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No. DATE TOPIC (Communicative Function) TEACHING GOALS


Ss will be able to give basic personal

1-4 Introducing yourself. information.

Ss will be able to ask other about

5-8 Asking people where they are. personal information.

Ss will be able to locate people by

9-12 asking and saying where places are. country or city.
13-16 Asking and saying if you are married. Ss will be able to talk about others

Talking with someone for the first Ss will be able to talk with people they
17-20 time. don't know.

Ss will be able to enquire poeple's

21-24 Asking and saying how old people are. information.

Saying where other people live and Ss will be able to talk about other
25-28 work. poeple's personal live.

Ss will be able to talk about

29-32 Asking and saying where you work. professions.

Ss will be able to describe the places

33-36 Describing where you live. where they live.
Ss will be able to say and describe
37-40 Saying where you are in a town. places.

Saying what time of day you do Ss will be able to describe about their
41-44 things. working days.

Ss will be able to describe their

45-48 Saying if you are free. schedule.

49-52 Aranging to meet people. Ss will be able to arrange meetings.

Ss will be able to talk about their

53-56 Saying what you like and don't like. preferences.

Ss will b e able to describe places in

57-60 Describing a restaurant or café. town.
Saying how you and others spend Ss will be able to talk about their free
61-64 time. time activities.

Ss will be able to ask for things in

65-68 Asking about things in shops. shops.

69-72 Asking about prices. Ss will be able to buy things.

73-76 Choosing and buying things Ss will be able to select preferences.

Ss will be able to talk about what they

77-80 Talking about your daily routine. do every day.

Asking and saying how to get to

81-84 Ss will be able to search addresses.
Ss will be able to talk about their
85-88 Talking about things you do every day. routines.

Saying what you often do at the Ss will be able to talk about the
89-92 weekend. frequency about their activities.

93-96 Saying where you are. Ss will be able to say where they are.

Ss will be able to talk about their past

97-100 Talking about things you did or saw. actions.

101-104 Saying what you saw and did. Ss will be able to say what they did.

Ss will be able to talk about their

105-108 Talking about holyday activities. customs
Ss will talk about their hometown
109-112 Culture corner food.

Ss will have a review about the

113-116 Review previous topics.

Ss will be able to describe their

117-120 Saying what are you doing just now.
current activity.

Ss will be able to talk with other by

121-124 Talking on the phone. the phone.

Ss will be able to arrange and decline

125-128 Invite someone and replay. invitations

129-132 Invite someone out. Ss will be able to invite others.

Saying when people were born and Ss will be able to talk about people
133-136 died. they admire.

Ss will be able to talk about people

137-140 Saying what people did in their life. they admire.

Talking about important events in Ss will be able to talk about the main
141-144 your life. events in their lives.

Ss will be able to talk about their own

145-148 Talking about your life. lifes.

149-152 Final exam Ss will test their knowledge


Prior Knowledge

Book, laptop, projector

Projector and slices
http://prezi.com/w0n7coug0dco/? The teacher is going to introduce
utm_campaign=share&utm_medium= themself using visual aids of each
copy&rc=ex0share sentence. Then, they are going to ask
http://www.dave- the students to introduce themselves.
reed.com/Nifty/randSeq.html Following the patern.

The teacher is going to introduce

some countries and cities vocabulary.
Then is going to elicit from them
information about the places they
Book, laptop, projectorhttps://quizlet.com/303642672/flashcardsProjector and slices BookPPP
know abroad or local.

