)
government contractors/suppliers, which constitute banking transactions undertaken details of subjects for the exam (relevant
by banks for their customers. course material, other than internal bank
b. Banking business of autonomous/statutory bodies. guidelines shall be sent).
c. Payments of a capital nature such as capital contributions/subsidies/grants made by
governments to cover losses incurred by autonomous/statutory bodies.
d. Prefunded schemes which may be implemented by a Central Govt. Ministry/Depart-
ment (in consultation with CGA) and a State Govt. Department through any bank with- CAIIB/
out reference to RBI.
Relaxations in Branch Authorisation Policy JAIIB
RBI revised (06.08.15) the instructions regarding merger, closure, shifting, part shift-
ing, opening of extension counters and reporting requirements as under: Course is based on exam pattern of IIB&F. A
1. Merger/Closure/ Shifting of branches large no. of candidate have succeeded in all 3
i) Banks may shift, merge or close all branches except rural branches and sole semi- papers in first attempt with our study material.
urban branches at their discretion. Course Kit : The course kit include:
ii) Shifting, merger, or closure of any rural branch as well as a sole semi urban branch (a) subject-wise basic study material,
would require approval of the DCC/DLRC. Banks may ensure that the centre should not (c) objective type practice exercise
be left unbanked.
(d) mock test papers.
iii) Customers should be informed well in time before actual shifting/merger/closure of
the branch. Further, while considering shifting/merger/closure of branches, banks should Fee : Fee differs for different papers. Fee
ensure that they continue to fulfil the role entrusted to these branches under the payable in advance, for which details may be
Government sponsored programmes and DBT Schemes. obtained by calling 01722665623 .
iv) It may further be ensured that branches are shifted/ within the same or to a lesser How to enrol : To enrol, advise name,
population category, i.e., semi urban branches to semi urban or rural centres and rural address for correspondence, eMail id, mobile
branches to other rural centres. phone, bank name, subjects for enrolment.
v) In all such cases, the license, if any was issued, of the merged/closed/shifted branch
may be surrendered to RBI.
2. Part-shifting of Branches: It can be done without seeking prior approval of RBI. The
banking activity, i.e., deposit or loan business cannot be maintained at both places, and
the new location for part shifting would have to be within 1 km of the existing location. DS Institute of Banking
They may also spin off certain activities such as Government business into separate
branches at their discretion.
Office:SCO No.32, Sector 33-D,
3. Opening of Extension Counters: Presently banks can open Extension Counters in the Chandigarh 160 020
premises of institutions where they are the principal bankers, or obtain a NOC from the Phone: 0172-2665623, 09988221167
principal banker. With a view to enabling customer choice and operational freedom, the email - banking121@gmail.com
requirement of being the principal banker for opening of EC is not required.
• www.banking update
update.. com
4 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 BANKING FEATURES
Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 (ii) Payment of excise duties on domestic procurement of
inputs or goods, including capital goods.
The Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), 2015-20, is notified by
(iii) Payment of service tax on procurement of services.
Central Govt., in exercise of powers conferred under
(iv) Payment of Customs Duty and fee.
Section 5 of the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation)
Act, 1992 (No. 22 of 1992). Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS):
Duration of FTP : 2015-20 FTP, incorporating provisions The objective of MEIS is to offset infrastructural
relating to export and import of goods and services, came inefficiencies and associated costs involved in export of
into force w.e.f. 01.04.2015 and shall remain in force up goods/products, which are produced/manufactured in
to 31st March, 2020, unless otherwise specified. All India, especially those having high export intensity,
exports and imports made upto the date of notification employment potential and thereby enhancing India’s
shall, accordingly, be governed by the relevant FTP. export competitiveness.
Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) can, by means Entitlement under MEIS
of a Public Notice, notify Hand Book of Procedures, Exports of notified goods/products with ITC[HS] code, to
including Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms or amendment notified markets, shall be rewarded under MEIS. The basis
thereto, if any, laying down the procedure to be followed of calculation of reward would be on realised FOB value
by an exporter or importer or by any Licensing/Regional of exports in free forex, or on FOB value of exports as
Authority or by any other authority for purposes of given in the Shipping Bills in free forex, whichever is less,
implementing provisions of FT (D&R) Act, the Rules and unless otherwise specified.
the Orders made there under and provisions of FTP. Export of goods through courier or foreign post offices
using e-Commerce :
(i) Exports of goods through courier or foreign post office
No export or import can be made by any person without
using e-commerce, of FOB value up to Rs. 25000 per
obtaining an IEC number unless specifically exempted.
consignment shall be entitled for rewards under MEIS.
Further, only one IEC is permitted against one Permanent
(ii) If the value of exports using e-commerce platform is
Account Number (PAN). If any PAN card holder has more
more than Rs 25000 per consignment then MEIS reward
than one IEC, the extra IECs is disabled.
would be limited to FOB value of Rs.25000 only.
IEC : An IEC is a 10-digit number allotted to a person that
(iii) Such goods can be exported in manual mode through
is mandatory for undertaking any export/import activities.
Foreign Post Offices at New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.
The facility for IEC in electronic form or e-IEC has also
(iv) Export of such goods under Courier Regulations shall
been operationalised.
be allowed manually on pilot basis through Airports at
(a) Application for obtaining IEC can be filed manually and
Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Deptt. of Revenue shall fast
submitting the form in the office of Regional Authority
track the implementation of EDI mode at courier terminals.
(RA) of DGFT. An application for e-IEC may be filed online
Ineligible categories under MEIS.
in ANF 2A, in accordance with Handbook of Procedure on
payment of application fee of Rs. 500/-, to be paid online Exports not eligible for Duty Credit Scrip entitlement:
through net banking or credit/debit card. (i) EOUs / EHTPs / BTPs/ STPs availing direct tax exemption.
(b) When an e-IEC is approved by the competent authority, (ii) Supplies made from DTA units to SEZ units
(iii) Export of imported goods covered under 2.46 of FTP;
applicant is informed through e-mail that a computer
(iv) Exports through trans-shipment, meaning thereby exports that
generated e-IEC is available on the DGFT website. By
are originating in third country but trans-shipped through India;
clicking on “Application Status” after having filled and
(v) Deemed Exports;
submitted the requisite details in “Online IEC Application” (vi) SEZ/EOU/EHTP/BPT/FTWZ products exported through DTA;
webpage, applicant can view and print his e-IEC. (vii) Items restricted or prohibited for export under Schedule-2 of
(c) In case the applicant has digital signature, the Export Policy in ITC (HS), unless notified in Appendix 3B.
application can also be submitted online and no physical (viii) Service Export.
application or document is required. In case the applicant (ix) Red sanders and beach sand.
does not possess digital signature, a print out of the (x) Export products which are subject to Minimum export price or
application filed online duly signed by the applicant has export duty.
to be submitted to the concerned jurisdictional RA, in (xi) Diamond Gold, Silver, Platinum, other precious metal in any
person or by post. form including plain and studded jewellery and other precious and
semi-precious stones.
Exports from India Schemes (xii) Ores and concentrates of all types and in all formations.
There are two schemes for exports of Merchandise and (xiii) Cereals of all types.
Services respectively: (xiv) Sugar of all types and all forms.
(i) Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS). (xv) Crude / petroleum oil and crude / primary and base products of
(ii) Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS). all types and all formulations.
Nature of Rewards under MEIS / SEIS: Duty Credit Scrips (xvi) Export of milk and milk products.
(DCS) are granted as rewards under MEIS and SEIS. DCS (xvii)Export of Meat and Meat Products.
and goods imported / domestically procured against them (xviii)Products wherein precious metal/diamond are used or Articles
are freely transferable. DCS can be used for : which are studded with precious stones.
(i) Payment of Customs Duties for import of inputs or goods. (xix) Exports made by units in FTWZ.

Compilation : Arundeep Toor (Sydney - Australia) (Source RBI Website).

