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1. As parent and the same time a teacher, which of the a. Psychological c.

following will you do to show your cooperation to the PTA b. Historical d. Social
project in your school to be financed with the proceeds of the
sales of the school canteen where food prices are little bit 8. What does the acronym EFA imply for school?
higher? a. the acceptance of exclusive schools for boys and for girls
a. Bring food for you and your children, but always make it a b. the stress on the superiority of formal education over that
point to buy in the school canteen. of alternative learning system
b. buy all your food in the school canteen but request for a c. practice of inclusive education
discount d. the concentration on formal education system.
c. bring food enough for you and your children but do not eat
in the school canteen 9. Which Republic Act provides government assistance to
d. buy all your food from the school canteen even if you the students and teachers in private school?
cannot afford to do everyday a. RA 7784 c. RA 7836
b. RA 6728 d. RA 7722
2. According to the existentialist, every person in the same
predicament and has the same possibilities. What does this 10. the authoritarian setting in the Filipino home is reinforced
imply? by a classroom teacher who:
a. Every person must go to school. a. encourage pupils to ask questions
b. Every person must go through the same from school. b. prescribes what pupils should do
c. Every person must earn a college degree. c. is open to suggestions
d. Every person must be given access to education. d. ask open ended question

3. You are very much interested in a quality professional 11. Who among believes that learning requires disciplined
development program for teachers. What characteristic attention, regular homework and respect for legitimate
should you look for? authority?
a. prescribed by top educational leaders a. essentialist c. Progressivist
b. dependent and availability of funds b. existentialist d. Recontructionist
c. required for the renewal of professional license
d. responsive to identified teachers’ need 12. The Constitutional provision on language has the
following aims EXCEPT:
4. The singing of the National anthem is an offshoot of a. to make the regional dialect as auxiliary media of
philosophy of ____. instructions in regional school
a. Nationalism c. naturalism b. to maintain English as second language
b. pragmatism d. Socialism c. to make Filipino the sole medium of instruction
d. to make Filipino the national language and medium of
5. The environment in order to facilitate, learning must be instruction and communication
interactive. Which of the following best typifies this kind of
environment? 13. The tendency to emphasize o much on school
a. the child goes out and discovers for himself some rock or beautification to the detriment of pupils performance
fossil. illustrates the:
b. the child listens to a lecture on the fossils given by the a. Filipino’s lack of seriousness
teacher b. Filipino’ lack of reflection
c. the child summarizes the section on the fossils in his c. Filipino’s sense of humor
science textbook d. Filipino’s love for “porma”
d. The child copies a list of facts concerning fossils on the
blackboard. 14. Which I Not a characteristics of democratic discipline?
a. child has opportunity to express his/her opinion
6. A teacher is said to be a “trustee of the cultural and b. child given punishment is related to the misdeed
educational heritage of the nation and is under obligation to c. child understand the meaning of rules
transmit to learners such heritage”. Which practice makes d. child obeys blindly
the teacher fullfill such obligation?
a. Use interactive teaching strategies. 15. Who among the following reasons stressed the
b. Use the latest educational technology processes of experience and problem solving?
c. Observe continuing professional education. a. Dewey c. Socrates
d. As a class, study the life of Filipino heroes. b. Aristotle d. Plato

7. For more efficient and effective management of schools 16. The wide Acceptance of ‘bottom up” management style
as an agent of change, one proposal is for the DepEd to has influenced the schools to practice which management
cluster remote stand-alone schools under one lead school practice?
head. Which factor has the strongest influence on this a. Exclusion of politicians from the pool of guest speaker
proposal? during graduation exercises
b. prescription of what ought to be done from the central 24. Which techniques (s) enable (s) a teacher to identify and
Office eventually assists students which interpersonal difficulties?
c. Involvement of students, parents, teachers, and a. Anecdotal record c. Cumulative record
community in the school planning b. Personal inventory d. Sociogram
d. Allowing schools to do what they think is best.
25. Which is considered the “brain” of the computer?
17. Which characterizes the perfectionist type of students? a. CPU c. Video screen
a. does not volunteer or initiate b. Software d. keyboard
b. Give up easily
c. Rarely complete tasks 26. Zero standard deviation means that:
d. often anxious fearful or frustrated about the quality of work a. The student scores are the same
b. 50% of the scores obtained is zero
18. The failure of independent study with mot Filipino c. More than 50% of the score obtained zero
students may be attributed to students’ d. Less than 50% of the scores obtained zero
a. unpreparedness of schooling
b. ambivalence 27. Which of the least authentic mode of assessment?
c. high degree of independence a. Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary
d. high degree of dependence on authority b. Oral performance to assess students to socialize students
spoken communication skills
19. Despite opposition from some school officials, DepEd c. Experiments in science to assess in the use of scientific
has continuously enforced the “no collection of fees” policy methods
during enrolment period in public schools. Is this policy in d. Artistic production for music or art subject
accordance with EFA goals?
a. No, it violates the mandate of quality education 28. What must a teacher do to ensure orderly transitions
b. Yes, it somewhat eliminates gender disparities between activities?
c. Yes, it supports equitable access to basic education a. Allow time for the students to socialize in between
20. Which of the following measures should a teacher do to b. Have the materials ready at the start of the activity
a principal whom she would like to file a case of sexual c. Assign fewer exercises to fill the allotted time.
harassment w/o violating the relationship of the teacher to d. Wait the students who lag behind
her superior?
a. present the case before competent authority and prepare 29. When teacher tries to elicit clarification on a student
to prove the charge response or solicits additional information, which of these
b. writ an anonymous letter to a higher school official to should he use?
