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Final Written Test Intermediate II Headquarter: 2

Time assigned: 120 minutes Score: ________

Professor: María Fernanda Cascante Total Points: 61 pts.
Student’s Name: ___________________ Obtained Points: _______
Student’s Last name: ___________________ Total Percentage: 15%
Date: _________________________ Obtained Percentage:______

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS (They are mandatory)

1) Write with blue or black ink only. Do not use pencil. If you do it, no objections will be admitted.

2) Time to make questions about the exam: 10 minutes

3) This exam has 6 pages. Check the exam is complete.

4) Do not use white out. If you make a mistake, cross the wrong answer out and rewrite it. Write
"yes" next to the right answer.

5) Write clearly and neatly. Your handwriting must be legible.

6) Read the instructions carefully. Two answers to the same question are not allowed. Give just

7) The use of mobiles or other devices are forbidden during the exam, turn them off and put all
personal belongings away.

8) Do not leave the classroom during the test.

9) You are not allowed to lend or borrow any kind of didactic material such as pens, pencils,
eraser, among others during the examination.

10)Remain in silence while you are taking the test.

11) Be sure you answered everything. Check your answers before you hand in your exam.


I Part. Complete. 19 pts.

1) Complete this passage with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Use the past,
present, or future tense. 9 pts.

In many countries nowadays, food shopping takes very little time. In the past, people
_______________ (go) to a different shop for each type of item. For example, you _______________
(buy) meat at a butcher’s shop and fish at a fish market. A fruit market _______________ (sell) fruits
and vegetables. For dry goods, like rice or beans, you _______________ (have to) go to grocery
stores. Today, the supermarket or superstore _______________ (sell) all these things. Once every
week or two, people _______________ (drive) in their cars to these huge stores to buy everything –
not only food but also clothes, electronic goods, furniture, and medicine. But in the future, the way we
shop _______________ (change) again. Nowadays, many people have a computer at home. Soon,
maybe, no one _______________ (leave) home to go shopping. Everyone _______________ (have)
their computers to order everything online.

2) Complete the sentences with if clauses. 10 pts.

a. If I __________________ (study), I __________________ (pass) the exams.

b. You ________________ (sleep) better at night if you we ________________ (exercise) regularly.

c. If I __________________ (change) my eating habits, I __________________ (feel) healthier.

d. If my friends __________________ (come), I __________________(be) very happy.

e. If she __________________ (earn) a lot of money, she __________________ (fly) to New York.

II Part. Identify. 10 pts.

Choose the correct response from the second column. Write the corresponding letter inside the
parentheses. 5 pts.
Column I Column II
I can remember people’s names. ( ) a. Neither do I
I can’t stand waiting in line at the bank. ( ) b. So can I.
I’m not good at managing time well. ( ) c. Neither am I.
I love traveling. ( ) d. Neither can I.
I don’t like reading in the bus. ( ) e. So do I.

Circle the correct participle to complete the sentences. 5 pts.

1) We saw the most __________ movie last night.

boring / bored

2) I had an __________ experience the last time I went to the beach.

embarrassing / embarrassed

3) Why didn’t you call me? I was __________ about you!

worrying / worried

4) I’m __________ by Oscar Wilde’s short stories.

fascinating / fascinated

5) The piece of news I read yesterday was very __________.

confusing / confused

III Part. Short answer. 12 pts.

1) Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Use the past
continuous or the simple past. 7 pts.

A: My sister _________________ (have) a bad accident. She _________________ (hurt) her back
when she _________________(lift) weights at the gym.

B: That _________________ (happen) to me last year, but I _________________ (not lift) weights. I
_________________ (take) a boxing class and I _________________ (trip).

2) Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Use the present
perfect continuous. 5 pts.

A: How long _________________ you and Joe _________________ (date)?

B: We _________________ (go out) together for almost a year. Can you believe it?

A: Maya and I _________________ (date) for even longer. I think it’s time to get married. We
_________________ (talk) about it a lot lately.

IV Part. Unique selection. 4 pts.

Unreal conditional sentences with if clauses. Mark with an X the right option to complete each

1) What would you __________ if you __________ a problem with your boss?

a. done – have

b. do – had

c. did – had

2) If a friend __________ to borrow some money, what would you __________?

a. asked – say

b. ask – said

c. ask – say

3) What would you __________ if you __________ a million dollars?

a. did – found

b. done – find

c. do – found

4) I would __________ the money with my family if I __________ the lottery.

a. share – won

b. shared – won

c. share – win

V. Production. 16 pts.

1) Change the sentences from active to passive. 6 pts. (2 pts. each)

Margaret sent the flowers yesterday in the morning.


Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1816.


William Herschel identified the planet Uranus in 1781.


2) Read the situations. Use should have or would have to write opinions and suggestions. 4 pts.
(2 pts. each)

My sister asked me to watch The Fast and the Furious with her. I did it, but I was very bored
because I don’t like action movies.


I spilled coffee over my mother’s favorite book, so I put it in the trash can and said I didn’t know
were it was.


3) Write a sentence that shows permission, obligation, or prohibition according to each sign.
Use the words inside of parentheses. 6 pts. (2 pts. each)

(be not allowed to)


(have to)




EXTRA POINTS. This section gives you the opportunity to obtain 10 extra points. This part is
optional, so it is not a requirement in order to complete the exam.

1) Write the past participle form of the following verbs. 5 pts.

Simple form Past participle






2) Write the simple past form of the following verbs. 5 pts.

Simple form Simple past form