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BDSC Int.-Support Inc.




A. Message from the Managing Directors

B. Message from the Culture & People Department
C. About this Handbook

A. History – The Benco Story
B. Company’s Mission and Vision Statement
C. Corporate Values
D. What We Do
E. Locations


A. Statement of Equal Opportunity

B. Classifications of Employment
C. Length of Service
D. Orientation Period/Training Period
E. Personal Information
F. Personnel Files
G. Promotions
H. Employment Termination
I. Exit Interview & Clearance Process
J. Hiring Former Associates
K. Associate Referral Program


A. Accountability
B. Implementing Guidelines
1. Logging-In /Signing-Out from Work
2. Break Periods
3. Tardiness
4. Absences
5. Absences Without Official Leave (AWOL)
6. Undertime
7. Overtime
8. Proper Call-out Procedure


A. Pay Practice
1. Work Week, Rest Days
2. Allowances
3. Night Differential
4. Pay Period and Pay Day
5. Pay Premiums
6. Payroll Deductions
7. Salary Adjustments

B. Benefits
1. Group Medical and Hospitalization Plan (HMO)
2. Group Life Insurance Coverage
3. Leave Benefits (PTO)
a). Vacation Leave
b). Sick Leave
c). Bereavement / Emergency Leave

4. Maternity Leave Benefit

5. Paternity Leave Benefit
6. Solo Parent Benefits
7. Profit Sharing Plan
8. Retirement Benefits
9. Philippine Government Mandated Benefits
a). Social Security System (SSS)
b). HDMF (Pag-Ibig Fund)


A. Associate’s Role
B. Employee Appearance and Company Dress Code
C. Good Housekeeping
D. Use of Company Property
E. Safety Program


A. Corporate Associate Recognition Program

- Associate Recreational Functions and Activities
- Kudos/ Above & Beyond Awards
B. Performance Evaluation
C. Training and Development Programs
D. Personnel Movement/Lateral Transfer
E. Associate Time-Off Donation Program
F.BDSC Int.-Support Inc. Bulletin Associate News Letter



A. Confidentiality
B. Information Systems
C. Personally-Owned Computers
D. Online Communication guidelines
(i). Intranet Policy
(ii). Internet Policy
E. Monitoring of Telecommunications and Records
F. Social Media
G. BencoBook
H. Voice Mail
I. E-Mail
J. Personal Cell Phone Use


A. Work Product
B. Confidential Information
C. Competitive Information


A. Conflict of Interest
B. Customer, Supplier and Competitor Relations
C. Workplace Safety
1. Preventing Violence in the Workplace
2. Safety and Security
D. Outside Employment Activities
E. Solicitation and Distribution
F. Inclement Weather and other Natural Disasters
G. Substance Abuse
1. Drug Free Workplace
2. Alcohol Free Workplace
H. Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy
I. English-Only Policy
J. Intellectual Property Policy

A. Message from the Managing Director

We’re glad you have decided to join the Benco Team and wish you great success in your career here.
Our grandfather, Ben, opened Benco in 1930 as a one-room dental depot offering a small selection of hand
instruments, false teeth, and other dental products. In the past eight decades, the members of the Benco Team
have built Benco into one of the United States largest dental distributors, serving over 30,000 customers across the
country. Our growth has come through a laser focus on our mission:
We Deliver Success Smile After Smile

At Benco, our decision to remain a privately-held company, unconstrained by Wall Street pressures, has thrown the
door wide open for us to think differently. And for us, different is better. We call it The Benco Difference – a
promise to our customers, associates, and vendor partners.

We consider each associate an extended member of the Cohen family, and work hard to create a family-friendly
environment where everyone is treated with respect. In return, we insist that all associates work as a team to make
Benco’s mission and vision a reality.

We are strongly committed to share the wealth generated by the organization with associates and the community…

 Reinvestment: The vast majority of the company’s annual profit is reinvested in the business to finance
future growth. We believe that our reinvestment policy is the most effective way to ensure the
organization’s long-term growth, success, and stability.
 Profit Sharing: Annually, a minimum of 5% of profits from all of the organization’s divisions will be paid
out to associates.
 Charity: Annually, a minimum of 5% of profits from all of the organization’s divisions will be donated to
charity or charitable foundations.

We value your contributions, and pledge to provide you with competitive compensation and benefits, as well as the
opportunity to grow, advance and learn both personally and professionally.

Please call or e-mail us anytime. Thanks for going and growing with Benco!

Chuck Cohen Rick Cohen

Managing Director Managing Director
ccohen@benco.com rcohen@benco.com

B. Message from the Culture & People Department

Welcome Aboard!

Thank you for joining BDSC Int.-Support Inc. a proud subsidiary of Benco! We hope you agree that you have a great
contribution to make to our company, and that you will find your employment at BDSC Int.-Support Inc. a rewarding
experience. We look forward to the opportunity of working together to create an even more successful Company.
We also want you to feel that your employment will be a mutually beneficial and gratifying experience.

You have joined an organization that is intent on establishing itself as the premier provider of Dental Services. That
is “We strive to be the Best in Class.” Everyone in the organization will play a role in securing our place as a leader
in the industry. As member of the team, we encourage you to contribute your talents, energies to further improve
the quality and environment of the Company.

C. About This Handbook

Excellent communication is a hallmark of companies that attract and retain the best people. One component of
that communication is written policies. This handbook provides you with information about standard personnel
policies and procedures for BDSC Int-Support Inc.

This edition of the BDSC Int.-Support Inc. Employee Handbook is dated March 1, 2012. This handbook covers all
associates of BDSC Int.-Support Inc. and Benco stationed and/or hired in the Philippines. This edition was made
primarily for all associates for the Philippine operations.

The policies stated in this Handbook are intended guidelines only and are subject to change at the sole discretion of
the Company. This Handbook should not be construed as and does not constitute a contract.

Company management reserves to itself the right to make the final and decisive interpretation of all policies. These
interpretations will be made with the intent of the policy in mind, as well as it’s wording, and with an eye towards
preventing abusive misinterpretations by anyone.

The policies and procedures outlines in this Handbook will be applied at the judgment of the company. The Company
reserves the right to deviate from the policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions described in this
Handbook. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to withdraw or change the policies, procedures, benefits
and working conditions described in this Handbook at any time, for any reason and without prior notice. However,
BDSC Int.-Support Inc. will make every effort to notify associates when an official change in policies or procedures
have been made.

Furthermore, the standards of conduct outline the expected actions and behavior of associates while conducting
company business.
Through this Handbook, the Associate will refer to all types of employees while the term “Supervisor” will refer to
the person to whom you report, whether the person is known as a Manager or other title. Whenever you have work-
related question, problems or concerns, you are encouraged to talk to your Supervisor first. Likewise, if you have
any questions about the guidelines in this Handbook, please see your Supervisor or talk to a representative of the
Culture and People Department. Either will be happy to assist you.


BDSC Int.-Support is a proud subsidiary of Benco Dental. Benco Dental distributes dental equipment in the United
States. It offers dental supplies and equipment; and branded merchandise ranging from gloves to handpieces to LED
curing lights. The company also provides office design, equipment and handpiece repair, practice coaching, financing
and real estate planning, wealth management, upholstery, painless desktop supply management, painless Web online
materials management, and dental-specific technology solutions. In addition, it distributes milling systems. The
company offers products through its distribution centers and showrooms in the United States.

Benco Dental is now a full-service distributor of dental supplies, dental equipment, dental consulting & dental
equipment services. The company has remained family-owned and is in its third-generation of leadership. During the
company's 80-year history, Benco Dental has grown from a single storefront location in Wilkes-Barre, PA, into the
nation’s fastest-growing dental distributor, with 50 regional showroom locations and 5 distribution centers servicing
over 30,000 dental professionals in over 40 states and Washington D.C.

Benco Dental has been named one of the Best Places to Work in PA for 2011; this mark the eight times in nine years
that Benco Dental has received this recognition. The Best Places to Work in PA program solicits surveys from
participating companies’ associates and compiles the results prior to assembling the final rankings.

A. Company History

The seeds of Benco Dental were planted in 1924 by Benjamin J. Cohen, a Russian immigrant living in Philadelphia.
At the age of 19, Ben began his dental career with a 100-pound case of hand instruments that he peddled to dentists
throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Ohio.

The company was officially founded in 1930, when, after eight years of travel, Ben decided to settle his one-man
operation in Wilkes-Barre. He opened a store in one room of the Miner’s Bank (now the Citizen’s Bank) Building.
Ben named his operation Benco, contracting his first and last names, and began to sell merchandise and teeth to
local dentists and labs, although the company carried only 25 merchandise lines and one tooth line. Memorabilia
dating from this period is on display in the front of the CenterPoint Boulevard location.

By 1960, Benco had grown to four outside salesmen — Ben Cohen, Merle Kester, Joe Dellarte and rookie Larry Cohen
— and about 500 customers. Tony Minichowski and Telle Price handled the inside operations. Benco became truly
full-service when we added our first full-time outside service technician in 1963. In 1967, the company, having
outgrown the 2,500 square foot space on the fifth floor of the bank building, moved into a brand new 7,200 square
foot store at 10 Hill Street in Wilkes-Barre. Larry Cohen (Ben’s son) became Benco’s President in 1969 and prospects
for the future looked excellent.

Benco suffered a major setback at the hands of Hurricane Agnes during the flood of 1972, when the building was
submerged under eight and one-half feet of river water. Then, in October of that same year, Benjamin Cohen passed
away. The company, now led by Larry, recovered from Agnes and continued to grow. In 1980, Benco moved into a
brand new 26,000 square foot location, high above the flood plain at 11 Bear Creek Boulevard (later known as “Big
Ben”). Three subsequent additions more than tripled the size of this facility.

