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For individual reports.

1. Title page
2. Screenshot of SafeAssign score (Your name must be visible on the screenshot.)
3. Analysis (maximum of 2 pages)
4. Conclusion (1 page)
5. Data sheet
6. References (from METIS as much as possible)

• Maximum percentage of SafeAssign is 30%.
• Excess of 30% will be deducted from your score.
• Wrong formats will have a deduction of 5%.

Before discussing the main results, write about your actual experiences in the conduct of the experiment
especially on problems encountered in measurement, setting up of the experiment, recording, and gathering
of data. Also include your comments on the design of the experiment. Relate the measured data to the
equations in the experiment. State the relationships.

Present the results using a diagram, a table or graphs. Include the table you submitted from your group
report. In presenting a table, do not show every data you gathered. Instead, make a table summary of data
containing only those values needed in discussing the result in relation to the principle or problem being
investigated. Actual data sheets are attached as appendices in the formal report. Label your figures and tables

You may include actual laboratory setup for the results. The analysis may include the governing concept
applied in the said experiment. You may also include sample computations.

Before stating your conclusion, restate the problem being solved and/or the principle being explored. You may
include objectives of the experiment.

State your conclusion in clear and straightforward terms. Make sure to relate your conclusion to the original
problem you are solving.

A. Margins
Top : 1.00 inch
Bottom : 1.00 inch
Right : 1.00 inch
Left : 1.25 inches

B. Font
The font type of all the text is Calibri size 12.

C. Tables
Label your tables in this way. Add columns and rows as needed.
Table No. Title
Label Label Label
Data Data Data
Data Data Data
Table No. & Label : Bold Font Style
Title : Regular Font Style
Thick Line : 1.5 pt
Thin Line : 1.0 pt
Line Spacing : Single
Space Before : 0 pt
Space After : 0 pt

For online submission, consider only the following.

• Analysis (Do not include tables.)
• Conclusion
• References (from METIS as much as possible)