Book, laptop, projector, ,m agazines Teacher is going to show Ss some

https://parade.com/429453/leahingra vocabulary about homes, houes and
m/15-words-you-must-use-in-a-real- household staf
SS will play "I have got" memory
Book, laptop, projector, prezi game, they have to say something
presentation, vocabulary, Magazines they have and repeat the partner's
changing the sentence properly

Book, laptop, projector,

https://www.quora.com/What-are- Ss will brainstorm some of the most
the-ten-questions-youd-ask-someone- common questions to ask to a
meeting-for-the-first-time stranger

Book, laptop, projector, Ss will sing a version to say

https://www.flashlyrics.com/lyrics/the HappyBirthday to a classmate or
-countdown-kids/for-hes-a-jolly-good- collegue

Ss will see some vocabulary,

Book, laptopt, projectorl understanding and then play
https://www.esl-lab.com/vocab/v- Charades. https://www.esl-
jobs.htm lab.com/vocab/v-jobs.htm

Book, laptop, projector, Ss will think what are their professions

https://quizlet.com/321245325/flashc and what they do, as the Tch explains
ards "I'm a teacher, so I teach"

Ss will draw a map without names,

Book, laptop, projector, https://quizlet.com/398578057/flashc
https://quizlet.com/398578057/flashc ards following this, they are going to
ards put addresses
The teacher will show some slides
Worksheets, audio tapes and power with places drawn on them. The
point slides students should classify the
occupations in each place.

The teacher will organize some cards

with places in the neighborhood on
the board, they will be upside down,
Cards with places in the the students have to look for the
neighborhood, markers, tape recorder matches. Then the teacher will ask
students to tell her to say what places
are there in their neighborhood.

Teacher is going to ask students if they

pictures about flats and houses live in a flat or in a house, besides,
who do they live with

Teacher is going to ask about family

pictures about families around the members and places where they
world would like to live

English Unlimited Starter book. Audio The teacher will ask each student in
recordings. Flashcards about places in which neigborhood they live trying to
the city describe it.

The teacher will divide the board into

three parts, one for breakfast, another
Flashcards, headbands, book, for lunch and another for dinner. The
worksheets, board, markers. students willl classify the flashcards
into the three categories.
the teacher will ask to each student
what is their favorite food, then she
Worksheets, book will ask other student to report what
does one of their partners like.

Book, links, pages. Ss will play "I went to the supermarket

https://quizlet.com/337864735/quan and bought", this is a memory game
tifiers-flash-cards/ . Magazines, paper. with some variance.

Students will take the 50 hours exam.

English unlimited starter book, After that, the teacher will play the
pictures on computer, craft paper, oral recording 1.60 of the English
presentation rubric, 50 hours basic Unlimited Starter book about André.
MPC exam form The students will answer the
questions on exercise 1b page 30.

The students will be shown some

Worksheet, flashcards, book, tape flashcards with verbs on it. They will
recorder. have to organize them according to
what they do every day.

The teacher will describe what she

Worksheet, tape recorder, flashcards. does every day, and what she usually
has for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The teacher is going to ask each

Powerpoint slides, tape recordings student about his own daily routine
Teacher will make Ss remember the
Copies, maps, recording vocabulary about city facilities,
transport, and some commands.

The teacher will ask students to tell

her how she can get to one specific
Tape recording, worksheets, game place from the school. Together they
will decide how to get there.

The teacer wll talk about her

weekend. She will tell the students
book, tape recorder, worksheets what she did during the weekend. She
will also ask the students what they
like to do during these days.

The teacher will describe where she

Worksheets, tape recorder, book, was last year, she will tell the students
flashcards. what she did and places she visited.

The teacher will ask the students to

Worksheets, internet room, book describe where were did the people
they interviewed go last holidays

The teacher will show some pictures

of people swimming, skiing, in
Worksheets, internet, book museums. She is goint to ask them to
tell her what is each thing.
WHICH I AM? GUIDES TO IDENTIFY Teacher will ask Ss to talk about food
FOOD AND VEGETABLES. and words related to cook.

Teacher will write down some

PPT with the taught topics, Text book, sentences asking for personal
questionnaire information about Ss lives. Ss will
answer them orally.

The teacher will ask students about

Worksheets, video player, tv, book painters like Frida Khalo, Picasso and
Van gogh.

