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Packing Moving Service facilitator

People are always going to move, and especially in today's economy where jobs are not
as permanent as it used to be. Moving is always a pain, and many people hire the entire
packing process out. Want to have a steady stream of clients? Partner with a local
moving service that will refer new clients to you. You could also help people moving into
new homes by packing and/or transporting their belongings. As such, the demand for
moving companies remains strong in any economic climate. Even during times of
economic recession, moving companies are generally able to remain profitable as
people relocate for new jobs and better jobs elsewhere. The gross margins generated
from moving companies are considered relatively high. The biggest underlying cost and
the biggest underlying volatile pricing factor is the price of energy. The barriers to entry
for new market moving company are moderate. Most importantly, these businesses
need to own or lease the appropriate transportation equipment and have the
appropriate licensure in place in order to provide these services to the general public.
Most moving companies are able to launch their operations with a capital base of
$10,000-$30,000. Most banks and financial institutions look to place money with moving
companies especially if they are going to be purchasing their trucks with debt capital or
in the form of a lease. Given that these are highly tangible assets that can be quickly
resold, the collateral provided is usually enough to allow a bank to lend fully on these
asset purchases. As it relates to working capital, an owner operator of the moving
company is usually required to put of about 20% of the necessary monies to get this
business off the ground.

A moving company business plan should consist of an extensive market analysis in

which the company is targeting coupled with a fully developed financial model. This
financial model should include a profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis,
breakeven analysis, balance sheet, and business ratios page. Most lenders do require
that a fully developed business plan is provided to them in order to render a lending

One of the nice things as it relates to developing a moving company marketing plan is
that there is not too much that needs to go into it in order to be successful. Many
moving companies often work with freight brokerages in order to receive the purchase
orders they need in order to remain profitable at all times. These developing a
relationship with a freight brokerage will ensure that a constant stream of revenue from
the onset of operations. Of course, and like any other business, a large-scale presence
on the Internet should be used in order to find local individuals that need moving
services. Pray for bridges are expensive in terms of what they charge to provide
purchase orders – and as such having an online presence always helps boost the
overall profitability of any given moving company.

Most entrepreneurs that enter the field of freight shipments often develop a SWOT
analysis. As it relates to strengths, moving companies, again, are able to remain
profitable in any economic climate. Relating to weaknesses, one of the ongoing issues
is that the profitability of these businesses is somewhat volatile given the underlying
energy costs associated with moving a person's goods from one place to another. For
opportunities, most moving companies are able to rapidly expand our operations by
acquiring additional trucks while hiring additional movers to complete additional jobs.
For threats, competitive issues are always an issue for most moving companies.

In closing, a moving company can be an extremely profitable small business to own and
operate. However, the overhead cost between maintained in an in check at all times in
order to account for spikes in oil and energy prices..

Moving Service startup

Local residential or commercial moving rates are currently in the range of $60 to $90
per hour for two movers and a truck, making this service potentially very profitable,
especially if you hire additional movers to handle more work and increase billable
hours. Providing clients with additional services and products can also increase
revenues and profits. These can include packing and unpacking services, and selling
moving supplies such as cardboard boxes, garment boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. The
downside to selling moving services is the investment; new trucks and equipment are
very costly, and even secondhand trucks and equipment in good condition will set you
back thousands. As a result, you need to carefully research the market and plan the
business to minimize risk and maximize the potential for success. Additional concerns
include liability insurance, workers' insurance, and a moving and storage license
because some municipalities require all moving companies, regardless of size, to be

Things you need to start this business.

Startup Costs: $10,000 - $30000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Online Operation? Website, app

Truck or containers: as per business requirement

Workforce: skilled and trained drivers &staff


There are three main strengths of our company, Firstly is the location, we have
many locations in Islamabad. There are two offices in Islamabad , Rawalpindi,
and Islamabad being the head office, making it more convenient for customers to
relocate their home to anywhere in Islamabad & rawalpindi. Secondly is the
Professionalism, our professional drivers and removal personnel are experienced
and trusted employees with many years removal experience both for house
removal, apartment and commercial removals. Moreover is the Contract, because
it is a profession removal company, so we will accept responsibility for any
inconvenient such as delays in appointments, lost or damage furniture or changes
in price after signing the contract. In addition, we provide every customer with
free insurance at no extra cost; however with incidents where customers do their
own packing and damage any goods during this process, we as a company cannot
provide any insurance. What’s more is the special and quality service. For special
service, according to there are so many things which need packing when the
customers moving house. Our worker will supply boxes and help client pack up
all belongings as well as assist in unpacking at the new destination in time. To
ensure service quality we always welcome our customers' attention and
supervision. Base on we have a very good reputation for removal so you can trust
us to make your life easier when considering a move. Last but not least are we
having our own trucks and yard and we have cheaper option


For the weakness, the new brand can be one of the weaknesses of our
company, as we know the brand is extremely important in attracting new
customers. A good brand stands for safety, a high quality. Customers believe that
the well branded products will satisfy their needs and it will also exceed what
they expect, which can help companies to promote their images and provide
companies many competitive advantages. The new company need pay more
attention on their brand; otherwise a weak brand company cannot get a lot of
customers. The other weakness will be the competition between removal
companies. Competition will produce survival of the fittest. For the sake of
survival in competition, companies have to improve their services. There are
many removal companies in Australia including some large company, that’s quite
difficult for new company to compete with. The last weakness is the working
experience. For the new removal company, as they do not have working
experience, they may make some mistake, or deal with some problem not
appropriately. Therefore, at the beginning, the customers will not satisfy with
their service. What’s more we have to having more of our own containers to save
money on the expenditure of hiring containers and having more parking bays in
our yard.


For the opportunities, to beginning with the business has a huge impact on the
removal business as it is one of the only removal companies in Islamabad that
offers storage containers for your own packing and picking up. This is a huge
opportunity for the business to excel in the industry. The other opportunity for us
is to take the business to inter-state and international level. What’s more, we can
have more of our own containers and having a bigger yard to store more


For our company, one of threats can be the other competitors; they have a better
promotional structure, such as website, face book. letter drops and social media
advertisement so on. Also they have more understanding target market, have a
decent price range. Furthermore, they have a reliable computer setup in the
office. Another threat such as the staff who has already trained creates new
business. In order to avoid these threats, our company can improve the quality of
staffs, and sign the agreement with them, improve the promotional structure and
the computer setup, and do more market research to more understanding target