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User Manual 
Hospital Patient Portal 

Almighty Consulting Services 


✰ ​Index 
❖ About Almighty Consulting Services 
❖ Hospital Portal Configuration 
❖ Patient Portal Access 

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✰ About Almighty Consulting Services 

Almighty Consulting Services founded in 2016. Since the first day we are working on Odoo only. 
Odoo has been our core skill. Till date the company has served many clients from different 
countries for providing them an array of services including Setting Up, Configuration, 
Customization, Integration, Migration and User training of Odoo. We always been known for our 
Quality, Timely services, unbeaten Dedication, Ethical ways & highly friendly ambiance. 



✰ Hospital Portal Configuration 

Allow your patients to see their appointments, invoices and prescriptions records.  

We have Designed a system in such a way that by default for each patient it will create User if 
you wish to allow all patients to see their record by just configuration on company level. (For New 
patients it will work.) 

If that option is not ticked you can create a user for patient manually, open patient's partner and 
then from action ’Grant Portal Access ’

☺TIP: In developer mode on a patient-related partner will be shown. It will be hidden in 
normal mode.  


✰ Patient Portal Access 

All portal user will have the same login screen as other default user get. After login portal user 
will see website home page. On that home page right corner logged in user name will be shown, 
on click of that user name and ​My Account ​you will get a portal view where you can see all 
patient-related data. 

User will get such a portal view with a count of records.   


Click on a row and it will open related records as shown in below screen. By clicking on the print 
button it will give PDF with more details. For Appointment, Invoice and Prescription print option is 

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Smart ​HMS​ by ​AlmightyCS​ for Great Users !!!