denounce the superior a. Directing c. Structuring
c. call a parent-teacher meeting and denounced the superior b. probing d. Cross examining
d. encourage the other teacher and students to hold a
demonstration to oust the superior 30. A negative discrimination index means that:
a. More from the lower group answered the test items
21. To earn units for promotion, a teacher pays her fees but correctly
does not attend class at all. Does this constitute professional b. the items cloud not discriminate between the lower and
growth? upper group
a. Not immediately but yes after promotion. c. more from the upper group answered the test item
b. It depends on the school she is enrolled in. correctly
c. No, it simply earning MA units for promotion. d. Less from the lower group got the test item correctly
d. Yes, just enrolling in an MA program
31. ‘’When more senses are stimulated, teaching and
22. Kounin claims that “with-it-ness” is one of the learning become more effective.” What is an application of
characteristics of an effective classroom manager. What is this principle?
one sign of with-it-ness? a. Appeal to students’ sense of imagination
a. Giving attention to students who are having difficulty with b. use multisensory aids
school work. c. make your students touch the instructional material
b. seeing only one portion of the class but intensively d. Use audio visual aids because the eyes and the ears are
c. knowing where instructional materials are kept the most important senses in learning.
d. Aware of what’s happening I all parts of the classroom.
32. I combined several subject areas in order to focus on a
23. A student collapsed in her social studies class. It was single concept for interdisciplinary teaching. What strategy
found out that he did not eat her luch. What principle is did I use?
shown in the situation? a. Reading-writing activity c. Lecture
a. Psychological need c. Ecological need b. Thematic instruction d. problem-centered learning
b. Physiological need d. Safety need
33. A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of the 40. Teacher C, a reading teacher, advised her class to “read
development of the youth. Which practice NOT keeping with between the lines.” What does she want her pupils to do?
this role a facilitator? a. Make an educated guess
a. Considers the multiple intelligence of learners b. Determine what is meant by what is stated
b. Humiliates misbehaving pupils c. Apply the information need
c. Dialogs with parents and with other member of the d. Describe the characters in the story
d. Keeps himself abreast with educational trends 41. On which constitutional provision is the full or partial
integration of capable deaf and blind students in the
34. Which one indicates a teacher’s genuine enthusiasm and classroom based? The provision on
pride in teaching? a. Providing citizenship and vocational training to adult
a. Sticking to teaching for the moment that there are no citizen
better offers b. Protecting and promoting the right of all citizen to quality
b. Telling everyone that he went to teaching for there was no education
other choice them. c. Academic freedom
c. Engaging himself in continuing professional education d. Creating Scholarship for poor and deserving students
d. Belittling the re-numeration one gets from teaching
42. Teaching the cognitive, psychomotor and affective
35. Teacher A teaches English as a second Language. She domains is based on the concept that the learner is a:
uses vocabulary cards, fill-in-the-blank sentences, dialogues, a. Moral and feeling being
dictation and writing exercises in teaching a lesson about b. Material and an acting being
grocery shopping. Based on this information, which of the c. Thinking, feeling and acting being
following is a valid conclusion? d. Spiritual and material being
a. The teacher wants to make her teaching easier by having
less talk. 43. Which of the different types of the test covers and wide
b. The teacher is emphasizing reading and writing skills variety of objective?
c. The teacher is teaching in variety of ways because not all a. True-false c. Matching type
students learn in the same manner. b. Multiple choice d. Essay
d. The teacher is applying Bloom’s hierarchy of cognitive
learning 44. Teacher wants to compare 2 concepts. With which
technique can be accomplish this best?
36. To teach the democratic process to the pupils, Biag a. K-W-L technique c. Spider web
Elementary School decided that the election of class officers b. Venn diagram d. Fishbone diagram
shall be patterned after local elections. There are
qualifications set for candidates, limited period for campaign 45. When necessary conditions are present, the use of
and rule for posting campaign materials, etc. Which of the inductive method is preferred because
following did the school use? a. There is greater active participation on the part of the
a. Symposium c. Panel discussion pupils
b. Simulation d. Debate b. It gives the teacher more time to rest
c. It needs only few instruction materials
37. Which statement applies when scores distribution is d. Academic time is used wisely
negatively skewed?
a. The mode is lesser than the median 46. Teacher B teaches his/her students that pleasure is NOT
b. The median is higher than the mode the highest good. What teacher teaches is contrary to which
c. The mode and median are equal philosophy?
d. The mean is lesser than the mode a. Empiricism c. Hedonism
b. Realism d. Idealism
38. In the Preamble of the Code of Ethics of Professional
Teachers, which is not mentioned about teachers? 47. Which best indicates the effectiveness classroom
a. Duly Licensed professionals activities?
b. Possess dignity and reputation a. The laughter and employment of students
c. LET passer b. The application of concept learned in daily life
d. With high moral values c. The utilization of varied techniques and approaches
d. The variety instructional material used
39. What does a skewed score distribution mean?
a. The scores are concentrated more at one end or the other 48. Which is the most obvious and familiar way of reporting
end variability?
b. The mode, the mean and the median are equal a. Range of scores c. Standard error of the mean
c. The mean and the median are equal b. Standard deviation d. Distribution of raw scores
d. The scores are normally distributed
49. If the teacher’s pattern in questioning consists of calling d. A teacher paid on an hour basis, entertain her students w/
on a student then asking the question stories till the end of the period.
a. All students may be encouraged to participate
b. the student called to answer may be able to think well of 57. Section 5, article XIV, of the Constitution states that
his answer academic freedom shall be enjoyed in
c. The rest of the class may just dictate the answer a. Public assemblies’
d. The rest of the class may not engage themselves in b. State college and Universities
thinking of the answer c. All level of learning
d. All institutions of higher learning
50. Teacher L says: “ If it is billiard that brings students out of
the classroom, let us bring it into the classroom. Perhaps, I 58. Which of the following should a teacher do if she cannot
can use it to teach Math.” To which philosophy does Teacher pay the monthly instalment of an appliance she got from a
L adhere? department store in their own?