The teacher will ask students about

their favorite artists. She will ask
Book, tape recorder, worksheets about their birth, death, what did
they do in their life

Flashcards, pictures of people, Teacher will ask students how is his

stationary way of life

Teacher will ask the students about

Book, tape recorder, worksheets previous jobs, achievements, or
movings during their lives
The teacher will ask about Erich
Book, tape recorder, worksheets Lejeune life and his milestones.

The teacher will ask some questions

Tape recorder, a journey around the about Jules Verne, his books and how
world, worksheets people percieve his work.

Teacher will draw on the board a chart

Book, flashcards, listenings, about: What are you plans for: Today/
worksheet. Tomorrow/ After tomorrow. Ss will fill
in the chart with their ideas.

The teacher will ask the students to

KET test explain what do they have to do in
each part of the test.

The teacher will form the pairs and

KET speaking rubric students are going to decide the

Students will take the slides as a

Teacher will show up some power model to write a form in a separate
point slides with some people's sheet of paper, including their
information. The teacher will ask personal information, writing made-
students about their information. up names.

The teacher is going to show Ss Ss are going to think about countries

information about some famous or cities and are going to define them
people. Aming nationalities and by some characteristics or important
countries. references from this palces.

Teacher is going to show Ss the

following video With the Papel Periodico Ss are going
https://www.youtube.com/watch? to create their ideal house using all
v=j3-eaabzvaU about descriptions of the vocabulary they saw.
someone's home
Ss will see a presentation about "The
Simpsons Family" and some Each Ss will recreate their own family
vocabulary related with ways to tree with names.
describe people.

Ss will hear some conversations about

introductions and names
Ss will read 10 typical questions to talk presentations, then they are going to
with someone for the first time. solve some questions,

Ss will hear some audios about

description of family members. Ss will write down 5 questions about
https://www.esl- information of other's family

Ss will work on pages 16 - 17 and Ss will work on pages 18 - 19 |and

solve the exercises and listenings with solve the exercises and listenings with
the Tch the Tch

Ss will play "papper war" where they

Ss will see a presentations about must write a wrong sentence, then
professions and they are going to say they are going to throw the papper
what each one does. until the teacher say stop. They are
https://quizlet.com/321245325/flashc going to pick it up and try to correct
ards the sentence.

Ss will see a presentations about Each Ss is going to fill their maps with
places arround the city, they will tell the places they learnt. Centering their
the Tch who kind of person may work attention in especific locations.
over there.
The teacher will give each student a
The teacher will play an audio tape. picture with people doing their jobs.
And ask questions about the places The student will write some sentences
students hear. about their jobs.

The teacher will play the listening on

this link: http://www.learning-english- The students will have to draw a map
online.net/language-course/unit-3- where they have to write sentences
the-new-home-town/reading-and- about the places near their home and
listening-story/ and ask about the the ones they see everyday.
places they mention

Teacher is going to show some The students are going to describe

pictures about the family and the their homes using vocabulary related
place where they live to houses

Teacher is going to show pictures The students are going to be given a

about families in other countries, short text about a situation related to
considering possible nationalities ways of life

Teacher will show flashcards about

places in the city, students will The students are going to describe
identify the places they have in their their own neighborhood (I live in a
neighborhood. On page 22, students busy nieghborhood, there is a park,
will hear some conversations about there are butcheries, etc)
people describing their streets.

The stutdents will read the example of

someone describing their favorite
food, and they will have to write a
These flashcards are going to be similar text.
turned over, the students will have to https://en.islcollective.com/resources
match the name of the food with the /printables/worksheets_doc_docx/cre
picture of it. ative_writingmy_favorite_fooddrink_1
They wil listen to the recording 1.74 of The student will make as much
the English Unlimited Starter Book, questions as he would make when
and answer the questions. meeting a person for the first time.

Ss will see some presentations about Ss will write their grocery list, with
food, fruits, and vegetables. And prices and quantities.
identify countable and uncountable.

each student will describe what

The teacher will show the pictures on he/she likes to do and how often they
the TV, about activities people usually usually do it (indicating days of the
do in their free time. week they do it). This activity will be a
short oral presentation.

