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About the vessel

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MMA Prestige
Multipurpose Supply Vessel

Contac t MMA O ffshore

General Dimensions

M iddle East Australia South East Asia Official No 900104 LOA 87.8 m
Call Sign 9WNL4 Breadth - moulded 22 m
Dubai Office Head Office Singapore Office IMO No 9696175 Depth - moulded 7.8 m
Year Built July 2016 Draft 5.5 m
#2417 Reef Tower Endeavour Shed 8 Cross Street, Manulife Tower
Port of Registry Labuan GRT 5,138 T
Cluster O 1 Mews Road Unit 08-01/03
Flag Malaysia NRT 1,541 T
Dubai, UAE Fremantle WA 6160 Singapore 048424 2,670 T (approx.) at 5.50 m
Class American Bureau of Shipping Deadweight
Ph: +971 4 448 7584 PO Box 715 draft
Ph: +65 6265 1010
✠A1, Offshore Support Vessel, 400 m2 (Main), 600 m2
South Fremantle WA 6162 Fax: +65 6864 5555 Working Deck Area
Notation Supply-HNLS, E, ✠AMS, (Mezzenine)
Ph: +61 8 9431 7431 ✠ACCU, ✠DPS-2 Deck Strength 10.0T/m2
Fax: +61 8 9431 7432
MMA Prestige
Multipurpose Supply Vessel

Together, we make it happen

Performance Deck Equipment Rescue & Fire Fighting Navigation Equipment

Total kW kW 10,240 Offshore knuckle jib Search Lights 4 x 2,000 W Magnetic Compass exemption 1
Speed - Maximum knots 11.5 crane, 100 T@15 m, 20 and 4 nos on 24 V 3 Anschutz Digital gyro
Speed Economical knots 9 MacGregor HMC 3568 Floodlights embarakation deck Std 22 compass and
flood lights Gyro Compass c/w autopilot
LKO 250-32 (1000-15) 1 Auto Pilot Anschutz
Crane 2 x 25 persons davit Pilot star D
Tank Capacity AHC Liferafts
2,000 m launched type (SOLAS) GPS Navigator 1
2 x 4 Ton at 15 m/min 2 x 100 men totally Radar 2
Fuel Oil m 3
868 Tugger Winch enclosed lifeboat, Speed Log 1
Fresh Water m3 586 2 x 10 Ton at 15 m/min, (SOLAS Approved) ECDIS 2
Potable Water m3 586 Capstan Vertical MacGregor MG- (Maker - Vanguard) Echo Sounder 1
Foam m3 9.4 HVC 1045, electro-hydraulic 1 x 6 men (Maker - Weather Fax 1
Fast Rescue Boat & Davit
Ballast Water m3 3,270 Tugger Winch Main Deck 2 x 10 Ton at 15 m/min Vanguard)
Bridge Nav Watch System 1
Liquid Mud m3 682 Wire Capacity 20 mm x 200 m 1 x 6 men (Maker -
Normal Rescue Boat & Davit VDR 1
Cement m3 Brake Holding 15 T Vanguard)
104 Loading Computer 1
Dispersant m3 9.4 Deck Voltage & Sockets - 6 x 440VAC @ 60 Hz, 2 x
Quantity & Voltage 230vAC @ 60 Hz Communication Equipment Dynamic Positioning System
Dry Bulk m3 (refer to cement)
Aluminium type, suitable Qty
Methanol m3 218 m³ (approx.)
Helideck for Sikrosky S92; (Maker - Navtex Receiver 1
Aluminium Offshore) Rolls-Royce ICON
Discharge Rates 2 x DGPS
Water Maker 2 x 30m3/day, reverse Watch Alarm 1 1x Laser Reference
osmosis type, Gefico SSB 1 (Cyscan)
Fuel Oil 2 x 150 m³/h @ 100 m head AQE30D Intercom 1 - 1x HIPAP 500 (second
Fresh Water 1 x 150 m³/h @ 100 m head 1 x 1m³/h (BOSS 5T/107- Inmarsat-C 1 unit optional)
Oily Water Separator DP2 with Joystick
Ballast / Drill Water 2 x 150 m³/h @ 90 m head USA) EPIRB 1 - 1x Taut wire system
Potable Water 1 x 150 m³/h @ 100 m head 1 x 100 men with vacuum GMDSS VHF Radio (DSC) 2 (500m)
Sewage Treatment Plant
Dry Bulk 2x20 m3/h @ 5.6 bar system (EVAC MBR120C) GMDSS MF/HF (DSC) 1 - 3x Anemometer
Liquid Mud/Brine 2 x 75 m³/h at 240 m head 1 open bottom, (approx.) VSAT 1 - 2x MRU2
5.4m x 5.4m clear opening: - 1x MRU5
Anemometer 1
Machinery / Propulsion - 3x Gyro
Fleet Broadband 1
N2 Generation System 1 (Wilhemsen) SSAS 1 Accomondation
Engine: 4 x 2,560 kW, Rolls- SART 2
Royce Bergen C25:33 L8AY;
Cabin (4 Berth) 11
Main Engines Cabin (2 Berth) 16
4x 2,457 kW/690V/60Hz @
0.8pf, 900rpm, Marelli MUR Cabin (3 Berth) 4
630 LAB) Cabin (Single Berth) 12
3x 1,000 kW tunnel thruster, Total Accomodation 100 Pax
Bow Thruster electric driven, Rolls Royce Hospital 2
Emergency Generators 1 x 500 kW (CAT. C18)
2x 2,050 kW Azimuth
Propulsion thruster, electric driven,
Rolls Royce US 255 FP/3800

Note - vessels can be modified to meet specific charter requirements. MMA encourages clients to contact the vessel operations team to confirm vessel particulars are accurate.