a. Reconstructionism c. Existentialism a. Reject any notice of demand for payment to make the
b. Essentialism d. Progressivism impression that she will be receive
b. Move to another neighbourhood to escape payment
51. A child refuses to obey orders or displays negativism as c. Inform the manager of the store personally and make a
a development trait. How may you best handle him? satisfactory arrangement of payment on or before the due
a. take every opportunity to praise him for every positive date of payment
attitudes display d. Offer to return the used appliance to the store on the
b. detain him after office hours for him to do what he has condition that she will be refunded on the monthly instalment
been ordered to do she paid.
c. insist on compliance to the same degree required of pupils
d. avoid giving him orders or if you do and he objects take 59. Freud expounded that there is a period when young boys
the order back experience rivalry with their father for their mother’s
affection. This is
52. Which term refers to the collection of student’s products a. Oedipus Complex c. Achilles syndrome
and accomplishment for a period of evaluating purposes? b. Electra complex d. Cassandra syndrome
a. Portfolio c. Anecdotal record
b. Observation report d. Diary 60. Education is a lifelong process. This simply means that
53. Which practice is an offshoot of B.F. Skinner’s theory of a. May take place formally or informally to enable the
operant conditioning? individual to grow
a. ensuring mastery of language b. May take place anywhere and anytime the individual so
b. use of programmed instruction desire
c. use of scaffolding c. Is a Continuous process of experiencing and recognizing
d. considering multiple intelligence experience
d. Take place in the school where the individual is expose,
54. In testing, which of the following is referred to as cultural self-contained experiences.
a. Test items are more familiar in some culture 61. The tendency to imitate elders is very strong in the early
b. Some culture do better on tests than others childhood stage. Teacher should therefore be very good-
c. Test will show who is more cultured a. Counselors c. Role model
d. Cultured people do better on tests b. Disciplinarians d. Facilitator of Learning

55. You have a pupil who is so talkative, naughty and 62. Teacher Z always checks on entry knowledge and skills
aggressive that he is burden to the entire members of the before she proceeds to her new lesson. On which principle is
class. How would you remedy this problem? Teacher Z practice grounded?
a. Call the parent for a dialogue a. Effective teaching proceeds from the concrete to abstract
b. Report the case to the principal b. learning increase when the learning is relevant
c. Reprimand him always c. Attention is essential for learning
d. Talk to him seriously d. New learning builds on previous learning

56. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you 63. Which of the following is the best time for a teacher to
can balance responsibility and accountability? set up routine activities that will contribute to effective
a. A teacher paid on an hour basis, takes her time with the classroom management?
subject matter till end of the period a. As soon as the student have established
b. A teacher paid on an hour basis, teaches as much as she b. Daily as the start of the session
could for duration of the period c. During his homeroom day
c. A teacher paid on an hour basis, spends most of the time d. On the very first day of school
on the latest gossips in showbiz
64. Teacher R wants to develop his students’ creativity. b. She answered 25 items in the test correctly.
Which type of questions will be MOST appropriate? c. Her rating is 75.
a. Synthesis questions c. “What if….” questions d. She answered 75% of the test items correctly.
b. Fact questions d. Analysis question
74. The criterion of success in Teacher D’s objective is that
65. You want your student to answer the questions at the “the pupils must be able to spell 90% of the words correctly.”
end of the reading lesson: ‘’ What did I learn today?”, ‘What Ana and 24 others in the class spelled only 40 out of 50
still puzzles me?” What did I enjoy, hate, accomplish in class words correctly while the rest scored 45 and above. This
today?” , “How did I learn from the lesson?’’ , Which of the means that Teacher D ___________.
following are you asking them to do? a. attained her lesson objectives
a. Work on an assignment c. Work on a drill b. did not attained her lesson objective because of the pupils
b. make entry journal d. Apply what they learn lack of attention
c. failed to attain her lesson objective as far as the 25 pupils
66. If the student is encourage to develop himself to the are concerned
fullest and must satisfy his hierarchy of needs, the highest d. attained her lesson objective because of her effective
need to satisfy according to Maslow is ___________. spelling drill
a. psychological need c. belongingness
b. self-actualization d. safety need 75. For her discussion of the topic from various perspectives,
it is BEST to hold __________.
67. In Social Studies class, Teacher I presents a morally a. brainstorming c. debate
ambiguous situation and asks students what they would do. b. Symposium d. panel discussion
On whose theory is Teacher I’s technique based?
a. Bandura c. Kohlberg 76. Availment of the Philippine Education Placement Test for
b. Freud d. Erickson adult and out-of-school youth is in the support of the
government’s educational program towards
68. Based on Freud’s theory, which operate/s when a _______________.
student strikes a classmate at the height of anger? a. Relevance c. Equitable access
a. Ego c. Id and Ego b. Quality d. Quality and Relevance
b. Id d. Erickson
77. Which MDG goal is related to the state’s goal for equality
69. The Computer r for score in Math and Science is 0.92. education?
What does this mean? a. MDG 1 c. MDG 3
a. Math score is positively related to Science score b. MDG 2 d. MDG 4
b. The higher the Math score, the lower the Science score
c. math score is not in any way related to Science score 78. Which illustrates vicarious punishment?
d. Science score is slightly related to Math score a. We feel so bad to the classmate who is punished for being
tardy so we convince him go to school on time.
