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QUARTERLY PAGE 1 Summer 2013
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David Glandorf
2013 ABTA/MPP Teacher of the Year

(Check your label and see the center insert.)
Also in This Issue —
New Master Teachers
ABTA Offers and Opportunities
Billy Miller at the Atlanta Conference
2013 Book of the Year Awards
2013 Applebasket Winners

New From Audrey Grant

The latest in
The Bookmark Series

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Page 2
Baron Barclay
New from Audrey Grant

the first book in

The Bookmark Series
These invaluable instant
classics have bookmark
style flaps that display the
basic ideas
principlescolor PMS
in the book. As usual,
193 Red)
Audrey Grant speaks in a
clear and concise manner,
Page 3
guiding your students to
Baron Barclay
be Better Bridge players.
The First Book in the
Bookmark Series Ad
You will not be disappointed!

To view all of our

Audrey Grant
books and products
visit our website

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) is
President’s Message Hodel 6
Box New Members Rolfe 8
nual ABTA Online Activities Sparrow 9
Billy Miller’s Talk in Atlanta Berry 12
2013 ABTA Book of the Year Awards Sparrow 13
ion 2013 ABTA Election Report Penn 14
Thank You, Atlanta Sponsors and Donors Editor 14
2013 ABTA/MPP Teacher of the Year Penn 18
ABTA Offers and Opportunities Rolfe 20
2013 Applebasket Contest Winners Montague 22
UT Sandra Lovering; Brenda Glen; Kathy Rolfe;
Mimi David; Ray Parnell; Sharon Carter.
d ABTA’s New Master Teachers Schuett 26
om Bridge Fun for the Holidays Braunstein 27
Meet ABTA’s New President-Elect Tucker 28
Meet ABTA’s New South Pacific Director Dewell 29
Book Review Berry 30
e Annual Membership Survey/Dues Bill Rolfe Center Insert


Baron Barclay 2, 3 & 15 CHARLIE WILLIAMS
Great Game Products 10 & 11 331 Market Street East #154
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-6410
Master Point Press 31 & 32 charlie.williams@verizon.net

     

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Their email is charlie.williams@verizon.net or they can be reached
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Fall: October 3, 2013 Winter: January 6, 2014
Spring: April 2, 2014 Summer: July 29, 2014
ABTA’s motto is to help those who teach bridge to do it better -
more effectively - more knowledgeably - more professionally.

Speaking of our Conference, we

had about 75 members in atten- tio
dance. Those who were there heard a fer
variety of speakers, including celeb- wi
rity speakers such as AC
Audrey Grant, Jerry a
Helms and Billy Miller, sa
as well as speakers from no
our own membership aw
who had good teaching ideas or ac
teaching practices they wanted to AB
President’s Message share. If you have a point of view tea
Chuck Hodel about teaching or playing bridge that
It is an honor to be the new Presi- you would like to share, let our pro-
gram chair, Linda Green, know. I’m Ju
dent of the American Bridge Teach-
sure she’s on the lookout for talent. sa
ers’ Association. I will have a hard
time filling the shoes of those who The highlight of the Conference Ve
have preceded me. On behalf of our was the naming of our 2013 Teacher is
wonderful organization, I particularly of the Year. He is Dave Glandorf of ma
want to thank the two members who Houston, Texas. Congratulations to yo
have mentored me, Dave! Dave was supported the
Joyce Penn of Co- by several of his most ar- yo
lumbus, Ohio and dent students at the Con- ba
Brenda Simpson of ference. One of our goals La
Spokane, Washing- for 2014 is to get more information ye
ton. Since I accepted the position of about the Teacher of the Year award so
President-Elect two years ago, I have out sooner. In 2014 Nancy Abbott in
observed their dedication and hard will be chairing the TOY committee. pu
work and tried to learn from them.
We also congratulate our newly
I spent a month or so prior to our named Master Teachers. They are:
Atlanta Conference calling ABTA thi
Sam Marks of Atlanta, Georgia;
members to find out if they could fill sh
Linda Tuff of Halifax, Nova Scotia;
vacant committee chairs or be on one eff
Hank Meyer of Greenbelt, Maryland;
committee or another. I co
and Jeff Schuett of Riverwoods, Illi-
spent some time at the we
nois. These four passed a rigorous
Conference talking to oth- examination and now are graced with
ers that I had not yet con- the designation that they are among wi
tacted and I think I’ve the best bridge teachers in all the so
been able to get some very good land. Dee Berry will be heading the wo
chairs and committee members. The 2014 Membership Credentials com- we
job is not complete so don’t be sur- mittee, which interviews the Master ou
prised if I call you! Teacher candidates. are

we When Bryan Delfs, ACBL Educa- One of my goals this year is mem-
en- tion Coordinator, spoke at the Con- bership retention. We have had some
da ference, he pleaded to work closely members that join for a year or two
eb- with ABTA. He promised to vet the and don’t renew. When contacted we
ACBL list of teachers under the find often hear them say
a teacher link on their website. He that they weren’t able
said that some on that list are retired, to attend our Confer-
not teaching or may even have passed ences and they didn’t see any reason
away. If the ABCL listing is more to renew membership.
or accurate it will make it easier for
Leslie Shafer (what a hard worker)
to ABTA to recruit those who are still
volunteered to work on adding new
ew teaching into our membership.
membership benefits to make your
Next year our Conference will be membership of value—even if you
July 15-18 in Las Vegas. Now, don’t are unable to attend Confer-
say I didn’t give you plenty of warn- ences. Some things that have been
ing! The last time we were in Las discussed include having members
ce Vegas was 2008 so it contribute lesson plans and hands that
her is about time we would be available to members upon
of made a return trip. If request. This would help members
to you lost money there who wish to teach a certain subject
the last time, this is but don’t quite know how to get
your chance to win it started. I will continue to report on
back. I do need a local host for the this very important subject in future
Las Vegas Convention. I know it is a articles for the Quarterly.
on year away but this needs to be done The ABTA’s primary way to keep
ard soon. If you know of a bridge teacher in touch with the members is the
ott in Las Vegas, let me know and I may Quarterly but after that, the Regional
e. put that person to work. Directors are our main contact
wly point. You will find them listed on
ABTA will be working on some
re: page 4 of the Quar-
things during the coming year that
ia; terly. If you don’t know
should make our organization more
ia; your Regional Director,
effective and make it easier to be in
nd; why not contact him or
contact with the membership. Our
li- her and get acquainted. They would
web page
us love to hear from you. Who knows,
ith www.abtahome.com you might be President of the organi-
ng will soon have a members only link zation in a few years.
he so that we can share information that
If you have concerns, ideas for our
he would be of no interest to a casual
organization or want to volunteer,
m- web surfer who might stumble upon
email me at
ter our site. Linda Lee and Linda Green
are working on the website. cchodel@sbcglobal.net