The 1987 addition proved to be not enough space for a rapidly growing Benco. In 1990, a new warehouse addition
of approximately 43,200 square feet was added, followed by a 9,600 square foot mezzanine. This brought Benco’s
total square footage of space up to 96,423. Benco later added a satellite warehouse located on North Pennsylvania
Avenue (later known as “Little Ben”), adding another 30,550 square feet. The Little Ben location was further
expanded to include the relocation of the Wilkes-Barre showroom, as well as the relocation of certain departments
formerly housed at the Big Ben location. The total square footage of space at Little Ben was 71,808.
Benco continues to be cutting edge in its material handling and computerization. Our computer system is constantly
being updated to accommodate our ever-increasing information load. A state of the art Intranet has further
enhanced electronic communications among associates. In addition, our “Painless” materials management system
grew to become the industry leader. In April 2000, we completed a total overhaul of our main computer system by
installing a brand new state of the art software package called Prelude. In 2002, we completed a major conveyor
modification in our Wilkes-Barre warehouse to meet the increasing customer orders. We have also opened our
second, third and fourth major warehouse/distribution facilities in Jacksonville, Florida (2002), Fort Wayne, Indiana
(2003) and Grapevine, Texas (2005) in order to provide even better levels of customer service and increase our
market share. In June 2011, Benco Dental’s fifth major distribution center opened in Reno, Nevada to support our
westward expansion.

Benco has approximately 15,000 associates and continues to expand, both geographically and in the
services/programs we offer. An example of a newer service is BencoNET, which provides computer networks,
equipment and technology, offering the widest selection of software and hardware so that we can customize a
system for each dental office. Benco’s acquisition of high-quality privately-owned dental supply/equipment
companies supports our significant growth initiative, as we continue our quest to be an independent national dental

In December 2009, Benco raised the curtain on our new, 272,800 square foot, state-of-the-art headquarters and
distribution center in Pittston, PA. The Benco headquarters at CenterPoint also doubles as our largest distribution
center. In the warehouse, over two miles of “Smart Conveyer” ensures the safe, efficient and complete delivery of
customer orders to their final destinations. The warehouse also features an automated sensor system that is able to
accurately direct all order traffic to the correct aisles, which greatly aids the speed and accuracy of each packaged
order. This facility serves as a model for all new distribution centers.

In the office space, the CenterPoint facility boasts a clean, green and lean take on all things. The outside of the
office building is punctuated by dozens of floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow for natural light to flow into work
space making electrical lighting nearly obsolete in many departments. In addition, all cubicles in the building are
low-height to maximize the flow of this natural light. Paper, can, and cardboard recycling containers can be found
all over the building, emphasizing Benco’s commitment to an eco-friendly workplace.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the CenterPoint location is the showroom, which features 25 fully-functioning
operatories and products from dozens of vendors. Each operatory is equipped with different flooring, wall coverings,
and countertops, allowing for customers to truly visualize a new office space. Furthermore, the showroom is home
to a state-of-the-art digital imaging suite which displays 14 operational digital x-rays offering both 2D and 3D

The third generation of Cohen leadership began when Larry’s sons joined the business. Chuck Cohen joined Benco
in 1989 and Rick Cohen joined in 1994. Today, Chuck and Rick jointly lead the company as executive managing
directors, working closely with a team of professional managers.

Benco Dental is the largest independent, family owned dental distributor in the United States. We have over 400
outside sales people serving over 30,000 customers across the country. Benco owes its success to you—the people
who make it happen on a day-to-day basis. We are a progressive and aggressive company that believes if you are
coasting, you must be going downhill. Please share our positive outlook and grow with us!

B. Company’s MISSION and VISION Statement


We Deliver Success Smile After Smile

Be Accountable: At Benco Dental, we don’t need stockholders to hold us accountable. It’s ingrained in our
corporate culture – a culture that believes strongly in our responsibility to customers, vendors, partners and the
community. We work together as an organization to earn the trust of every stakeholder. We also give back to the
community in many ways.

Create Benco Boosters: We love dentistry, so naturally we’re passionate about caring for our customers and
associates. We continue to respond to the changing needs of our stakeholders by upgrading current programs, adding
new ones, and enhancing our portfolio of value-added services to remain a step ahead in the healthcare market.

Grow Customer Earnings: At Benco, we don’t merely sell the products that are essential to a dental practice and
laboratory. We offer comprehensive systems that make buying and managing those products easier, more efficient,
and less time-consuming. We have tools that help dentists and labs spend less. For us, success is measured in the
dollars our programs add to each customer’s bottom line.

Continuous Improvement: At Benco Dental, we’re building continuous improvement into our corporate culture. In
2005, Benco became one of the first distributors in the nation to apply “lean” principles in a distribution
environment. “BCI: Continuous Improvement” is a multi-year commitment to relentlessly stamp out waste and
improve customer and associate satisfaction at Benco.

Benco’s VISION

To be the #1 CHOICE for those dentists, laboratories, and team members who are passionate about EXCELLENCE &

C. Corporate Values

At BDSC Int.-Support Inc. we are aligned with the corporate values of Benco Dental. We work hard to delight our
customers, and thrive on the teamwork necessary to do so. Happy, loyal associates result in dedicated, long-term
customers, so using Benco’s Continuous Improvement (BCI) Talent Management Process strives to attract, develop
and retain the best people. Benco’s culture values challenging work, creativity, diversity, continuous improvement,
learning, accountability and fun! In fact, Benco has consistently been recognized as a “Best Place to Work” by our
associates and external organizations. We value your contributions in making Benco the culture of choice for top

At BDSC Int.-Support Inc., we’ve made “honesty to customers, associates and vendors” a cornerstone of our
corporate values. It is each associate’s responsibility to act ethically at all times. We believe that the foundation
of good ethical behavior rests on three concepts:

 Individual Responsibility: You are responsible for your own behavior, and the consequences of your own
 The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
 Theory of Transparency: Act as if whatever you do will be seen and known by everyone.
 Benco’s ethical reputation is one of our most treasured possessions. It has taken years to build - - - and
one individual can destroy it in only minutes.

If you have any question about the ethics of an action or situation, please contact Chuck or Rick Cohen or a Benco
senior manager. When it comes to ethics, it’s better to ask first than regret later. If you suspect one of your co-
associates may be acting in a less-than-ethical manner, please contact Chuck or Rick Cohen. All calls will be held
in the strictest confidence. You may also call the BencoAlert hotline at 1-877-478-0575 to confidentially report
unethical behavior. BencoAlert is an automated voicemail system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
including holidays. You may call anonymously or leave your contact information. Benco’s Internal Auditor monitors
this system. Remember that unethical behavior reflects on you and all members of the organization. Please do not
tolerate it.

D. What We Do

Our parent company - Benco Dental is the United States largest privately owned full service dental distributor. You
should take pride in your job and your company; the health care field is a vital one and our contribution to it is
important. We provide an important service to dentists and dental laboratories by distributing the products of over
900 vendors. We perform a variety of functions for our customers, including stocking and delivering dental
merchandise and artificial teeth; designing dental offices; stocking, installing and servicing dental equipment;
providing digital/technology solutions and practice management consulting services; as well as helping our customers
provide dental care to the public.

Our competition includes other independent full service dental dealers, Henry Schein and Patterson Dental (two
national publicly held dental distributors), independent service people, and manufacturers who sell directly to

E. Benco Locations

World Headquarters: Local Telephone Number: (570) 602-7781

295 CenterPoint Boulevard or 1-800-GO-BENCO
Pittston, PA 18640

Our headquarters is open to the public from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, and to authorized
associates from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m EST. In addition to our Pittston location, Benco has dental equipment
showrooms (and four additional distribution centers) placed strategically to meet the needs of our customers from
Maine to Florida and to the west coast throughout BencoLand.

Philippine Office:

Makati Central Business District

Makati City, Philippines



BDSC Int.-Support Inc. seeks qualified applicants for position throughout the company without regard to
race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, veteran/military, status, disability, or sexual orientation
in accordance with the provisions of the Philippine labor code.
The policy is applicable to all associates regardless of type, contractor, and other person who are engaged
with the provisions of the Philippines.

This policy fully embraces equality of opportunity with respect to all employment matters. All associates
actions such as compensation, benefits, promotion, transfers, terminations, layoffs, recall, company-
sponsored training, education, assistance and social and recreation programs will be administered without
regard to race, color, religion origin, gender, age, veteran/military status, disability, or sexual orientation.

BDSC Int.-Support Inc. will commit meaningful time and resources towards the achievement of its equal
opportunity and affirmative action goals.

BDSC Int.-Support Inc. prohibits harassment against any applicant or associates. Any applicant or an
associate who feels they have been treated in any way that violates their equal employment opportunity
principles should contact their immediate supervisor or the Culture & People department representative.

No individual will be subjected to harassment, intimidation, threats, coercion or discrimination in any form

- Filling a complaint
- Assisting or participating in an investigation
- Compliance review, hearing or other activity
- Opposing any unlawful act or practice
- Exercising any other rights under any law or regulation requiring equal opportunity.


BDSC Int.-Support Inc. classified its associates according to their employment status and their position in
the company’s hierarchy

The following are classification of employment in BDSC Int.-Support Inc.

1. Probationary Employment

Probationary employment refers to an associates being placed on a six (6) months probationary
period before being offered a regular position in the company. The regularization of the
associate would depend on the associates’ capability to meet the performance as well as the
conduct expectations set for 6 month period.

If the associate is unable to meet the performance and conduct expectation of the job
employment can be terminated anytime during the probationary period.

2. Project-based Employment

Project based employment refers to an associate whose tenure depends on the duration of
the project assignment. The period of employment may vary and may exceed six (6) months.
Associates, under this type of employment may be entitled to the same benefits enjoyed by
regular associate, depending on the benefits policy of the company.

3. Contractual Employment

Contractual employment refers to an associate whose tenure limited not to exceed more than
five (5) continuous months. This type of employment is ideal for positions that are seasonal
and temporary in nature.

Your most recent date of employment usually the start of your training period is considered your hire date.
This date plays a very important part in the administration of your benefits with the company.

If you are rehired, you will observe the normal waiting period for benefits eligibility, from your rehire date.