70. Which type of the tests is most appropriate if Teacher Y b. Out of comparison, we volunteer to get punished in the
wants to measure students’ ability to organize thoughts and place of friend
ideas? c. We charge to experience our being punished
a. Short answer c. Alternative response d. See someone who get punished for habitual tardiness. In
b. Essay d. Multiple Choice effect, we are fees likely to be tardy

71. If Teacher wants to measure her students’ ability to 79. Which objective in the effective domain is the lowest
discriminate, which of these is an appropriate type of the test level?
item as implied by the direction? a. To accumulate examples of authencity
a. “Outline the Chapter on The Cell.” b. To support view against abortion
b. “Summarize the lesson yesterday.” c. To respond positively to a comment
c. “Group the following items according to shape” d. To formulate criteria for honestly
d. “State a set of principles that can explain”
80. In instructional planning, it is necessary that the parts of
72. A test item has a difficulty index of 0.89 and a the plan from the first to the last have:
discrimination index of 0.44. What should the teacher do? a. Symmetry c. Conciseness
a. Reject the item b. Coherence d. Clarity
b. Retain the item
c. Make it a bonus item 81. The military training requirements among students in the
d. Make it a bonus item and reject it. secondary and tertiary levels can be traced as a strong
influence of the
73. What can be said of Arielle who obtained a score of 75 a. Spartans c. Chinese
out of 100 items in a Grammar objective test? b. Romans d. Athenians
a. She performed better than 25% of her classmate
82. To promote effective practice, which guideline should 91. What is the mean of the score distribution: 4,
you bear in mind? Practice should be _________. 5,6,7,8,9,10?
a. Difficult for students to learn a lesson a. 7.5 c. 6
b. Arrange to allow students to receive feedback b. 8.5 d. 7
c. Done in an evaluative atmosphere
d. Take place over a long period of time 92. Which is the teaching approach for a kindergarten makes
real world experiences of the child the focal point of
83. By what name is direct instruction or Socratic Method educational stimulation?
also known? a. Situation approach c. Electric approach
a. questioning method c. indirect method b. Traditional approach d. Montessori approach
b. Morrison method d. mastery learning
93. Which is a characteristic of an effective classroom
84. Which does NOT belong to the group of alternative management?
learning systems? a. Coercive c. Imposed
a. Multi-age grouping c. non-grade grouping b. Reactive d. Preventive
b. Multi-grade grouping d. graded education
94. Which can run counter to the encouragement you to give
85. In the social-constructivist perspective, the child is given your students to ask question?
a task but he/she cannot accomplish it alone without the a. Knitted eyebrow when a question is raised
assistance of adults or peers around him/her. b. eye to eye contact
a. ZPD c. Social learning theory c. radiant face
b. the Socratic method d. peer tutoring d. an encouraging hand gesture

86. Which term applies to the search for related literature by 95. Which one can help students develop the habit of critical
computer access of data bases on disc kept in libraries? thinking?
a. On-line research c. Compact disc computer research a. Blind obedience of authority
b. Manual research d. computer research b. Asking convergent questions
c. Asking low level questions
87. The whole child concept of education is contrary to the: d. A willingness to suspend judgement until sufficient
a. Academic essentials approach to education evidence is presented
b. Progressivist approach to education
c. Focus of humanistic approach to education 96. In instructional planning, which among the three: unit,
d. The naturalistic approach to education plan, course plan, lesson plan is most specific?
a. Course c. Resource
88. Here is a lesson objective in literature: “Using the six b. Unit d. Lesson
description of the elements of a good short story identify in
writing the six elements in the short story by O. Henry with 97. Teacher Mar wants to develop in her pupil’s
complete accuracy.” Applying Robert Mager’s principle on comprehension skills. What order of skills will she develop?
writing performance objectives, which is the criterion I. Literal comprehension III. Critical Evaluation
measure? II. Interpretation IV. Integration
a. “ the six element in the short story by O. Henry with a. II-III-IV-I c. I-II-III-IV
complete accuracy b. III-IV-I-II d. IV-III-II-I
b. “identify in writing”
c. “ with complete accuracy” 98. If the student thinks about hi/her thinking, he is involved
in the process called:
d. “ using the six description of the element for a short story”
a. Higher-order thinking c. Creative thinking
b. Critical thinking d. Metacognition
89. With Bloom’s cognitive taxonomy in mind, which
objective is in the highest level?
99. The use of drills in the classroom is rooted on
a. To rate a project along relevance, originally and Thorndike’s law of:
craftsmanship a. Readiness c. Exercise
b. to state the assumption that underlies the given b. Effect d. Belongingness
c. To state generalization from the data given 100. The following are some drill techniques, EXCEPT
d. To write a paragraph that observe s unity from the data a. Challenging students to be above the level of the class
given b. Asking pupils to repeat answers
c. Giving short quiz and having students grade papers
90. Which refer to a single word or phrases that tell the d. Assigning exercises from a workbook
computer to do something with a program or file?
a. Computer program c. Computer language 101. The first American teachers in the Philippines were
b. Password d. Command a. Soldiers c. Missionaries
b. Graduate of the normal school d. Elementary graduates
102. Which questioning technique promotes more classroom c. Ask my students to answer the questions beginning with
interaction? “What if….”
a. Focusing in convergent question d. Tell my students to state data presented in the graph.
b. Calling on the student before asking question
c. focusing on divergent question 110. To reach out to clientele who cannot be in the
d. Asking rhetorical question classroom for one reason or another, which of the following
was established?
103. Teacher V wants to check prior knowledge of his pupils a. Informal c. Pre-school education
about water pollution. She writes the main topic water b. (SPED) system d. Alternative learning delivery
pollution in the center of the chalkboard and encircles it.