New Members
Loretta Bierer Reinstated
121 Old Pros Way Pam Lashelle

Cory, NC 27513-5641 1821 Possum Trot
2retta@bellsouth.net Round Rock, TX 78681 AB
Linda Burton pamlashelle@att.net lar
801 South Pitt Street, #323 lis
Leelyn Main sp
Alexandria, VA 22314 5611 Bayou Grande Blvd. NE
lindaburton@comcast.net St. Petersburg, FL 33703 AB
supasam37@hotmail.com sio
Anne Dickstein
9155 Delancey Circle
David Poriss wa
North Charleston, SC 29406
43 Pine Drive oth
Burlington, CT 06013 oth
Nila Hobbs davidporris@yahoo.com On
624 Hinsdale Drive ca
Fort Collins, CO 80526-3915 Email Change we
nahobbs@frii.com sio
Patricia Stone thi
Eleanor Lyon 2355 Olea Court
4035 Alhambra Drive West Gilroy, CA 95020
Jacksonville, Fl 32207 pastone1@verizon.net
elyonsr@gmail.com AB
Sheryl McEwan Address Change ev
1315 Gates Meadow Way Alvin Frohman Do
Reston, VA 20194 10 Soundview Gardens pro
sherylmcewan@aol.com Port Washington, NY 11050
Kathleen Semrad To
P.O. Box 388 an
Truckee, CA 96160
ABTA website: va
www.abtahome.com thr
Stay updated by checking ho
Donna Stoker ha
5406 Leeway Court our site regularly. If you would
Fairfax, VA 22032 like your name to be linked to
dstoker@cox.net email on the members page, Su
please send your permission to mu
U.S. Bridge Federation ca
c/o Joseph Stokes
our web master, Luise Lee, at: gin
1147 West Ohio Street, #506 webmaster@ sic
Chicago, IL 60642 abtahome.com an
jstokes@uic.edu yo

ABTA Online Activities

By Maggie Sparrow, Ontario

Be sure to stay connected Sunday, October 27th,

with other teachers through 2013. How do you make
our online activities. contact and keep in touch with your stu-
ABTAhome. Check our website regu- dents? What advertising do you find
larly at www.abtahome.com Are you works best? Do you send them a weekly/
listed on the teacher page, so that pro- monthly/quarterly newsletter by email or
spective new students may find you? by mail? How do you encourage them to
come back for further lessons?
ABTAdiscuss. Join our email discus-
sion list and send in questions and Sunday, November 24th, 2013. Con-
comments by email. This is a great ventions. Do you hate teaching them?
way to discuss bridge teaching with We all know intermediate and advanced
others. Sometimes the list is very quiet, students demand convention lessons, but
other times there is a flurry of activity. what about your beginners? Come and
Once you have joined the group you discuss what conventions you teach first
can read all the past messages, and and why.
we’ve had some interesting discus-
sions. There are also some very useful No Chat in December. Happy Holidays
things for you to find in the files. everyone!
group/ABTAdiscuss If you are NOT receiving regular
ABTAchat. Come to our once-a- monthly reminders by email about the
month chat (usually the fourth Sunday Chats it’s probably because Maggie
evening) at Bridge Base Online. Sparrow doesn’t have your correct email
Download the windows-based BBO address. Send it to her if you would like
program ahead of time from to receive reminders.
www.bridgebase.com Many of the reminders are bounced
Topics are pre-set and you will receive back because Maggie’s email is not al-
an email reminder a few days in ad- lowed by the recipients (mostly AOL
vance. But don’t be fooled, we get users). If you believe this applies to you,
through a surprising amount in just one putting Maggie’s email in your address
hour, so feel free to jump in if you book will often solve the problem.
have a pressing question. Here’s are
the next few Chat dates and topics: If you miss a Chat you are particu-
larly interested in, you can email Maggie
Sunday, September 22nd, 2013. So for the transcript at:
much talk about 2/1 these days! But
can we really teach it to complete be-
ginners? Or only to those with the ba-
sics already under their belt? Come
and discuss your experiences and give
your opinion.


Visit www.GreatGameProducts.com or www.GGP.co
Call 800-426-3748 for ordering information.

Introduction to Bridge - Play & Learn

with Pat Harrington
(Lessons 1-6) & (Lessons 7-13)
on separate discs
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Special Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Introductory • Software of the Year: 2009-Lessons 1-6;
Price 2010-Lessons 7-13.
Retail: • Teaches both bidding and play and is paced
$34.95 appropriately for beginners.
• Lessons teach the mechanics, trick taking,
ABTA Price: and provide the background for bidding.
$17.50 • Lessons teach opening bids and their responses.

Learn and Practice Bidding Conventions

Based on the
Windows 2000 / XP /Vista / 7 / 8
Not available for the Macintosh
Retail: • Helps your students learn up to seven different
$29.95 conventions.
ABTA Price: • Ideal for students looking to learn a new convention.

To Order
Call Cindy: 1-800-426-3748 or Fax Cindy: 301-765-8004
Email: sales@bridgebaron.com
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 11 Summer 2013

Learn to Play Bridge

With Audrey Grant
Bridge Basics 1

Available in English only

Retail: Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8

$34.95 Mac OS X 10.4 or later
ABTA Price:

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant - Bridge Basics 1

has a host of features, including these:
• This program is designed for the absolute beginner. The material is
presented in a clear, well-organized format, moving smoothly from
one topic to the next. It's based on the most up-to-date information
the game has to offer.
• A sound track accompanies the lesson material, allowing you to focus
on the hands and the graphics.