If you were employed by a company that the company or any of its affiliated companies acquired, your hire
date and benefits eligibility will vary, depending upon the legal terms of the acquisition.


An orientation and / or training period for all new associates of the company will vary, depending on the
department you are hired for. This serves as an adjustment period for new associates, as well as time for
the company to observe the associate’s performance and acceptance of responsibility. During this
orientation period, the associate may not transfer to a position in another unit or department, nor is the
associate eligible for pay increases or leave of absence, except as otherwise required by applicable law.
Former associates that are rehired will again be required to complete an orientation period. All associates
remain employed-at-will after completion of the orientation period and the probationary period which is
within the first 6 months of employment.


You have the responsibility at all times to keep the company advised as to your most recent address,
telephone number, marital status, names of dependents, etc. Please provide this information to the
culture & people department.


Your personnel file is kept in the culture & people department. It is considered confidential and may be
reviewed only by you, your department manager/supervisor (or prospective manager) or a member of
senior management. You should set up an appointment in advance (Monday-Friday) in order to review the
file. Personnel files cannot be copied or removed from the culture & people department; however, notes
may be taken of the file contents. Associates may also request a copy of a specific document (such as the
most recent performance evaluation).


BDSC Int.-Support Inc. recognizes outstanding performance of its associates by way of promotion.

This policy applies to all associates of BDSC Int.-Support Inc.

Promotions refer to situations where there is either a declared vacancy of a higher position or there is a
newly created position and an associate whose position is in a lower rank is selected by management to
take on the position.

If the promotions are two-step or to a senior position, the recommending supervisor/ manager must endorse
the movement to the Culture and People Manager, who upon review, secures the approval of the Managing
Director. The recommending supervisor/ manager must also submit the associate’s recent performance
evaluations, accomplishment report, and a proof of competence latter.
Upon endorsement for promotion, the associate will be placed in a three (3) months observation or
probationary period. During this period the associate must be able to exhibit the competence and skills
required by the position.

A performance evaluation before the end of the three (3) months observation period will determine if the
associate will be confirmed for the promotion. In case of non-confirmation, the associate will be re-assigned
to the previous position before the three (3) months observation period has elapsed.


BDSC Int.-Support Inc. ensures business continuity at all times even during termination of employment

This policy applies to all associates of BDSC Int.-Support Inc.

If the associate decides to resign or is terminated from service for just or authorized causes, the following
procedures must be followed:

Voluntary Termination

The associate must notify the immediate supervisor in writing at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the
effective date. The 30 –day period may be shortened to fifteen (15) days upon approval of the department head.

Upon receipt of the resignation letter, immediate supervisor issues two (2) copies of Acceptance of Resignation
Form. One copy is issued to the associate while the other is attached to the resignation letter of the associate.

A copy of the resignation letter together with the Acceptance of Resignation must be endorsed to the Culture
and People Department (C&PD) prior to effective date.

For resignations due to migration to other countries, the 15-days and 30-days’ notice may be waived if the
associate is able to present the VISA (for verification purposes) and passport.

Resignation letters without the approving signature and the Acceptance of Resignation by the immediate
supervisor or department head are invalid and would not be approved for clearance.

Acceptance of resignation may be withheld if there is a valid reason for doing so, for example, involvement in
a case of unresolved administrative cases pending investigation, or a non-compliance to a contractual
undertaking by the associate for the company, etc.

An associate who resigns without due notice shall be held responsible for damages covering expenses incurred
in finding a replacement and work delays due to unauthorized immediate resignation.

Involuntary Termination

Involuntary Termination of associate refers to Company-initiated separation from employment due to authorized
or just causes that are defined in the Philippine Labor Code and the Company Code of Conduct.

A. Authorized Causes

Based on Article 282 of the Philippine Labor Code, an employer may terminate an employee (associate) due
to the following causes authorized by law:

1. Installation of labor-saving devices (automation)

2. Superfluity in the performance of the particular work (redundancy)
3. Redundancy to prevent losses
4. Closing or cessation of operations of the business unless the closure is for the purpose of circumventing
the provisions of the Philippine Labor Code.
Article 284 of the Philippine Labor Code allows the Company to terminate the service of any employees
(associates) suffering from a disease if continued employment is prohibited by law or is prejudicial to the
employee’s (associate’s) health as well as to the health of his/her co-employees (associates).

B. Just Causes

Based on Article 282 of the Philippine Labor Code, an employer may terminate an employee (associate) for
any of the following just cause:

1. Serious misconduct or willful disobedience by the employee (associate) of the lawful orders of his/her
employer or representative in connection to his/her work
2. Gross habitual neglect of the employee (associate) of his duties
3. Fraud of willful breach of the employee (associate) of the trust and confidence reposed in him/her by
the employer or duly authorized representative
4. Commission of crime or offence by the employee (associate) against the person of employer or any
member of his family or his duly authorized representative
5. Other causes analogous to the foregoing

An employee (associate) terminated for just causes are not entitled to separation benefits.


A Culture & People Representative will conduct the exit interview with the resigning associate as part of the
clearance process. This is a venue given to the associates to talk about issues, such as working conditions, policies,
leadership, career opportunities, benefits, and other questions that may be communicated and brought to the
attention of management.

Clearance Procedure

The resigning associate must turn over all responsibilities directly to the immediate supervisor. All property
accountabilities such as headset, company ID, company handbook, access card, health card, insurance certificate,
and other issued assets must be endorsed to the immediate supervisor as well. The immediate supervisor/department
head shall surrender the appropriate items to the Culture and People Department (C&PD) together with the
associate’s clearance form.

In cases where the associate has an unpaid or pending monetary obligation to the Company, the associate authorizes
the Company to make necessary deductions from the salary, bonuses, and/or other amount of benefits due to the
associate to ensure the settlement of the pending obligations. The Company has the right to effect settlement of
the obligations of the associate through other legal means in case the salary, bonuses, and/or any other amount of
benefit due to the associate are not enough to cover for the cost of the pending obligations.


BDSC Int.-Support Inc. believes in giving qualified, former associates an opportunity to return to the Company if they
have been assigned to a re-hire eligibility status which is based on the circumstances affecting separation.

This policy applies to all former Associates who are identified as eligible for re-hire.

It is only after six (6) months from separation from the company or upon approval of the management that the
application of the former associates who are eligible for re-hire would be considered. An individual who wishes to
be re-hired must undergo and pass all necessary requirements of the position being applied for before placement.

Associates who were involuntarily terminated may be considered for re-hire provided that Management will be given
the time to review their termination records and qualifications. On the other hand, those who have been terminated
due to reasons like AWOL, and violations of the Code of Conduct will not be considered for re-hire.

The intent of the Associate Recruitment Bonus Program is to assist BDSC Int.-Support Inc. in recruiting and retaining
the highest possible quality of associate. In return, BDSC Int.-Support Inc. will offer a financial bonus to existing
associates who make successful referrals.


1. BDSC Int.-Support Inc. has an available regular full time position that will be recruited for externally (as
opposed to a transfer within BDSC Int.-Support Inc).
2. If you know of someone who you feel would be a good match to the position, encourage the candidate to
submit an application/resume to the culture & people department, clearly indicating the position applied
3. You must then contact the culture & people department and complete a referral form so that we can gather
additional information as to how long you know them, your familiarity with their work experience, why you
feel they are a strong candidate for the position, etc.
4. If the referred candidate is interviewed, hired, and remains a satisfactory associate for a period of six
months, you will receive a Php 5,000 lump sum bonus shortly after the referred associate’s six month

1. Managers/supervisors are not bonus-eligible for associates hired in their departments.
2. The associate making the referral must be employed by BDSC Int.-Support Inc. at the time the bonus is
payable in order to receive the bonus.
3. If the referred associate is employed at the six month anniversary, but is in the formal discipline process
(written warning or suspension) or has submitted notice of resignation, the bonus will not be payable.
4. Not everyone who is referred by associates will be interviewed and/or hired. The decision-making process
will continue as in the past to ensure that the most appropriate candidate is selected for the position.
5. The associate making the referral must notify the culture & people department prior to the hiring of
the referred candidate in order to be eligible for this bonus.


BDSC Int.-Support Inc. needs to have an adequate number of associates at work to fulfill its operating objectives
during scheduled work hours. Hence, associate are expected at work to fulfill its operating objectives during
scheduled work hours. Hence, associates are expected to be present and ready to work during all of their scheduled
work hours. Associates attendance and punctuality will be considered in performance evaluations and salary reviews.

This policy and procedure applies to all BDSC Int.-Support Inc. associates.

A. Accountability

1. All Managers and Supervisors are accountable for administering the terms of this policy and procedures
with their associates, maintaining individual attendance and punctuality records for each associate,
and ensuring that all Time /Attendance Records are accurate and reflect actual hours worked.
2. The Culture & People Department is accountable for regularly analyzing and reporting overall company
attendance and punctuality information and monitoring the company to ensure equal administration of
the terms herein.
3. All associates must follow the proper call-out procedure prescribed by the company for each


a. Absence occurs whenever associates do not report for work during their entire scheduled workday. This
schedule includes training, official company activity and scheduled overtime days.

- Approved Absence – An associate’s time away from work was approved if advance permission was
obtained from his/her Supervisor or authorized company representative
- Unapproved Absence – An associate’s time away from work was not approved and/or, if no advance
permission was obtained.

b. Tardiness occurs whenever associates are not at their workstations ready to work at their scheduled
starting time.
c. Immediate Supervisors refer to individuals to who associates report to. They are involved in rating the
performance of their associates.


Work schedules may be changed or modified by the company as dictated by its operational needs and other


Associates are required to log-in and sign-out from an Authorized Automated Time Keeping System
and/or Biometric System upon the start and upon end of their work shift.

