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Generator mini
Aging – A Global
Health Issue
Main cause of Aging & Health
Problems- Free Radicals
Free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism that can
cause significant damage to living cells and tissues in a process called "
oxidative stress."
Free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons. They rob other
cells of electrons, causing damage and contributing to many diseases.
Most of the aging problems and chronic diseases such as cancers,
heart diseases, diabetes, cataract, blood circulatory diseases, alzhemier,
arthritis & etc are caused by free radicals.
Since Dr. Denham Harman published his theory of free radicals, there
have been more than 300,000 research papers strongly affirming the
main cause for ill-health and aging is FREE RADICALS. 1954 ( Dr.
Denham Harman)
Smoking, air pollution, water pollution, radiation (x-ray, UV), pesticides,
stress, over exercise and etc will lead to more free radicals in body
Main Cause of Aging & Health
Problems- Free Radical
• Most Popular Drink
In Korea & Japan
• Anti-Aging
What is Hydrogen Water
• Hydrogen water is simply water that has extra hydrogen
molecules in it. Hydrogen (H2) is an odorless, colorless, and
tasteless gas. It is the smallest existent gas molecule. Because
of this unique property, molecular hydrogen could penetrate into
virtually every organ and cell in the body (including the brain) 
• Hydrogen water can act as powerful antioxidants that help
neutralize free radicals which contribute to disease development,
inflammation, and aging
• Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Anti-Allergy. 
• 2 liters of hydrogen water per day is equivalent to 1,512 bananas,
1,032 apples, 76 carrots, and 90 bunches of spinach.
• Drinking hydrogen water can give you more energy, slow the
aging process, improve skin health, speed muscle recovery after
a workout, helps fight wide range of diseases, boost immune
system, to achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.
Drinking Hydrogen Water Everyday
Stay Healthy & Young

Antioxidant power of 1.5liter of hydrogen water is equivalent to 756bananas /516apples /38

Hydrogen Water is effectively
absorbed by body due to its small
Generator mini
A portable tool that transform water
to hydrogen water
Hydrogen Water Generator Mini
Small Size, Big Transformation
ʐDrink Hydrogen Waterʐ
-The Most Effective Way for Anti-Aging
-The Easiest Way to flush out free radical
-Helps in bowel movement, improve metabolism, relieve tiredness,
improve skin health, detox, prevent diseases.

ĔHydrogen Water Generator MiniĔ

◎ A portable tool that transform water to hydrogen-rich water
◎ Modern Stylish Design
◎ Small size & Light weight
◎ Made in South Korea
◎ Advanced Technology High Quality

Just need 8 minutes to produce hydrogen-rich water ,

By charging standard size of 500ml water bottle with powerbank
NOW Everybody can drink hydrogen water anytime anywhere
Why choose Hydrogen Water
Generator Mini K-link?
• Highly Concentrated Hydrogen Water
– 8min. operation makes 800 – 1,200ppb
– H2 Mini has the technology to produce strong and abundant
hydrogen from bottled water or water purifier water and to reliably
dissolve it.
– Using platinum coated titanium plates and a special cation
exchange membrane, with a minimum current generation to
produce high concentration of pure hydrogen.
• Long Hydrogen Dissolution Time
– Maintain dissolved hydrogen for 3 days.
– Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest substance, so it begins to
disappear from the moment it is dissolved in water. H2 Mini is a
new technology of DEM membrane PEM method which dissolves
hydrogen for a long time.
H2 mini

Normal Water Hydrogen Water

Normal Hydroge
Water n Water
Especially in India the conditio
of tap water Is very poor in
Consumption many people
buy bottled water or use
a water purifier.
Tea is not
Tea dissolved
Everyday drink
at least 2 Liters
of hydrogen
Thank you