Bridge Baron 23

Available in English (Windows/Mac),

François (Windows/Mac), and
Deutsch (Windows/Mac).
Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / 7 / 8

Retail: Mac OS X 10.5 or later

A few Bridge Baron 22’s are available for $20.00 each.
ABTA Price:
$32.45 Bridge Baron 24 Coming
by November 1st!

Website: www.GreatGameProducts.com

Billy Miller’s Talk at the 2013 ABTA

Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
By Dee Berry, Washington

[Billy Miller was one of the well-known • The two most Bo

bridge personalities kind enough to come important things teachers should
and speak to the ABTA in Atlanta. Not
do: (ch
everyone he was addressing agreed with
his ideas, but Mr. Miller spoke his mind 1. Get modern! Transfers, 2/1, Ro- Br
on topics of importance to bridge teach- man Keycard, etc. Don’t make Th
ers. Discussion of such topics is much students unlearn what they sid
needed, and we thank Billy for his time learned in basic bridge. Teach (
and expertise. — Editor] modern bidding from the start.
Billy Miller is a full-time bridge 2. Make kibitzing top-level area
professional approaching 25,000 players a requirement for gradua- By
masterpoints with countless major tion from your class. One of the
bridge wins to his credit. He is the best features of kibitzing is: it’s
author of the popular FREE! Billy says he learned
Dear Billy column more from kibitzing than any
in the ACBL Bulle- other way.
tin. He noted that he • Flighted events are just wrong.
played with Barry Being able to become a life mas-
Crane the night that ter without ever having played
bridge personality against one is incomprehensible.
Billy Miller was murdered.
On a lighter note, it’s intriguing Spread the Word!!
that he was enrolled in the New Eng-
land Conservatory of Music from the Recruitment of new mem-
ages of 3-5 (piano). bers should be a priority for
everyone in our organization.
Here are some highlights from his
talk: You can download a mem-
• There’s little difference in de- bership form for your friends
clarer play or defense since the from our website. There is a
40’s and 50’s, but bidding has supply of back issues of the
improved by quantum leaps. Quarterly available if you are
• Teaching “baby” bridge bidding planning a teacher’s workshop
is so wrong. Bridge teaching in your area.
must evolve to the modern era.
Make it your goal to
• The Standard American Yellow recruit at least one new
Card is “the worst system known member this year!
to man.”
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 13 Summer 2013

2013 ABTA Book of the Year Awards

By Maggie Sparrow, Ontario

The 2012 ABTA The ABTA Beginner/Novice

Book and Software Awards Commit- Book of the Year for 2013 is:
uld tee members were: Maggie Sparrow Declarer Play at Bridge:
(chair), Pat Harrington, Jerry Helms,
Ro- Brenda Montague and Karen Walker.
a Quizbook
By Barbara Seagram & David Bird
ke The following submissions were con-
ey sidered for the awards:
ch (Beginner/Novice Book Category)
Declarer Play at Bridge:
ea a Quizbook
ua- By Barbara Seagram & David Bird
t’s I Love Bridge:
ed the Valentine Series,
ny Beginner/Refresher
By Mimi David

ng. (Intermediate/Advanced
as- Book Category)
ed 15 Winning
e. Cardplay Techniques
By David Bird & Tim Bourke The ABTA
Cuebidding in Book of the Year for 2013 is:
- Competitive Auctions
By Patty Tucker 15 Winning
or Cardplay Techniques
Getting into the Bidding: By David Bird & Tim Bourke
A Bridge Toolkit
- By Bill Treble
a I Love Bridge:
e the Valentine Series,
e By Mimi David
One Trick at a Time:
How to Start Winning at Bridge
By Jim Jackson

There was no award in the

Software Category this year.

2013 ABTA Elections Atlanta Conference

By Joyce Penn, Ohio
Sponsors and Donors
At the ABTA Annual Member- We could not hold a successful
ship Meeting on Wednesday, July Conference without the generous
31, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, a list donations of time, funds and items
of candidates was voted on by the from our sponsors, donors and vol-
membership. unteers. Thank you all!
The results of the election were: • The ACBL sponsored our
Patty Tucker, Dunwoody, Geor- Wednesday breakfast;
gia is our new President-Elect. • Baron Barclay sponsored our
Wendy Dewell, San Jose, Cali- Thursday breakfast;
fornia is our new Regional Director • Master Point Press sponsors
for the South Pacific. our annual Teacher of the
Linda Green, Delray Beach, Year award;
Florida was re-elected as Regional • The ACBL Education Foun-
Director for the South Atlantic. dation provided a grant for
Kathie MacNab, Halifax, Nova audiovisual equipment;
Scotia was re-elected as Regional
• David Poriss donated plastic
Director for East Canada.
bridge bags and Bridge World
Brenda Montague, Swampscott, booklets;
Massachusetts, was re-elected as Re-
gional Director for New England. • Linda Golumbia donated a
bridge book; and
The 2013 Nominations and Elec-
• Leslie Shafer donated steno
tions committee was: Joyce Penn
pads and a sample of her
(chair), Richard Braunstein, Chuck
Bridge Students ‘R Us news-
Hodel, Kathy Rolfe and Sarah Sent-

Dues Are Due!!

The address label on this ABTA Quarterly issue contains your expiration date.
If your label indicates you are expiring soon, please send in
your membership dues in US Funds: $45 for one year;
$120 for three years; or $70 per year for a household membership.
Non-US members please add $5 (per year) to your dues to pay for
additional mailing costs. Canadian members may pay in Canadian funds.
If you have any questions, please email Kathy Rolfe at:
Your check or money order should be made out to ABTA and mailed to:
Kathy Rolfe, P.O. Box 232, Greenwood, MO 64034-0232.
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 15 Summer 2013


(New Ad—2nd color PMS
r 193 Red)
Page 15
r Baron Barclay
V-Blue Ad


ABTA at Large in Atlanta!

Next Year, Vegas!

13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 17 Summer 2013

ABTA at Large in Atlanta!

Come Join the Fun!

