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School: DepEdClub.

com Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File created by Ma’am ANA LIZA D. SEBASTIAN Learning Area: MAPEH
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: SEPTEMBER 2 – 6, 2019 (WEEK 4) Quarter: 2ND QUARTER)


A.(Content Standards) Demonstrates the concept of Demonstrates understanding of Demonstrates understanding of Understands the importance Weekly test
melody by using intervals in shapes, space, colors, and the participation in and assessment of keeping the school and
the major scale and in the principles of emphasis, harmony of physical activities and physical community environments
minor scale. and contrast in digital painting and fitness healthy
poster design using new
B. (Performance Standards) Applies learned concepts of Applies concepts on the use of 1. participates and Demonstrates practices for
melody and other elements to software in creating digital assesses performance in building and maintaining
composition and paintings and graphic design. physical activities. healthy school and
performance. 2. assesses physical fitness community environments
C. ( Learning Competencies) Demonstrates the ability to Creates a digital painting similar describes the Philippines physical Identifies different wastes Be able to answer the given
sing, read, and write simple with the Masters’ (e.g., Van Gogh, activity pyramid H6CMH-Iie-4 questions with accuracy.
musical notations in the: Amorsolo, etc.) in terms of style, PE6PF-Iia-16
1.1 Key of C Major theme, etc.
1.2 Key of G Major A6PR-IIc explains the indicators for fitness
1.3 Key of F Major PE6PF-Iia-17

II. ( Content) Melody Digital Painting Invasion Games for Physical Healthy School and
Fitness: Community Environments
An Enhanced Understanding
III. ( Learning Resources)
A. (References) The 21st Century MAPEH in
1. (Teacher’s Guide Pages) p.49
2. (Learner’s Materials pages)
3. (Textbook Pages) MAPEH in Action pp.112-133 The 21st Century MAPEH in
pp. 202-216
4. ( Additional Materials from LR
B. (Other Learning Resources) Pictures,Laptop,any personal/ Powerpoint , Lcd projector, Powerpoint, pictures, activity Test Questionnaires, test
school computers, powerpoint, Sungka, pebbles or small shells. cards, notebooks, e-class record,
LCD Projector, pens.
For the school/pupils without
gadgets. Paint, paint brush, oslo
paper,coupon bond and water
IV. (Procedures)
A. ( Review previous Lesson) Do you still remember when What is digital painting? What games have you played 1. What can you do to make Recall their past lessons.
you were a baby, your mother ( is a type of digital art but it is not with your friends and and keep the school and Preparation of test materials
used to sing a lullaby in order “ computer-generated” art, in classmates? environment healthy?
for you to sleep? that it does not involve the What are again the rules in 2. Identify and discuss the
computer automatically playing Agawang Base Stealing wastes that affect the family,
generating an image from Base? school, and community.
mathematical models created by
the artist. In digital painting, the
artist uses painting techniques to
create the image directly on the
B. (Establishing purpose for the What is the reason why you How do you prepare and go digital Picture analysis: Why should you get a high
lesson/ Motivation) have a favorite song? painting? Teacher presents a picture and score in any given test?
(see pp.114-) allows the pupils to describe it.

Today, we will be having group

Teacher divides the group, and
pupils follow directions.
C. ( Presenting examples or Present the copy of the song. Preparing for digital painting Of Video presentation: Word Hunt Setting of standards in taking
presentation/ instances of the new “With a Little help from my what use is a computer software How to play Sungka Directions: Identify and the test
lesson) friends” in making paintings today? https://www.youtube.com/watc encircle 10 words in the box
https://www.youtube.com/w (see pp.115-126) h?v=V_AaVnx-StQ that are related to wastes.
atch?v=krZlsZ9I2o4 How do you assemble everything (arranged vertically and
to create a finished digital horizontally)
painting? Write your answer on a
Original File Submitted and cartolina/manila
Formatted by DepEd Club Member paper.
- visit depedclub.com for more One minute is provided for
the activity.
Present the group’s answer
when the time is up.

