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August 20, 2019

__ safhkj d Street,
2400 Dagupan City

Dear Mrs. ABVCDS ,


I am writing you this letter in connection with your case entitled savfdhajf , et al. v. fgdag dj,
et al. with case number 695480. Through the research efforts of our law firm, we have
found a new defense to further strengthen your case which could possibly lead us to
execute on the property of Mrs. Sfgdj sgjkdsf to satisfy the previous judgment
rendered in your favor.

In line with this, we will be needing the services of an independent appraiser to

conduct an assessment on the property of Mrs. Fdkj fdhajf. The prevailing cost of an
assessment rendered by an independent appraiser is valued at Ten Thousand Pesos

May I respectfully request for the payment of the amount for us to be able to engage
the services of an appraiser for the furtherance of your case.

Thank you.


Fsbghajk faduf a