Meet Us in
Las Vegas!
July 15—18, 2014
Summer 2013 AB

The 2013 ABTA/Master Point Press E

Teacher of the Year Award su
By Joyce Penn, Ohio hig
highlight of our 2013 Confer-
The dedicated bridge teachers who the“IABTA cannotConfer-
rave 

ence intheir
inspire Atlanta was to
students theplay,
compete enough
ence willabout
be heldDave’s teaching
in Atlanta, abil-
GA from •
and enjoyof the the greatest
Year awardcard presenta-
game in ity. As a retired school
July 30 to August 2, 2013— administrator, pu

tion. Inspiring their

the world are valued by their students to play,
stu- I recognize an
immediately excellent
prior to the teacher
ACBL Sum-when •
compete, and enjoy the greatest
dents. If your thoughtful encourage- game Imer
one and wholeheartedly endorse
in the world,
ment, willingness eight to
teachers were fea-
give something Dave as 2013 Teacher of the Year.” 

tured in in thethe presentation. The teacher criteria and nomina- •

“extra” classroom and enthusi- Th
forms is able this
follow to structure
article. Orinfor-
asm and passion for bridge shines, on
The teachers were judged with toa can view them or complete build
mation into segments that logi-
the form
perhaps your students would like cally to the next level of needed infor- he
focus on teaching excellence,
nominate you to be considered for the innova- on www.abtahome.com

mation. He clearly enjoys his classes •sic

tion, service
2013 American to bridge,
Bridge Teachers’ www.teachbridge.com
or students,
and his and he loves bridge, co
& service to
Association (ABTA) their com- Master Point
munities. David Glan-TEACHER OF making the atmosphere
The 2012-2013 Committee contagious.”
Press (MPP) Bridge
dorf of Houston, bers“Daveare: Larry
is veryCohen
frus- pic
Texas, received the FL);
trated, Nancy
and Abbott (Middleburg,
is willing VA);
to stay after int
firstWeplace crystal for
are looking tro-those individu- Sandy
class endsStevens (Katy,need
if people TX); extra
Tina help.
Rad- ba
phy who
als and cash award.
present student-appropriate ding (Charleston,students
He encourages SC); and Joyce
to get to 
Dave Glandorf
materials in a lively, unique style; Penn (Columbus, OH) Chairman,
know each other by having several 
whoDave’s students
contribute to (many of whom
the growth of tellQuestions
about themselves at the beginning 
may be directed, by
came to Atlanta to cheer
bridge in their local community and for Dave) of each class session. This sets the sk
rave about email, to Joyce at: 

schools andhiswho enthusiasm,

really care hisfor
their tone for relaxed, friendly banter •
students’ successes, concerns with
tion and his ability to interact and among participants.” 

students with •ye

progress at thehumor bridgeand respect.
table. ThisNois The deadline for nomination and sub-
Dave has been known

the teacherof Dave’s has ever
who is always “onfelt fool-
top” of missions is February 28, to demon-
2013. No •at
submissions will be considered asfora
strate the Hold Up Play dressed an

ish. material
the He is and an isextremely popular
regularly bringing •
teacher in the Houston area, with su- cowboy
2013 with guns,
if received afterathe
bandana and a
new ideas and theories into the class- hat. He uses skits, action stories and 
perb teaching skills.
room for the students’ consideration. sound to sustain class interest, appeal- 
Comments from his1800
students in-
ABTA website:
ing to students with many learning

In 2012 more than students www.abtahome.com •

clude the following:
nominated 500 teachers for the styles. When he teaches about open-
Teacher of the Year (TOY)
Stay updated by checking 

our site regularly. If you would •

Award. This says a lot about the high
regard in which today’s students hold like your name to be linked to
their teachers and the three previous email on the members page, 

winners are truly outstanding. The please send your permission to •

winner receives a cash award and a our web master, Luise Lee, at:
beautifully engraved plaque which webmaster@
are presented during the ABTA’s an-
Foster This coming year,
Kathy Rolfe, with students
abtahome.com Laura Delfeld

PAGE 19 Fall 2012
Summer 2013

m- dueshands
ing acrossthat the contain
board, ittwowillfive-card
help in- increase
ments. He thespearheaded
family membership $10
the establish-
suits, tellsrevenue. The to
his students Boardopensug-
the each
up to $70for and
newercharge $120
gests raising dues
higher-ranking suitfrom
first. $35
The per year, for
students a 3-year
players at hismembership.
club. He wasThere will
his unit’s
r’s to $40. Instead of $90 paid
all do high-fives to help them remem- at one time be a $5 surcharge for postage
first recipient of the annual ACBL etc. for
ng for 3this
ber years, $105 will be charged for 3 all
concept. UnitCanadians, effective October 1,
Goodwill Award.
en- years’ dues. 2012. Motion Carried. C57:44
ge Dave has written two (as yet un- Three noteachers
Hearing objection, werethe awarded
or, published)
ear After much student books.
discussion, CarolTheGriffin
first Honorable Mention Certificates in
en was adjourned.
ve moved anddeals with seconded
Patty Tucker fundamental the Atlanta: Laura Delfeld,
eir motion to increase our dues play
concepts of card $10 for
per Respectfully
Austin, Texas; Submitted,