All associates should regard coming to work on time, working their shift as scheduled, and leaving at
the scheduled time as essential functions of their jobs. Good attendance habits form an integral part
of every associate’s job description. Among other things, “good attendance habits” mean the following:

a. Arriving at the work place no sooner than fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the shift
and no later than five (5) minutes before the start of your actual work shift
b. Being at your designated work station ready to work at the start of your shift
c. Remaining at you work station unless the need of the job require being elsewhere, except
during authorized breaks (including restroom breaks)
d. Adhering to the designated allowable time for breaks
e. Remaining at work during the entire work shift unless excused by your immediate supervisor
f. Leaving promptly (within 15 minutes) at the end of your shift, unless you have been given
advance permission for an authorized overtime by your immediate supervisor


Associates shall follow the designated break time schedules in their respective departments. Over-
break or failing to return to work from break or taking more break than what is scheduled ad/or
authorized will result to corrective measures as defined in the company’s Code of Conduct.


Tardiness means reporting to the assigned work area/place past the required or scheduled start-up
time for any work shift. No grace period is given to associates.

Tardiness incident or Tardiness of more than four (4) hours is considered an incident of Unauthorized
Absence unless proper Call-out procedure was followed at least two (2) hours prior to the associate’s
work shift. If not, the said associates shall be sent home.


In consideration of business demands and requirements, Management through its Supervisors and
Managers reserves the right to exercise management prerogative to approve or disapprove authorized
absences/leaves. Absences mean “any failure to report to work”. Absences are either:

a. Authorized Absences
b. Unauthorized Absences


1. Absence/Leave is Authorized when:

a. Absence/Leave was approved (on-line or verbal; texting/SMS is not allowed) by the associate’s
Immediate Supervisor or assigned alternate approver.
b. And, associate advised their Immediate Supervisor and followed the proper Call-Out procedure
c. At least two (2) weeks before scheduled work shift for VL (vacation leave)
d. At least two (2) hours before scheduled work shift for SL (sick leave)

2. Absence due to Health or Emergency reasons follow the procedures below:

a. Associates sent home by the Company Nurse or any Authorized Medical Personnel prior to end of
shift due to illness shall be considered Authorized Leave.
b. In the absence of the Company Nurse or any Authorized Medical Personnel, the Department
Manager may also send ill associates home.
c. Associates afflicted with disease classified as contagious (proof of medical findings/certification
from an accredited Physician must be presented to the Culture and People department prior to
reporting back to work).
d. Associates sick for 2 (two) consecutive days must present a valid Medical Certificate to the
Company Nurse and/or the C&P Department upon returning to work to secure a fit-to-work order.
e. Failure to submit their medical certificate will cause their SL (Sick Leave) to be treated as
Unauthorized Absence.

3. Other leaves considered are Maternity, Paternity, Solo Parent, Bereavement or other special leaves
that may be granted by the Company. Associates can always ask any Culture & People
representative for any questions on the above leaves. (Refer to Leaves Policies for more details).

Authorized Absence or Leave may be considered WITH or WITHOUT Pay.

a. Absence with Pay occurs when associates have available leave credits
b. Absence without Pay occurs when associates have no more available leave credits
c. Paid leaves shall be limited to actual numbers of days earned. Associates cannot take in advance
unearned leaves, unless, the same was approved by management.


1. Absence was not approved via on-line or verbally (texting/SMS is not allowed) by the associate’s
Immediate Supervisor or assigned alternate approver due to:

a. Reason was not valid or justifiable, yet associate still elected to be absence despite the disapproval of
the Immediate Supervisor
b. Associate failed to advise his/her Immediate Supervisor at least two (2) weeks before scheduled work
shift for VL (Vacation Leave) or at least two (2) hours before scheduled work shift for (SL) Sick Leave.
c. If it has been proven that the associate falsified his/her illness (classified as malingering); authorized
absence becomes unauthorized.

2. An incident of Tardiness for four (4) hours or more is considered as an incident of unauthorized absence;
associates will be sent home.

Unauthorized Absence is subject to corrective actions as defined in the company’s Code of Conduct.


AWOL is absence for five (5) consecutive days or more without notice/advise received by the Immediate
Supervisor or the Culture & People Department from the associate before the work shift or anytime during
the duration of his/her absence. AWOL is subject to the following corrective action:
Frequency of Incident Corrective Action

1st Offense Dismissal

To observer due process, the following shall be observed:

1. On the 5th day AWOL and upon advice by the immediate supervisor, C&P Department shall send the
associate a first notice of return to work order (Pre Termination Notification) through a messages or
registered mail sent to his/her last known address (as recorded in the 201 file).

2. On the 8th day AWOL, notice of dismissal (Termination Notification) will be sent to the associate on the
same address.

6. UNDERTIME (Please refer to the Under Time Policy for more details)

1. Under-time refer to work rendered less than the official number of hours required for any shift due to
team member’s leaving their work areas prior to the end of their official working time.
2. All Under-time requests shall be pre-approved by the associate’s immediate supervisor. Supervisor
must make up any lost work from the staff resources remaining on hand.
3. Excessive Under-time is defined as incurring more than two (2) incidents of under-time work per month,
which is subject to the following corrective actions:

Frequency of Incident Corrective Action

1st Offense Verbal (Documented) Warning

2nd Offense Written Warning
3rd Offense 3-Day Suspension
4th Offense 5-Day Suspension
5th Offense Dismissal

7. OVERTIME (Please refer to the Under Time Policy for more details)




BDSC Int.-Support Inc. sets standards on compensation, salary premiums, payroll adjustment, and work week.

This Policy and procedures applies to all BDSC Int.-Support Inc. associates.

1. Work Week, Rest Days and Meal Breaks

The standard work week schedule is five (5) working days and (2) rest days. The distribution of the
rest days may vary depending on the department needs/assignments and business exigencies.

Lunch and break times will be scheduled at the convenience of each department. In a normal
workday of nine (9) continuous work hours, one (1) hour is considered unpaid meal breaks.
2. Pay Period and Pay Day

Pay Date Basic Pay Pay Cycle Period

1 to 15th of the 26th of the previous month to the

15th of the Month
Month 10th of the current month
16th to 31st of the 11th to the 25th of the current
Month month

3. Pay Premium


All Non Exempt associates are qualified to receive overtime pay. All Exempt /Supervisory and
Management positions are not qualified to receive overtime pay. Overtime compensation shall be paid
only to those who have overtime approved by Management prior to actual overtime.

Work performed in excess of the right (8) working hours shall be compensated with an additional
premium of twenty percent (25%) of the daily basic hourly rate on a regular day. Corresponding
overtime premiums for other days are as follows:

Overtime Computation

On a Regular Day Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 1.25

On a Rest Day or Special Holiday Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 1.69
On a Special Holiday on a Rest Day Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 1.95
On a Regular Holiday Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 2.60
On a Regular Holiday on a Rest Day Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 3.38


An associate who intends to leave work before the end of the scheduled shift must secure approval
from the immediate supervisor or department manager. The associate may opt to apply for a half-day
leave if the first four (4) hours of the shift has been completed.

Failure to file for Undertime before accrued may merit corrective action as outlined in the
Attendance Policy and Code of Conduct.

Night Differential

Work performed between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am shall be compensated additional hourly premium of
twenty (20%) percent.

Holidays and Rest Days

Philippine Holidays are paid whether worked or unworked, provided that the associate is present or is
on a leave of absence with pay on the work day immediately preceding the holiday. The following
holidays are observed by the Company:
Regular Holidays

New Year's Day January 1

Maundy Thursday Movable date
Good Friday Movable date
Araw ng Kagitingan April 19
Labor Day May 1
Independence Day June 12
National Heroes Day Last Monday of August
Feast of Ramadhan Movable date
Bonifacio Day November 30
Christmas Day December 25
Rizal Day December 30

Special Holidays

All Saints Day November 1

Ninoy Aquino Day August 21
Last Day of the Year December 31

Note: The above observed Regular and Special Philippine Holidays can be changed according to the
announcement and directives given the Philippine Government via an official announcement.

All associates who render work during the above and declared holidays shall be compensated with the
corresponding holiday premiums according to the table below:

Overtime Computation

On a Rest Day of Special Holiday Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 1.30

On a Special Holiday on a Rest Day Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 1.50

On a Regular Holiday Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 2.00

On a Regular Holiday on a Rest Day Daily Basic Hourly Rate x 2.60

4. Payroll Deduction

Government Dues

Government dues are deductions that are mandated by law. This includes withholding tax, social
security contributions, Philhealth contributions, and Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)

The following are the schedule of deductions being followed:

Type of Deduction Schedule of Deduction

Income Tax Every payout
SSS, Philhealth, and HDMF Premiums Every payout (total contribution/2)
SSS and HDMF Loan Amortizations Every Month End payout

Associate-initiated Deductions

Absences, tardiness, undertime, and other attendance occurrences not convertible by earned leave
credits are deductible from an associate’s salary.

Associates may also authorize the company to deduct specified or declared amounts from his/her
payroll. This may cover personal cash advances, company loans, payment of Company-owned property,

5. Salary Adjustment

The company shall make sincere effort to give salary increases to deserving associates but subject to
financial capacity of the company. Actual percentage adjustment whether Promotion/Status Change
or Annual Performance Review related to changes shall be determined by management.

Due to Annual Performance Review

Salary increases due to Annual Performance are considered at the discretion of management.
Rate of increase is determined by management.


1. Group Medical and Hospitalization Plan (HMO)

2. Group Life Insurance (GLI)
3. Leave Benefit Policies – Paid Time Off (PTO)

A. PTO as a Vacation Leave

All regular or permanent associates are eligible for 20 Paid Time Off (PTO) Days per year of service
which can be used as either Vacation Leave, Sick Leave or Emergency Leave.

Earned PTO leave credits may be used upon the associate’s regularization for paid planned
vacations and attendance to other matters not convertible by other leave benefits. Associates are
allowed to take vacation leaves in half-day increments.

PTO that is used for Vacation leaves must be scheduled two (2) calendar weeks in advance unless
authorized by the Department Manager. Every effort will be made to provide the associate with
their preferred dates of vacation. However, the company reserves the right to deny vacation leave
applications in cases where the needs of the business would be compromised. If and when an
associate continues with a denied vacation leave, such act shall be construed as Absence Without
Official Leave (AWOL), which is without pay, and shall be subjected to corrective action.

