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Nhã nhạc
Nhã nhạc is a form of Vietnamese court
music. Vietnamese court music is very
diverse, but the term nhã nhạc refers
specifically to the Vietnamese court music
performed from the Trần dynasty of the
13th century to the Nguyễn dynasty at the
end of the 20th century.

Imperial court music

Imperial court music is an integral

entertainment form in the
Vietnamese court during feudal
times. The most outstanding form
of royal music is “refined music” or
“nha nhac”, which is recognized as a
Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible
Heritage by UNESCO

Folk music

Folk music includes traditional folk

music and the genre that evolved
from it during the 20th-century folk
revival. Some types of folk music
may be called world music.



an elaborate musical composition

for full orchestra, typically in four
movements, at least one of which is
traditionally in sonata form.