has declarer from and $35 defender.
year per individual to $45, Sarah
Foster,Sentman, Recording Secretary.
Tampa, Florida;
or- There’s enough information included and Kathy Rolfe, Greenwood, Mis-
gi- on bidding and hand evaluation to
In Memoriam souri. Other featured teachers in-
or- help his students understand the ba-
Willard Salter cluded:
1925-2009 Lynn Berg, Deland, Florida;
ses sics without getting tangled up in the Rosemary Boden, FortHisLauderdale,
Willard Salter was very active in the ABTA in the 1990’s. obituary
ge, complexity of auctions for awhile.
makes note of his many personal accomplishments, including hisPalm
Florida; Mimi David, Desert,
position on
” the ABTA Board of Yes,
Directors California; and
and his Master Teacher status. Megan Powell, West
His second book, No, Maybe
us- Orange, New Jersey.
picks up where sends
Pat Harrington the first
this leaves off, of
remembrance Willard:
ter introducing the student to bidding
lp. Willard will always be fondly remembered Sponsored
by me forby Master Pointme
introducing Press,
basics. Dave finds his approach is
we to the computer made facing-out hand printouts the world’s
he used leading
in his publisher
classes. I'dof
beneficial for newcomers, as well as
ral never seen anything like them but it took me only a bridge second to books,
for players with some experience
ng great time saver they'd be. I immediately started ABTA using theTeacher
printoutsofand the
who wish to improve their playing
he shared his idea with Ed Marzo, the creator of Dealmaster, Year committee
and ABTAwas and
skills as they learn bidding.
ter TAP teachers. I and a multitude of bridge teachers posed of owe ABTAyou teachers
nto Glandorf
time, Willard. hasRest
peace. for 10 nationwide: Joyce Penn (chair),
ex- years. He also chairs bridge education Nancy Abbott, Larry Cohen, Chuck
Pat was also charmed by the last line of Willard’s obituary: In lieu of
on- at his club and is an active member Hodel, Linda Lee, Tina Radding,
flowers, do something unexpected and nice for someone else this week.
sa and frequent speaker at area tourna- Brenda Simpson and Sandy Stevens.
al- Do you need an updated 2012
2013 Membership Roster?
ng Have you recently moved?
Do you know if it’s time to renew your membership?
be Please send questions and updates via email to our
ps Business Secretary:
Kathy Rolfe
ite P.O. Box 232
ew Greenwood, MO 64034-0232
to Home: 816-237-0519
dse Email: kathyrolfe@gmail.com

ABTA Offers and Opportunities the

By Kathy Rolfe, Missouri rea

In 2013, the ABTA is offering its each one can name of

members some great opportunities: all their students and bridge club (U
members for the same $45 yearly jun
• For all current members who int
joined ABTA before August 15, fee. That's pennies per person.
For now, I urge everyone to ac- tio
2013, Audrey Grant and Great sta
Game Products will provide a cess the site www.bridgeXs.com
and review the DEMO. The jun
FREE three-month subscription to old
Audrey Grant's Interactive Daily deadline for this is currently
open-ended. ge
Bridge Column. You must regis- pla
ter at Audrey Grant’s website: • Great Game Products offers a va
http://www.betterbridge.com/ 50% discount on their Bridge
index.php?route=account/ Baron, Audrey Grant and Pat
register&customer_group_id=2 Harrington CDs. pla
(those members who already have sales@bridgebaron.com int
accounts with BetterBridge.com ing
can skip this step). Then to order, eq
More to Come
email: sales@bridgebaron.com wa
At the annual ABTA Conference
or call Cindy at GGP (1-800-426- to
in Atlanta, the Board of Directors
3784) and let her know you have so
authorized the creation of a program
registered with BetterBridge and int
to benefit members who are unable to
you’re an ABTA member. ho
attend the annual meetings. The
• Vu Bridge, www.vubridge.com ABTA will furnish teachers sample
offers their tutoring program free lesson plans and hands on specific
to ABTA teachers, and will pay topics that all members can request
$10 to the teacher for every stu- for free. This program is just getting
dent he or she signs up to pay the off the ground and is not yet devel-
$48 per year price for the student oped, but it is coming!
program. The deadline for this In addition, there are plans in the
offer is currently open-ended. works to add a Members Only portion
• BridgeHands offers a Teacher to our website this year which will
Membership at a 50% discount (a specify benefits to members that are
$40 savings) contact: not available to non-members.
/access/signup tra
U. S. Bridge Federation me
• Bridge Xercises is offering their A further opportunity is available es
program free to ABTA teachers to members who are interested in get- let
for a limited time. ABTA mem- ting youth into bridge. This is a men- mo
bers should keep in mind that toring opportunity available through gr
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 21 Summer 2013

the U.S. Bridge Federation. Please bility for weeks when the training
read their letter to our members: time is not convenient for you.
The mission of the Junior Program Joseph Stokes
of the United States Bridge Federation USBF Junior Program Coordinator
ub (USBF) is to select, train and support 1147 West Ohio Street, Suite 506
rly junior teams to represent the USA in Chicago, IL 60642
on. international youth bridge competi- 312-666-6085
ac- tions. In service of that goal, we jstokes@uic.edu
m started an online training program for
he junior bridge players (under 26 years
tly old) across the United States. Our tar-
get group for that training is young In Memoriam
players who are already quite ad- Louis Landau
a vanced in their bridge skills. Vancouver, British Columbia
ge ———————-——
Pat We are also hearing from young Dorothy Oram
players (mostly ages 12-18) who are Tulsa, Oklahoma
interested in bridge and are still learn-
ing the basics. We are not well
equipped to help them, but we don't Submission Requirements
want to turn away anyone who wants By the Editor
to learn more about bridge. We hope
some members of the ABTA will be If you would like to submit an
interested in volunteering a couple of article to the Quarterly or send a
hours each week to work with young letter to the Editor, we have some
players on BBO. The ideal candidate suggestions for you:
would have experience both teaching
fic • Please include your name and
online and working with youth. Most
est telephone number, email and
of our groups currently meet on BBO
ng snail mail address (we solicit
on Sundays, 7-9 pm Eastern, but indi-
el- from ABTA members only);
vidual groups could choose another
time that would be more convenient. • Electronic submissions are
he greatly encouraged (either as
We plan to reorganize our online files attached to an email or in
training program after the Youth the body of the email);
NABC and the World Youth Open • We are especially looking for
Bridge Championships (WYOBC) in articles about how to teach
August in Atlanta. New groups of bridge (methodology, market-
trainees will not begin until late sum- ing, advertising, humor, etc.);
mer or early fall. If you might be inter-
ble ested in helping with a group, please a • See page 5 of this magazine
et- let me know. It might work well for for where to send your sub-
n- more than one teacher to mentor each missions.
gh group, so you would have some flexi- Thank you, 