B. PTO as a Sickness Leave

Earned PTO days used for Sick Leave and may be used upon an associate’s regularization for paid
leaves used for health recovery or hospitalization. Associates are allowed to take sickness leave in
half-day increments.
The associates must notify his/her immediate supervisor of the absence at least two (2) hours prior
to the start of his/her shift schedule. For absences that are more than three (3) days, a medical
certificate from an accredited physician should be presented upon the associate’s return to work.
This is needed for the sickness leave to be authorized and approved.

Failure to comply with the required notice period and submission of documents upon the return to
work shall be construed as Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL), which is without pay, and shall
be subjected to corrective action.


Unused PTO days of more than 5 by end of the year are convertible to their cash equivalent. For
those PTO days earned that are less than 5, it would be carried over to the following year and
should be used on the first 90 Days of the said succeeding year.

4. Maternity Leave Benefit

In accordance with the provisions of the Philippine Labor Code, female associates are granted sixty
(60) calendar days of maternity leave for normal delivery childbirth or cases of miscarriage, and
seventy-eight (78) calendar days for caesarian delivery childbirth.

The maternity leave may be taken with pay as a Social Security benefit administered by the company.
As such, entitlement to the benefit would depend on the eligibility requirements set by the Social
Security System (SSS). Upon eligibility, the associate must follow the following procedures to avail of
her SSS benefit.

Maternity Benefit:

1. File a maternity notification using the SSS Maternity Notification form, with the attached
ultrasound or maternity report from an accredited doctor, to the Culture and People Department
(C&PD) within the first trimester of pregnancy.

2. Notify her immediate supervisor of maternity leave at least a month prior to the expected
date of delivery, or immediately in case of miscarriage.

3. Simultaneous to item 2 is a notification to Culture and People Department for the release of the
SSS Maternity within a month prior to maternity leave or within the month in case of miscarriage.
C&P Department shall give a schedule on the release date of benefit.

4. Sign acknowledge receipt of benefit, once released, and sign the Maternity Benefit
Reimbursement form.

5. Paternity Leave Benefit

Paternity Leave of seven (7) working days with full pay is granted to a married male associate regardless
of his employment status in the company, for the first four (4) deliveries of the legitimate spouse. The
employee may avail of his benefit under the conditions that:

1. He is an active associate at the time of the delivery or miscarriage

2. He is cohabitating with his legitimate spouse at the time she gives birth of suffers a
3. He has applied for paternity leave (planned)
4. His wife has given birth or suffered miscarriage

Unused Paternity leave credits are not commutable to their cash equivalent by the end of the year and
should be availed within sixty (60) calendar days upon delivery or miscarriage of the legitimate spouse.

6. Solo Parent Leave Benefit

Parental leave of not more than seven (7) working days per year shall be granted to any solo
parent associate who has rendered service for at least one (1) year. Parental leave shall mean
leave benefits granted to a solo parent to enable him/her to perform parental duties and
responsibilities where physical presence is required.

A Solo parent is any individual who falls under the following categories:

1. Giving birth as a result of rape or, as used by the law, other crimes against chastity;
2. Death of spouse;
3. Spouse is detained or is serving sentence for a criminal conviction for at least one (1)
4. Physical and/or mental incapacity of spouse as certified by a public medical practitioner;
5. Legal separation or de facto separation from spouse for at least one (1) year: Provided
that he/she is entrusted with the custody of the children;
6. Declaration of nullity or annulment of marriage as decreed by a court or by a church:
Provided, that he/she is entrusted with the custody of the children;
7. Abandonment of spouse for at least one (1) year;
8. Unmarried father/mother who has preferred to keep and rear his/her child/children,
instead of having others care for them or give them up to a welfare institution;
9. Any other person who solely provides parental care and support to a child or children:
Provided, that he/she is duly licensed as a foster parent by the Department of Social Welfare
and Development (DSWD) or duly appointed legal guardian by the court; and
10. Any family member who assumes the responsibility of head of family as a result of the
death, abandonment, disappearance, or prolonged absence of the parents or solo parent:
Provided, that such abandonment, disappearance, or prolonged absence lasts for at least one
(1) year.

Associates who are eligible to the Solo Parent benefits are those that have been issued an eligibility card
by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The Culture & People Department should be
informed by the associate if such eligibility has been granted.

Note that a change in the status or circumstance of the parent claiming benefits under Republic Act No.
8972, such that he/she is no longer left alone with the responsibility of parenthood, shall terminate
his/her eligibility for these benefits.

Unused Solo Parent leave credits are not commutable to their cash equivalent by the end of the year.

7. Profit Sharing Plan

Benco and BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s senior management team believes that every associate has a role to
play in making the company more profitable and should be eligible to share in that profitability. The current
profit sharing formula provides a payout to associates from dollar one of profit, rather than after a required
amount of profit. Sales associates also participate in the plan, although their eligibility requirements are
different than non-sales associates. All payouts under the Plan are subject to applicable federal, state and
local taxes.

Associates receive “shares” based on how long they’ve worked for BDSC Int.-Support Inc. during that year.
The more shares you earn, the larger your payout. Shares may be deducted for disciplinary action.

Transfers, changes in status (such as full-time or part-time) and leaves of absence may affect the amount
of profit sharing you may receive. However, you will be credited with the situation that results in the higher
payout. You must be employed on the actual date of any payout in order to be eligible for payment. This
plan will be reviewed each year and may be revised to better meet the needs of BDSC Int.-Support Inc. and

In keeping with our open book philosophy, we share Benco’s financial performance in a simple,
straightforward manner with every associate on an ongoing basis. This may be accomplished through a
variety of formats, including summary reports, videos, face-to-face presentations, etc. Financial
celebrations will take place to recognize our monthly/quarterly achievements.
8. Retirement Plan

As BDSC Int.-Support Inc. continues to establish its growth and stability as a company, it also aims to reward
its associates who have been in the service with the company for a significant time. A retirement plan will
be in place on or before the 5th year of operations of the Company in the Philippines.

9. Philippine Government Mandated Benefit

A. Social Security System (SSS)

The SSS offers its members the following benefits:

a.) Sickness Benefits

b). Disability
c). Retirement
d). Maternity
e). Death & Funeral

The company through the Culture and People Department will assist the associate/s in applying for the
said benefits in accordance to SSS requirements. For more information on the details, requirements and
the procedures in availing the said SSS benefits, associates are encouraged to check SSS website at:

B. Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)

The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or what is commonly known as the PAG-IBIG FUND is a
Providence Saving Fund mandated by the Government to all associates. Members can avail of the
following benefits under the Pag-ibig fund:

a.) Short Term Loan

b). Housing Loan
c). Calamity Loan

The company through the Culture and People Department will assist the associate/s in applying for the
said benefits in accordance to HDMF (Pag-Ibig Fund) requirements. For more information on the details,
requirements and the procedures in availing the said HDMF benefits, associates are encouraged to
check HDMF website at: www.pagibigfund.gov.ph


The Philhealth is the Philippine National Health Insurance Program. It offers medical benefits, privileges
and discounts on hospitalization of its members. It offers the following benefits:

a.) Inpatient Coverage

b). Outpatient Coverage
c). Other special medical related packages

Note that the Government’s Philhealth benefits works on-top of the company-provided medical benefits
and privileges which is under the company’s Health and Medical Insurance (HMO). Similar to that of
SSS and HDMF benefits, The Company through the Culture and People Department will assist the
associate/s in applying for the said benefits in accordance to PHILHEALTH requirements. For more
information on the details, requirements and the procedures in availing the said PHILHEALTH benefits,
associates are encouraged to check PHILHEALTH website at: www.philhealth.gov.ph

A. Employees Role

As an associate of BDSC Int.-Support Inc. , you must understand fully your role in the company:

a. All associates are part of this service oriented organization.

b. The responsibility of building and maintaining good rapport and relations with both internal and
external customers and all other associates and stakeholders is of prime importance.
c. Everybody must make a lasting impression and must create goodwill for the company.
d. The associates actions and words become automatically those of the company therefore all are
responsible for creating the corporate image that is the company.

B. Associates Appearance and Company Dress Code

As an esteemed associate at BDSC Int.-Support Inc, You should remember that the high quality of our people
is what separates BDSC Int.-Support Inc from other organizations. Your appearance and behavior should
reflect BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s standards and project the proper image to those you interact with in your
role at BDSC Int.-Support Inc, so please dress appropriately for your work area. If the job entails working
with customers or being visible to customers who visit BDSC Int.-Support Inc, please understand that you
are representing the company. Right or wrong, customers often judge you and/or BDSC Int.-Support Inc by
appearance. The following are guidelines for the various work categories:

OFFICE: Business casual is required. Footwear: Open-toe shoes are acceptable, however, no flip flop type
footwear (regardless of style/decoration/heel) or rubber (croc-type) shoes; appropriate (closed toe and
heel) footwear must be worn while traveling though the warehouse. Shirts/Tops/Hats: No casual t-shirts
(with logos, graphics, etc.); sleeveless shirts/blouses are acceptable, as long as they have full/wide
shoulder coverage and do not have a low cut neckline; tank tops (unless covered with a jacket or shirt) are
prohibited; no sweatshirts (hooded or otherwise); no denim shirts; no hats. Pants/Skirts/Shorts/Jogging
Suits: No shorts, no jogging suits; no jeans or denim pants/skirts (regardless of color); skirts must be at
knee length.

“Dress Down” Days, which include jeans, will be held periodically. These days will be held for various
reasons, including fund-raising for charitable purposes.

Extremes in fashion (such as visible body piercings) are prohibited due to safety, customer/public relations
or other business related reasons. Please use common sense: If it is questionable, don’t wear it. You will
be required to go home (on your own time) to change if your appearance is deemed inappropriate by

In addition, please demonstrate good hygiene practices. No heavy perfumes, colognes or scented lotions
are permitted. As a general rule, scents should not be noticeable from a personal distance (3 to 4 feet).

