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Quality System Procedure Document No QSP-29 R0

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Process: Management Review
Process Owner: MR Issue Date
Approved By: MD Control

Step Activity Performed by Inputs Outputs

Plan Management Review meetings MR  Frequency 6 months  Annual plan

1  Prepared agenda  Agenda Annexure 1

Call for review meeting MR Agenda –MOM Intimation to participants.


Conduct meeting MD  Agenda  Minutes of the meeting.

 Previous minutes of the meeting (QSF-29-01)
 Follow up actions taken  Responsibilities and target dates for
 Data on all agenda points decisions taken
 Objectives and targets

Follow up decisions taken MR Minutes of the meeting Action taken. (QSF-29-01)


Agenda for Management Review

 Managing Director
 Head QA & QMS coordinator
 Head marketing & Purchase
 Head production
 Stores In-charge

Agenda for management review

Agenda pt. no IATF clause no Agenda description Responsibility

1 ISO 9.3.2 Review of status of actions taken on previous MRM MR

2 ISO 4.2 Changes in internal and External Issues MR

3 Review of Customer feedback and actions taken Manger marketing

4 8.3 New product development status and performance NPD Engineer

5 6.2.1, 6.2.2 & Review of performance towards Quality objectives and targets

5.1 Sales performance Manager Marketing

5.2 Delivery performance to customer actions taken Manager Marketing

5.3 Trends of customer satisfaction Manager Marketing

Review of customer score cards: Customer end PPM and corrective Manager QA

5.4 Nonconformity and corrective actions : Customer complaints, and Manager Marketing & QA

Corrective actions taken

5.5 Warranty and field failures Manager QA

5.6 COPQ – External failure cost Manager QA

Process effectiveness and efficiency : Production Vs plan and corrective Manager Production
actions taken

Process performance and conformity of products and services : In-House

Rejections (Scrap) –PPM and Corrective actions

5.9 Rework PPM and corrective actions

5.10 COPQ-Internal Failure cost

Performances of external providers: Performance of suppliers and rating. Manager Purchase

Corrective actions from supplier, if any

5.12 Inventory turns / No. of days (RM, WIP, FG)

5.13 Maintenance Objectives: Breakdown hours, MTTF, MTTR, OEE Manager Production

6 Customer Audit results Manager QA

7 Supplier audit results Manager Purchase

8 Audit results: Internal audits-QMS audit MR

9 Internal audits-Process audit Manager QA

10 Internal audits-Product audit Manager QA

7.1.1, 7.1.2,7.1.3, Adequacy of resources: Resource requirements and status All Functional Heads
11 & 7.1.4

12 7.1.3 & Improvements and developments in Plant, facility and equipment’s

13 6.1.1, 6.1.2, & Actions towards Risks and opportunities and their effectiveness


Opportunities for improvements

14 ISO 9.3.3

4.4.1,, Changes effected to Quality management system MR

& 4.4.2

16 5.3, 5.3.1 & 5.3.2 Changes in Responsibility and authority of personnel

17 Engineering changes from customer

8.5.6, & In-house product/process changes, if any


8.5.6, & Changes from supplier, if any


20 Review of Contingency Plan All Functional Heads.

21 Disposal activities towards obsolete/ nonmoving products, if any Production, QA & Stores

22 8.5.4 & Result of periodic check of products stored at RM and FG stores Stores, & Review of calibration activities Manager QA


24 Results of MSA activities

25 8.6.2 Results of layout Inspection and functional testing activities

26 7.3 & 7.3.1 Review of training programs and their effectiveness MR

27 7.3.2 Review of feedback from employees MR

28 10.3 & 10.3.1 Status of continual improvement activities All Functional Heads

29 Any other subject