2013 Applebasket Contest Winners

By Brenda Montague, Massachusetts cla
First Place Winner! Second Place. for
Sandra Lovering Brenda Geden the
Toronto, Ontario North Bay, Ontario ha
When Teaching Planning the Play in
Reverses by Opener Suit Contracts… at
With a minimum opening bid, Dummy, do
opener has a “barrier”—the two level Show Us Your Stuff! ma
of his opening suit. loo
Today we all teach with cards on
His only rebid beyond this barrier the table. Students hear the teacher du
speaking through a microphone but We
is raising his partner’s suit.
they are looking down. When teach- He
To illustrate this, use one bidding ing declarer play, I have the students of
box on the table. place the dummy’s hand and the de-
clarer’s hand face up in neat rows, ST
Choose a bid for
dummy style. The other hands are tic
opener, place it in
turned face down so as not to be a for
front of him. Then
distraction. he
choose a bid for
responder (from the My brand-new students find qu
same box) and put it counting losers much more difficult AK
in front of him. than counting winners. So
They prefer planning loo
Then remove all the bids beyond notrump contracts where se
the two level of opener’s suit. What is they can look back and du
left in the bidding box are the only forth between the dummy and the he
options for opener with a minimum declarer’s hands. In suit contracts,
hand (other than raising partner). they struggle with identifying losers. wi
All other bids beyond the “barrier” Problem—Drifting eyeballs. Eyes ab
show 17 or more points. flitting back and forth from dummy’s du
hand to declarer’s hand. Losers eve- no
This exercise can rywhere. Which ones do you count? “Y
be done several times, Confusion. giv
with the teacher ma
choosing different Solution—Add some drama and add ma
bids for opener and some animation and keep them fo- ter
responder. cused on just one hand. At the mike I all
call out instructions similar to the do
following: fre
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 23 Summer 2013

“The contract is four spades. De- “On to the next suit; dummy, please
clarer can afford only three losers. cover up your cards again—lean over
Dummy, please lean forward over them with your forearms. Let’s look at
your cards and cover them with your the diamonds in the master hand. The
forearms. Everybody focus JUST on master hand has the KJx of diamonds.
the master hand—the declarer’s We hope that those honors might sur-
hand, the hand with long trumps. vive, but for now we don’t know. We
“We will look at each suit one at will count three losers in diamonds.
a time. First, look at the heart suit in Let’s see if dummy can help.
the master hand. How many losers “DUMMY, SHOW US YOUR
does the master hand have? The STUFF! Get your elbows off the table!
master hand has xx in hearts, so it (Spoken like a bossy mother.) Dummy
on looks like two losers. Let’s see if throws up her arms to expose the cards
er dummy can help with these losers. on the table. BONG!! Too bad,
ut We are looking for High Quality dummy has only x in dia-
h- Help. Something that will take care monds. No high quality help.”
nts of these losers Right Now.
It is important NOT to discuss that
e- “DUMMY, SHOW US YOUR the singleton diamond has potential to
ws, STUFF!” (Said in a loud, enthusias- help. That would only serve to distract
re tic voice—the dummy now lifts her from the job at hand. Right now we are
a forearms off the table and exposes just identifying and counting the losers.
her cards.) “TAH DAH! Any high Later, after our counting is done, we
nd quality help? YES! Dummy has the will discuss what to do with the losers.
ult AKxxx of hearts, great quality help. Just ONE step at a time or your lesson
rs. So, even though our master hand also becomes a loser.
ng looks like she has two losers, we now
re see she has NO heart losers because The more I teach beginners, the
nd dummy will take care of them with more I realize the importance of taking
he her AK.” baby steps. Some students have never
ts, played cards before, let alone bridge. I
Inevitably, someone in the group
s. like being on a microphone with sound
will raise the question, “But...what
effects like “Ta Dah” and “Bong.”
es about those three small hearts in
y’s dummy?” I realize that they are still We teachers can all lighten up. Our
e- not getting it, so I answer excitedly, students will laugh and have
nt? “You know what is great? We don’t fun and learn without any
give a hoot about the losers that re- fear of feeling embarrassed.
main in dummy. We only have to
dd make ONE hand loser free, the mas- As teachers, we can set the right
o- ter hand. After the losers are gone, tone if we don’t take ourselves so seri-
eI all we’ll have left are winners! We ously.
he don’t need both hands to be loser
free, just the master hand.” (Continued on page 24)

(Continued from page 23) weak 2 with a preemptive raise, they T

Tied for Third—Sixth Place. are once again told,
Kathy Rolfe “Remember, your job is to make
Greenwood, Missouri your opponent’s life difficult!”

Make Your Opponent’s When teaching showing count on

the opponent’s lead, especially when
Life Difficult! there is a long suit in dummy that
I tell my students that their might run, I emphasize that if you can len
objective is to make their determine how many cards if
opponent’s life as difficult as your partner has in that tur
possible; of course, doing so suit, you can determine
politely, legally, and with as little how long to hold up on
risk to your side as possible! your key card in that suit. We want to aft
cut off the opponent’s ability to run stu
I begin to teach them this from
the very beginning of both playing that suit without giving them any extra
and bidding. When teaching the fi- tricks at all if we can help it. is
nesse, if, for example, declarer is Remember, your job is to make pa
leading a small card to- your opponent’s life difficult! ma
wards the ace and queen in pr
The students, young and old, all
dummy, and LHO holds the
seem to enjoy that mantra! •
king, they are not to play
that king! That’s giving the answer Brad Pitt as Billy Beane in the
to declarer on a silver platter! movie Moneyball told his assistant,
They must play smoothly, in “When your enemies are making
tempo, and low! Make the declarer mistakes, don’t interrupt them!”

take the chance on the finesse. We, I think Billy has the same philoso-
as the defender, know their finesse phy as I do! That philosophy of not
will work, but maybe declarer will correcting your opponents’ mistakes is
be afraid to attempt it shown to my students when I tell them •
and we’ll get our king not to correct the declarer on the hand
after all! That’s the same they are leading from unless it is to
reason we don’t lead a their own advantage. Take a second to
king (not holding the ace determine if you like where •
or queen) because that would be they are incorrectly leading
handing it to the opponents on a sil- from. If you do, accept the
ver platter! Instead, lead! I then go on to tell them
Make Their Life Difficult! how my opponents set me at •
the NABC in Honolulu in
When I teach opening preempts, 2006 by following that ad-
the students are taught the purpose is vice, causing us to lose the knockout!
to make their opponent’s life diffi-
cult! When responding to an opening
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 25 Summer 2013

ey Tied for Third—Sixth Place. Tied for Third—Sixth Place.

