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Vision and Mission Are More than Just Statements

As per Rosabeth Moss Kanter said, “A vision is not just a picture of what we could be; it
is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”

Any vision is reachable by accomplishing the mission – which provides a sense of

direction. It creates a higher purpose and an ultimate goal that can change lives yet it will surely
take a process, but the journey of trying to achieve it is one of the most fulfilling parts.

Companies, businesses, institutions, schools and so on develop vision and mission which
are two of the most important steps toward creating a successful program. A vision is a
strategic intent and a statement against which all decisions can be measured. Mission, by
comparison, is a practical description of how the ultimate vision will be achieved.

With regards to Bicol University’s vision it says, “A world-class University producing

leaders and change agents for social transformation and development.”

The vision it states has a whole lot of expectations to the students. World-class means
being one of the highest calibers of the world. Leadership success always starts with a vision.
And when it comes to producing leaders, it aims to hone students to reach for excellence and
manifest leadership that can make more leaders, not followers and turn the vision into reality.
Changing agents trigger growth on different matters such as organizational effectiveness,
improvement and development. These people demonstrate extraordinary versatility that will
create a huge bearing on success.

Connected with, the mission is “The Bicol University shall give professional and technical
training, and provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences
and arts, besides providing for the promotion of technological researches (RA 5521, Sec.3.0).”

The crystal clear action in order to attain the vision is what the mission says.
Professional and technical training offers practices or components that may focus on matters
like need-based topics, collaborative processes, relationship-focused, active learning and the
likes. It is a sense of relationship and rapport with the professors, teachers and other
professionals that will give these kinds of training to the students. Students need to cooperate
actively and render conscious effort to participate. Advanced and specialized instruction must
not just lie beyond the basics, but also with the modern discovery called technology. Education
is not just about the facts and knowledge, but also values learned.

The future is in the hands of today’s generation. Years will pass and people will add
ages – it’s undeniable. Vision and mission are two powerful weapons to bring out the best of
the best, make the impossible possible, commit to excellence and strive to do and be more and
showcase brilliance in all aspects. If we passionately do whatever it takes to achieve it, we can
make the world a happy place. That being said is world-class.

Marga Joyce S. Sayson

AB Eng Lang – Block A