Words to find:
wood, cartons, needles,
battery, sewage, metals, CD,
plastic, rubber and bottles
D. ( Discussing new concepts and Ask different questions about Do It Yourself (DIY) Discussion on how to play Sungka Word Configuration Distributes test materials to
practicing new skills) the song My Paint •The skills developed in playing 1. Divide the class into 4 the pupils.
1. Open Gimp(Open Source) for Sungka groups.
tablet PC. •The Rules In playing Sungka 2. Each group will be given
2 .Using your digital pen, draw out work sheets (Annex 2)
your outlines. 3. The task of the group is to
3. Then, use the paint bucket tool identify the words being
to dump color into large areas. described in the following
4. Create virtual brushstrokes. numbers (1-5). Word
5. Work in layers. configuration with quiz bee
6. Use the Artists ’Brushes. approach will be applied to
7. Print the completed painting. this activity.
Note: 4. Each group will use a Show
For those who do not have any Me Board in presenting their
computers/gadgets. answers.
You make use of paint/watercolor Questions
and paint brush to draw your 1. Waste that can
digital art painting. easily be broken
down into smaller
parts by natural
2. Waste products
with poisonous
chemicals that were
flushed out by
factories and
industrial plants
3. Also known as
4. One of the most
common radioactive
E. ( Discussing new concepts & Listen to the song. Activity Proper: Activity Proper; The teacher will identify and Answering of test items
practicing new skills #2) “With a little help from my Pupils play the Sungka while the discuss the wastes that affect
friends” Pupils perform the given activity teacher observes and manage the family, school, and
with the guidance of the teacher the class community
F. Developing Mastery (Hands On)
(Leads to Formative Assessment 3)
G. ( Finding to Practical Application of Sing with the Music. Is digital art painting more Why should we preserve our 1. What are the waste
concepts and skills in daily living/ convenient for you? Why? traditional games like Sungka? products that can be found
Valuing) at home and in the
2. How will you dispose
these wastes properly
H. ( Making Generalization & What is the message of the What are the steps in making Sungka is a game played by two
Abstraction about the lessons) music? digital art painting? player by using a solid carved
wood with two rows of seven
circular hole and two large holes
at both ends called house (bahay)
Forty-nine small stones, marbles,
pebbles, seeds, or even shells can
be used in holes that are
alternately put except in the
house. The two players hold each
side of rows as their territory.
I. ( Evaluating Learning) Reflection of the music. Direction: List down the rules in playing Game: Pinoy Henyo Checking and recording of test
Put a check (/) before each Sungka. 1. Divide the class into four results
statement that describes your (4) teams.
attitudes and feelings during and 2. Each team will choose 2
after doing the artwork. representatives, one will be
___I can apply concepts on the use the “tagahula”, while the
of the other one will serve as the
software.(commands,menu,etc.) guide. He/she is only allowed
___2. I can utilize art skills using to say “oo, hindi, pwede”.
new technologies(hardware and 3. Each team will be given a
software) minute to guess the word
___3.I can create a digital painting assigned to them.
similar with the Masters’(e.g., Van 4. The teacher will record the
Gogh, Amorsolo, Tadao, etc.) time of each team.
___4.I can accept the remarks and 5. The team with the
suggestions of others shortest time in guessing the
___5.I can see me improving in word wins the game.
how I think and work in this Answers: (paper, bone,
activity. urine, cotton, glass)
J. ( Additional activities for application Finalize your work at home. Read List down the different kinds of
or remediation) more about digital art painting and wastes that affect our health and
memorize the commands, etc the community.
V. ( Remarks)

VI. ( Reflection)

A.( No. of learners who earned 80% in

the evaluation)
B.( No. of learners who requires
additional acts for remediation who
scored below 80%)
C.( Did the remedial instruction really
work? No of learners who caught up
with the lesson)
D.( No. of learners who continue to
require remediation)
E. (Which of the strategies work well?
Why did this work?
F. (What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal/ supervisor can
help me solve?)
G. ( What innovations or localized
materials did I used/ discover which I
wish to share with other teacher?)