Mimi David Ray Parnell
e Palm Desert, California Wonder Lake, Illinois
Opener with Three- Five & Dime
Partners Exercise Beginning and intermediate bridge
hat I find this exercise to be an excel- players have a hard time realizing that
an lent tool for bidding in bridge classes in order for responder to make a two
if you have extra time after the lec- over one bid of a new suit, it takes a
ture and play of any sample hands. five-card suit and 10 or more high
card points.
The exercise should be used only
after the students have completed So I use the saying “Five
to & Dime” to describe the re-
un study of the basic bidding rules.
quirements for that bid. They
tra A good practice exercise get a kick out of it and seem
is the “opener with three- to remember the require-
partners exercise.” This for- ments a lot more.
mat can be used for bidding
practice for all classes:
all Tied for Third—Sixth Place.
• Deal out the cards; choose one
player with an opening bid. The
Sharon Carter
he Orange Park, Florida
opening bidder places his hand
in vertical rows facing the other No Fit—No Trump
g three players.
” When teaching about

• Ask the other players at the table finding the right contract, I
o- to also place their hands in verti- use the saying, “No fit—
not cal rows in front of them, facing no trump.” This helps re-
is towards the center of the table. mind students that when
em they don't have a fit in the
• Each player acts as the partner of
majors, they should try for Trump
the player with the opening
to hand. notrump next.
• There may be more than one
opening hand. Simply assign one Upcoming ABTA
player with an opening hand as Conferences
dealer and opening bidder. Las Vegas NV; July 15-18, 2014
• The format allows the other Chicago IL; August 5-8, 2015
three players to bid
three hands with the Washington DC; July 20-23, 2016
t! opener in one deal. Toronto ON; July 19-22, 2017

Presenting ABTA’s New Master Teachers to

By Ginny Schuett, Illinois ho
Congratulation to the 2013 ABTA Sam Marks is the
Master Teachers: owner and manager of
Sam Marks The Bridge Club of Atlanta. He is an
Atlanta, Georgia Emerald Life Master and an ACBL
accredited bridge teacher. Since mov-
Hank Meyer Lo
ing to Atlanta in 1986, he has been a
Greenbelt, Maryland Sp
constant presence in local, regional
Jeff Schuett and national bridge tournaments.
Riverwoods, Illinois In 2005 he placed second in the see
Linda Tuff Wernher Open Pairs National Cham-
Halifax, Nova Scotia pionship. Sam started teaching bridge
five years ago, after being asked to
In Atlanta, these exceptional 19
run the Atlanta Senior Olympics
teachers were interviewed, tested and lea
bridge competition.
asked to present a teaching hand to a ov
panel of Master Teachers. They have M
Hank Meyer has been playing pio
been certified by the Membership bridge for more than fifty years, hav-
Credentials Committee as being wor- hin
ing taught himself to play in 1959 (at
thy of the title of ABTA Master ing
age eight!) after his mom encouraged rec
Teacher. him to watch the very first televised
All candidates had been teaching edition of “Championship Bridge ga
at least 100 hours for remuneration with Charles Goren.”
and passed a qualification procedure He played all throughout elemen-
before the final interview in Atlanta. tary school, then began playing tour- an
The 2013 Membership Credentials nament bridge at age 13 after entering an
Committee was: Ginny Schuett junior high school. Hank also played Ch
(chair), Dee Berry, Julian Laderman while in the U.S. Navy in the 1970’s; M
and Judy McDonald. then throughout his overseas assign- ex
ments as a foreign service officer.
He retired from the be
Department of State last fie
year and returned to bo
teaching bridge full time. ma
He is an ACBL tourna- W
ment director, an avid M
runner and former bridge a
club owner. Hank and pr
his wife, Lesley, moved gr
Jeff Schuett, Hank Meyer, Linda Tuff and Sam Marks
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 27 Summer 2013

to Greenbelt, Maryland (her child-

hood home) in 1988, where they live Bridge Fun for
in the house in which she grew up! the Holidays
This is a holiday
Jeff Schuett of Riverwoods, Illi- song we used success-
nois, is a Grand Life Master with over fully at two bridge
10,000 masterpoints. Jeff won the clubs last December.
four-session Life Master Pairs in St. We handed out high-
Louis in 1997. He was second in the lighted copies of the
Spingold Team Championship in To- song and the players Richard
ronto in 2001 and reached the Spin- were to sing only the Braunstein
gold semifinals (coming from the 71st verse highlighted on their sheet.
he seed) in Toronto in 1991.
Here in Lancaster, we had a
Jeff has also represented the United game with 24 tables, so each verse
States in tournaments in Japan. In the was sung by two tables. At the
1995 Summer Nationals in New Or- club in Garden City, Long Island,
leans, Ginny and Jeff were second there were fewer players so we
overall as partners in the four-session had each table sing more than one
Master Mixed Teams National Cham- verse. I hope you have as much
ng pionship, less than one-half board be- fun with it as we did.
hind the winners. Jeff has been teach- — 
ing bridge since 2005, as well as di-
ed recting local bridge games and playing
professionally with clients in club
The 12 days of Bridgemas:
ge games and tournaments. 
 
Linda Tuff teaches Elementary
n- 
ur- and Junior High School and is a pi-
ng ano teacher for the Music for Young 
ed Child program. She is a Silver Life 
’s; Master with over 35 years of bridge 
gn- experience.
She is an ACBL Goodwill Mem-
ber, an Easybridge! presenter, a certi-
ast fied ACBL teacher and director, a 
to board member of Unit 194 and the 
manager of the Halifax Bridge
me. 
na- World, NFP Club. Linda is a Half
vid Marathon runner with the goal to run 
ge a 1/2 marathon in every Canadian 
province. She has two wonderful
nd 
ed grown sons, Steven and Peter.