BANKING FEATURES Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦ 5

Deemed Exports Niryat Bandhu - Handholding

As per Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, the Deemed Exports refer to those Scheme for new Exporters / Importers
transactions in which goods supplied do not leave country, and payment As per provisions of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-
for such supplies is received either in Indian rupees or in free foreign 20, DGFT is implementing the Niryat Bandhu
exchange. The objective of Deemed Exports is to provide a level-playing Scheme for mentoring new and potential
field to domestic manufacturers in certain specified cases. exporter on the intricacies of foreign trade
Conditions : Supplies are required to be made directly to the entities through counselling, training and outreach
listed below. Third party supplies are not eligible. Sub-contractors can
Considering the strategic significance of small
make supplies to main contractors, who would make payment to sub-
and medium scale enterprises in the
manufacturing sector and in employment
List of supply of goods treated as Deemed Exports generation, ‘MSME clusters’ have been
Categories of Supply: Supply of goods under following categories (a) to identified, based on the export potential of the
(d) by a manufacturer and under categories (e) to (h) by main / sub- product and the density of industries in the
contractors are regarded as “Deemed Exports”: cluster, for focussed interventions to boost
A. Supply by manufacturer: exports.
Outreach activities shall be organized in a
(a) Supply of goods against Advance Authorisation / Advance Authorisation
structured way with the help of Export
for annual requirement / DFIA;
Promotion Councils as ‘industry partners’ and
(b) Supply of goods to EOU / STP / EHTP / BTP; other willing ‘knowledge partners’ in academia
(c) Supply of capital goods against EPCG Authorisation; and research community to achieve the
(d) Supply of marine freight containers by 100% EOU (Domestic freight objective of Niryat Bandhu Scheme.
containers-manufacturers) provided said containers are exported out of Further, in order to ensure optimum utilization
India within 6 months or such further period as permitted by customs; of resources, efforts would be made to
B. Supply by main / sub-contractor (s): associate all the stakeholders, including
(e) (i) Supply of goods to projects financed by multilateral or bilateral Customs, ECGC, Banks and concerned
Agencies / Funds as notified by Department of Economic Affairs (DEA),
MoF, where legal agreements provide for tender evaluation without Towns of Export Excellence (TEE)
including customs duty. A number of towns have emerged as dynamic
(ii) Supply and installation of goods and equipment (single responsibility of industrial clusters contributing handsomely to
India’s exports. It is necessary to grant
turnkey contracts) to projects financed by multilateral or bilateral
recognition to these industrial clusters with a
Agencies/Funds as notified by Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), MoF,
view to maximize their potential and enable
for which bids have been invited and evaluated on the basis of Delivered them to move up the value chain and also to
Duty Paid (DDP) prices for goods manufactured abroad. tap new markets.
(iii) Supplies covered in this paragraph shall be under International Selected towns producing goods of Rs. 750 cr
Competitive Bidding (ICB) as per procedures of those Agencies / Funds. or more may be notified as TEE, based on
(f) (i) Supply of goods to any project or for any purpose where the Ministry potential for growth in exports. For TEE in
of Finance, permits import of such goods at zero customs duty. Handloom, Handicraft, Agriculture and Fisheries
(ii) Supply of goods required for setting up of a mega power project sector, threshold limit would be Rs.150 cr.
conforming to the threshold generation capacity. The following facilities will be provided to such
(g) Supply of goods to United Nations or International Organisations for
their official use or supplied to the projects financed by them approved (i) Recognized associations of units will be
provided financial assistance under MAI
by Government of India.
scheme, on priority basis, for export promotion
(h) Supply of goods to nuclear power projects provided: projects for marketing, capacity building and
(i) Such goods are required for setting up of any Nuclear Power Project. technological services.
(ii) The project should have a capacity of 440 MW or more. (ii) Common Service Providers in these areas
(iii) A certificate to the effect is required to be issued by an officer not shall be entitled for EPCG scheme.
below the rank of Joint Secretary to Government of India, in Department Mandatory documents for export/
of Atomic Energy. import of goods from/into India
(iv) Tender is invited through National competitive bidding or through ICB. (a)Mandatory documents for export of goods:
Benefits for Deemed Exports : Deemed exports shall be eligible for any / 1. Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
all of following benefits in respect of manufacture and supply of goods, 2. Commercial Invoice cum Packing List
qualifying as deemed exports, subject to terms and conditions: 3. Shipping Bill/Bill of Export
(a) Advance Authorisation / Advance Authorisation for annual requirement (b) Mandatory documents for import of goods:
/ DFIA. 1. Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
(b) Deemed Export Drawback. 2. Commercial Invoice cum Packing List
(c) Refund of terminal excise duty, if exemption is not available. 3. Bill of Entry
6 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 BANKING FEATURES
EOU, EHTP, STP, BTP Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme
Units undertaking to export their entire production of Objective : To facilitate import of capital goods to produce
goods and services (except permissible sales in Domestic quality goods/services to enhance India’s export
Tariff Area-DTA), may be set up under Export Oriented competitiveness.
Unit (EOU) Scheme, Electronics Hardware Technology Park Provisions of the scheme:
(EHTP) Scheme, Software Technology Park (STP) Scheme (a) Scheme allows import of capital goods for pre-
or Bio-Technology Park (BTP) Scheme for manufacture of production, production and post-production, at Zero
goods, rendering of services, development of software, customs duty. The Authorisation holder may also procure
agriculture including bio-technology. Trading units are not Capital Goods from indigenous sources. Capital goods shall
covered under these schemes. include capital goods as defined in foreign trade policy;
Export and Import of Goods (ii) Computer software systems; (iii) Spares, moulds, dies,
(a) An EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit may export all kinds of jigs, fixtures, tools & refractories and spare refractories;
goods and services except items prohibited in ITC (HS). and (iv) catalysts for initial charge + one subsequent charge.
(b) Procurement and supply of export promotion material (b) Import of capital goods for Project Imports notified by
up to a maximum value limit of 1.5% of FOB value of previous CBEC.
years exports shall also be allowed. Second hand capital goods are not permitted.
(c) An EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit may import and / or Validity of Authorisation for import : 18 months from date
procure, from DTA or bonded warehouses in DTA / of issue of Authorisation. Revalidation is not permitted.
international exhibition held in India, without payment of Coverage (a) Manufacturer exporters with or without
duty, all types of goods, including capital goods, required supporting manufacturer(s), merchant exporters tied to
for its activities, provided they are not prohibited items supporting manufacturer(s) and service providers.
of import in the ITC (HS). (b) Service providers designated / certified as a Common
(d) Gems and jewellery EOUs obtaining gold / silver / Service Provider.
platinum from nominated agencies, either on loan basis Actual User Condition : Import shall be subject to Actual
or outright purchase basis shall export gold / silver / User condition till export obligation is completed.
platinum within 90 days from date of release. Export Obligation (EO) : Import shall be subject to EO
(e) Procurement and export of spares / components, upto equivalent to 6 times of duty saved on capital goods, to
5% of FOB value of exports, may be allowed to same be fulfilled in 6 years from date of issue of Authorisation.
consignee / buyer of the export article. Conditions for fulfilment of EO:
Net Foreign Exchange Earnings : These unit shall be
a) EO shall be fulfilled through export of goods
positive net forex earners. NFEE shall be calculated manufactured by him or his supporting manufacturer /
cumulatively in blocks of 5 years, starting from services rendered by him, for which authorisation is
commencement of production. Where a unit is unable to granted.
achieve NFE due to prohibition / restriction imposed on
(b) EO shall be, over and above, the average level of exports
export of any product mentioned in LoP, the 5 year block
achieved in the preceding 3 licensing years for the same
period for calculation of NFE earnings may be suitably
and similar products within the overall EO period including
extended by Board of Approval (BoA). Further, where a
extended period. Such average would be the arithmetic
unit is unable to achieve NFE due to adverse market
mean of export performance in the preceding 3 licensing
condition, 5 year block period for calculation of NFE
years for same and similar products.
earnings may be extended by BOA for a period of upto
(c) In case of indigenous sourcing of Capital Goods, specific
one year, on a case to case basis.
Letter of Permission / Letter of Intent and Legal
EO shall be 25% less.
Undertaking : (a) On approval, a Letter of Permission (LoP) Calculation of Export Obligation: In case of direct imports,
/ Letter of Intent (LoI) shall be issued by DC / designated EO shall be with reference to actual duty saved amount.
officer to the unit. LoP / LoI shall have an initial validity of In case of domestic sourcing, EO shall be reckoned with
2 years to enable the Unit to construct the plant & install reference to notional Customs duties saved on FOR value.
the machinery and by this time the unit should have Incentive for early EO fulfilment: To accelerate exports,
commenced production. Once unit commences in cases where Authorisation holder has fulfilled 75% or
production, LoP / LoI issued shall be valid for a period of more of specific export obligation and 100% of Average
5 years for its activities. This period may be extended Export Obligation till date, if any, in half or less than half
further by DC for a period of 5 years at a time. the original export obligation period specified, remaining
Investment Criteria : Only projects having a minimum export obligation shall be condoned and the Authorisation
investment of Rs. 1 Crore in plant & machinery shall be redeemed by RA concerned.
considered for establishment as EOUs. This shall not apply Reduced EO for Green Technology Products: For such
to existing units, units in Handicrafts / Agriculture / exporters, specific EO shall be 75%. There shall be no
Floriculture / Aquaculture / Animal Husbandry / change in average EO imposed. For units located in
Information Technology, Services, Brass Hardware and Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram,
Handmade jewellery sectors. BOA may allow establishment Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Jammu & Kashmir the specific
of EOUs with a lower investment criteria. EO shall be 25% of the EO. •
Compilation : Sapandeep Toor (in Sydney - Australia) (Source BIS Website).
BANKING FEATURES Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦ 7
Practical Problems based on Banking Ombudsman Decisions
1) In a complaint regarding fraudulent withdrawal through net banking, it was reported eLearning
Study Material
that the complainant was unable to access his a/c as it gave an error message (invalid user
ID /password). When he visited the branch, he learnt that there was an unauthorised
transfer of an aggregate sum of Rs. 315000 to various accounts in branches of the same


bank in different cities and the same had reportedly been withdrawn from those accounts.
The complainant requested for refund of the amount. In their response, the bank alleged
that the complainant might have compromised his internet password. On a scrutiny of
records, it was observed that the KYC norms were not strictly adhered to by the bank. It Features of CDs
was observed that large amounts were withdrawn on the same day on which the amounts • Explanation for each question/answer.
were transferred from the account of the complainant. As such, there was a clear intention • Improve understanding and retention.
to defraud the complainant. There was laxity in controls introduced by the bank with regard • Remove confusions. .
to Internet Banking as well as violation of KYC norms in opening many of the above • Improve time management. Set your own
accounts, which enabled the perpetration of the fraud. The bank had recovered Rs. time during practice.
30,247 and credited back to complainant’s account. BO directed the bank to credit the • Test your preparation before Exam.
residual amount of Rs. 2,84,753 with value date. • Practice on-line without use of internet.
• Questions are shuffled when used again.
2) A housing loan was sanctioned with the interest rate at 2% below PLR of the bank which
• Large no. of questions based on latest
was 12% p.a. Subsequently, the bank rescheduled the loan with interest at 11.50% as
guidelines and memory recalled questions.
against the original rate of interest of 10% (2% below PLR). The bank declined complainant’s
request to reduce the rate of interest to PLR minus 2% as agreed to. The bank stated that Bank Promotion Exam - Rs.300
loan was sanctioned with floating rate of interest @10% (2% below PLR) which was 12%
Bank Promotion Interview - Rs.300
at that time. Then, the customer requested that his loan to be converted to other scheme
with floating rate of interest @10.25%. The loan was rephased at the request of the Banking Ready Recknor - Rs.300
complainant and interest charged was 1.5% below PLR since then. CAIIB (New Syllabus)
The bank was advised to produce proof of request for change of loan to other scheme and • Bank Financial Mgmt - Rs.300
also whether the revised terms were communicated to the complainant when change was • Advanced Bank Mgmt - Rs.300
made. The bank could not produce a proof except an unfilled, undated arrangement letter
signed by the complainant. Revised terms and conditions were also not communicated to • Retail Banking - Rs.300
the complainant. The bank submitted a letter indicating changes in home loan rates. The • Risk Management - Rs.300
statement revealed that the bank was not only changing PLR but also margins, thereby CAIIB (Case Studies)
effecting change in rate of interest on loan unilaterally and against the terms of sanction.
• Advanced Bank Mgmt -Rs.300
Since the loan agreement specifically stated that the rate of interest would be PLR minus
2% and the interest charged by the bank was higher than the bank’s PLR minus 2%, the • Bank Financial Mgmt -Rs.300
bank was directed to rework the entire home loan @PLR minus 2% and refund the excess JAIIB - All three papers Rs.300 (each)
interest charged to the complainant. Economics Mock Test - Rs.150
3) Though the complainant could not get Rs. 1500, he tried to withdraw from ATM of other Book-Keeping Mock Test - Rs.150
bank, his account was debited. He did not get any response from the bank. During the
conciliation meeting, the bank informed that they had raised a charge-back with acquiring
bank. The bank also informed that the amount of Rs. 1,500 was credited to the account of
Online Mock Tests
the complainant after a delay of almost a year. The acquiring bank advised that they had Promotion,CAIIB/JAIIB, log in
paid the amount of Rs. 1,500 to the acquirer bank on the same day it received the Charge nstoorBankingonline.com
Back as the transaction status was unsuccessful.
It was observed that the grievance redressal machinery of acquirer bank was weak in as
much as despite the failure of the transaction being confirmed in time by acquiring bank, it IBPS Bank PO / ClerK Exam
failed to reverse the transaction for a year. Moreover, the bank had not responded to the
BO in time. The bank was therefore directed to pay : (i) compensation to the complainant
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@ Rs. 100 per day after 12 working days after the date of complaint till the date of crediting
the amount to the customer’s account in terms of extant RBI instructions, (ii) interest to the
Anywhere Anytime Learning
complainant @ Bank Rate + 2% from the due date of payment of the penalty amount to the
date of actual payment and (iii) Rs. 3,000/- for expenses relating to follow-up of the
E-Books CDs, Videos
complaint and for not bothering to respond to the BO. Contact 09814 331 661
4) The complainant took a loan against National Saving Certificates worth Rs. 48,000 from
the bank. He paid back the loan with the due interest but the bank did not return the
pledged NSCs. He took up the case with the bank but when the documents were not
returned for about two months without any reason, the complainant approached BO in DS Institute of Banking
April 2011. The bank submitted that the said NSCs were not available and the bank had
contacted the Post Office and initiated the process of issuing duplicate certificates. The Office:SCO No.32, Sector 33-D,
case was closely monitored by BO. In June 2011, the bank submitted that duplicate Chandigarh 160 020
certificates were yet to be issued. To resolve the complaint, the bank credited the maturity Ph: 0172-2665623, 9988221167
value of the NSCs Rs. 56,035 along with interest for delay (Rs. 8,965.50/-) to the email - banking121@gmail.com
complainant’s account.
• www.banking update
update.. com