Each student will be given a sheet

students will listen to recording 2.2 on with clocks that do not have hands,
page 46 of the English Unlimited book they will have to write the hour, and
and they will organize the actions draw what they are doing at that
according to what they listen. time.

Students will listen to an interview to Students will be given a planner, they

a swuimmer, they will have to tell the will have to listen to the interview
teacher what does he do in his free again, and complete the hours with
time and what does he like to eat. what the interviewed says.

Students are going to choose

The teacher is going to show students someone, to talk about his/her daily
a daily routine of another person (his routine, considering how to conjugate
daughter, his mom, whoever) verbs in present to third person
Ss will listen to a recording and they
will talk about how people get to work
Teacher will show a map using it he and study. They will also point the
will teach the commands to give places mentioned in the recording
directions. and they will complete a map based
on the listening.

The students will be given a

worksheet with a map of a city, they Students are going to make a map of
their own neigborhood, they will
will listen to people giving directions write indications to get to two places
to get to a place, they will have to from their houses.
mark the name of each place.

Students will read about Karen's

The students will read and listen to weekend
Olga, Connie and André speaking https://en.islcollective.com/resources
about what they did (p.54). Then, /printables/worksheets_doc_docx/kar
students will look at sentences on ens_weekend_past_simple_reading/p
page 55 and decide who did what. ast-simple-holidays/10156 They will
answer the questions.

The students will read a worksheet of Students will listen to the recording
people describing where they were 2.19 of the English Unlimited Book.
last summer. They will answer the They will describe where were Hassan
questions. and Peter.

The students will read page 62 a day Students will describe their last
in Cairo, they will answer some holidays, having a day in cairo as a
questions the teacher is going to ask. guide

Students are going to listen to Masumi

talking about her trip to singapore.
They will complete the dialog on page
The students are going to listen to 65 of the English Unlimited Starter
people talking about 4 places. They book. Then, they will think of the
are going to describe what did each place they are planning to visit
person do. (brochure activity), they have to think
about doing this activities in that
Teacher will write down some
Students are going to work with a sentences in order to make Ss identify
provided worksheet and them share if those sentences are true or false
the answers. according to our culture.

Teacher will show a PPT with a Ss will be given one of the topics and
summary about the topics that have will explain that topic to all his/ her
been taught until this point. partners.

Students are going to watch a video Students are going to write about
about Van gogh most famous
paintings,a and his life milestones and their lives in a big piece of paper.
After, they are going to cut up those
they are going to answer the sentences.

Students are going to look to pictures students are going to listen to two
in page 78 of the Englsh Unlimited people talking about Picasso. They are
Starter book and they are going to say going to read information about him,
who was that person, and what did and they will decide if what they
they do. listened was right or wrong.

Students are going to write some lines

Teacher will show some bizarre talking about how is the colombian
situations in which people from other people
countries are involved behavior, connsidering some

Students are going to listen to Students are going to describe briefly

recording 2.62 They are going to their lives, trying to use the listening
organize the events text as an example.
Students will make a detailed
The teacher will give the students description of what they did, when
Jules' verne biography. They will they did it using Jules verne as an
answer some questions. example.

The teacher will show the students ofStudents will read the eased version
two reviews of a journey around the Verne, andaround
a journey the world by Jules
world. answer some questions
about the story.

Teacher will check how Ss filled in the Students will listen to five
chart and will correct some ideas conversations. They are going to
about vocabular for plans. She will use describe what are people doing in
expressions like im going to the each situation.
supermarket tomorrow.

The teacher will explain the students

everything they need to know about Students will solve the test
the test.

for every couple of students, teacher Teacher is going to do the feedback

is going to explain how to perform a and will let correct the examn, talking
KET's speaking part, the we start with about facilitities and difficulties of
the presentation. each one.


