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ARTICLE 7 : Executive Department (Philippine • Power of Control

Constitution) Power of an officer

✓ alter
✓ modify
Section 1: ✓ nullify
The executive power shall be vested in the President of ✓ set aside what a subordinate officer had
the Philippines. done
• Chief Executive • Military Power
• Head of State Military power enables the president to
• Head of the Government ✓ Command all the armed forces of the
Election ✓ Suspend the privilege of the writ of
Every second Monday of May , every six years habeas corpus
✓ Declare martial law.
Section 2: • Pardoning Power - Authority to grant relief
Qualifications from criminal contempt penalties
• Natural born citizens of the Philippines ✓ Barrowing Power- The President may contract
• Registered voter or guarantee foreign loans on behalf of the
• Able to read and write Republic of the Philippines
• At least 40 years of age ✓ Diplomatic Power- The President may deal with
• Resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years foreign states and governments
✓ Budgetary Power- president shall submit to
Section 3: congress a budget of expenditures and sources
There shall be a Vice-President who shall have the same of financing
qualifications and term of office and be elected with, ✓ Informing Power- President shall address
and in the same manner, as the President. He may be congress at the opening of its regular sessions
removed from office in the same manner as the ✓ Other Powers
President. President is vested with the following powers:
✓ to call the Congress to special session
✓ President shall not be eligible for ANY re- ✓ to consent to the deputization of government
election personnel by the Commission on Elections
✓ No Vice President shall serve for more than 2 ✓ to approve or veto bills
consecutive terms ✓ to discipline its deputies
✓ to exercise emergency and tariff powers
Prohibitions/ inhibitions

• Shall not receive any other emolument

• Shall not hold any other office of employment
• Shall not directly or indirectly practice any other
• Strictly avoid conflict of interest
• May not appoint spouse or relatives

Powers of the President

• Executive power – power to administer laws
• Power of Appointment - President may appoint
officials of the Philippine government as
provided by the constitution and laws
• Power of Removal- Power to remove his
appointees without approval from the