Then, she asks the pupils to provide information that can be 111. Nicolle enjoys games like scrabble, anagrams, and
clustered around the main topic. Which technique did the password. Which type of intelligence is strong in Nicolle?
teacher employ? a. Interpersonal intelligence
a. Vocabulary building c. Semantic Mapping b. Logical and mathematical intelligence
b. Demonstration d. Deductive teaching c. Linguistic intelligence
d. Spatial intelligence
104. Who were the Thomasites?
a. The soldiers who doubted the success of the republic 112. Teacher Cora observes cleanliness and order inter
educational system to be set in the Philippines classroom to create a conductive atmosphere for learning.
b. The first American teacher-recruits to help establish the On which theory is her practice based?
public educational system in the Philippines a. Psychoanalysis c. Behaviorism
c. The first religious group who came to the Philippines on b. Gestalt psychology d. Humanistic psychology
board the US transports Thomas
d. The devotee to St. Thomas Aquinas who came to 113. Which learning principle is the essence of Gardner’s
evangelize Filipinos theory of multiple intelligence?
a. Almost all learners are linguistically intelligent
105. To build a sense of pride among Filipino youth, which b. Intelligence is not measured in one form
should be done? c. Learners have different IQ level
a. Re-study our History and stress on our achievements as a d. Learners have static IQ
b. Re-study our history from the perspective of our 114. Based on Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience, which
colonizers. activity is farthest from the real thing?
c. Replace the study of folklores and myths with technical a. Watch a demo c. Listen to a lecture
subjects b. View image d. Attend exhibit
d. Set the study of local history
115. Which is a proactive management practice?
106. “Specialization is knowing more and more about less a. Tell them that you enforce the rules on everyone, no
and less. Then it is better to be generalist”, claims Teacher exception
F. On which philosophy does Teacher F learn? b. Set and clarity your rules and expectations on Day 1
a. Essentialism c. Perenialism c. Punish the misbehaving pupils in the presence of their
b. Progressivism d. Existentialism classmate
d. Stress on penalty for every violation
107. Teacher Lei gives his students opportunity to be
creative because of his conviction that much learning results 116. For integrative purposes, which method/approach
from the need to express creativity. On which theory of should be used?
teacher Lei conviction anchored? _______________ theory a. Metacognitive approach c. Thematic approach
a. Behaviorist c. Cognitive b. Cooperative approach d. Constructive approach
b. Associationist d. Humanist
117. Which quotes goes with a proactive approach to
108. Which teaching activity is founded on Bandura’s social discipline?
learning theory? a. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”
a. Questioning c. Modeling b. “Do not make a mountain of a mole.”
b. Inductive reasoning d. Interactive reasoning c. “Walk your talk”
d. “ Do not smile until Christmas”
109. I like to develop the synthesizing skills of my students. 118. What does the principle of individual differences require
Which one should I do? teacher to do?
a. Ask my student to formulate a generalization from the a. Give less attention to gifted learners.
data shown in the graphs b. Provide for a variety of learning activities.
b. Direct my students to point out w/c part of the graph are c. Treat all learners alike while teaching.
right and w/c part is wrong d. Prepare modules for slow learners in class.
119. Teachers are encouraged to make use of authentic 128. The state shall protect and promote the right of all
assessment. Which goes with authentic assessment? citizens to quality education at all level. ’’Which government
a. De-contextualized drills program is in support of this?
b. Unrealistic performances a. Exclusion of children with special needs from the formal
c. Answering multiple choices test items system
d. Real word application of lesson learned b. Free elementary and secondary education
c. Deregulated tuition fee hike
120. I’d like to test whether a student knows what a d. Re-introduction of the NEAT and NSAT
particular word means. Which should I ask the students to
do? 129. The K-12 curriculum is the otherwise called as
a. Give the word a tune then sing it a. Basic Education Curriculum
b. Define the word. b. Revitalized Basic Education Curriculum
c. spell the word and identify its part of speech c. Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum
d. Give the etymology of the word. d. Extended Basic Education Curriculum

121. With SMART lesson objectives in the synthesis level in 130. The Filipino learners envisioned by the Department of
mind, which one does NOT belong to the group? Education in the light of K-12 curriculum is
a. Formulate c. Build a. Technologically literate and holistically developed
b. Organize d. Dissect Filipinos
b. Functionally literate and holistically developed Filipinos
122. Who asserted that children must be given the c. Scientifically advanced and values oriented Filipinos
opportunity to explore and work on different materials so that d. Nationally oriented
they will develop the sense of initiative instead of guilt? and internationallycompetitive Filipinos
a. Kohlberg c. Maslow
b. Erickson d. Gardner 131. Principle tells her teachers that training in the
humanities is most important To which education philosophy
123. Teacher Zen uses direct instruction strategy. Which will does he adhere?
she first do? a. Existentialism
A. Presenting and structuring C. Independence practice b. progressivism
B. Guided student practice D. Reviewing the previews day’s c. Essentialism
work d. Perennialism

124. The free public elementary and secondary education in 132. Tony exhibits fear response to freely roaming dogs but
the country is in the line with the government effort to does not show fear wen a dog is on a leash or confined in a
address educational problems of _____________. cage. Which conditioning process is illustrated?
a. Productivity c. Access and equality a. Generalization c. Discrimination
b. Relevance and Quality d. Effectiveness and efficiency` b. Acquisition d. Extinction

125. Here row score in the quiz 97 95 85 83, 77, 75, 50 10, 5 133. Behaviour followed by pleasant consequences will be
,2, 1, to get a picture of the group’s performance, which strengthened and will be more likely to occur in the future.
measure of central tendency is MOST reliable/ Behaviour followed by unpleasant Consequences will be
A. Median weakened and will be less likely to be repeated in the future.
B. Mean Which one is explained?
C. Mode a. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory
D. non.it is best to look at the individual scores b. Thorndike’s law of effect
c. B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning theory
126. Which statement about standard deviation is d. Bandura’s social learning theory
a. The lower the standard deviation the more spread the 134. Theft of school equipment like T.V., computer, etc. by
scores are. people in the community itself is becoming a common
b. The higher the standard deviation the more spread the phenomenon. Which does this incident signified?