The teacher will mix them up so each Teacher will ask the students to
can have a paper that is not of their introduce to the entire class their
own. They will have to talk to their new character. Teacher will check if
clasmates in order to find the owner the learning goal was achieved.
of that information.

Ss will update their prior information

Ss are going to share their definition and enquire others about the new
and the rest are going to guess. information.

Ss are going to play a Real Estate Ss will update their prior information
explainig to buyers the homes, they about the character, explainig where
decide if they want to buy or not. this character lives and has.
SS will share some family member
with their pertinent name and Ss will create their "Friend" family tree
description, other will repeat it adding and share it with tie others.
their own information.

Ss will present themselves to the

others in a round circle, then their are Tc will asses pronunciations, and
going to present others to the rest of structure.
the class

Ss will play "Last one standing" Tc is

going to gather the questions and ask Tc will asses pronunciations, and
others while their stnad, if they don't structure.
answer they must sit down.

SS will do "inner" and "outer" circle to Tc will asses pronunciations, and

ask others information about people structure.
they previously invented.

Ss will write, in groups, a piece of Ss will hear a listeninig abd complete

paper 10 professions that call their the questions. https://www.esl-
attentions and write down in their lab.com/eslbasic/jobhunting-2.htm -
notebooks what they do and what https://www.esl-
don't. lab.com/eslbasic/jobhunting-1.htm

Ss will be seated facing each other,

then they are going to describe the
map to their classmates, this ones Tc will asses pronunciations, and
must draw it following their structure.
classmates instructions, at the end
they are going to compare.
In couples, the students will imagine
that they are meeting each other for The teacher will show each student a
the first time. They will introduce picture, he/she has to say at least a
themselves, ask for personal sentence about it. Teacher will check
information and describe what they if the learning goal was achieved
do in their jobs.

without looking at the map the The teacher will show a picture of
student has already drawn, students diferent streets. The students are
will ask to each other what places are supposed to describe what they see.
near their homes. The other person Teacher will check if the learning goal
will draw the map. was achieved

teacher is going to make questions

The students in pairs, are going to about the topic seen this class, or
design and create their homes of their information about other students'
dreams, then socialize homes

The students are going to share their Teacher is going to ask what did we do
situations to their partners, and the this class, encouraging students to
idea is to give advices. make a role play.

Teacher will write a word related to

The students will socialize their
products, then, in pairs, students will studentinwill
places the city on the board. Each
discuss about good and bad things in what is the have some clues to guess
place and then, student
Bogota will describe the place.

The students will play pictionary, in Depending on the performance

which they will review every topic during the game, the teacher will
they have reviewed to this point. assess them. Teacher will check if the
Including food. learning goal was achieved
The students will go and find The students will describe what are
someone they never met before, they the likes and dislikes of the person
will ask the questions they already they met. Teacher will check if the
wrote. learning goal was achieved

SS will roll play about going and Teacher will assess pronunciation,
buying some stuf at the supermarket. interaction and coherence.
/ SS will create their own stage

Teacher will ask students to present

Students in pairs, will make a schedule their schedules (oral presentation), he
they consider perfect, forgetting the is going to assess their performance
boring daily routine. They will do it in through a rubric. Teacher will check if
craft paper. the learning goal was achieved.

They will hand a text in which they

Students will ask their partners what describe what do their partners do at
do they do at a specific time. a specific time.

Students will be given a schedule, The teacher will read some

with some free time. They will have to parragraphs
talk to their partners in order to make correct thealoud so the students can
mistakes they listen to.
plans together. After, they will Teacher will check if the learning goal
describe what they do that week with was achieved
their partners.

Teacher ask students what students

Students in pairs are going to did during the class. Memory game
imaginate and explain how could be activity involving verbs like (wake up,
the daily routine of a famous person, get up, brush, etc)Teacher will check if
then students are going to socialize the learning goal was achieved
Ss will work in groups. They will give The teacher will ask Ss to mention
directions to people based on their three places where they have been
preferences and their location (map inviting to go. Teacher will check if the
given by the teacher) learning goal was achieved

The teacher will divide the class in

groups, in the board there will be a
giant map of a city, four people and
diferent means of transport. The The assessment will be done during
point of the game is to blindflod one the game. Teacher will check if the
of the students, and the group needs learning goal was achieved
to give indications according to the
transport they are taking. The group
gets a point if the person gets to the
right place.