Please remember that these are broad guidelines and individual situations will be handled on a case-by-
case basis.

C. Good Housekeeping

BDSC Int.-Support Inc. encourages associates to personalize their work area, increasing their comfort and
satisfaction while at work. However, the amount and tone of work area decorations must be conservative,
not detract from BDSC Int.-Support Inc.'s professional image, nor interfere with other associates'
ability to do their work.

In order to maximize the sound absorbing quality of the cubicle walls (as well as for appearance
purposes), associates cannot attach papers or other items to cubicle walls, with the exception of name
plates. Also, nothing should be attached to the overhead cubicle cabinet (such as magnets, pictures,
etc.) or extend above the wall/line of sight of the cubicle. Situations that do not meet the above
standards will be addressed by the applicable manager.
Everyone is expected to do his share in helping maintain cleanliness, in order to create an atmosphere
conducive to higher work efficiency.

D. Use of Company Property

You are expected to treat BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s property, from computers to desks, as you would your
own. If company property needs repair, your immediate supervisor/manager should be notified
immediately to determine a course of action. Damage to company property while assigned to you may
result in you paying a percentage of the repair bill at the discretion of management. Destruction of company
property will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Utilization of company
property (photocopiers, etc.) and facilities for personal use without prior management approval is

All associates are encouraged to exercise proper care in the use of equipment, office supplies and office

E. Safety Program

BDSC Int.-Support Inc. continually takes steps to provide a healthy and safe place to work for all associates.
Therefore, management must constantly be aware of conditions in your work area that can inflict injuries.
Your cooperation in detecting and controlling hazards is necessary. Inform your manager of any situation
beyond your ability or authority to correct. Only by working together can we ensure the safest workplace

Management will provide the means to address safety issues, enforce this policy and provide the necessary
leadership and protective equipment to make your work place a safe one. A safety committee, comprised
of representatives of various departments of the company, has been established to provide guidance on
safety matters. Please feel free to provide input to this committee.

Your efforts are needed to help us achieve a safe workplace.

Management must:
1. Provide the means to accomplish the goals as stated above.
2. Enforce this policy and make accountable any associate who violates the policy.
3. Investigate, or request an investigation of, any and all accidents and file a full report on each.
Additionally, management will attempt to find out the cause of the problem and correct it.
You must:
1. Work in accordance with good safety practices as posted, instructed and discussed.
2. Refrain from any unsafe act that might endanger an associate.
3. Use all safety devices provided for protection.
4. Report all injuries immediately to management so arrangements can be made for medical and/or first aid
5. Report any unsafe conditions or practices to management.
6. Use seat belts when riding in a company vehicle.


A. Corporate Associate Recognition Program

Associate Recreational Functions

Associate appreciation events and recreational activities may be scheduled during the year.

Kudos/Above and Beyond Awards

Recognizes you if you extend yourself beyond the normal duties of the job or you perform one aspect of your job in
an extraordinary manner. You may be nominated by managers, co-workers, or customers. Nominated associates
will be recognized in the BDSC Int.-Support Inc. Bulletin associate newsletter.
B. Performance Evaluation

a) At least twice a year, an employee’s work performance is rated by his immediate supervisor on the factors
such as job knowledge, quality of service, volume of output, attitude, punctuality and attendance.

b) All Performance Evaluation reports of an employee are made part of his work records and play a very
important role in determining his career and advancement in the company.

C. Training and Development Programs

a) The Company believes that its human resources are the most valuable assets; as supported with its policy
in promoting from within the company, it develops and conducts training programs / courses to all levels
of employees to develop their potentials.

b) These programs also aim to upgrade their human / customer relations, communications, supervisory /
managerial leaderships and other non – technical skills in order to enhance further their level of
competency, efficiency and general wellbeing.

D. Personnel Movement/Lateral Transfer

a) The Company implements the Policy of Transfer or Re-Shuffle of its employees either from one department
or to another branch in the interest of the business and for the wellbeing of the employees and not as a
disciplinary measure.

E. Associate Time-Off Donation Program

The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to you in personal emergency situations. There are two aspects
to this program: the time off donation program and the associate emergency fund.

The intent of the time off donation program is to allow you to donate a portion of paid time off balance (vacation
time from former time off plan included, personal time excluded) in order to benefit fellow associates who have
exhausted the balance of paid time off time (including vacation/personal time from former time off system), and
who are absent from work due to family emergency, etc. Personal illness/injury is not included because it is covered
by short term disability or worker’s compensation.

All time donated by you to the program is non-refundable. Any excess hours in the time off donation program
account will be utilized by future applicants. The minimum number of hours that may be donated is four (4). This
is a terrific way to assist a specific co-worker in need. Also, in situations where you are in danger of losing unused
PTO time, it provides an avenue for assisting co-workers by donating time to the fund to meet future needs.

F. BDSC Int.-Support Inc. (Benco) Bulletin Associate News Letter

Communication is important, and to provide the company family with news and information about associates and
events, BDSC Int.-Support Inc publishes a quarterly newsletter. All associates are requested to submit information
and suggestions for the BDSC Int.-Support Inc. Bulletin in order to ensure that it meets the needs of the entire BDSC
Int.-Support Inc. and Benco family.



The importance of maintaining the confidentiality of BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s confidential and proprietary business
information cannot be overstressed. This information may only be discussed/shared with someone on a legitimate
need-to-know basis in order to conduct BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s business. You are prohibited from disclosing or using
any confidential or proprietary information of the company outside the scope of conducting business solely on behalf
of BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s. You are prohibited from disclosing any confidential or proprietary information to any
third party or competitor for any reason without prior written approval of BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s. Confidential and
proprietary information includes any information that is not generally known in the industry or capable of becoming
known, or which constitutes trade secrets under applicable law. Confidential information includes, but is not limited
to, customer lists, vendor lists, prospective customer or vendor lists, offers, proposals, bids, quotes, financial data,
designs, sales data, computerized and technical information (including passwords), software, electronic ordering
systems, marketing plans, business plans, salary information, associate personnel file information, etc.
You must take such steps as are reasonably necessary to safeguard confidential information to assure that no
unauthorized person has access to it. You must promptly report to the company any action regarding the misuse or
disclosure of any confidential information of which you become aware and must take such steps as the company may
reasonably request to prevent such prohibited action.
Violations of confidential information are often unintentional, yet can be very damaging to associates and BDSC Int.-
Support Inc.’s. Examples of such violations include discussions in public areas, at social functions, etc. Take all
steps necessary to avoid disclosing any confidential or proprietary information in any setting and at all times.
As a condition of employment, you are required to sign a confidentiality agreement pertaining to BDSC Int.-Support
Inc.’s and Benco’s Information and Trade Secrets or “BITS”. As described above, “BITS” include information
regarding customers and accounts, vendors and suppliers, associates and personnel, financials, pricing and
profitability, business plans, software and electronics, intellectual property and other trade secrets. Appropriate
individuals are also required, as a condition of employment, to enter into restrictive covenant agreements that not
only prohibit the misappropriation of confidential and/or proprietary Benco and BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s information,
but preclude certain employment with competitors and solicitation of BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s customers and
associates for defined time periods and within defined geographical areas. These associates are required to be
aware of and abide by these contractual obligations, both during and following employment at Benco.

As a general rule, if you are not sure if information is confidential, consider it confidential. Violation of Benco’s
and BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s confidentiality policy is subject to termination of employment and all available remedies
at law.


BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s information/data and resources, including but not limited to, the information system and
applications, the local area network (LAN) and applications software and data, the time and attendance system, the
electronic mail system (e-mail), stand-alone computers, computer terminals and voice mail is intended only for
official and authorized purposes. Inappropriate use of the above resources (such as distributing e-mail “chain
letters” and jokes/messages that may be viewed as harassment), including the Internet, will result in the application
of the constructive/progressive discipline process, up to and including termination.

The e-mail, voice mail and computer systems have been installed by BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s to facilitate business
communications and to store company work. Although you may have an individual password to access these systems,
the systems belong to BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s and the contents of all e-mail message, instant messages, voicemail
and computer files are owned by and accessible at all times by management. BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s reserves the
right to monitor, access, retrieve, copy and/or delete any matter stored in, created, received or sent through its
information systems. This may be done without notice to the associate, and without obtaining the associate’s
consent, and may be done for any legitimate business purpose. Deleting documents, email messages, instant
messages and other information from the screen does not guarantee deletion from the information system, as backup
copies of such information may be maintained by BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s and/or by Benco. These systems may be
subject to periodic unannounced inspections and should be treated like other shared filing systems. Use of these
BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s and of Benco’s information systems signifies the associate’s agreement with this policy.

All e-mail messages, instant messages, voice mail messages, and computer files are company records. The contents
of e-mail messages, instant messages, voice mail messages, and computer files, may be disclosed within the company
without your permission. Therefore, you should not assume that messages and files are confidential. Backup copies
of e-mail messages, voice mail messages and computer files may be maintained and referenced by BDSC Int.-Support
Inc’s for business and legal purposes. Please remember that passwords are confidential information and must be
treated as such. It is prohibited to share your individual password with another associate.
BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s information systems are to be used primarily for company business. The information systems
shall not be used to solicit or conduct outside business ventures, to disclose confidential or proprietary information,
or for personal, political or religious causes.


Depending on your position, you may be permitted to utilize a personally owned laptop and/or home computer for
BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s business purposes. All information pertaining to company business placed onto personally
owned computers remains the sole property of BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s. This information must be permanently
removed from personally owned computers if you leave BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s employment. As a condition of
placing BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s information on a personally owned computer, you irrevocably agree that the
company has the right to retain or obtain possession of all such personally owned computers, to inspect said
computers, and permanently delete all information pertaining to company business and the customers of BDSC Int.-
Support Inc.’s immediately upon the termination of your employment with the company for any reason. You also
must agree not to make copies of or use any company confidential or proprietary information contained within any
personally owned computer for use other than the sole furtherance of business on behalf of BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s.


