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Name: Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Trang

Class: A310A
Topic: Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourist but
not local people. Why is it the case? What can be done to attract more local
people to visit these places?

It is true that according to statistic, the quantity of travelers is more than it of

local citizens in going to museums and history – related places. This essay aims
to examine the major causes of this phenomenon and propose some feasible
approaches to mitigate the situation.
There are a number of contributing factors responsible for why visiting the
museums and historical destination doesn’t attract many local residents as
much as visitors. The first explanation is that while locals is too familiar with
their local place, visitors show a greater sense of curiosity. One of the reasons
why travelers visit a city is that they want to gain an insight into the cultural
heritages of local destination. Another major cause is finance which is a
significant disparity between local citizens and tourists and influences in their
making travel-related decisions. It is true that nowadays, some museums and
historical places require attendees to pay a large amount of entrance fee.
While travelers are excess money people and usually ready to pay for
experiment, local inhabitants have to work and save for their futures, and since
that they hardly spent much money visiting local destinations.
Step should be taken in order to alleviate this phenomenon. Firstly, it needs to
have investments and to expand budgets in historical sites and museums by
government and businesses so that entrance fee can be significantly reduced.
Thence, it will deal with the problem which is a financial difference between 2
kinds of attendees. Another worth-considering is that museums and history-
related sites’ managers have more projects to resurrect the locals’ interest in
these places. There are a plenty of effective marketing methods which they
can apply such as organizing free exhibitions about remaining war relics and
hanging banners, media pano - billboard outdoor; contacting with well-known
newspapers to have some interviews and popular television programs to have
some reportages about these places; opening fanpages on social networks and
usually up-to-dating not only information and images about these places but
also interesting historical analysis articles.
While it is understandable why foreign tourists are more attracted about going
to history-related places, proper actions should be adopted so as to change
these destinations into places which have attraction with both locals and

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