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Name : Farita Nurullita

Class : 2F/D3

NIM/Absen : 1731410006/8

1. Topic : Flood
2. Topic Sentence : Cause and Effect of Flood
3. Outline :
Introduction : Definition of Flood
Causes of Flood : - Illegal logging
- Littering
- High rainfall
Effects of Flood : - Damaged agriculture, plants, or fields
- A lot of casualties (flash floods)

Conclusion : Summary of topics of causes and effects

4. Essay
Flooding is an event that occurs when excessive water flows soak the land. Floods are
caused by the volume of water in a water body such as a river or lake that overflows or
overflows from a dam so that water comes out of the river. In the eyes of the public,
generally the notion of flooding is a negative thing. This is because flooding is always
related to things that are harmful so that it can be called a natural disaster.
There are several causes of flooding, the first is illegal logging. Illegal logging which
makes forests become deforested is one of the causes of flooding. This is because, tree
roots have a function to absorb water. Therefore, if many trees are lost, floods will easily
Littering, waste that is carelessly dumped in the river makes the flow clogged and
consequently the river water will overflow resulting in a flood that can harm the
community because it has a negative impact on people's lives.
Then, high rainfall. The cause of the flood was caused by weather conditions. If there are
areas that have high rainfall and are protracted for long periods of time, there is a high risk
of flooding especially if they are in the lowlands. and there are many more causes of
flooding, namely low-lying areas, broken dams, tsunamis, land that cannot absorb water.
if there is a cause there must be a result. the consequences of flooding must be very
much, one of which is damage to crops or agriculture. flooding can cause damage to
plants. water overflows from large floods causes the soil to be unable to absorb water or
stagnant water. and other examples of flooding can cause many casualties. if there is a
flash flood, there are often victims in the disaster
From the statement above it can be concluded that things that are causes or
consequences of floods, are caused by human actions or can be pure disasters that come
from God. and every rainy season there must be some vulnerable areas or frequent
flooding due to several causes above

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