8 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 BANKING FEATURES

One Person Company (OPC) Export of Gem and Jewellery
OPC introduced by Companies Act, 2013 is a new form of business. Exporters of gems and Jewellery can import / procure
OPC is a hybrid of sole-proprietor and company form of business, duty free input for manufacture of export product.
that enables sole-proprietors to enter into a corporate framework. Eligible Export items:
Features of OPC: (i) Gold jewellery (excluding legal tender coins), containing
1) Only a natural person, who is an Indian citizen and resident in gold of 8 carats and above;
India is eligible to incorporate OPC. He will hold entire shareholding (ii) Silver jewellery (excluding legal tender coins)
of the company. A person can be a shareholder in only one OPC at containing more than 50% silver by weight;
any given time i.e. he cannot have two different OPCs in his name. (iii) Platinum jewellery (excluding legal tender coins)
2) The Shareholder is to nominate another person who shall be- containing more than 50% platinum by weight.
come the shareholders in case of death/incapacity of the original Schemes: The schemes are as follows:
shareholder. Such nominee is to give consent for being appointed
(i) Advance Procurement/ Replenishment of Precious
as the nominee for the sole shareholder. Only a natural person,
Metals from Nominated Agencies
who is an Indian citizen and resident in India can be a nominee. If
the nominee becomes the member of an OPC or is already a mem- (i) Exporter of gold / silver / platinum jewellery and articles
ber of another OPC, he has to decide within 6 months with which thereof including mountings and findings may obtain gold
OPC he shall continue. The nominee can be change any time. / silver / platinum as an input for export product from
3) OPC must have min one Director (Sole Shareholder can be the Nominated Agency, in advance or as replenishment after
Sole Director). The maximum number of directors can be 15. export.
4) OPC is exempted from complying with certain requirements, as (ii) The export are subject to wastage norms/minimum
normally applicable to other private limited Companies, such as: value addition as prescribed in Handbook of Procedures.
a) No requirement to hold annual. Only the resolution shall be (ii) Replenishment Authorisation for Gems
communicated by the member of the company and entered in the (i) Exporter may obtain Replenishment Authorisation from
minutes book and signed and dated by the member and such date Regional Authority against export, which is transferable.
shall be deemed to be the date of meeting. (ii) In case of plain or studded gold / silver / platinum
b) For one-director OPC, for the purposes of holding board meet- jewellery and articles, value of such Authorisation shall
ings, it shall be sufficient compliance if all resolutions required to be
be determined with reference to realisation in excess of
passed by such a company at a board meeting are entered in a
prescribed minimum value addition.
minute book – signed and dated by the member and such date shall
be deemed to have the date of the board meeting for all the (iii) Replenishment Authorisation for Consumables
purposes under Companies Act, 2013. Replenishment authorization for duty free import of
c) Cash Flow in the annual financial statements is not required. consumables equal to 1% to 3% of FOB value of exports of
d) Annual returns can be signed by the Director himself. preceding year, is available on production of Chartered
Accountant Certificate indicating export performance.
1. One person cannot incorporate more than one OPC or become (iv) Advance Authorisation for Precious Metals.
nominee in more than one OPC. (a) Advance Authorisation shall be granted on pre-import
2. Minor cannot shall become member or nominee. basis with ‘Actual User’ condition for duty free import of:
3. OPC cannot be incorporated or converted into a company under (i) Gold of fineness not less than 0.995 and mountings,
Section 8 of the Act. [Company not for Profit]. sockets, frames and findings of 8 carats and above;
4.OPC cannot carry out non-banking Financial Investment activities (ii) Silver of fineness not less than 0.995 and mountings,
including investment in securities of any body corporate. sockets, frames and findings containing more than 50%
5. An OPC can convert voluntarily into any kind of company after 2 silver by weight;
years have expired from the date of incorporation. But where the (iii) Platinum of fineness not less than 0.900 and mountings,
paid up share capital is increased beyond Rs.50 Lakhs or average sockets, frames and findings containing more than 50%
annual turnover during the relevant period exceeds Rs.2 Crores, platinum by weight.
the OPC has to file forms with the ROC for conversion in to a
(b) Advance Authorization carries an export obligation.
Private or Public Company, within a period of 6 months
on breaching the above threshold limits. Value Addition: It would be calculated as under:
6. The words ‘‘One Person Company’’ is required to be mentioned in Value addition = (A - B) / B x 100, where
brackets below the name of such company, wherever its name is A = FOB value of export realised / FOR value of supply
printed, affixed or engraved. received.
Steps for incorporation of an OMC: B = Value of inputs (including domestically procured) such
1. Obtaining a Director Identification Number (DIN) as well as a as gold / silver / platinum content in export product plus
digital signature certificate. admissible wastage along with value of other items. If gold
2. Making application for the name of the company. is obtained on loan basis, value shall include interest
3. Obtaining consent of the nominee in the prescribed forms. paid in free forex to foreign supplier.
4. Filing the consent along with the final incorporation forms with Wastage Norms: Wastage or manufacturing loss for gold /
the Memorandum and Articles and other required documents. silver / platinum jewellery shall be admissible.
5. Obtaining the final incorporation certificate from the register of Duty Free Import Authorisation scheme shall not be available
companies to commence business under the name. for Gems and Jewellery sector.

Compilation : Manjot Kaur Toor (Sydney - Australia) (Source Govt. of India Website).
Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦ 9
• TASK FORCE ON POVERTY ELIMINATION: A High-powered Task-force on Financial
poverty elimination constituted under Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog, Arvind
Panagariya is expected to recommend use of poverty line to compare poverty Events
over time and better understand allocation of resources to the poor. It could its funds in equity or equity-related schemes. EPFO
also suggest better targeting of house-hold subsidies to eliminate poverty proposes capping premature PF withdrawal at
faster. The poverty calculation could be left in the hands of either NITI Aayog 75% of the total deposit with 25% to be paid at
or the National Statistical Commission. the age of 58. At present, subscribers can
• SUPREME COURT RULING ON BOUNCED CHEQUE: (Case-Mainuddin Abdul withdraw the entire amount prematurely by
Sattar vs. Vijay Dalvi) Supreme Court has stated that in case of bounced showing themselves to be “not employed
cheques, it is not necessary to complain specifically against the company if the anywhere” for two months.
managing director is the sole proprietor. It is enough if the MD alone is made • NIIF TO WORK LIKE A SOVEREIGN WEALTH
the accused under the Negotiable Instruments Act. FUND: The proposed Rs.20, 000 Crore National
• GOVT. ALLOWS UNAUDITED ACCOUNTS WITH ROC: The Government Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) is likely
has allowed filing of unaudited accounts of foreign subsidiaries with the to be set up as a trust in which the government
Registrar of Companies. This dispensation will be allowed in case of a foreign will contribute 49% at most, with the rest of the
subsidiary which is not required to get its financial statements audited as per funds coming in from long term investors, pension
legal requirements prevalent in the country of its incorporation, and which funds etc. There could also be an intermediate
does not get its financial statements audited. It has also been clarified that company looking at day-to-day operations. The
unaudited accounts will need to be translated in English if the original accounts NIIF, which may take the role of Sovereign Wealth
are not in English. Fund, is being set up primarily to address the gap
• CBDT RAISES COST INFLATION INDEX: The Central board of Direct Taxes in equity financing of large gestation, commercial
(CBDT) has specified a value for the cost inflation index for 2015-16. Last viable infrastructure projects in the country.
year the index was “1024” and this year it is “1081”. This would mean that According to the State Finance Minister, it will be
there has been a 5.57% rise in the cost inflation index for 2015-16. A cost “operational” by the end of this calendar year.
inflation index helps reduce the inflationary gains, thereby reducing the long- • SEBI EASES DELISTING NORMS: Making
term capital gains tax payout for a tax payer. In 2014-15, the cost inflation delisting norms easier, SEBI said that the
index grew 9.05%. This index is useful for income tax assesses in the promoters either will have to ensure that at least
computation of tax on long-term capital gains (for indexation purposes). 25% of minority shareholders participate in such
• GOVT. MAJOR TURNAROUND ON FDI: In a major turnaround, the a process or can demonstrate that the entire
Government, so far opposing to foreign investments in multi brand retail, has 100% investors have been approached. Sebi’s
decided to allow FPI up to 49% or up to the sectoral cap (whichever is lower) efforts show that a good percentage of minority
through the automatic route. Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) includes shareholders participate in the delisting process.
foreign institutional investments (FII), sub accounts and qualified foreign In case the acquirer or the merchant banker sends
investments (QFI). However, foreign retailers will not be able to have direct the letter of offer to all the shareholders and
management control of an Indian venture. FPI does not provide investors provide a detailed account regarding the status
with the option of management participation. of delivery of offer letter, the same would be
• PM TO LAUNCH NEW BRAND OF HANDLOOM PRODUCTS: A new “India considered deemed compliance under the
Handloom” brand will be launched by the Prime Minister in Chennai to promote provisions of the Delisting Regulations.
handloom products. The government has decided to declare August 7-the • PSBs TO GET Rs.70, 000 CRORE IN FOUR
day of launch of the handloom brand –as National Handloom Day. The handloom YEARS: The Government will infuse Rs.70, 000
weavers who want to adopt the new brand will have to give an application to Crore into public sector banks (PSBs) by 2018-19.
the Textile Commissioner following which officials will hold field visits. Once While Rs.25, 000 Crore each will be given during
officials are satisfied with the quality of products being produced by weavers, 2015-16 and 2016-17 respectively, Rs.10000
they would be allowed to use the brand. The “India Handloom” brand will give Crore each will be given during 2017-18 and 2018-
quality assurance to buyers and they can buy with confidence. Products of 19 respectively. Through capital infusion, the
registered weavers will also be available online. government hopes to revive investment in large
• EPFO TO INVEST IN EQUITIES: Central Provident Fund Commissioner KK projects that are stuck due to various issues. The
Jalan has said that the Employees, provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) will government has also changed its criteria of
invest a part of the retirement fund corpus in the capital market from August allocating money to state-owned lenders on the
6 through Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF). Labour Ministry’s new investment basis of efficiency, at least for this financial year.
pattern for the EPFO allowed it to invest a minimum of 5% and up to 15% of Since the budget had estimated only Rs.7940

