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Brief History of Pagudpud National High School

Pagudpud National High School is located along the seashore of Poblacion # 2, Pagudpud, Ilocos
Norte. It is an old secondary school but its name is new. It is formerly Bangui School of
Fisheries that is a TESDA administered school. It has gained its independence as national
secondary when the TESDA Supervised Schools were rationalized.

This school is affected by the Joint Memorandum Circular between TESDA and DepEd in which
the secondary program will be administered by the Department of Education. It is named after
Pagudpud and in response to public clamor and in consonance with the power embodied in the
Local Government Code of 1991 under the R.A No. 7160.

It was in July 2002, when the Secondary Department was curved out and transferred to the
Department of Education. From that time on, the school which at present caters the Post-
Secondary Level. Mr. Luis C. Curameng, Head Teacher III was appointed as the Officer- In
Charge of the Secondary until he retired last December 10, 2015 that is located within the heart
of the town of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

At present, it has an enrolment of 861 including Senior High School with Secondary School
Principal I, thirty two ( 32) faculty members and nine (9) facilitative staff under the
administration of Nr. Nei Ericson T. Acob since January 2016. It has a functional library and
canteen serving not only the students and teachers but also the community folks; Administration
Buildings. It is noted that every year, the enrolment increases and there are sixteen (16) rooms
that could accommodated the number of students and recently the two- storey building for the
Senior High with 6 rooms which have just turned over last October, 2016. A well- ventilated
computer/ IT room is also present with the computers and this is of great help to the teachers and
students. Support and assistance were solicited from the Congressman of the First District, LGU,
PTCA and civic- oriented people.

The school has a complete Junior Secondary Education, consisting of Grade 7 to Grade 10 and
Senior High School that comprised the Grade 11 and 12.