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Wisdom Stone TM

Data Fusion and Analysis Platform

Extracting executable intelligence from Big Data

Benefits The Challenge procedures are tailored to customer

To collect, fuse and analyze huge needs and requirements.
Build an intelligence picture
amount of data, from multiple
using unique analysis and Data Collection and Management
sources with different types &
research capabilities Deep querying of data from any
formats, and transform the data into
source and database
Reveal hidden patterns and executable intelligence.
Data scraping from the web by
activities Our Solution automatic crawlers and vault
Shortening the intelligence cycle Wisdom Stone Platform system
Wisdom Stone is an efficient
Files, documents and databases
Management of information adaptable, scalable, and robust
management capabilities
databases (Docs, image, voice, platform. The platform enables the
etc.) Support more than 10 petabytes
customer to reveal hidden patterns,
connections and activities. Wisdom Data Processing and Analysis
User oriented visual analysis
Stone facilitates advanced tools for Advanced and sophisticated
real time analysis, data mining, and algorithms to reveal patterns and
Cyber protected information visualization capabilities. insights
Open, flexible and extensible Wisdom Stone is suitable for use by Sophisticated and unique
architecture tailored to the Defense Forces, Military, Homeland algorithms to create automatic
customer’s operational needs Security (HLS), Intelligence process recommendation
Organizations and Enterprises. Automatic entity extraction from
structured and unstructured data
Wisdom Stone system Description
multiple sources, e.g., person,
Wisdom Stone has an open, flexible,
organization, vehicle, location
and extensible architecture enabling
integration to various databases and Capabilities as voice, plate
data sources. recognition, etc.
Text analysis
Operation concept and operational
Wisdom Stone

Intelligence Production and Secured Service

Wisdom Stone’s verification and
Generation, approval, and authentication service allows a
dissemination of reports and complex compartmentalization
alerts tailored to customer of users on various levels, thus
requirements ensuring cyber protection of the
customer’s data.
Sharing of information between
users in real time Solutions
Real time monitoring and Defense and military
Homeland Security (HLS)
Intelligence organizations
Enables visualization of the
Governmental agencies - e.g.,
intelligence information,
Anti Fraud Authorities
statistical data, analysts and
investigators performance and Commercial and enterprises
activities environment, e.g., banking and
insurance companies
Web-based technologies
Supports thousands of users
Advanced visualization of
intelligence data, network
analysis, geo-spatial analysis,
and timelines

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