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Do you ever get tired of doing the same things over and over again?

I don’t know with my

brother Helios but, driving my white chariot each night is getting me nowhere.

Do you know that feeling of emptiness? Like there is something lacking in your life.

For thousands of years I’ve been moving the moon across the sky and it’s like I feel
something hollow in my chest. Maybe I should just stop moving the moon. I need to know
what’s missing.

Until one day, I was moving across the night sky (same old same old) looking down on the

I saw a beautiful young man, peacefully sleeping.

And I just felt like the hollow feeling in my chest suddenly turned into butterflies. How
creative Aphrodite.

And yes this love story is a typical one as he as well fell in love with me.

But No! Brace yourself for another disappointment, I can’t he’s a mortal! We can’t be!

But he is the only one that made me feel like this I had to do something.

So I stood up and asked for Zeus to grant him eternal life. Make him sleep forever and

And so.. *shrug* there goes the love story.

As I ride my chariot moving across the night sky, looking down on Earth as fireflies lit,
wolves howl, and crickets chirp.

I will always have him. There for me. Sleeping peacefully as he dreams of me visiting him
every night.
Therefore there is no need to worry for the Moon shall always shine through the night.

I am Selene the moon goddess and this is my promise to you.