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Top 10 Smart City Providers 2019

CIO Applications Europe is a technology magazine, published from Silicon Valley, CA, that
is a prime platform for CIOs to discuss and ponder about innovative enterprise solutions.
While analyzing the media landscape across Europe, it is a comprehensive tool that helps
the upcoming enterprise IT vendors to engage and showcase the solutions for the
enterprises. It helps technology leaders with the analysis on new technologies and gives a
better understanding of the role that enterprise solutions play in achieving the business

CIO Applications Europe’s upcoming edition will focus on smart city solution providers and
aims to identify the emerging players in the market and showcase their expertise,
products, services, and solutions in solving impediments and overcoming market
complexities. With regards to the same, a one-page profile of Eliko (max 550 words) will
be featured along with an image of Indrek Ruiso, CEO of Eliko. The profile of Eliko could
shed some light to our readers, your prospective clients, and business partners to develop a
thorough understanding of Eliko and its unique value proposition in the smart city
solution space. The profile will illustrate the functionality of your solutions and services,
along with insights into the strengths, vision, and a roadmap of the company pertaining to
smart city solutions.

The following questions will be the points of discussion for the telephonic interview that
will be conducted by CIO Applications’ editorial team.

1. In your opinion, what should be the focal point of the article? Is there a certain
aspect of the company that you would like us to highlight in the profile?

2. Eliko offers a range of products such as KIO RTLS, MTN500, and Quadra. Could
you explain the company’s product suite to help us understand in what way
these IoT based tools help your customers?

3. “Modern street lighting infrastructures are the backbone of the IoT in smart
cities. Smart and wireless street light luminaries can act as service gateways for
other street-level IoT devices. This enables us to create new smart urban
services based on connected devices that make autonomous decisions.” Could
you throw more light on this, defining the benefits that will be received and
useful for the users?

4. The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way people interact with their
environment. There are expected to be 50 billion connected devices in the world
by 2020. The IoT poses new challenges for cities, since these devices need to be
Top 10 Smart City Providers 2019

able to work securely and seamlessly in a crowded and heterogeneous network.

How does Eliko plan to overcome these challenges?

5. To bring out the story, share one or two case studies with us where Eliko has
helped its users overcome their challenges and attain desired outcomes with
your solutions?

6. How does Eliko plan to proceed in the smart city solution space going forward?
Do you plan to come up with any new technologies or solutions in this segment?
Also brief us on your expansion plans with regards to the company’s
geographical presence?

7. Would you like to highlight any other interesting insight into the story that we
might have missed out in the questionnaire?

If you wish to contribute further information, which you think will help us enhance
the company’s profile, please feel free to share the additional information with us.

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