scores are. a. Prevalence of poverty in community
c. The higher the standard deviation the less spread the b. Inability of school to hire security guards
scores are c. Deprivation of Filipino schools
d. It is a measure of central tendency. d. Community’s lack of sense of co-ownership

127. which is the teachers’ professionalization act? 135. The main purpose of compulsory study of Constitution
a. R A 7836 is to ____________.
b. R A 4670 a. Develop students into responsibilities, thinking citizen.
c. R A 7722 b. Acquaint students with the historical development of the
d. R A 9293 Phil. Constitution.
c. Make constitutional experts of the students 145. I want the fast learners in my class to do self-directed
d. Prepare students for law-making learning. What strategy will I use?
a. Collaborative learning c. Meta-cognitive
136. With which goals of educational institution as provided b. Social dialogue d. Problem based learning
for by the constitution is the development of work skills
aligned? 146. For which lesson objective will you use the direct
a. To develop moral character c. To teach the duties of instruction method?
citizenship a. Appreciate Milton’s Paradise Lost
b. To develop vocational efficiency d. To inculcate love of b. Use a microscope properly
country c. Distinguish war from aggression
d. become aware of the pollutants in the environment
137. Parents admit that SMS has an effect on
_______________. 147. To encourage introspection, which teaching method is
a. Communicating through guessing MOST appropriate?
b. Ability to guess words correctly a. Cognitive c. Process
c. Shortening messages effectively b. Reflective d. Cooperative
d. Ability to spell words correctly
148. With indirect instruction in mind, which does NOT
138. In computer based instruction, which tool can help you belong to the group?
revise your short stories essays and other written work? a. Experimental method c. Lecture-recitation method
a. Word processing c. Database b. Inductive method d. Discovery method
b. Spread sheet d. Desktop publishing
149. A master teacher, the resource speaker in an in-service
139. Which is closest to the real human digestive system for training presented the situated learning theory and
study in the classroom? encouraged her colleagues to apply the same in-class.
a. Model of the human digestive system. Which did she NOT encourage her colleagues to do?
b. Drawing of the human digestive system on the board. a. Apprenticeship c. Learning as it normally occurs
c. The human digestive system projective on an OHP b. Decontextualized teaching d. Authentic problem solving
d. Drawing of the human digestive system on the page of the
textbook. 150. Teachers are encouraged to make use of authentic
assessment. Which goes with the authentic assessment?
140. Here is a question: “Is the paragraph a good one? a. De-contextualized drills
Evaluate.” If broken down to simplify, which is the BEST b. Unrealistic performances
simplification? c. Answering multiple choice test question
a. Is the paragraph a good one? Why or why not? d. Real word application of lesson learned
b. Why is the paragraph a good one? Prove.
c. If you ask to evaluate something, what do you do? 151. Teacher Jay discovered that her pupils are weak in
Evaluate the paragraph. comprehension. To further determine in which particular
d. What qualities of a good paragraph? Does the paragraph skill(s) her pupils are weak; which test should Teacher Jay
have these qualities? give?
a. Standardized Test c. Placement Test
141. I want my student to have mastery learning of a basic b. Aptitude Test d. Diagnostic Test
topic. Which can help?
a. Problem Solving c. Lecture Method 152. Which will be the most authentic assessment tool for an
b. Drill d. Socratic Method instructional objective on working with and relating with
142. What is the mastery level of a school in a 100-item test a. Writing articles on working relating to people
with a mean of 55? b. Organizing a community project
a. 42% c. 45% c. Home visitation
b. 50% d. 55% d. Conducting mock election

143. Who stressed the idea that students cannot learn if their 153. Teacher Lorelle does norm-referenced interpretation of
basic needs are not first met? score. Which of the following does she do?
a. Thorndike c. Wertheirmer a. She uses a specified content as frame reference.
b. Maslow d. Bandura b. She describes the class performance against a set level of
144. A person who had painful experiences at the dentist’s c. She compares individual student’s scores with other
office may become fearful at the mere sight of the dentist’s student’s scores.
office building. Which theory can explain this? d. She describes what should be every individual student’s
a. Attribution theory c. Social learning performance.
b. Classical conditioning d. Operant conditioning
154. You practice inclusive education. Which of these apply d. When he refuses a pupil with slight physical disability in
to you? class
I. You accept every student as full and valued member of the
class and school community. 162. Which learning activity is most appropriate if teacher’s
II. Your special attention is on learners with specific learning focus I attitudinal change?
or social needs a. Role play c. Exhibit
III. You address the needs of the class as a whole within the b. Fieldtrip d. Game
context of the learners with specific learning or social needs.
a. II only c. I only 163. The mode of a score distribution is 25. This means that
b. I and II d. I and III a. There is no score of 25.
b. Twenty five (25) is the score that occurs most
155. What principle is violated by overusing the chalkboards, c. Twenty five is the average of the score distribution
as though it is the only education technology available? d. Twenty five is the core that occurs least
a. Isolated use c. Variety
b. Flexibility d. Uniformity 164. The following characterize a child-centered
kindergarten EXCEPT ______.
156. Which statement applies CORRECTLY to Edgar Dale’s a. Focus on the education of the whole child
“Cone of Experience”? b. Importance of play in development
a. The father you are form the base, the more direct the c. Extreme orientation an academic
learning the experience becomes. d. Emphasis on individual uniqueness
b. The father you are form the bottom, the more direct the
learning experience becomes 165. The last year of pre-service education is student
c. The closer you are to the base, the more indirect the teaching. Student teaching is classified as ____________.
learning experience become. a. Role playing c. Field trip
d. The closer you are to the base, the more direct learning b. Simulation d. Demonstration
experience becomes.