Most-used book Banking Problems Practice Sets For Banking infor- For all types of
OUR by bankers 40th & Rationales 12th Mock Tests 14th mation in Hindi bank interviews
(2015) Edn Rs.400 (2012) Edn Rs.300 Edn Rs.225 11th Edn Rs.275 9th Edn Rs.200
10 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 Financial Events
Crore of capital infusion this financial year, the Government sought an Gift Cheques, which will be available for purchase
additional Rs.12, 000 Crore in the supplementary demands for grants. for Rs.351 in bank branches by persons wishing to
• RBI CAUTIONED BANKS ON FUDGING NPA FIGURES: RBI has cautioned gift them to facilitate one year payment premium
the banks that it will penalize the banks for fudging NPA figures and review for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana
debts under the 5/25 plan so that banks do not misuse the avenue for (PMJJBY) and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
hiding stressed assets. The scheme allows lenders to give borrowers 25 (PMSBY) by the recipient. The recipient of the gift
years to repay existing loans with a review every five years.RBI Governor cheques will deposit the instrument in his/her bank
said that the banks are being reprimanded for not coming clean on bad account for a realizable value of Rs.342 (Rs.12 +
loans. He further said that that they also supervise banks and go through Rs.330) to cover one year subscription to PMJJBY
their portfolios to see whether they have declared all the NPAs, they and PMSBY. The balance Rs.9 from the purchase
should. They examine divergences and bank management is hauled up if price will be retained by the issuing bank as a service
there are divergences. charge.
long period for over one and a half years, US finally extended the “Generalised (Case-Baleshwar Dayal vs. Bank of India) The
System of Preferences” (GSP) benefits for Indian exporters retrospectively Supreme Court has ruled in this case that the Debt
from August 2013 that will enable duty-free entry of 3500 product lines. recovery Appellate tribunal under the SARFAESI Act
The USGSP, which expired in July 2013, has been extended with has the power to condone delay in filing petitions.
retrospective effect from August 2013 till December 2017. The GSP is a The debt recovery law provided for only 45 days as
Scheme whereby a wide range of products originating in certain developing limitation while SARFAESI provided for only 30 days.
countries are given preferential access to the American Markets. Preferential But the law are complementary and the debt
treatment is given in the form of reduced or zero rates of customs duties. recovery mechanism is part of the SARFAESI
Government has launched two web portals –“Panchayat Darpan” and • SUPREME COURT VERSION ON “RELATED”
“Samanvay” to monitor progress and implementation of the Sansad Adarsh COMPANIES: The Supreme Court has stated that
Gram Yojana (SAGY) which was launched last October. Panchayat Darpan if two companies have to be declared “Related
identifies 35 indicators through which the impact of SAGY intervention will Persons” for excise purposes, there should be
be monitored, acting as a mirror of the development activities in the model mutuality of interest in the business of each other.
villages envisaged by the programme. Samasnvay will act as a database If there is only “One-way traffic” the two companies
for mapped and compiled information on various gram panchayat activities are not related. The revenue authorities must prove
through schemes undertaken by the central and state governments. As mutuality of interest or two-way traffic.
per the SAGY, MPs from both houses of parliament will develop three adarsh • GOVT. FOR AMENDMENT IN MINIMUM WAGES
gram panchayats by march 2019 with one model village by 2016. ACT: The government has recently increased the
• SEBI FOR MANDATORY CLAUSES ON MUTUAL FUNDS: SEBI has made national floor level minimum wage to Rs.160 per
it mandatory for mutual fund companies to disclose details of their investor day from Rs.137 with effect from July. This
awareness programmes. This comes after SEBI found out that some fund translates into a monthly salary of Rs.4800 for an
houses were using funds earmarked for investor education for business unskilled worker but the Govt. instructions are only
related activities. SEBI is sending its employees undercover to investor advisory and not mandatory for states to follow. As
education workshops to keep a tab on how fund houses organize them. On a result, wages are very low in some states leading
the issue of recovering money from offenders against whom it had initiated to unrest among workers. As such, the government
proceedings. SEBI has started training its officers to deal with such situations wants to amend the Minimum Wages Act 1948 for
instead of recruiting people from other agencies. having uniform policy which would help ensure that
• SEBI FOR STEPS TO CONTROL ALGO TRADING: SEBI tries at multiple workers stick to a job and not switch over in lieu of
options to regulate Algorithmic, or high frequency, trading in the stock different wages.
market. This includes installing a two-queue system which allows trades by • SEBI NOTIFIES “FAST-TRACK” ROUTE FOR
brokers with a co-location advantage (proximity to an exchange server) SHARE SALE: SEBI has notified new norms to boost
and another without. Such a structure allows orders to go into the system fund raising from the market which will provide all
for trading one after another. The other option is to have a lock-in-period listed companies, a “fat-track” route for share sale.
for algorithmic trades. Both options are meant to reduce trading speed. According to the new norms, firms in which public
• FINMIN NOTIFIES RULES ON FOREIGN ACCOUNT TAX ACT: The Finance shareholders own stocks worth Rs.1000 Crore will
Ministry has notified the rules for information reporting under the Foreign now be able to access this route through a follow-
Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The new rules are significant as on public offer (FPO). The listed companies can tap
these also provide reporting timeline for OECD’s Common Reporting Standard this route even without complying to the minimum
(CRS) which India signed on June 3 this year. CRS sets out a standard basis average market value limit, provided they meet
for automatic tax information exchange between member countries (OECD other conditions. Further, they would not be required
and G20) through respective bilateral tax treaties. India is among the few to file any draft offer document for its FPO or rights
countries that have adopted a common approach for implementation of issue.
FATCA and CRS. Most advanced countries have first adopted FATCA and • SUPREME COURT OKAYS AaDHAR WITH
now are adopting CRS. The exchange of information on an automatic basis CONDITIONS: The Supreme Court passed an interim
is likely to begin by end of September 2015. order which clarified that the government shall not
• GOVT. TO LAUNCH SURAKSHA BANDHAN SCHEME: The Government share any personal information received on Aadhar
is going to launch a scheme “Suraksha Bandhan” in the forthcoming Raksha with any person or authority. It shall give wide
Bandhan festival. The drive will be supported through the Jeevan Suraksha publicity through electronic and other media that
Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦ 11

Aadhar is not mandatory. The production of the unique identity shall not be a listing norms for Start-up Units, including e-
condition to get any benefit provided by the government. None shall be denied commerce ventures, on a separate platform of
social welfare benefits such as food and fuel from the public distribution system domestic exchanges. The new norms provide
for not having the card. These interim orders shall prevail till a constitution significant relaxations in disclosure requirements.
bench decides the petitions alleging that the unique identity scheme violates SEBI has relaxed its delisting, take-over and AIF
the right to privacy. regulations. The extensive changes in
• GOVT. EASES NORMS FOR SOFT LOAN SCHEME: The centre decided to regulations would allow such entities to get listed
launch a series of farmer friendly interventions to deal with the challenges of on the separate Institutional Trading Platform of
deficient monsoon. The Govt. has eased the norms for a soft loan scheme the stock exchanges. It is aimed to encourage
worth Rs.6000 Crore for the sugar mills. It has been mandated that banks pass the Indian start-ups and entrepreneurs to remain
on the financial assistance directly to the cane growers after obtaining the list within the country rather than moving abroad
from the mills. The Govt. had earlier mandated that soft loans will be provided for funds.
to only those units which have cleared at least 50% of their outstanding • CORPORATION BANK ROLLS OUT E-PLEDGE
arrears by June 30. the Government has provided one year moratorium on this FINANCE SCHEME: Corporation Bank has
loan and will bear the interest subvention cost to the extent of Rs.600 Crore signed an agreement with NCDEX e-Markets (Ne-
for the said period. MI) and three warehouse service providers for
• NPCI TO ROLL OUT CREDIT CARDS UNDER RuPAY PLATFORM: pledge finance through electronic mode. This
Transaction Powerhouse National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) plans facility will enable farmers and traders to use
entry into the credit card segment by allowing banks to issue them. Banks are their goods or produce stored in the warehouses
already issuing debit cards under the RuPAY Platform and about 190 million of approved warehouse service providers
cards have been issued till date. RuPAY is an Indian domestic card scheme (WSPs) through e-pledge. This is a process by
conceived and launched by the NPCI. It facilitates electronic payments at all any registered member, after depositing
Indian banks and financial institutions and competes with Master Cards and commodities in an Ne-MI-accredited warehouse,
Visa in India. can apply on-line to the bank to get finance
• IRB INFRA FORMS INVETSMENT TRUST TO FLOAT PROJECTS: Road against the electronic holding. The empanelled
Infrastructure Company IRB infrastructure developers announced that it is WSPs act as collateral manager responsible for
forming an infrastructure investment trust (InvIT), under which it will float the commodity’s safety, insurance, deposit and
various infrastructure projects for which it has created special purpose vehicle delivery.
(SPVs). This Trust will raise funds on behalf of the SPVs. This will enable the • GOVT. FOR SETTING UP BANK BOARD
company to increase the borrowing limit from Rs.20, 000 Crore to Rs.36, 000 BUREAU: As a first step towards setting up a
Crore. SEBI last year approved norms for InvITs. This would be the first company bank holding company, the government has
to raise funds through InvITs, subject to shareholder approval. According to announced the setting up of a Bank Board Bureau
SEBI norms, a sponsor of InvITs has to hold 25% stake in the company for a that will be operational from April 1, 2016. The
period of three years. Bureau will replace the Appointment Board of
• RBI PAYS DIVIDEND, HIGHEST EVER IN ITS HISTORY: RBI paid a nearly Banks. The Bureau will engage with the boards
Rs.66, 000 Crore to the Government, the Highest ever in its 80-year history, of various banks to formulate appropriate
and 22% more than it paid last year. On a point-to-point basis, RBI’s dividend strategies for their growth development. It is an
payment to the Government is more than four times in as many years. This interim arrangement towards setting up a Bank
payment can help ease the government’s finances, help meet its fiscal deficit Holding Company. Government holding in PSBs
targets , provide liquidity to the system and also make available funds for the will be transferred into this. Subsequently, the
government’s capital expenditure. company will raise money to provide additional
• GOVT. ANNOUNCED STARTEGY TO REVAMP PS BANKS: The Government capital to banks. The Bureau will take over the
announced a comprehensive seven-pronged strategy to revamp public sector supervisory activities.
banks so that the selection of their chiefs could be transparent, bad debts • SUPREME COURT RULING ON OFFICIAL
reduced and their performance improved. Seven-point strategy called LIQUIDATOR: The Supreme Court has ruled
“Indradhanush” includes streamlining the appointments, setting up of Banks that the official liquidator of a wound up company
Board Bureau (BBB), capitalization, Distressing PSBs, Empowerment, Framework can not exercise any power to adjudicate and
of Accountability and Governance reforms. Further to help the managements determine the claims of statutory corporations
of public sector banks the Government is also considering Employee Stock when the company judge has permitted them to
Ownership Plan (ESOP). stand outside the liquidation proceedings. The
• SEBI NOTIFIES START-UP LISTING NORMS: SEBI has notified a new set of corporations are secured creditors and they can