Meet Patty Tucker, ABTA’s New

[At the ABTA General Membership member of ACBL’s [A
Meeting in Atlanta, Patty Tucker, Dun- Charity Committee. Me
woody, Georgia, was elected to the of- She combined her commitment to Jo
fice of ABTA President-Elect. She will bridge volunteerism and love for chil- thr
serve from 2013 to 2015, when she will cif
dren in 2006 with the creation of At-
automatically ascend to the office of An
ABTA President from 2015 to 2017. lanta Junior Bridge (AJB), the fore- Re
Congratulations, Patty! — Editor] most organization for youth bridge. Ha
Patty was born in Ft. Benning, Her vision led to the first ever
Georgia and grew up in Huntsville, Youth NABC in Atlanta in 2008 and
Alabama. She began playing bridge she was co-chair of the Washington wh
at age 11 and joined the ACBL in D.C. YNABC. Patty was the first m
1965. She has worked as an adminis- ACBL Youth Coordinator, the creator ju
trative assistant for an architectural of the Bridge Teachers for Youth clu
engineering firm, managed an elec- website and organizer of the first at
tronic distribution firm and owned a Youth Bridge Symposium. She is still br
collectible used book store. ABJ’s President and is a Trustee of Af
the Foundation for the Preservation W
After her son graduated from Au-
and Advancement of Bridge. De
burn University, Patty turned bridge
into a full-time career. She is one of Patty created the Learn Bridge in A Re
Atlanta’s top bridge teachers—an Day?™ seminar which she showcased at
ABTA Master Teacher—and de- for us in Atlanta. She Th
votes much of her time as a bridge also worked with ACBL 32
volunteer. and AARP in the Bridge m
to Anaheim initiative to attract AARP cla
Her success at the bridge table fe
members to ACBL functions.
culminated with a victory in the
2000 Baldwin Flight A She is a member of both the Dis-
North American Open trict 7 and ACBL Goodwill Commit- tir
Pairs with her bridge tees. Patty was named the Unit’s er
partner of more than 25 years, Kevin Sportsperson of the Year in 2000. In he
Collins. In 2006, Patty and Kevin February 2011, two days after Patty lat
were married. Patty is an Emerald entered the Unit 114 Hall of Fame, tea
Life Master and has appeared on she was honored as the ACBL Good-
many Barry Crane and Mini- will Member of the Year.
McKenney lists. Patty believes that teaching adults
Patty has always been an active and children bridge offers them an Jo
bridge volunteer and is the Unit 114 opportunity for excellence which will an
Recorder, a member of ACBL’s Na- be available to them for the rest of Be
tional Appeals Committee and a their lives. in
13 ABTA QUARTERLY PAGE 29 Summer 2013

Meet Wendy Dewell, ABTA’s New

South Pacific Regional Director
[At the ABTA General Membership ABTA Master
Meeting in Atlanta, Wendy Dewell, San Teacher at Toronto in
to Jose, California, was elected to the 2011. She has attended four ABTA
hil- three-year position of ABTA South Pa- Conferences and gets re-energized to
cific Regional Director, replacing Mary
At- teach each time. The best part for her
Angela Joseph. The ABTA South Pacific
re- Region includes: Arizona, California,
is talking with other
Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. teachers and hearing
Congratulations, Wendy! — Editor] about what they are
doing. She also likes getting updated
nd Wendy started playing at age 11 on the current approaches to bridge
on when her mother taught her honey- teaching. This year there were many
rst moon bridge. She participated in new computer-aided methods.
tor junior high and high school bridge
uth clubs, but when she went to college Wendy feels that teaching helps
rst at UCLA to study Mathematics, her improve her own bridge playing abili-
till bridge playing ceased. ties. She became a Life Master in
of After her Bachelor's, 2008 and is currently a Bronze Life
on Wendy got a Master's Master. She enjoyed playing at the
Degree in Operations Atlanta NABC this year, and entered
nA Research in Engineering the Young Life Master Pairs, her first
ed at Stanford University. actual “National Event”
Then came a full time job at IBM for ever. She and her partner
32 years. During this time, she was were thrilled to qualify for
married and raised four children. She Day 2 of the event. A small
RP claims to have only had time for a but satisfying achievement for them.
few “social bridge games.”
As a Regional Director, Wendy's
is- In August of 2005, after her re- goals are to meet the other bridge
mit- tirement from IBM, Wendy discov- teachers in her region and help them
t’s ered duplicate bridge and renewed enjoy teaching as much
In her passion for the game. Two years as she does. She hopes
tty later, she was an accredited ACBL to set up a Regional
me, teacher. Since January of 2008, she Conference within the
od- has taught classes at the next year and welcomes the participa-
San Jose Bridge Center, tion of members in her region.
the Campbell Commu-
lts nity Center, the San To contact Wendy, call her cell
an Jose Woman's Club, the Villages, phone at 408-807-4596, or e-mail
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Book Review
By Dee Berry, Washington

Death in Duplicate by a comparatively

By Carole Coplea © 2013 novice declarer.
Bridge players should enjoy the
bridge scenes, the inter-relationships
among the club players, and the detec-
tive work.
Death in Duplicate is published by
Master Point Press and sells for
$19.95US and CDN, £12.95 GPB.
Call 1-416-781-0315, email
or write to Master Point Press, 331
Douglas Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Can-
ada M5M 1H2.

“Would anyone really commit

murder over a bridge game?” That’s
the question raised in this charming
novel by Carole Coplea of Oakville,
Ontario, Canada. This first-time au- ABTA members can order a
thor is an enthusiastic bridge player magnetic name badge with the
who hopes non bridge players may be ABTA logo in black and red on a
attracted to the game that is an white background by contacting:
“instant friend maker” and that “often John McGillivary
becomes a life-long passion.” Marsden’s Trophies
4 Alliance Blvd., Unit 6
When two people collapse and die Barrie, ON L4M 5J1 Canada
during a buffet supper at a four-table
bridge game in the fac- Phone: 705-726-1101
ulty dining room of Fax: 705-726-1103
Kensington College, Price is approximately $15 US, in-
there are 17 suspects, including the cluding shipping. Pay by credit card
college president. to avoid currency problems, either
by phone or fax. Fax is preferred to
The single bridge hand in the en- ensure your name is spelled cor-
tire 288 page soft-cover book is quite rectly. Allow at least 7 days for
processing and 10 days for shipping.
intriguing, especially since it is played





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Master Point Press


by Barbara Seagram
and David Bird

(New Ad—2nd The

color PMS
hands-on 193
companion Red)
to 'Planning
the Play of a Bridge Hand'
US $15.95

(New Book
2013 ABTA
of the

(2nd color PMS

D 193
P Red)
by Barbara Seagram
& David Bird
Page 32 US $15.95

Master Point Press Ad Available in July

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