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[Logo: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Facultad Regional Buenos Aires]
“2016- Year of the Bicentenary of the Declaration of National Independence”


It is stated for the record that Eng. Maria Laura Villarreal, National Identification No. 34.189.726,
UTN file No. 154.908-0, has studied and passed all of the subjects required for the Specialist Degree
of Expert in Telecommunications Engineering that was undertaken in this Regional Faculty.

Date Subject Book Folio Grade

07/06/2016 Integration Seminar IT001 30 9 (NINE)
01/06/2016 Project Management IT001 29 9 (NINE)
27/05/2016 Packet Networks IT001 28 9 (NINE)
24/05/2016 Telecommunications Businesses IT001 27 9 (NINE)
09/05/2016 Telecommunications Markets IT001 26 9 (NINE)
03/05/2016 Convergent Networks IT001 25 9 (NINE)
28/10/2015 English Proficiency Exam 9247 206 Prof. Exam
03/09/2015 Network Security IT001 19 9 (NINE)
28/05/2015 Service Management IT001 18 9 (NINE)
12/03/2015 Transmission Networks IT001 17 9 (NINE)
19/11/2014 Mobile Access Networks IT001 14 10 (TEN)
17/10/2014 Communication Networks IT001 12 9 (NINE)
29/08/2014 Fixed Access Networks IT001 10 10 (TEN)

This certificate is issued at the request of the interested party and to be presented to whom it may
concern, on the thirty-first of October two-thousand and sixteen.

[Stamp: Universidad Tecnologica Nacional

Regional Faculty
Buenos Aires
Republic of Argentina]

Dr. Mirian Inés Capelari
Vice-secretary of Postgraduate Studies and Research

Certification statement: I, Jordan Tammens, Professional Translator Spanish > English,

NAATI No. CPN3QR25S, certify that this is a true and accurate translation, to the best of my
knowledge of Maria Laura Villarreal’s academic transcript (source document: electronic
copy). This translation is permanently valid.
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