Bank Fin Mgmt Accounting & Legal Aspects of Principles of

Adv Bank Mgmt Banking/General
Finance 8th Edn Banking 8th Edn Banking 8th Edn
4th Edn Rs.200 4th Edn Rs.175 Awareness

Rs.200 Rs.200 Rs.200

12 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015
pursue their claims under Section 29 of the State Financial norms under the Atal Pension Yojana. Now a subscriber can
Corporations Act on a priority basis. contribute on a quarterly and half yearly basis apart from the
• SBI LAUNCHED ITS MOBILE WALLET “SBI BUDDY”: current monthly provision. The government has also provided some
State Bank of India launched its mobile wallet “SBI Buddy” relaxations in premature withdrawals. Now the account will not be
in collaboration with Accenture and MasterCard. Customers de-activated and closed till the account balance with self-
of SBI as other banks can download the mobile wallet contribution minus the government co-contribution becomes zero
application from Google pay Store and use it. It will also due to deduction of account maintenance charges and fees. Also
allow users among others to send money to registered and the penalty on delayed payment has been simplified to Rs.1 for
new users, send reminders to settle dues, transfer additional contribution of Rs.100 or part thereof for each delayed monthly
cash into accounts of their choice free of cost, recharge payment, instead of different slabs earlier.
and pay bills instantly. The mobile wallet app is available in • FINMIN ISSUES NORMS OF APPOINTMENT OF BANKS’
13 languages. MD&CEO: The Finance Ministry has issued the guidelines for
• ICICI BANK LAUNCHED FULLY AUTOMATED LOCKER selection of MDs and CEOs of remaining Public Sector Banks. As per
FACILITY: ICICI Bank launched its new digital initiative guidelines, existing EDs of nationalized banks, deputy MDs of IDBI
“Smart Vault” which is India’s first Automated Locker facility Bank and MDs of Associate Banks of SBI who have risen from the
with high end robotic technology. This initiative has marked Associate bank Services, with one year of service as ED/DMD/MD
a milestone in Indian Banking Industry because India has and who have two years remaining service are eligible for
now joined a group of countries that have access to the consideration as MD and CEO. The selection will be made by the
unique vault which uses state-of-the-art robotic technology. Appointment Board according to the existing methodology of
In this digital initiative, robotic technology is used to access interaction of the candidates with three panels of the Board. The
the lockers from the safe vault. Customers get to candidates will be rated out of 100 marks with 50 marks to be
conveniently access their lockers at any time of their awarded for Annual performance Appraisal Reports of 5 years and
preference, in the comfort of a secure lounge. 50 marks assigned for performance.
For the first time, in the quarterly performance charts, government constituted AP Shah Committee has recommended
private sector banks outdone PSU counterparts in terms of that foreign portfolio investors (FPI) be granted relief on minimum
net profit., even though private banks command only 20% alternate tax (MAT) even for transactions before April 1, 2015.
market share in terms of deposits and advances against 70 The government is considering the panel’s recommendations. The
% of public sector banks. According to the data for June Finance Act, 2015 prescribed exempting MAT on FIIs or FPIs from
2015, net profit for 15 listed private banks rose 11% to April1, 2015. However the controversy began when tax authorities
Rs.9701 Crore while that of 26 PSU Banks dipped 20% to issued notices to about 100 FPIs with a demand to pay MAT on
Rs.9682 Crore. Provisions for bad loans were four times “Untaxed gains” made by them in the Indian markets over the past
higher for public sector banks at Rs.19, 084 Crore against years.
Rs.4189 Crore for private sector banks. • BANDHAN BANK STARTS FUNCTIONING: It started its
• RBI GIVES LICENCE FOR 11 PAYMENTS BANKS: RBI functioning on 23rd, 14 years after Chandra Shekher Ghosh started
granted Payment Bank licences to 11 firms. They can accept Bandhan Micro Finance Institution (MFI) with three staff members.
demand deposits and hold a balance of up to Rs.1 Lakh per Bandhan will be the fourth bank to be headquartered in the city
individual. They can set up branches, ATMs, and also the first private bank to be based in Kolkata. This is also
correspondents, issue debit cards and offer internet the first bank to come up here after independence. UCO Bank was
banking. They can accept remittances to be sent to multiple the last bank to be started here 72 years ago. Bandhan Bank has
banks or receive remittances from them. They can distribute started with 501 branches in 22 states, 50 ATMs, 1.43 Crore
mutual fund products, insurance products and pension accounts and a loan book of Rs.10, 000 Crore brought forward
products. They can undertake utility bill payments. However from its MFI. The depositors include 75 Lakh MFI customer base,
they can not accept NRI deposits and issue credit cards. almost entirely women.
They can not set up subsidiaries to undertake NBFC • GOVT. TO LAUNCH SMART CITY PROJECT: The Union Govt. is
activities. They will not lend to customers and will have to to launch the Smart City Project on september1. It has asked the
deploy their fund sonly in government papers and bank states and urban bodies to set up Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to
deposits. develop the respective cities into smart cities. In the first phase,
• GOVT. ALLOWED SPECIAL CONCESSIONS TO BIHAR the Govt. will take up 20 cities. The 100 cities that had been enlisted
NEW UNITS: The Finance ministry has notified 21 districts would have to compete to get a slot in the first list. Each of the
in Bihar as “Backward Areas”. The Government has SPVs would be headed by a CEO and would work on the public-
announced special concessions to the manufacturing private partnership model. To make it to the first list of 20 cities,
enterprises set up in such notified areas between April 1, the cities must compete on different parameters such as sanitation,
2015 and March 31, 2020. The units will be entitled to claim credit-worthiness and accountability.
additional depreciation of 35%. This will be over and above • RATING AGENCY MOODY’S CAUTIONS INDIA: Currently,
the usual 15% allowed under the Income Tax Act for plant Moody’s has a Baa3 rating on India with positive outlook. Since
and machinery. Further a manufacturing company will be 2004, it has kept the rating at Baa3, the Lowest Investment Grade,
eligible for 30% (Instead of 15%) investment allowance if a notch above “Junk” status. In its latest report on the economy
the investment in new plant and machinery during April 1, Moody’s has cautioned India that the ratings outlook is likely to
2015 to march 31, 2017 exceeds Rs.25 Crore. return to “Stable” if there is a reversal of the policy reform process,
• GOVT. ALLOWED FLEXIBILITY IN ATAL PENSION if the banking system metrics continue to weaken or if there is a
YOJANA: The Government has allowed the flexibility in the decline in foreign exchange reserves coverage of external debt
and imports.
Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦13