166. Which term refers helping a colleague grow
157. I want to teach concepts, patterns and abstractions. professionally?
Which method will be MOST appropriate? a. Technology transfer c. Facilitating
a. Discovery c. Direct instruction b. Peer monitoring d. Independent study
b. Indirect instruction d. Problem solving
167. What primary criterion should guide a teacher in the
158. Teacher Ann, an experienced teacher, does daily choice of instructional devices?
review of past lessons in order to ____. a. Novelty c. Appropriateness
a. Introduce a new lesson b. Cost d. Attractiveness
b. Reflect on how presented the previous lesson
c. Provide his pupils with a sense of continuity 168. Which of the following is considered peripheral device?
d. Determine who among his pupils are studying a. Printer c. CPU
b. Keyboard d. Monitor
159. To nurture students’ creatively, which activity should be
a AVOID? 169. Which questioning practice will promote more class
a. Ask “what if…” questions interaction?
b. Ask divergent thinking questions a. Asking rhetorical question
c. Emphasize the need to give right answer b. Rejecting wrong question
d. Be open to “out-of-this-world” ideas c. Focusing on convergent question
d. Asking the question before calling on a student to answer
160. After reading and essay, Teacher B wants to help
sharpen her student’ ability to interpret. Which of these 170. Research on Piagetian tasks indicates that thinking
activities will be most appropriate? becomes more logical and abstract as children reach the
a. Drawing conclusion formal operations stage. What is an educational implication
b. Making interference of this finding?
c. Getting the main idea a. Expect hypothetical reasoning for learners between 12 to
d. Listing facts separately from opinion 15 years of age.
b. Learners who are not capable of logical reasoning from
161. Under no circumstances shall a teacher be prejudiced ages 8 to 11 behind in their cognitive development.
nor discriminatory against any learner, says the Code of c. Engage children in analogical reasoning as early as
Ethics. When is a teacher prejudice against any learner? preschool to train them for higher order thinking skills
a. When he makes a near sighted pupils set at the front (HOTS)
b. When he considers multiple intelligences in the choice of d. Let children be children
teaching strategies
c. When he makes a farsighted pupil sit at the back
171. A mathematics test was given to all Grade V pupils to b. direct the parent to another tutor and make internal
determine the contestants for the Math Quiz Bee. Which arrangement with the tutor for commission
statistical measure should be used to identify the top 15? c. accept the offer with discount
a. Percentage score c. Quartile Score d. advise the parent to look for another tutor
b. Mean percentage Score d. Percentile Score
180. Teacher C does not personally agree with one school
172. How can you exhibit expert power on the first day of policy. What is the professional thing for him to do?
school? a. lead a campaign against the abolition of that school policy
a. By making them feel you know what you are talking about b. make honest effort to understand, support, and carry out
b. By telling them the importance of good grades. the school policy even if he does not personally agree
c. By reminding your students your authority over them again c. be indifferent about it sa she exerts effort to understand
and again d. defy the policy because in conscience he cannot agree
d. By giving your students a sense of belonging and
acceptance 181. A teacher should not be a slave of his lesson plan. This
means that
173. The following are sound specific purposes of a. A lesson plan must be followed by a teacher no matter
questioning EXCEPT ___________. b. A teacher must be ready to depart from her lesson plan if
a. To stimulate learners to ask questions she remembers something more interesting that what she
b. To call attention of an attentive student earlier planned
c. To arouse interest and curiosity c. A teacher must be willing to depart from her lesson plan if
d. To elicit answers from students students are interested in something other than her
interested lesson.
174. Which is NOT a sound purpose for asking questions? d. Teacher is the best lesson plan designer
a. To remind students of a procedure
b. To probe deeper after an answer is given 182. To provide for individual differences how is curriculum
c. To encourage self-reflection designed?
d. To discipline a bully in class a. Minimum learning competencies are included
b. Realistic and meaningful experiences are provided
175. A student passes a book report poorly written but c. Some degree of flexibility is provided
ornately presented in a folder to make up for the poor quality d. Social skills are emphasized
of the report of the book report content. Which Filipino trait
does this practice prove? 183. Which is the TRUE foundation of the social order?
a. Art over science c. Substance over “porma” a. Strong, political leadership
b. Art over academic d. “Porma” ove substance b. The reciprocation of rights and duties
c. Equitable distribution of wealth
176. Which material consists of instructional units that cater d. Obedient citizenry
to varying mental levels pupils?
a. Plantilla c. Multi-grade materials 184. A test consists of a graph showing the relationship
b. Multi-level materials d. Minimum learning competencies between age and population. Following it is a series of true-
false items based on the graph. Which type of test does this
177. In K-W-L technique K stands for what the pupils already illustrate?
knows, W for what he wants to know and L for what he a. Laboratory exercise c. Performance
a. Learned c. Failed to learn b. Problem solving d. Interpretive
b. he likes to learn d. Needs to learn
185. Which curricular move served to strengthen spiritual
178. Self-rating and follow-up conference with teacher and ethical values?
benefit both teacher and student. The following are for the a. Integration of creative thinking in all subject
students EXCEPT b. Reducing the number of subject areas into the skills
a. heighten student’s defensiveness subject
b. helps the student develop increased skill in self- c. Introduction of Values Education as separate subject area
assessment d. Re-introducing Science as all subject in Grade 1
c. helps the students recognize his progress toward the
instructional objectives 186. A teacher notices glaring wrong pronunciation of vowel
d. helps the student diagnose his particular strengths and sounds among her students necessitating more practice.
weaknesses Which of the following activities would be of help?
a. Dictionary c. Assignment
179. Which one should you do if a parent of one of your b. Review d. Drill
failing pupils asks you to tutor her daughter in consideration
of a certain amount of money which badly need?