Certain associates may have the opportunity to access the Intranet/Internet through BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s
computer systems. BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s Intranet/Internet Policy must be followed by all users of the company’s
computer system, regardless of whether such access is via company-provided or personally owned computer
equipment. By accessing the Intranet/Internet through the company’s computer systems, you signify agreement to
comply with the following policy:

(I). Intranet

BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s and Benco’s corporate intranet (via SharePoint), which can be accessed through
my.benco.com, provides an informal and timely way for associates to exchange opinions, ideas and information.
When posting on my.benco.com, associates should adhere to the following guidelines:

 Avoid negative or personal attacks.

 Avoid slang, profanity or any other non-business like communication.
 Restrict non-business postings to the appropriate communities (e.g. Want Ads Community).

Benco’s Intranet is not intended to replace all other forms of traditional communication channels. For example,
certain critical issues might be best addressed directly to ensure timely action is taken.

(II). Internet

All users are expected to use the Internet primarily for company business-related reasons (e.g., to communicate
with customers and suppliers, to research relevant topics and obtain useful and appropriate business information).
Users are prohibited from accessing, transmitting, downloading, printing, archiving, storing, or distributing any site,
graphic, image, document, text, etc. from the Internet that may be construed as harassing, discriminating or
disparaging of others based on their race, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran
status, religious or political beliefs. Users are advised that a wide variety of materials may be construed as harassing,
discriminating or disparaging. In addition, the Internet must not be used to access, transmit, download, print,
archive, store or distribute material that is: illegal or fraudulent; slanderous, libelous and/or defamatory; offensive
and/or obscene; abusive and/or threatening of violence; incitement to break the law; or anonymous or repeated
messages designed to annoy, abuse or torment. Any user who encounters or receives inappropriate material should
immediately report the incident to his or her supervisor or the culture & people department.

All Internet users are prohibited from unauthorized dissemination of confidential or proprietary company documents
or information. Assume all outgoing information is being monitored by competitors of BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s.

BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s reserves the right to monitor and record all aspects of Internet access through its computer
systems for business purposes.

For training purposes and to maintain/improve the quality of services provided, BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s monitors
the use of telephones in our customer service-related departments on an ongoing basis. BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s also
reserves the right to review the records of any/all incoming/outgoing calls for company security/business or legal


Guidelines for functioning in an electronic world are the same as the values, ethics and confidentiality policies
associates are expected to respect, whether you’re twittering, talking with other associates, customers or vendors,
or chatting with a friend or neighbor.


 Disclose Your Affiliation: If you talk about work-related matters that are within your area of job
responsibility, you must disclose your affiliation with BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s .
 Protect Yourself: Be careful about what information you share online.
 Act Responsibly & Ethically: When participating in online communities, do not misrepresent yourself. If
you are not a manager, don’t say you are.
 Honor Our Differences: BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s will not tolerate discrimination (including age, sex, race,
creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, marital status or any other legally
recognized protected basis under federal, state, or local laws/regulations).


 The Numbers: Non-public financial or operational information. This includes strategic plans, budgets, and
almost anything with a dollar-figure attached to it. If it’s not already public information, it’s not your place
to make it so.
 Personal Information: Never disclose personal information regarding other associates, vendors or
 Legal Information: Anything to do with a legal issue, litigation, or attorneys.
 Anything That Belongs To Someone Else: Let them post their own information; you stick to posting your
own information. This includes copyrighted publications, etc.
 Confidential Information: Do not publish, post, or release information that is considered confidential.
 As a good rule of thumb, if you find yourself questioning whether you can share something you learned at
work – don’t. Follow BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s policies and live the company’s values. They’re there for a

The following are some policies you should bear in mind whenever you are communicating about or on behalf of
BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s:

 Code of Corporate Conduct & Ethics

 Workplace Violence
 Conflict of Interest
 Solicitation/Distribution
 All Information Policies, including Confidentiality and Communication with Stock Analysts (Benco)
 Discriminatory Harassment Policy

Please understand that if you do not follow the above guidelines/policies, you could:
 Damage working relationships with customers, vendors and other associates.
 Cause legal issues for BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s or Benco.
 Face disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


The BencoBook program features a personalized Benco-branded website that enables sales associates to easily
communicate, share, engage and build relationships with customers on the internet. Users can manage their own
profile information and newsfeed content through a customized administration and content management system.
Connections to commercial social networking sites are available, along with mobile applications for smart phones
and other devices.


 Please remember the Benco Dental website (Bencobook) can be viewed by anyone including our
competitors; customers of other TRs; and all Benco associates
 The Benco Dental website (Bencobook) should not be used for personal or private information.
 Please avoid negative or personal attacks.
 Only include factual information about our competition - no rumors, conjecture, personal attacks, etc.
 Avoid publishing any confidential information about Benco Dental (business plans, confidential pricing,
personnel information, etc.)
 Properly use of Benco Dental’s logos and trademarks are required. Please reference
 Avoid making any promise or offer that you or Benco Dental cannot keep - keep in mind that offers may be
viewed by others who are not being offered the same opportunity - perhaps by another TR.
 Avoid slang, profanity, chat, speak or any other non-business like communication.
 Avoid any comments or information on legal matters or controversial issues that should best be addressed
by a corporate spokesperson.


Voice mail is an effective tool to help ensure communications are sent/received when the person receiving the call
is not available. However, when voice mail is over-utilized (left on during the day, even when the associate is
available for calls), it damages customer service, communication and teamwork. Voice mail should be on primarily
when you are away from your desk, in a meeting, etc. It should not be utilized to screen all calls. All associates
with voice mail must have a personal greeting so that associates, customers and all other parties are ensured of
reaching the appropriate voice mail box. Effective utilization of voice mail is a key tool in eliminating unnecessary
paging. Managers will address situations where voice mail is being over-utilized.


In order to ensure a standard e-mail signature that includes necessary information, all associate e-mail Tag Lines
should include:
Office Phone
Cell Phone (if a business phone)

Also, associates cannot utilize any quotes/mottos/pictures/logos in their e-mail signature, other than BDSC Int.-
Support Inc.’s Mission Statement or BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s / Benco-approved professional tag line.

E-mail is best used for:

 Sharing information
 Summarizing meetings
 Scheduling meetings
 Recounting decisions
 Recognizing people for good work

E-mail should not be used when:

 Someone is angry
 The content may be interpreted as negative or controversial
 There may be confusion about the content
 You are trying to persuade someone to your way of thinking
 Every e-mail should include “Please” and “Thank You”

In a given situation, if you have any doubt about whether or not to use e-mail, don’t. Call or visit the other person
to discuss the situation.


You may carry your personal cell phone or other mobile communication device for use on breaks/lunch. For
emergency reasons, your cell phone may be left on (in vibrate/quiet mode) during working time. Should an
emergency call come in, you must immediately inform your manager/supervisor of the situation. Other than an
emergency situation, you are not allowed to utilize a cell phone during working time for calling/text messaging, etc.
All cell phones must be on vibrate mode while at inside the facility, whether used for business or personal reasons.


The protection of confidential business information and trade secrets is vital to the success of the Company.
Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

 Manufacturing or operational processes

 Customer/client listings
 Customer preferences/data
 Compensation and/or benefits data
 Computer processes
 Financial information
 Marketing strategies
 Pricing information
 Pending projects and proposal
 Technological data
 Shipping requirements
 Any other information vital to the business

Associates who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subjected to
disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Such associates may also face legal action from the company.

The Company believes its confidential propertiary information is an important asset in the operation of its business
and prohibits the unauthorized use or disclosure of this information. Our customers and/or clients often entrust their
confidential data to use and associates are prohibited from using this information. The Company also requires its
associates to fully comply with US, the Philippines and foreign laws and regulation governing the disclosure of
propertiary information. Our success is dependent upon strict adherence by the associates to this policy and all
applicable standards and procedures.

To Protect confidential information, it is company policy that:

 Confidential information of the company or any client/customer should be disclosed within the company
only on a need-to-know basis;
 Confidential information of the company or any client/customer (paper or electric) must be marked in
accordance with such instructions or other designations as may be required by the company or
customer/client from time to time;
 Confidential information of the company should be disclosed outside the company only when required by
law or when necessary to further the company’s business activities and in accordance with the company’s
disclosure guidelines.

Collecting information on our competitors from legitimate sources to evaluate the relative merit of their products,
services, and marketing method is necessary part of the business. But there are limits to the ways this information
should be acquired. Illegal practices, such as industrial espionage and stealing, are absolutely prohibited. It is also
prohibited to seek information in any manner, which violates any contractual obligation or commitment. Any form
of questionable intelligence gathering is strictly against company policy.


A. Conflict of Interest
Associates have the obligation to give their complete loyalty to the best interest of the company. They should avoid
any action, which may involve, or may appear to involve, in a conflict of interest with the company. Associates
should not have any financial or business relationships with suppliers, customers or competitors that might impair,
or even appear to impair, the independence of any judgement they may need to make on behalf of the company.
Solicitation from vendors or associates for gifts or business favors is prohibited. Therefore, it is company policy that,
without full disclosure to, and prior approval of, the Company’s Management Team and associates may not:
 Perform services for or have a financial interest in a private company that is, or may become, a supplier,
customer, or competitor company;
 Perform services for or have a material interest (more than 5% of net worth) in a public traded company,
that is, or may become, a supplier, customer or competitor of the company; or
 Perform outside work or otherwise engage in any outside activity or enterprise that may interfere in any
way with the job performance or create a conflict with the company’s best interest.
Associates are under a continuing obligation to disclose to their supervisors any situation that presents the possibility
of a conflict of interest between the associates and the company. Disclosure of any potential conflict is the key to
remaining in full compliance with this policy.

B. Customer, Supplier and Competitor Relations

It is company policy to treat customers, business allies and suppliers fairly and not engage in anti-competitive
practices that unlawfully restrict the free market economy.

