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Bagalnga, Flores, Catmon, Cebu

S.Y. 2019-2020

Empowerment Technology 11 1st Midterm Exam

Teacher: Mr. Joey D. Bragat Date:

Name: Score:
“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted.” -David Bly

General Instruction: This exam is answerable with the duration of one hour. Please read all questions
carefully and make sure you understand the facts before you begin answering. Test I. Multiple Choice
(10pts.), Test II. Matching Type (15pts.), and Test III. Identification (10pts). Test IV. Essay. (10pts)

Test I. Multiple Choice: Encircle the letter that corresponds to the correct answer.

1. A web page that allows interaction from the user.

a. static c. social
b. dynamic d. comment
2. This refers to the feature where users are able to categorize and locate information through
a. hashtag c. taxonomy
b. folksonomy d. rich user experience
3. A feature of a dynamic website that allows users to put their own content.
a. rich user experience c. user participation
b. long tail d. mass participation
4. It provides a common framework to allow data to be shared and reused across platform,
enterprise, and community boundaries.
a. W3C c. Web 1.0
b. Semantic Web d. Web 2.0
5. According to this magazine, two Philippine cities are part of top 10 in their research about “The
Selfiest Cities around the World.”
a. People c. Reader’s Digest
b. Time d. Candy
6. This is the operating system for blackberry phones.
a. Blackberry OS c. Windows Mobile
b. Symbian d. iOS
7. Pinterest is a social media website that can be classifies as
a. bookmarking site c. microblogging
b. media sharing d. blogs and forums
8. Currently, this is the fastest mobile network.
a. 2G c. 4G
b. 3G d. 5G
9. This media is designed to help people who have visual and reading impairments.
a. assistive c. bookmark
b. social d. accessibility
10. This type of social media website focuses on short updates posted by the user.
a. blogging b. microblogging c. social media d. hashtagging

“May the Passion of Jesus Christ Be Ever In Our Hearts”

Test II. Matching Type: Match Column A with Column B. Write the letter of the correct answer on the
space before each number.


1. virus a. designed to send you advertisement

2. rouge b. sends an official-looking email and is
designed to steal sensitive personal
3. keylogger c. a provision that allows you to use copyrighted
work without consent with certain limitations
4. adware d. a browser feature that is synonymous to
“private” browsing
5. spam e. replicates and can transfer from one computer
to another
6. phishing f. exploits the DNS system
7. fair use g. states that anyone who uses your work
without your consent is punishable by law
8. spyware h. runs in the background and monitors what you
are doing
9. private i. unwanted email mostly from bots
10. malware j. disguised as a useful program but is not
11. incognito k. the information superhighway
12. internet l. tricks the user into posing that it is a security
13. trojan m. a malicious software
14. copyright n. an option to hide a post so that search
engines could not scan it
15. pharming o. used to record the keystrokes done by the

Test III. Write SO if the social media website is a social network, BS for bookmarking site, SN for social
news, MS for media sharing, MI for microblogging, and BF for blog and forums.

1. Facebook 6. Google+
2. Plurk 7. Instagram
3. Twitter 8. Pinterest
4. Tumblr 9. Blogger
5. reddit 10. StumbleUpon

Test IV. Essay. Explain briefly.

1. How would you feel if someone posted something embarrassing about you? What would you do?

“May the Passion of Jesus Christ Be Ever In Our Hearts”