• The undertakings, for whom, the independence of RBI-Moody’s. FOR BANKERS
Government may set up Holding Company-
• The Exchange, which has launched
Loss-making PSUs. Mobile Payments App called XPay Hanbdook of Banking Infor- Rs.400
Wallet- UAE Exchange. mation - 2015, 40th Edi-
• First, out of 6 IIMs to be set up, as promised
tion by N S Toor
by PM, has been inaugurated in-Nagpur.
• The company which has secured a
Guinness Worlds Records after
• The Bank in which Nilesh Shivji Vikamsey Bank Credit Management Rs.300
creating the world’s tallest ice cream
has been appointed as Part-time Chairman- (2014) edition by N S Toor
Federal Bank. cone-Norwegian Ice Cream Co.
Banking Problems /
• The Corporation which has got SEBI’s • The sole convict of 1993 Mumbai blasts Rs.300
Rationals and Situation
approval to enter Mutual Fund Business-hanged to death on his 53rd birthday-
Yakub Memon. Analysis (2015) N S Toor &
Dewan Housing Finance.
Arundeep Toor
• The amount, which the Centre has • India’s “Missile Man” who laid to rest in
sanctioned for Indo-Bangla Rail Link- his hometown Rameshwaram in Model Test Papers for Bank
Tamilnadu- APJ Abdul Kalam. Promotion (2015) N S Toor Rs.225
Rs.1000 Crore.
• The First City to have On-line police• SBI has been fined with $1 million for
Analysis of Balance Sheet Rs.175
verification process for passports- violating anti-money laundering law by-
(2014) N S Toor
Bengaluru. Hong Kong Central Bank.
• The Government has decided to
• The name of historical town Rajahmundary How to Face Bank Inter-
declare August 7 as-National Handloom views? (2015) N S Toor Rs.200
changed to-Rajamahendravaram.
• The place where, while delivering lecture, Bhartiya Banking (Hindi) Rs.275
the former President APJ Abdul Kalam • The Bank, which introduced (2015) N S Toor
expired-IIM Shillong. automated chat facility for customer
with its virtual relationship officer about Model Papers in Hindi N S Rs.150
• The Bank, which has signed $200-m loan
with Asian Development Bank to improve products-Federal Bank Toor
farm efficiency-Axis Bank. • The list of 10 richest Indians compiled Banking Rationals and Prob-
by Bloomberg shows on the Top-
• The Scheme, which the Govt. to launch with lems (Hindi) N S Toor
Mukesh Ambani ($21.9 billion)
mandatory crop insurance-Bhartiya Krishi JAIIB Objective Type
Bima Yojana. • The country which has detained 127
(all books by N S Toor and
• RS Sharma, IT Secretary has been officials from its banking industry for
Arundeep Toor):
appointed as Chairman of-TRAI. their alleged involvement in corruption-
China. • Principles of Banking Rs.200
• The country which leads the Global
Consumer Confidence Index-India (131)• The sector where the banks planning • Accounting and Finance Rs.200
followed by Philippines (121). a common portal to streamline loan for bankers
application and sanctioning process- • Legal Aspects of Banking Rs.200
• Digital Wallet called Citi MasterPass for both
Education Loan
debit and credit cards has been launched CAIIB Objective Type
by-Citi Bank and MasterCard. • The Largest Foreign Portfolio Investor
(all books by N S Toor and
who appears in the 10 top FPIs in India
• New operating System Windows 10 has Arundeep Toor):
–Europacific Growth Fund.
been launched on 29th by-Microsoft. • Adv Bank Management Rs.175
• Second consecutive Best Cooperative
• The prestigious award, which have been Bank Award won by-SVC Bank. • Bank Fin Management. Rs.200
won by Sanjiv Chaturvedi and Anshu Gupta
for 2015-Ramon Magsaysay Award. • The sector in which there is 10-times IBPS Bank PO/ClerK
jump in FDI in 2014-15 as compared to Rs.3000
• The currency notes which the Govt. plans
previous year-Petroleum and Natural • Study Kits
to print 15 Crore annually-Rs.1 • Banking & Financial GK Rs.400
Denomination. • E-Books Rs.1500
• Businessmen with assured financial
• Rating Agency which has cautioned the credentials of which country will be • E-Learning through Video Rs.3000
Govt. against tampering with the given multiple entry business visa up - DVDs covering reasoning
to three years-Pakistan. ability, quantitative aptitude,
Wanted • The temple of India which is the Richest English language, computers
awareness, Banking & gen-
Part Time / Full Time Marketing Agents in the World and owns 20 tonnes gold-
Tirupati Balaji. eral awareness
(an opportunity for retired bankers
and suitable for students) on • The Board whose internet-based diary To order these books, please call
commission basis, in your area for: geographical Information System 0172-2665623 (10 am to 6 pm) on
"BANKING EVENTS UPDATE" Application is First of its kind in India- any working day. OR
If interested, mail details at NDDB. Call Skylark Publications, New Delhi
chandsingh145@gmail.com or call • The city of India which has been (Ph 011 23361966)
14 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 DIARY OF EVENTS
included in the UNESCO’s “Cities of music”-Varanasi.(BSC) fertilizer and oil, is headed by-Bimal Jalan.
• The Park which has been approved as the country’s First Defence Industrial • The county which ranks 10th in terms of carbon dioxide
Park- Kerala’s Ottappalam.(BSC) emissions per person-India.
• The state where a system to detect earthquakes has been installed for the • The country which is among the top three polluting
first time-Uttrakhand.(BSC) countries in the world-India.
• The state where she-bus service exclusively for women has been started- • A committee which was set up by RBI to study Urban
Kerala.(BSC) Cooperative Banks, is headed by-R Gandhi, Deputy
• The Indian scheme which the world bank has ranked as the world’s largest Governor.
public works programme-MGNREGA.(BSC) • The strategy which the Government announced to
• The project, which the Australian Govt. has cancelled to develop one of the revamp the public sector banks-Indradhanush.
World’s largest coal mines-Adani Project. • The country whose lawmakers approved a rescue
• The place where CARE Ratings launched commercial operations of its package of •86 billion to avoid default in payment to
subsidiary CRAF- Mauritius. ECB-Greece.
• The Panel on “Empowerment of Women”, which pitches for more woman • The bank which has lunched India’s First Mobile App
officers in PS Banks is headed by-Bijoy Chakravarty. for opening a bank account- Federal Bank.
• The state govt. which for the first time in the country has banned the catch • The bank which has been awarded “HR Excellence
of juvenile fishes- Kerala Govt. Award”-Bank of Baroda.
• Two web portals which have been launched by Govt. to monitor Sansad • The bank which launched India’s First automated
Adarsh Gram Yojana-Panchayat Darpan and Samanvay. locker facility with high end robotic technology-ICICI
• For the first time in its 64-year history, the organisation which will invest its Bank.
funds in Equity Market-EPFO. • The two regulators whose merger is set to be
• The Regulator which extends licence deadline to February 4,2016-Food formalized on September 28-SEBI-FMC.
Safety Regulator FSSAI. • The Portal which will start organizing virtual job fairs
• The person who tops the world’s tech billionaires list-Microsoft’s Bill Gates to bring job seekers and providers across the country-
($79.6 billion) National Career Counseling Portal.
• The bank which has launched a digital account opening system for start-ups • The Institution for which bank holidays for second
at start-up village in Kochi- HDFC Bank. and fourth Saturday of every month declared by
• The Government has declared August 7 as-National Handloom Day.
• A web-based portal which the Govt. launched for
• AK Saroj bags Gold Award for topping in Tourism Studies from IGNOU who is-
students seeking education loan-Vidya Lakshmi.
Culpable Homicide Prisoner.
• The place which will get the world’s Highest CNG Pump-
• The Commission whose chairman found the calculation and methodology
Rohtang, India.
used for manufacturing segment of GDP as “Perfect”-Pronab Sen Panel.
• The month which marked the Hottest Month in history
• The country which marks 70 years of Nagasaki Bomb Attack-Japan.
since modern record-keeping began in 1880-
• The country whose banks top Global Lenders’ list by total assets-China. July,2015.
• The project for which the govt. has approved Rs.16, 680 Crore for • The place where Bandhan Bank will be the 4th bank to
construction of about 1000 km expressways-NH Upgradation Project. be headquartered and first private bank to be based-
• The bank which launched its digital loan facility and issued the first online Kolkata.
loan-Federal Bank. • After independence the first bank to come up in
• The scheme under which zero-balance accounts have dropped below 50% Kolkata-Bandhan Bank.
due to LPG subsidy transfer in the account-PMJDY. • The Coin which is to be launched on October 2 with
• Activist Monika Shahi was given the passport bearing “Third Gender”-Nepal’s Ashoka Chakra Emblem-India Gold Coin.
First Citizen. • The state which will house World’s largest 750 (MW)
• The country where the independent panel tasked with deciding a potential Solar Power Station in Rewa District- Madhya Pradesh.
“New Flag”-New Zealand. • Second Largest producer of Onions after China -India.
• The place where National Green Tribunal banned “Tree-cutting” in the eco- • The country which has ranked 9th out of 21 countries
sensitive zone –Taj Mahal. on its financial and digital inclusion efforts-India.
• India-born Sunder Pichai has become the Global CEO of-Googles. • The chairman of the 7th Pay Panel to revise pay scales
• Former Indian Premier League (IPL) Commissioner against whom “Red Corner of central government employees-Justice AK Mathur.
Notice” to be issued-Lalit Modi. • The state which launched official Twitter handle of
• The chairman of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing black money- the Legislative Assembly-Delhi.
MB Shah, Supreme Court’s retired Judge. • The oil corporation which has signed MOU to build
• Due to sharp fall in food prices, inflation fell sharply to 3.78%-Consumer Rs.275 Crore Pipeline to Nepal –Indian Oil
price index-based. Corporation.
• The state where the unskilled workers get the Highest wage in the country • The official who will be a teacher for one day on
under MNREGA-Haryana. September 04 on the eve of teachers Day in Delhi
• The commission which is to suggest steps to reduce subsidies on food, School-President Pranab Mukharjee.

Compilation : SP Sharma & Sapandeep Toor Source : Financial Newspapers, Financial News-Magazines & Financial and Institutional Web-sites
Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦15
Govt. of India, to the Public Sector payment of insurance premia by the
Banks (PSBs) and the Private Sector bank.
PAPER Scheduled Commercial Banks (in respect a 1%
Questions on latest RBI Policy of loans given by their rural and semi- b 1.28%
01 As per RBI guidelines, State Level Bankers’ urban branches) on their own funds c 1.5%
Committees/District Level Consultative used for short-term crop loans up to d no additional interest is payable
Committees/banks can consider _____ per farmer, during the FY 2015- 11 To facilitate greater level of participation
rescheduling of short term crop loans if 16: in corporate bonds by Standalone
the crop loss is _____ or more. a Rs.1 lac Primary Dealers RBI exposure ceiling
a 25% b Rs.2 lac limits in respect of single borrower /
b 33% c Rs.3 lac counterparty has been increased by RBI
c 40% d Rs.5 lac to ___ per cent of latest audited Net
d 50% 07 Additional interest subvention @ Owned Funds for investments in AAA
02 While rescheduling the short term crop ______ is available to the farmers rated corporate bonds.
loan in case of crop loss, the banks may repaying the loan promptly from the a 30%
allow a maximum period of repayment of date of disbursement of the crop loan b 40%
up to ____ years (including the up to the actual date of repayment or c 50%
moratorium period of 1 year) if the loss is up to the due date fixed by the bank d 65%
between 33% and 50%. for repayment of crop loan, whichever 12 To facilitate greater level of participation
a one year is earlier, subject to a maximum period in corporate bonds by Standalone
b two years of one year from the date of Primary Dealers RBI exposure ceiling
c three years disbursement, during the FY 2015-16: limits in respect of group borrower has
d five years a 1% been increased by RBI to ___ per cent
03 While rescheduling the short term crop b 2% of latest audited NOF for investments
loan in case of crop loss, the banks may c 3% in AAA rated corporate bonds.
allow a maximum period of repayment of d 4% a 30%
up to ____ years (including the 08 Effective rate of interest for the farmers b 40%
moratorium period of 1 year) if the loss is who pay their crop loans promptly will c 50%
above 50%. be ___ after taking into account, the d 65%
a one year normal interest subvention and 13 In the context of factoring business
b two years additional interest subvention: which can be conducted by commercial
c three years a 1% banks, the term ‘assignee’ represents:
d five years b 2% a the factor in whose favour the
04 The online portal which focuses on c 3% receivables are transferred
improving the business environment in the d 4% b the person who is owner of the
country by enabling fast and efficient 09 Claim for normal subsidy and additional receivables
access to Government-to-Business (G2B) subsidy for prompt payment of short c the person who is liable to the person
services is called: term crop loans are to be lodged by who is owner of the receivable
a e-Governance banks with RBI on: d none of the above
b e-Information a half-yearly basis for normal subvention 14 In the context of factoring business
c e-Biz and yearly for additional subvention which can be conducted by commercial
d e-Communication b yearly basis for normal subvention and banks, the term ‘assignor’ represents:
05 Interest subvention of _____ is available half-yearly for additional subvention a the factor in whose favour the
from Govt. of India, to the Public Sector c half-yearly basis for both receivables are transferred
Banks (PSBs) and the Private Sector d yearly basis for both b the person who is owner of the
Scheduled Commercial Banks (in respect 10 Public Sector Banks can pay additional receivables
of loans given by their rural and semi- interest of ____ per annum over and c the person who is liable to the person
urban branches) on their own funds used above the normal rate of interest who is owner of the receivable
for short-term crop loans during the FY permissible in terms of directives on d none of the above
2015-16: interest rates on fresh deposits on the 15 For the purpose of classification of
a 1% term deposits for two years and above assets and provisioning, the transactions
b 2% of Army Group Insurance Directorate under factoring activity of the banks shall
c 3% (AGID), Naval Group Insurance Fund be treated as:
d 4% (NGIF) and Air-Force Group Insurance a investments in corporate securities
Society (AFGIS), provided such
06 Interest subvention is available from b investment in govt. securities
deposits are not in any way linked with
Disclaimer : We have taken every care to provide information, we believe to be accurate We strongly believe that the subscribers
and reliable and do not assume responsibility of any kind nor shall be liable for losses & are the best consultants, we have. Based
consequence arising from use thereof. Since this information is based on the published on their feed back, we keep on redesigning
reports mostly, correctness or otherwise thereof may be verified by the user with the and restructring this publication. Kindly
original sources, in advance. .......................................................................Editor send your suggestions and views.

