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Listening and Speaking Sommer Atarji

Unit 5: Sports

Translate the following words and put them into sentences related to sports. Write the type of word it
is. (Noun, adjective or verb)

Player Traditional
Popular Yoga
Professional Volleyball
Quick Loser
Strong Competition
Slow Goal
Team Swimming

Comparative adjectives: write the opposite of the following adjectives

1. Fit
2. Healthy
3. Popular
4. Slow
5. Strong

Write 5 sentences about sports using the vocabulary from the table and the adjectives above.

1. _____________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________________
4. _____________________________________________________________________
5. _____________________________________________________________________

Unit 6: Jobs

Lawyer Scientist
Banker Pilot
Engineer Teacher
Farmer Waiter
Builder Cashier

Adjectives for people

Cleaver Helpful
Fit Slim
Intelligent Interesting
Friendly Kind
Polite Charming
Funny Silly
Listening and Speaking Sommer Atarji


How to ask/give opinions.

Using Should:

Using HAVE TO / HAS TO (Do exercise on P.115)

Write 6 sentences using have to / has to

related to jobs


2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

4. __________________________________

5. __________________________________

6. __________________________________
Listening and Speaking Sommer Atarji

Unit 7: Homes and Buildings

Vocabulary Adjectives

Office Comfortable
School Soft
Apartment building Hungry
Shopping mall Different
Living room Fresh
Town Big
City Wide
Café Clean
Train Station Leather
Park Plastic

Unit 8: Food and Culture

Writing the spelling for the following numbers:

30: 16: 40:

13: 60: 14:
20: 80: 15:
17: 18: 50:

Vocabulary: write the type of word (Noun, Verb and adjective) and translate the following

Taste Rice
Fruit Sweet
Banana Sour
Bread Vegetable
Cheese Fish
Fast food Chicken
Festival Feed
Holiday Bake

Grammar: Countable and Uncountable nouns (a, an, Some, Much, Many, Any)
Listening and Speaking Sommer Atarji

Unit 10: Transportation

Write the translation of the following words and type of word (Noun, Adjective and verb)

Car Ferry
Boat Motor bike
Train Passenger
Land Commuter
Take off Depart
Board Arrive