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“Digi Move”
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for E-Commerce &
M-Commerce Project Lab for 5thSemester

Master of Computer Applications

Submitted by
Sindhu 18CS602007
Sandhya S 17CS401032

Under the guidance of

Prof. Vani C

This is to certify that the project titled “Digi Move” has been satisfactorily
completed by Ms. Sindhu S with Reg. No. 18CS602007 , in partial fulfillment of
the requirements for E- Commerce and M-Commerce Project Lab with course
code MCA155DP1, for the 5thSemester MCA course during the academic semester
from June2019 to October 2019 as prescribed by Bangalore University.

Faculty In-charge Head of the Department

Valued by

Examiner 1:_______________________ Date :

Examiner 2:_______________________ Centre: Kristu Jayanti College


First of all, we would like to thank the God Almighty for all the blessings he
has showered on us. Our spiritual quotient gave us more strength and motivation
that helped immensely.

We would like to thank Rev.Fr. Josekutty P D, our esteemed Principal and

Rev. Fr. Augustine George,our Vice – Principal, for providing us their constant
guidance and support. I would also like to thank Rev. Fr. Lijo P Thomas, our
Financial Administrator, for providing us with the best facilities.

We are extremely thankful to our Dr. Kumar R, Head, Department of

Computer Science (PG) for giving us the essential support in the form of allocating
comfortable lab hours and necessary resources.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Prof. Vani C, our project
guide for providing us the necessary details related to project development and
process identification enabling us to finish the project within the stipulated time.

We thank all other faculty members who helped us a lot in completing this
project. The computer lab was always open for us. We thank the lab administrator
and other technical staff for their help and support.

We thank our class mates, who have pointed out errors and guided us a
lotand we thank each and every one who has helped us.

The project titled “Digi Move” is an online E-commerce web application which involves selling
of speakers. This system is exclusive for speakers which includes the categories of Wireless
Portable Bluetooth Speakers and Professional Speakers. This application allows the customers to
login into the application and select their choice of categories Portable Bluetooth Speakers,
Portable Powered PA Systems, Powered PA Speakers, Passive PA Speakers, Studio Monitors
and Studio Monitor Controllers & Accessories. The products will be displayed and the customer
will have to choose the desired product and the page will redirect to the cart and will proceed for
payment and the order will be placed.


The main objective of the project titled “Digi Move” is to market speakers which is the leading
business in today’s market.


The motivation of this project is mainly based on personal interest.

This project is developed for the purpose of my cousins Speaker business.

This application will be used for the business.


1. Introduction 1

Problem Definition 1

Project Description 1-2

2. System Study 3

2.1 Existing System 3

2.2 Proposed System 3

2.3 Data Flow Diagram 4-6

3. System Configuration 7

3.1 Hardware Configuration 7

3.2 Software Configuration 7

4. Details of Software 8

4.1 Overview of Front End 8

4.2 Overview of Back End 9

5. System Design 10

5.1 Architectural Design 10-11

5.2 Input Design 12-13

5.3 Output Design 14-15

6. 5.4 Database Design 16

7. Source Code 17-33

8. Testing 34-35

9. Implementation 36

10. Screen Shot 37-42

11. Conclusion 43

12. Bibliography 44


• The existing system only provides text-based interface, which is not as user-
friendly as Graphical user Interface.
• Since the system is implemented in Manual, so the response is very slow.
• The transactions are executed in off-line mode, hence on-line data capture and
modification is not possible.
• Off-line reports cannot be generated due to batch mode execution.
Hence, there is a need of reformation of the system with more advantages and
flexibility. The Book Shop Management System eliminates most of the limitations
of the existing software. It has the following objectives:


Enhancement: The main objective of petShop Management System is to enhance

and upgrade the existing system by increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. The
software improves the working methods by replacing the existing manual system
with the computer-based system.
Automation: The pet Shop Management System automates each and every
activity of the manual system and increases its throughput. Thus the response time
of the system is very less and it works very fast.
Accuracy: The pet Shop Management System provides the uses a quick response
with very accurate information regarding the users etc. Any details or system in an
accurate manner, as and when required.
User-Friendly: The software pet Shop Management System has a very user-
friendly interface. Thus the users will feel very easy to work on it. The software
provides accuracy along with a pleasant interface.Make the present manual system
more interactive, speedy and user friendly.
Availability: The transaction reports of the system can be retried as and when
required. Thus, there is no delay in the availability of any information, whatever
needed, can be captured very quickly and easily.
Maintance Cost: Reduce the cost of maintenance.
Security : This is very important aspect of the design and should cover areas of
hardware reliability, fall back procedures, physical security of data and provision
for detection of fraud and abuse.
System design involves first logical design and then physical construction of the
system. The logical design describes the structure and characteristics of features,
like the outputs, inputs, files, database and procedures. The physical construction,
which follows the logical design, produces actual program software, files and a
working system.
3.System Configuration
3.1 Hardware Configuration :

Processor : Intel Pentium 4, core i3
RAM : 512 MB or more
Hard disk : 20 GB or more
Monitor : VGA/SVGA
Keyboard : 104 Keys
Mouse : 2 buttons/ 3 buttons

3.2 Software Configuration :

Operating System : Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10
Front end : php,html
Back end : MySQL