The Company’s objective is to compete in the marketplace on the basis of superior products, services and
competitive prices. No payment in any form shall be made directly or indirectly to anyone for the purpose
of obtaining or retaining business, or to obtain any other favourable action. A violation of this policy may
subject the associate to disciplinary action as well as potential criminal prosecution.
No gifts should be accepted from a supplier, vendor or customer unless the gift has insubstantial value
and refusal to accept it would be discourteous or otherwise harmful to the company. Associates must
receive approval from their supervisors before any gift having value of over Php 1,000.00 (pesos). This
applies equally to giving gifts to suppliers, customers and vendors.
Appropriate business entertainment of non-government personnel occurring in connection with business
discussions or development of business relationships is generally deemed appropriate in the conduct of
official business. This may include business-related meals, trips, refreshments before or after a business
meeting, occasional athletic, theatrical or cultural events. Entertainment in any form that would likely
result in a feeling or expectation of personal obligation should not be extended or accepted. This applies
to giving and receiving entertainment.
Government Representatives
What is acceptable practice in the commercial business environment may be against the law or the
policies of national and/or local government. Therefore, no gifts or business entertainment of any kind
may be given to any government employee without the prior approval of the company’s legal counsel,
except for items of nominal value (i.e., pens, coffee mugs, etc).

C. Workplace Safety

The Company is committed to providing a safe work environment for all associates. It is our policy that any acts of
violence, harassment or threats by one associate against another person’s life, health, well-being, family, or
property could be grounds for immediate termination. This policy applies to any threats made on Company property,
at Company events or under circumstances that may affect an associate’s safety or the Company’s ability to conduct
business. Such actions will be considered as infringing on the Company’s obligation to provide a safe workplace for
its associates. Our policy also requires that any associate who believes that he or she has been the target of violence
or threats of violence or has witnessed or learned of such behavior by another associates must report such incident
immediately to his or her supervisor and the Culture and People Manager.

1. Preventing Violence in the Workplace

The company strictly prohibit threatened or actual violence by our associates on our premises or on a work
Violence in the workplace may be described as verbal or physical threats, intimidation, and/or aggressive
physical contact. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:
 Inflicting or threatening injury or damage to another person’s life, health, wellbeing, family, or
 Possessing a firearm, explosive or other dangerous weapon or substance on Company premises or
using an object as a weapon;
 Abusing or damaging Company or associates property;
 Using obscene or abusive language or gestures in a threatening manner; or,
 Raising voice in a threatening manner.

Because of the potential for misunderstanding, the Company also prohibits jokes about any of the conduct
You are encouraged to be proactive in maintaining a safe working environment by reporting violent or
potentially violent behaviour. If you observe or experience these types of behaviour, please report them
immediately to your supervisor or to the Culture and People Manager.
Any associate who exhibits violence in the workplace may be discipline up to and including termination. The
Company may also choose to bring formal charges against anyone who endangers its associates.

2. Safety & Security

Each associate, along with the Company is responsible for safety and security. If you see a dangerous condition
or an emergency situation, report it immediately to your supervisor. If your supervisor is not available, check
with any member of management. It is our policy to provide a safe, healthful working environment for all
associates. The Company is responsible for communicating safety policies, and the associates is responsible for
understanding and abiding by all safety and security procedures and programs, operating equipment in a
safety and proper manner and reporting unsafe conditions to management.
Associates are also are expected to cooperate fully to safeguard Company property and funds and cooperate
with all security measures and investigations. In all locations, the Company reserves the right to inspect lunch
boxes, purses, briefcases, or other bags, containers or vehicles entering or leaving company premises.
If there is a security investigation in the workplace, associates are expected to cooperate fully with the
security representatives. Failure to cooperate with the investigation, or providing false or incomplete
information during security investigation, is grounds for termination.

D. Outside Employment Activities

All associates of the Company must notify their respective immediate supervisor or Manager of any outside
employment activity. The outside employment must not create, or result in any conflict of the interest with, an
associate’s duties and obligations with the Company, or result in the impairment of the associate’s capacity to
perform assigned duties in a satisfactory and safe manner. The decision as to whether outside employment creates
or may result in a conflict of interest or impairment of capacity lies within the sole discretion of the Company and
its legal counsel. Should it be determined that an associate is engaged in outside employment constituting a conflict
of interest with the business of the Company or which prevents the associate from safety and satisfactorily
performing Company duties, the associate will be requested to resign the outside employment. Failure to comply
with this policy may result in termination.

E. Solicitation and Distribution

The Company prohibits soliciting for any causes or distributing goods or printed materials at any time when:
The distribution occurs in a working area:
- The associate soliciting or distributing is on work time (which excludes breaks, lunch periods and other
periods when an associate is not expected to be working such as before and after work).
- The associate being solicited or receiving the distribution is on work time (which excludes breaks, lunch
periods and other periods when an associate is not expected to be working such as before or after
The distribution occurs in a working area:
- Solicitation by non-associates.
- The sale or distribution by non-associates of any products, including but not limited to, tickets to
sporting and entertainment events, raffles or lotteries, pools or any food items etc.
- The distribution by non-associates of literature, including but not limited to, any promotional and/or
advertising materials.

Note though that the Company has the final decision and the sole discretion to approve and deny any request for
solicitation and distribution.


The Company through the Management Team or any Authorized officers/representatives have the authority to close
Company facilities during extreme weather condition and/or Natural disasters or calamities. If there is a question
about whether the facility will remain open, associates should call the office in advance of your starting work time.
The Company through the Culture and People Department will make all efforts to advice all associates via a call/sms
and/or through available news media announcements (radio, television) with regard to temporary closure of the
facility due to extreme weather conditions or natural calamities that may affect the operations of the business. If
the office is closed, a recorded message will be left on the telephone informing you of the closure and other
necessary information.
Tardiness due to typhoons, floods, or other natural calamities may be excused as may be determined by the Culture
and People Department.


Company is committed to providing a drug and alcohol-free work environment and to fostering the well-being and
health of its associates. That commitment is jeopardized when any Company associates uses illegal drugs or alcohol
on the job, or possesses, distributes, or sells drugs in the workplace. Company has the right to test associates at any
time in accordance with existing Government laws.
Company prohibits the sale, unauthorized possession, or unauthorized use alcohol and narcotics and other illegal
controlled substances on Company’s premises. Such activities adversely affect an employee's safety, health,
longevity, and seriously impair their performance. In addition, such use constitutes a potential danger to the security
and welfare of other associates and exposes Company to the risk of funds and property loss. Accordingly, it is the
policy of Company that possession of any amount or the sale of alcohol and illegal controlled substances by an
associate on the premises subjects the associate to discipline, up to and including termination, for the first such
offense. Also, any associate who reports to work, or who is at work, with any detectable level of illegal drugs or
alcohol is subject to discipline, up to and including termination, for the first such offense.
To help us maintain our alcohol and drug free workplace, if you become aware of another associate selling,
purchasing, transferring, or using alcohol or illegal drugs or alcohol while on the job, you are requested to take
prompt action to report the circumstances to your Immediate Supervisor/Manager, Culture and People Manager, or
the Managing Directors.
If you are using prescription drugs in accordance with medical purposes and such drug usage may impair your work
performance, you must consult with your Manager or Culture and People Manager. If the medication affects your
work, you may be required to take time off or perform alternate job functions. This will be handled on a case-by-
case basis.


BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s protects all its employees against sexual harassment. Our Sexual harassment policy is in line
with Republic Act. Nos. 7877, also known as the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 of Philippines. Employees will
not engage in sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual
favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when (1) submission to such conduct is made either
explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment, (2) submission to such conduct by an
individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual, or (3) such conduct has the purpose
or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or
offensive working environment.

If you believe you are a victim of a sexual harassment or would know a victim of sexual harassment please contact
Culture and People Department or any Manager.


Although it is the policy of BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s to encourage diversity and inclusiveness in all of its corporate
pursuits, there are some occasions when the company will require that its employees converse or take direction and
guidance in English. Thus, this English-only policy will provide specific circumstances where English-only rules must
be observed.

1. English will be used when dealing with customers who express a preference or the expectation that our
employees are proficient in English.
2. All task directions and work directives will be provided in English and, while employees are engaged in
such work-related efforts or on project teams, they will be expected to communicate in English.

3. All safety, facility and security related materials will be provided in English, and team or departmental
meetings that relate to business operations, safety, facility and/or personal security will be expected to
be conducted in English.

4. The use of the company Internet and intranet, as well as all work-related e-mailing, is expected to be
communicated in English, unless customer requirements state a preference that another language be

Associates having concerns or questions regarding these enumerated policies should address them with their
immediate supervisor or Culture and People Department for resolution. BDSC Int.-Support Inc. remains committed
to the expression of its diversity efforts, which include the use of languages other than English, but realizes that
specific business operational requirements necessitate that communication be clear, concise and distinct. Thus, in
meeting these operational requirements, the use of English will be required.

Employees violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action appropriate to the offense committed.


BDSC Int.-Support Inc’s reserves the legal right to own all technical achievements, including, but not limited to,
discoveries, inventions, know-how, concepts, processes, products, methods and renovations (hereinafter referred
to as "technical achievements"), related to the businesses, products, programs and services of the Company that
are contemplated, developed and accomplished by its employees regardless of their employment status, whether
independently or jointly with others, shall be deemed as the Company’s technical achievements and absolute
property and all the corresponding rights including intellectual property rights shall belong solely to Benco.

Associates agree to record and keep the technical achievements developed by BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s and/or Benco,
whether independently or jointly with others, according to the formats or methods required by Company while the
associate is employed by the company. These materials are legally owned by BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s and/or Benco
exclusively and it has the sole right to retrieve the above mentioned materials at any time.

Associates agrees to help BDSC Int.-Support Inc.’s or Benco’s authorized representatives, to protect the Company’s
interests in the aforesaid technical achievements and their related intellectual property rights by appropriate means
in any countries, including by disclosing all relevant information and data and by executing all relevant legal
documents. All associates agree that this policy according to the aforesaid obligations shall survive the termination
of the employment relationship with the Company.