a. Accept the offer but do tutoring outside office hour
187. Teacher A is observed to be a bit aloof from the 194. A teacher earns the title “professional” if she/he is
children of the Aetas. She justifies her action by saying “We adjudged knowledgeable, proficient in a variety of teaching
are about human; we cannot like every pupil.” Is she acting methodologies and exhibits a high degree of a third
ethically? component of competence which is/are:
a. Yes, because Teacher A is not yet engaged in a a. Ethical and moral standards
destructive behaviour. b. A high degree of dexterity
b. Yes, persons have their own peculiarities and we expect c. Fairness and objectivity
that we cannot like everybody in the same way that not d. Mastery of content
everybody can like us.
c. No, under no circumstances shall a teacher be prejudices 195. Which is NOT a manifestation of a professional
against any learner teacher’s pride in teaching as a noble calling?
d. No, unless she has extraordinary reason for being aloof to a. She enjoys teaching despite its demands
the Aetas. b. She resigned to the ideas that teaching is for those who
cannot make it in the other profession.
188. Which of the following teaching practices should be c. She campaigns for the better students to take up teaching
AVOIDED? d. She is proud to be identified as a teacher
a. Using “put down” strategy
b. Using multiple response strategy 196. When a teacher practices professional ethics, which of
c. Asking more divergent questions the following he is NOT likely to do?
d. Asking more evaluative questions a. Shares an outstanding outcome of undertaking with others
b. Maintain cordial relationship with his colleagues
189. Which of the following embodies the operation “return c. Respects his superiors
to the basics”? d. Engages in gossips
a. National Secondary Achievement Test
b. New Secondary Curriculum 197. The child’s concept of right and wrong is based on
c. New Elementary School Curriculum external criteria laid down by adults during the stage of pre
d. National Elementary Achievement Test conventional morality. This based on the ideas of
a. Piaget c. Kohlberg
190. Which of the principle of development is manifested in b. Erickson d. Freud
the saying “as a tree is bent, so shall it grow that of, “a
person’s action reflect the training he received as a child?” 198. According to Piaget’s stages cognitive development,
a. The early formative years are more crucial than later ages 12 and 15 children reach formal operational stage.
development What are they capable of doing at this stage?
b. Development is determined by the environment or how a. Can solve abstract problems and think deductively
one is nurtured b. Reasoning is neither inductive nor deductive
c. Development is determined by heredity or one’s inherent c. Can focus on only one aspect of a situation or event
nature d. Intelligence intuitive in nature
d. It is never too late to teach a child new ways
199. Field trip is an effective way of teaching where
191. Should a teacher involve her/his students in planning organisms could be observed in their natural habitat, active
the instructional objectives before starting a lesson? and responding to stimuli in the environment. In addition,
a. Yes, they will be given a tip on what question to ask what values are developed among the students during and
b. Yes, with shared objectives, they become self-motivated after the trip?
c. No, they will be ready for it at the beginning a. On the spot observation to keep them active
d. No, with cognitive objectives at the start, irrelevant b. Freedom in an open space than in a classroom
questions are formulated c. Love of nature, proper behaviour during explorations
d. Consideration of the rights of others
192. The heroism of Rizal exemplifies Kohlberg’s theory of
moral development. Which Rizal’s characteristics? 200. The government prescribes a higher percentage on the
a. He gives importance to what people will think or say administration of educational institutions to the Filipino
b. He is motivated to act by the benefit he gets later citizens in order to:
c. He believes laws that are wrong can be change a. Minimize the unemployment problem
d. He possesses moral responsibilities to make societal b. Produce globally competitive graduates
changes regardless of consequences c. Protect the rights of the citizens
d. Ensure the teaching of Filipino
193. Cooperative learning approach makes use of a
classroom organization where students work in teams to
help each other learn. What mode of grouping can facilitate
the skill and values desired?
a. Competitive c. Homogenous
b. Heterogeneous d. Whole Class
1. A 70. B 139. A
2. D 71. C 140. D
3. D 72. B 141. B
4. A 73. D 142. D
5. A 74. C 143. B
6. D 75. D 144. B
7. C 76. C 145. D
8. C 77. B 146. B
9. B 78. A 147. B
10. B 79. A 148. C
11. A 80. B 149. B
12. C 81. A 150. D
13. D 82. B 151. D
14. D 83. A 152. B
15. A 84. D 153. C
16. C 85. A 154. C
17. D 86. C 155. C
18. D 87. A 156. D
19. C 88. C 157. C
20. A 89. D 158. C
21. C 90. D 159. C
22. D 91. D 160. B
23. B 92. D 161. D
24. D 93. D 162. A
25. A 94. A 163. B
26. A 95. D 164. C
27. A 96. D 165. B
28. B 97. C 166. B
29. B 98. D 167. C
30. A 99. C 168. A
31. B 100. A 169. D
32. B 101. A 170. A
33. B 102. C 171. D
34. C 103. C 172. A
35. C 104. B 173. B
36. B 105. A 174. D
37. D 106. A 175. D
38. C 107. C 176. B
39. A 108. C 177. A
40. B 109. A 178. A
41. B 110. D 179. D
42. C 111. C 180. B
43. B 112. C 181. C
44. B 113. B 182. C
45. A 114. C 183. B
46. C 115. B 184. D
47. B 116. C 185. C
48. A 117. A 186. D
49. D 118. B 187. C
50. D 119. D 188. A
51. A 120. B 189. B
52. A 121. D 190. B
53. B 122. B 191. B
54. A 123. D 192. D
55. D 124. C 193. B
56. B 125. A 194. A
57. D 126. B 195. B
58. C 127. A 196. D
59. A 128. B 197. C
60. C 129. C 198. A
61. C 130. B 199. C
62. D 131. D 200. C
63. D 132. C
64. C 133. C
65. B 134. D
66. B 135. A
67. C 136. B
68. B 137. D
69. A 138. A