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16 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015
c other assets 22 Under ALM, which of the following net d both for letter of credit and bank
d loans and advances cumulative negative mismatches ceiling guarantees issued by the bank.
16 Receivables acquired under factoring as %age of cumulative cash outflows 29 What is the minimum & maximum period
are to be reported by banks in Schedule does not match: for which deposit can be accepted
____ of the Balance Sheet of the banks: a next day bucket – 5% under the scheme Foreign Currency
a other assets Schedule 11 b 2-7 days – 10% Non-Resident?
b investments Schedule 8 c 8–14 days – 15% a 6 months and 12 months
c bills purchased and discounted Schedule d 15-29 days – 25% b 6 months and 36 months
9 23 Which of the following is not a common c 12 months and 24 months
d loans and advances Schedule 10 source of computer virus: d 12 months and 60 months
17 In order to ensure that the bank offering a floppy disk e 24 months and 36 months
factoring services has enough margin b compact disk 30 Your branch receives a garnishee order
to cover any deficiencies in the payment c internet in the name of Mr. Narang. You find that
of the related invoice, it is to be ensured d emails the branch is having following accounts
that the pre-payment amount offered e local area network in which Mr. Narang is associated. Which
by banks for the receivables acquired 24 For which among the following of these would be subject to application
under factoring should not exceed documents, acceptance of the drawee of the order:
______ of the invoice value. of the instrument is required : a fixed deposit receipt relating to another
a 80% b 75% a demand promissory note bank in safe custody
c 70% d 65% b usance promissory note b a locker in his name jointly with his wife
18 A loan up to Rs.50 lac, is eligible for c demand bill of exchange c unavailed limit in a current account
guarantee cover of Credit Guarantee d usance bill of exchange having overdraft
Fund Trust for MSE where the rate of d a saving bank account in the name of
e all the above
interest charged by the member lending his minor daughter under his
institution is up to: 25 The term ‘pass through certificate’ is
used in the context of which of the
a base rate + 1% e none of the above
b base rate + 2% 31 In a letter of credit, which of the
a forfaiting of export bills
c base rate + 3% following is primarily liable:
b factoring of domestic receivables
d base rate + 4% a the confirming bank
c securitisation of receivables
19 A loan up to Rs.50 lac, is eligible for b the reimbursing bank
d dematerilisation of securities
guarantee cover of Credit Guarantee c the issuing bank
Fund Trust for MSE where the rate of e venture capital transactions
d the issuing bank and advising bank
interest charged by the member lending 26 The free reserves in the balance sheet
of a bank, for the purpose of capital 32 Which of the following document is
institution is up to: utilized in CDR system for providing legal
a base rate + 1% adequacy ratio, form part of which of
the following : basis during the period, the proposal is
b base rate + 2% under restructuring, between borrower
a Tier I
c base rate + 3% & lender:
b Tier II
d base rate + 4% a inter-creditor agreement
c Tier III
Recalled Questions b joint deed of hypothecation
d Risk weighted assets
20 Which of the following objectives are c consortium agreement
e Risk free assets
achieved by the calculation of debt d debtor-creditor agreement
service coverage ratio? 27 Popular Bank has a choice to provide
e none of the above
a it indicates the capacity of the firm to finance to one out of the following four
33 Debt-service coverage ratio of a firm is
meet its current liabilities companies, which are equally good on
3.5, which indicates that:
merit. Which of these should get
b it indicates the level of profits it can a the firm will be comfortable in paying in
preference over others:
achieve current liabilities without any difficulty
a debt equity ratio (DER) 3:1 and break-
c it indicates the break even level required b the firm will be comfortable in paying its
even point (BEP) 75% of capacity
to be achieved by the firm long term and current liabilities without
d it indicates the capacity of the firm to any difficulty
b DER 2.5:1 and BEP 80%
service its long term obligation c the firm may find it difficult to repay its
c DER 2.5:1 and BEP 65%
21 What is true with regard to the listing long term liabilities
status of a Global Depository Receipt: d DER 2:1 and BEP 55%
d the firm will find it difficult to repay its
a it is listed like American Depository receipt e DER 2:1 and BEP 50%
current liabilities
b it is listed on a stock exchange in US 28 The term UCPDC is used in the context
e c and d above
only of which of the following:
34 Banking Codes and Standards Board of
a only letter of credit issued by banks
c it is listed on stock exchanges outside India, has been constituted as a :
US b only bank guarantees issued on behalf
a joint stock company
of the customer
d it is listed on stock exchanges in India b trust
c only off-balance sheet exposure
e it can be listed anywhere on the Globe c society
undertaken by the bank
to make it globally operative
Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦17
d partnership firm for the loan advanced by the bank? d person appointed by the court where
35 Purchase transactions by banks in the a the commission which must have been the deceased did not leave a will
context of foreign exchange mean: paid by the bank to the guarantor for e person appointed by the legal heirs to
a converting dollars into rupees having given the guarantee look after the estate of the deceased.
b converting a foreign currency into rupees b the fee which the guarantor must have 44 As per revised criteria in the Foreign
c converting rupees into any foreign received from the borrower Trade Policy 2009-14, the Dollar Diamond
currency c the consideration which the bank Account can be opened for exporters
d converting rupees into pounds received in the form of interest having:
36 Which of the following agreement is d the consideration which the borrower a track record of 2 years and average
prepared in CDR system for providing has received in the form of loan annual turnover of Rs.3 cr.
legal basis amongst the lenders, during 41 On which of the following types of b track record of 3 years and average
the period, the proposal is under liabilities, the Cash Reserve Ratio is annual turnover of Rs.3 cr.
restructuring: applicable: c track record of 2 years and average
a joint deed of hypothecation a Liabilities to the banking system in India annual turnover of Rs.5 cr.
b inter-creditor agreement under clause (d) of the explanation to d track record of 3 years and average
c consortium agreement Section 42(1) of the RBI Act, 1934. annual turnover of Rs.5 cr.
d debtor-creditor agreement b Credit balances in ACU (US$) Accounts. 45 While a banking company can undertake
37 The current ratio of a firm is 1.5:1 and its c Demand and Time Liabilities in respect trading in securities but it cannot trade
tangible net worth Rs.5 lac. If the total of their Offshore Banking Units (OBUs). in goods, under the provision of which
liabilities of the firm are Rs.30 lac and d Liabilities arising out of CBLO of the following:
the debt equity ratio at 3:1, what will be transactions. a RBI Act 1934
amount of current liabilities: 42 Which among the following is not correct b Banking Regulation Act 1949
a Rs.5 lac in connection with the institution of Lok c Indian Contract Act 1872
b Rs.10 lac Adalat: d Companies Act 1956
c Rs.15 lac a its awards are deemed to be decrees of e All the above
d Rs.20 lac the civil courts 46 By following which of the following
e none of the above b its awards are final and binding on all methods, the limitation period of a
the parties document about to become time barred,
38 In the context of computers, the term
DOS represents: c appeal can be made against the awards could be extended?
by deposit of 75% of the amount of a obtaining an acknowledgement of debt
a an utility software
award from the borrower including their agents,
b an application software
d normal Lok Adalat can entertain cases if authorised for that purpose
c input hardware
involving a sum up to Rs.20 lac b by part payment of the debt by the
d output device
e For cases involving sums above Rs.10 borrower or duly constituted attorney
e a system operating software lac, DRT Lok Adalat has the pecuniary c by obtaining fresh set of documents
39 Which among the following committees jurisdiction d by filing the suit in a competent court
is associated with the concept of Capital 43 Which among the following is appropriate
Adequacy Ratio? e a to c above
description of the term ‘Administrator’ 47 Among which of the following categories
a Malegam Committee while dealing with the balances in a letter of credit would be categorised
b SS Tarapore Committee deceased customer’s account? where the stipulated conditions cannot
c Basel Committee a person appointed by the court on the be amended unless the beneficiary, the
d Sodhani Committee basis of the will left by the deceased confirming bank and the opening bank
e Rangarajan Committee b person appointed by the deceased to agree?
40 A term loan of Rs.2 lac is advanced to look after his estate after his death a Restricted letter of credit
Mr. X by Model Bank which is guaranteed c nominee whose authority is confirmed b Without recourse letter of credit
by Mr. Z. What is the valid consideration by the court c Revocable letter of credit
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18 ♦ Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015
d Back to back letter of credit a bills selling rate constitutional validity of the SARFAESI
e Irrevocable letter of credit b bill buying rate Act 2002 was questioned before
48 Which among the following authorities c TT selling rate Supreme Court:
issue an import licence for import of d a or c above a Manchester Chemicals vs ICICI Bank
capital goods 53 A foreign currency which has the b Maheshwar Chemicals vs Union of India
a Controller of Capital Issues tendency of moving quickly from one c Mardia Chemicals vs Union of India
b Reserve Bank of India place to another in keeping with the d Madira Chemicals vs ICICI Bank
c Foreign Investment Board market situations, is called 59 On a fortnightly average basis, call
d Directorate General of Foreign Trade a green back money borrowings outstanding should
e Ministry of Commerce, GOI b strong currency not exceed ____ % of capital funds (i.e.,
49 Your branch receives a cheque for c soft currency sum of Tier I and Tier II capital) in the
payment but the cheque bears the words d hot currency latest audited balance sheet.
order as well as bearer: e scarce currency a 100% b 75%
a it will be treated a bearer cheque and 54 Debtor turn over ratio of a firm has c 50% d 25%
the payment will be made accordingly increased from 5 times to 7 times. This 60 What is the time period of limitation in
b it will be treated ambiguous instrument could be possible due to: case of a saving bank deposit?
and the cheque would be returned a decline in level of creditor a 3 years from date of deposit
c it will be treated as incomplete instrument b increase in amount of sales b 12 years from date of deposit
and will be returned c increase in amount of debtors c 3 years from date of demand by the
d it will be treated as an order cheque and d higher increase in debtors than the depositor for withdrawal
payment will be made accordingly increase in sales d 3 years from date of failure to demand
e none of the above 55 A Laghu Udhami Credit card is issued e limitation not applicable in case of bank
50 'Doubtful above 3 years' category loan, when the borrower has satisfactory track deposits
remains in this category up to a period record of dealings for _____ years: 61 Which of the following is the objective
of: a 2 years b 3 years of enactment of FEMA 1999?
a 1 years c 4 years d 5 years a to replace FERA 1973 as it was not
b 2 year 56 By what name a foreign resident of relevant any more
c 3 years Indian origin is called under the foreign b to facilitate external trade of India and
d uncertain period exchange guidelines: orderly management of forex market
51 Under Free ATM Access Policy of RBI, a person of Indian origin c to ensure that foreign exchange is used
the maximum amount that can be b a foreign national properly
withdrawn by a customer per day / per c Resident Indian d all the above
transaction, from ATM of other bank is d Non-Resident Indian 62 When a cheque is presented bearing a
restricted to : 57 An exporter gets a letter of credit for date as per National Calendar (Saka
a Rs.10000 export of garments to US but the expiry Samvat):
b Rs.5000 date of the credit falls on January 26, a the cheque will be paid if the date can
c Rs.2000 which is a public holiday. In such situation be ascertained as per English calendar
d at discretion of the bank the documents for negotiation can be b the cheque will not be paid if the date
52 Universal Bank is approached by one of submitted to the negotiating bank on: cannot be ascertained as per English
their existing customer to retire an a the succeeding working day calendar
import bill received by the bank for b the succeeding business day c the date will be ascertained as per
collection from a foreign seller, the due c the succeeding banking day Gregorian Calendar to ensure that the
date of which is falling shortly. Which of d the preceding business day cheque has not become stale and cheque
the following rates the bank will apply will be paid if otherwise in order
e the preceding banking day
for this transaction? d discretion of the bank to take a decision
58 In which of the following cases, the
in such cases.
Name:____________________________________________________ 01 b 02 b 03 d 04 c 05 b