Students will work in couples. They Students will tell to the class what did
will ask each other what they did
during their weekend, then they will his partner do last weekend. Teacher
will check if the learning goal was
write a little note describing what achieved
their partner did.

The teacher will read some

studetns will interview their partners, parragraphs aloud so the students can
and other teacher asking where correct the mistakes they listen to.
people were last holidays. After, they Teacher will check if the learning goal
will write a parragraph reporting it. was achieved

In groups of three, the students are By the end of the class, the teacher
going to choose a town or a city and will give each student a paper of the
imagine they went there. They are holiday description. Each student will
going to makedescribe their trip, and mark one. Teacher will check if the
then they will present it to the class. learning goal was achieved

Every student has to tell the teacher

Students will continue working on at least one sentence of their last
their brochure, now they have to add holiday, they have to use new
vocabulary they learnt during this vocabulary. Teacher will check if the
activity. learning goal was achieved
Ss will work in groups of 4. They will
choose one of the tree topics (Family
Ss will read the article and will ask life, School life, Free time) They will do
about the unknown vocabulary. an oral presentation about it
comparing our culture with the one
that the article tells about.

Ss will be given a specific public place,

there they will perform a conversation Conversations.
according to the place.

The teacher is going to ask random

questions taking into account the
In groups, students will try to organize students' biolgraphies. Students will
each others biographies. have to answer. Teacher will check if
the learning goal was achieved

In couples, students are going to

choose one person they admire. They Each person is going to say a sentence
are going to look up for information about hte person they chose. Teacher
and they are going to write a little will check if the learning goal was
paragraph like the one they wrote achieved
about Picasso.

In pairs, students are going to create a The teacher will ask for conclusions,
role-play, considering how people and how to consider tolerenca and
from Bogota has wrong paradigms respect for other cultures. Teacher
about people from Medellin, Boyaca, will check if the learning goal was
etc. achieved.

The students are going to work in

couples, one is going to read the first Each student will answer some
part of the story of erich Lejeune and questions. Teacher will check if the
the other one is going to read the learning goal was achieved
second part. They are going to
complete each others story
Students will interview each other in The students will present to the class
his partner biography. Teacher will
order to make a presentation of the check if the learning goal was
other person's life. achieved

The teacher will read some

Students will work on couples and parragraphs aloud so the students can
they will write a review of the book correct the mistakes they listen to.
they just read. Teacher will check if the learning goal
was achieved

Students are going to be given a

worksheet with a planner, they are The teacher will ask every student
going to fill it in with the plans they about his plans. Teacher will check if
have. They are going to talk to their the learning goal was achieved
partners in order to make plans.

The students are going to self assess

we're doing a ludic activity involving a their performance throughout the
summary of topics seen at this course. course and the test, the teacher will
grade the test.

We're finishing the class course, with

Teacher will talk to each student a interactive activity involving
about his/her performance, doing self preintermediate english level
and co assessment. situations.


students are In couples,
going to students are
Students are listen to two going to
The teacher going to people choose one Each person
will ask look to talking person they is going to
students pictures in about admire. say a
about their page 78 of Picasso. They are sentence
Ss will be favorite the Englsh They are going to about hte
Talking on able to talk Book, tape artists. She Unlimited going to look up for person they
the phone. with other recorder, will ask Starter book read information chose.
by the worksheets about their and they are information and they are Teacher will
phone. birth, death, going to say about him, going to check if the
what did who was and they write a little learning
they do in that person, will decide if paragraph goal was
their life and what what they like the one achieved
did they do. listened was they wrote
right or about
wrong. Picasso.