06 c 07 c 08 d 09 a 10 d
Address:__________________________________________________ 11 c 12 d 13 a 14 b 15 d
16 c 17 a 18 b 19 c 20 d
21 c 22 d 23 e 24 d 25 c
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31 c 32 d 33 c 34 c 35 b
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51 a 52 a 53 d 54 b 55 b
( Old Subscn No. _______ ) 56 d 57 e 58 c 59 a 60 c
61 b 62 c

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Factoring Services by Banks a receivable acquired under factor- receivables, to avoid double financ-
ing which is not paid within 90 days of ing. Factors must ensure to intimate
RBI has advised (30.07.15) that banks the due date should be treated as the limits sanctioned to the borrower
may carry out the business of factor- non-performing asset (NPA) irrespec- to the concerned banks and details
ing departmentally, without obtaining tive of date of acquiring of the re- of debts factored taking responsibil-
the prior approval of RBI, subject to ceivable by the factor or whether the ity to avoid double financing. This
the following conditions. factoring was carried out on with re- could be cross checked with the cer-
1. Adherence to the provisions of Fac- course basis or non-recourse basis. tificate obtained by banks from bor-
toring Regulation Act, 2011: The busi- The entity on which the exposure was rowers. Other sources, say, informa-
ness of factoring should be under- booked should be shown as NPA and tion available with CERSAI on receiv-
taken in compliance with the statu- provisioning made accordingly. ables assigned may also be considered.
tory provisions under the Factoring 6. Exposure Norms-Single and Group 10. Submission of Credit Information
Regulation Act, 2011. Borrower Limits: The facilities ex- to CICs: If a receivable is overdue, in-
2. Board Approved Policy: Banks may tended by way of factoring services formation regarding the non-payment
formulate a comprehensive factoring would be covered within the overall of dues by the person on whom ex-
services policy with the approval of exposure ceiling. The exposure shall posure was booked should be fur-
their Boards. The policy may specifi- be reckoned as under: nished to the Credit Information Com-
cally address issues pertaining to the a) In case of factoring on with-re- panies (authorized by RBI) as per guide-
various risks associated with this ac- course basis, the exposure would be lines under Credit Information Com-
tivity and put in place suitable risk reckoned on the assignor. panies (Regulation) Act, 2005.
mitigation measures. b) For without-recourse factoring, 11. Engagement of Recovery Agents:
3. Types of Factoring: Factoring ser- the exposure would be reckoned on Engagement of recovery agents as
vices may be provided either with re- the debtor, irrespective of credit risk part of the collection services ren-
course or without recourse or on lim- cover/protection provided, except in dered under factoring should be as
ited recourse basis. cases of international factoring where per existing the guidelines dated
4. Risk Management: Proper and ad- the entire credit risk has been as- 24.04.08.
equate control and reporting mecha- sumed by the import factor.
Establishment of subsidiary or joint
nisms should be put in place before 7. Interest and Fees: Interest charged ventures : Setting up of factor sub-
such business in undertaken. on the amounts granted as pre-pay- sidiaries or investments by banks in
a) In order to ensure that the bank ments will be subject to the guide- factoring companies will be subject
offering factoring services has enough lines on interest rates on advances. to extant guidelines on investments
margin to cover any deficiencies in Any fee charged for various services by banks in subsidiaries and other com-
the payment of the related invoice, rendered under factoring activities panies. Further, investment of a bank
it should be ensured that the pre- will be subject to the guidelines on in the shares of factoring companies
payment amount offered by banks for reasonableness of bank charges. inclusive of its subsidiary carrying on
the receivables acquired under fac- 8. Accounting Treatment and Disclo- factoring business shall not, in the ag-
toring should not exceed 80% of the sure Norms: Receivables acquired gregate, exceed 10% of the paid up
invoice value. under factoring should be treated as capital and reserves of the bank.
b) Banks should carry out a thor- part of advances. Accordingly, these Subsidiaries and JVs of banks, includ-
ough credit appraisal of the debtors may be reported under the head ‘Bills ing the existing ones would be regu-
before entering into any factoring Purchased and Discounted’ in Sched- lated as NBFC-Factors.
arrangement or prior to establishing ule 9 of bank Balance Sheet. A sepa-
lines of credit with the export factor.
c) Factoring services should be ex-
rate disclosure may be made in the
‘Notes’ forming part of the Accounts
Diploma in
tended in respect of invoices which
represent genuine trade transactions.
(Schedule 19 of the Balance Sheet) Banking & Finance
with regard to factoring exposures. It is a desirable qualification for
d) Since under without recourse recruitment of PO or Clerk (as per IBA).
9. Exchange of Information: For the
factoring transactions, the factor is Benefits : Enhanced chances of selection.
purpose of exchange of information,
underwriting the credit risk on the
the assignor will be deemed to be the
• Financial & promotion benefit on joining
debtor, there should be a clearly laid a bank • It is equal to JAIIB. Hence direct
borrower. Banks and factors should exam of CAIIB can be attempted.
down board-approved limit for all such
share information about common bor- • 3 papers (objective-type) can be
underwriting commitments.
rowers. The format in which such in- passed in 2 half-yearly attempts.
5. Classification – Prudential Norms: formation is to be provided may be • No negative marking.
Factoring would be treated on par decided by the banks or Indian Banks’ • Exam conducted half-yearly by IIBF.
with loans and advances and accord- Association. The borrower’s bank may
ingly extant prudential norms on loans • Eligibility is 10+2 pass.
also obtain from the borrower, peri-
and advances would be applicable to odical certificates regarding factored For BEST & EASY STUDY KITS or 40
this activity. It is further clarified that hours E-Learning. Call us 01722665623
Registration RNI No. 67802/98 Postal Regn No.CHD /0001/2015-17
Banking events updatE ♦ September 2015 ♦ 20 Licensed to be Post Without Prepayment at BPO Centre, PO Sector 17, Chandigarh

Status Holders - Star Export Houses DATA COLUMN

As per Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, the Status Holders are business leaders Business of Banks
(Rs.in cr) Apr05'14 Aug07'15
who excelled in international trade and contributed to country’s foreign
Aggregate deposits 6904870 8939240
trade. Cash in hand/RBI 292070 422900
Eligibility : All exporters of goods, services and technology. Investments 2032630 2677660
Bank Credit: 5346380 6671640
Criteria for recognition : Export performance (based on FOB value of export -Food 97970 101450
earnings in free forex) during current and previous two financial years is -Non-Food 5348410 6570190
Cash-Deposit Ratio 4.80 4.73
the criteria for recognition as star export house. For deemed export, FOR Investment-Deposit 30.03 29.96
value of exports (Rupees converted to US$ at rate notified by CBEC, as on Credit-Deposit 77.92 74.63
1st April of each Financial Year), shall be taken into account. The category- Money Stock
wise threshold limits are as under: (Rs.in cr) Mar31'15 Aug07'15
M3 (Out of which) 10575680 10982960
Status category Export performance (FOB/FOR) (a) Currency with public 1386990 1425070
(b) Demand deposits-Banks 896350 898950
One star export house US$ 3 million (c) Time Deposits - Banks 8277750 8657750
Two star export house US$ 25 million (d) Other deposits with RBI 14590 1190
Sources of Money Supply
Three star export house US$ 100 million (a) Net Bank credit to Govt 3006160 3378070
Four star export house US$ 500 million (b) Bank credit to Comrcl sector 7039580 7162720
(c) Net Forex assets of Banks 2250650 2366370
Five star export house US$ 2000 million
Important Banking Indicators
Double weightage : For One Star Export House Status, double weightage Statutory Liquidity Ratio 21.50% (07.02.2015)
Cash Reserve Ratio 04.00% (15.02.2013)
for calculation of export performance is available for grant of status to: Reverse Repo Rate 06.25% (02.06.2015)
(i) Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME). Repo Rate 07.25% (02.06.2015)
MSF Rate 08.25% (02.06.2015)
(ii) Manufacturing units having ISO/BIS. Bank rate 08.25% (02.06.2015)
Base Rate 9.80 - 10.25% (Leading banks)
(iii) Units in North Eastern States /Sikkim and J & K. Federal Reserve (US) rate 1.00%
(iv) Units located in Agri Export Zones. Bank of England Rate 0.50%
European Comm. Bank 0.25%
Other conditions for grant of status
Capital & Money Market Indicators
(a) Export performance is not permitted to be transferred. Hence, Parameter end-Aug15 Aug14
calculation of exports performance based on disclaimer shall not be allowed. Dollar-spot TT (Rs.) 66.14 60.07
BSE - Sensex (points) 26392 26124
(b) Exports made on re-export basis shall not be counted. NSE - Nifty(S&P CNX) 8002 7790
Foreign reserves(Million $) 355354 317850
Privileges of Status Holders Gold /Oz in USD) 1132 1220
(a) Authorisation and Customs Clearances for imports and exports are granted
RBI's growth estimate for 2015-16 : 7.9%
(b) Input-Output norms may be fixed on priority within 60 days by the
GDP growth-2014-15 (revised estimate) : 7.6%
Norms Committee; GDP@constant mkt prices (cr) : 10656925
(c) Exemption from providing Bank Guarantee for FTP Schemes and from GVA@2011-12 basic prices (cr) : 9857672
compulsory negotiation of documents through banks. GDP projected by Govt. for 2015-16 : 14108945
Fiscal Deficit Target (2015-16) 3.9% of GDP : 555649 cr
(d) Two star and above Export houses can establish Export Warehouses as Revenue Deficit Target (2015-16) 2.8.% of GDP : 394472 cr
per Department of Revenue guidelines. Share of service sector in GVA (2014-15) : 52.7%
(e) Three Star and above Export House can get benefit of Accredited Clients Share of manufacturing sector in GVA : 29.7%
Programme as per guidelines of CBEC. Share of agriculture sector in GVA : 17.6%
Wholesale Price Index : -4.5%
(f) They are entitled to preferential treatment and priority in handling of Money Supply (M3) expansion : 12.9%
consignments by the concerned agencies. Exports during 2014-15 : 310.5 bn
(g) Manufacturers who are also status holders (Three Star/Four Star/Five Imports during (2014-15) : 447.5 Bn
Export target - 2015-16 (in $) : 310 bn
Star) will be enabled to self-certify their manufactured goods as originating
India's share in world merchandise export : 1.70%
from India with a view to qualify for preferential treatment under different India's currency rating (S&P) : BB Postv
preferential trading agreements, Free Trade Agreements, Comprehensive India's external debt (Mar 2015) US $ : 476 Bn
Economic Cooperation Agreements and Comprehensive Economic Tax-GDP ratio (2014-15) : 9.93%
Partnership Agreements. Apr- Jul15:Export $ 89.82 bn$ Imports : 134.86 bn
Per capita Income 2014-15 (Rs.) : 88533
(h) Manufacturer exporters who are also Status Holders shall be eligible to
Indian economy's ranking in PPP terms : 3rd
self-certify their goods as originating from India.
Indian economy's ranking in world in value: 10th
(i) They can export freely exportable items on free of cost basis for export
promotion with an annual limit of Rs 10 lakh or 2% of average annual export OUR PUBLICATIONS : REFER PAGE 9,11
realization during preceding 3 licencing years whichever is higher.
• DATE OF DESPATCH - Sept 7 / 10, 2015

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